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February 22, 2020 3:27 pm by Tallstar
Mattel's big Masters of the Universe presentation at Toy Fair Analyst Meeting

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Mattel recently uploaded their Toy Fair Analyst Meeting to the "Investors" section on their website. There's a relatively big presentation about Masters of the Universe toward the end of the meeting! I did my best to transcribe the gist of what was said. However, I suggest watching from 1:29:00 to about 1:40:00 at the link above for more context. 

Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz started off by giving a little history about the Masters of the Universe brand, then moved on to talking about the upcoming Netflix CG He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series, Netflix 2D Masters of the Universe: Revelation animated series, and live-action movie. Then he outlined plans for the franchise. He didn't say much about the live-action movie. It was pretty much exactly what was said during Mattel's 4th Quarter Conference Call.

The best part was when they showed clips of some of the Masters of the Universe: Revelation voice actors voice acting their character(s) in the studio, talking about the series etc. (A few select screenshots are attached below)

Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz:


"Masters of the Universe is our first example of this franchise approach. This was one of the biggest toy brands of the 80s. It combined great storytelling and toy play for millions of kids. It still has an avid fan base that has not been addressed strategically in decades. Since we started to activate content opportunities around the brand six months ago the response has been overwhelming. And that is where the opportunity lies. Our strategy for Masters of the Universe is grounded in content activation. We are thrilled to partner with Netflix who continues to transform how people consume content. Netflix will be our partner on two ground-breaking animated series' that will entertain both existing and new fans.

The first is He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. A CG animated series about how young Prince Adam transforms into He-Man to battle the evil Skeletor to save the cosmos. So, we're all good there.

The second is Masters of the Universe: Revelation. A 2D animated series directed by legendary creator and showrunner Kevin Smith. With an all-star voice cast including Mark Hamill from the original Star Wars. Check out this video.


Yes, that's fun. You should expect to see both of these series' in 2021.

We are also excited about Masters of the Universe feature film with Sony and an additional partner as part of a new structure. We'll share more details in the coming weeks. These content activations will drive extensive engagement and reintroduce this great mythology to new generations of consumers. In addition to content, Masters of the Universe will have a robust line-up of toys, digital gaming, live event, and consumer product and merchandise. This will allow multiple concurrent touchpoints offering diverse and unique experiences to all of our fans. Masters of the Universe is a great example of the many dormant IPs that we have in our library, that have the potential to be reignited as present day franchises. We have a lot more happening as we lay the groundwork to capture the full value of our IP."


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