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Masters of the Universe Movie Soundtrack
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Series: Masters of the Universe - Original
Publisher: Other
Year: 1987
Country: USA
Running Time: 43 min.
Language: English

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Varese Sarabande - STV 81333

Side one:

1. Main Title: Eternia Besieged
2. Gwildor's Quadrille
3. Earthly Encounter
4. Procession of the Mercenaries
5. Evilyn's Deception

Side two:

1. Skeletor the Destroyer
2. He-Man Enslaved
3. Transformation of Skeltor
4. Power of Greyskul
5. Good Journey
6. He-Man Victorious: End Titles

This is the first movie score to be released and this release should not be confused with the later released (and more complete) soundtrack LP on the British Silver Screen label.

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Back coverLabel (side one)Label (side 2)
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