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Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 1983-85
Origin: Lou Scheimer Productions
Year: 1996


*He-Ro Son of He-Man and the
Masters of the Universe*

*Series Bible
Courtesy of Lou Scheimer Productions*

*Who is He-Ro?*

He-Ro is the son of He-Man, the heir apparent to the Power Sword and the
great powers of Castle Grayskull. He-Ro was raised by a she-bearcat as a
child, shortly after he was orphaned at a young age. He-Ro was once
nameless and virtually friendless (his only companion being his bird
friend Craven), but now he is part of the Royal Family of Eternia. King
Adam and Queen Tee-La have adopted the boy as their own, naming him
Dare. But when he holds aloft the Power Sword, awkward adolescent Dare
becomes the new most powerful man in the universe, He-Ro!

*Why was the He-Ro Bible written?*

Looking to revive his stake in the animation industry, Lou Scheimer
founded Lou Scheimer Productions in the 1990s, working with his daughter
Erika to re-establish clout in the animation industry. Lou Scheimer
Productions developed the /He-Ro/ concept as a possible new cartoon
series for the animation company DIC. The /He-Ro Son of He-Man and the
Masters of the Universe/ Bible was written in 1996. Unfortunately, it
appears DIC rejected the series proposal, and /He-Ro/ was never made.

*What does this He-Ro have to do with the Mattel prototype toy?*

Absolutely nothing. Near the end of the last series of /Masters of the
Universe/ toys, Mattel developed a prototype for a new character called
He-Ro. He-Ro was intended to be an ultimate wizard of sorts, a new
champion to take He-Man's place in Mattel's proposed new toy-line, /The
Powers of Grayskull/, a spin-off of the original /He-Man/ concept.
Unfortunately, /Powers of Grayskull/ died early in its development,
before He-Ro could be introduced in any way to the public. But there is
no evidence that this prototype figure in any way influenced Lou
Scheimer Productions' new cartoon concept. In fact, it may be pure
coincidence. The /He-Ro Son of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe/
Bible is a direct sequel to the original Filmation series, never taking
into account any of the more recent Mattel mythology (including the
Three Towers of Eternia, the Snake Men, and Pre-Eternia). Perhaps Lou
Scheimer Productions heard of the He-Ro figure, and by chance developed
their own new concept using the name. In any event, the two do not
appear to be linked.

*What's in the bible?*

Read it. The /He-Ro/ Bible charts out a fascinating new direction in the
/Masters of the Universe/ mythology. Not only does He-Man's adopted son
He-Ro take his place, but Adam becomes king of Eternia and Teela becomes
his queen. Skeletor returns to the planet after years of frozen
banishment thanks to He-Man and the Sorceress, and this time he seems
more cruel and evil than ever. Skeletor comes back with a whole cast of
new and old allies, while He-Man enters with some new recruits. Also,
the series toys with the idea of allowing He-Man and He-Ro to coexist,
thereby continuing the original series while creating an entirely new one.

*What happened to the bible?*

Because DIC never developed the /He-Ro/ series, the idea lay dormant and
known only to a few. Until a recent eBay auction, no one in the public
sector had heard of the new /He-Ro/ cartoon concept. It is only with
special permission that we are able to bring you the complete /He-Ro Son
of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe/ Bible on the Internet. You
will have trouble finding this anywhere else.

*So what now?*

Read it!! Like the original series bible, the /He-Ro/ Bible offers new
insights into what the original series was about and what a new series
could be. Most importantly, the /He-Ro/ concept proves that /He-Man/ has
been alive and well for years, even in ways that we never imagined. If
Lou Scheimer Productions was trying to start a new /He-Man/ cartoon in
1996, how unlikely it is that a new cartoon series could be just around
the corner, especially with Mattel re-releasing the action figures right
now? Probably the /He-Ro/ Bible will never be produced into a
full-fledged television series, but it goes to show just one of the many
avenues that the /Masters of the Universe/ mythology could take. The
possibilities are endless.

Bible Cover
Bible Cover

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