He-Man And She-Ra - A Christmas Special
Video Content
Number of Disks: 1
Publisher: Contender
Audio: Stereo 2.0
Year: 2005
Production Country: United Kingdom
Running Time: 45 minutes
Language: English
Video Language Extra: Spanish
Video Format: PAL
Video Region: 2 - Europe -South Africa - Japan

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DVD back cover
DVD back cover


Orko accidently lands on planet Earth where he meets two children. Alisha and Miguel who explain to him the concept of Christmas. Back on Eternia, the children's goodwill unfortunately attracts the unwelcome attention of Hordak and the evil Skeletor. Will The spirit of Christmas and the awesome combined power of He-Man and She-Ra be enough to stop the deadly duo from their destructive and devious plans?


  • Commentaries
  • Documents
  • Music video featurette
  • Montage of morals
  • Character profiles
  • Trivia and fun facts
  • Script (PC/MAC) 

Main Image
DVD front cover
DVD front cover
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