"The Crystal Castle"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Larry DiTillio
Year: 1985
Director: Steve Clark
Production No: PP022


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

In the Whispering Woods Madame Razz is entertaining a group of children with her stories. One girl wants to hear a story about She-Ra, and so Madame Razz begins to tell the children how She-Ra found the Crystal Castle: Shortly after Bright Moon has been won back by She-Ra, He-Man and the rebels, Madame Razz and Adora are summoned to Bright Moon, which is under attack by Shadow Weaver's magic canon ball-like explosions.

Because Castle Bright Moon's magical defenses are tied to the light from the Etherian moons, Shadow Weaver plans to darken the Etherian moons, weakening the castle's defenses. As the eclipse approaches, She-Ra learns of the Crystal Castle, which houses all the secrets of the First Ones, and which holds to key to stopping Shadow Weaver's spell. She-Ra plans to go to the Crystal Castle, but only Ahgo, King of the trolls, has actually seen the castle. She-Ra and Swift Wind head to Spikeheart, home of the trolls.

The trolls capture She-Ra and Swift Wind, because they distrust humans. She-Ra escapes and follows the trolls back to their leader. Falling down a trap door She-Ra braves a gauntlet of dangers, including falling rocks, a fire creature, and troll soldiers, before Ahgo reveals himself. Ahgo tells She-Ra that the trolls had offered their help in the fight against the Horde years prior, only to be answered with the hate and mistrust of humans, which caused them to retreat to isolation at Spikeheart.

King Ahgo refuses to reveal the exact location of the Crystal Castle, but She-Ra is able to convince him of her worthy intentions and compassion. All the King reveals is that the castle will always be where the seeker most wants it to be: in plain sight but never seen. She-Ra promises to tell the rebels of the help the trolls have provided her.

Meanwhile, as Queen Angella, Glimmer, and Bow struggle to maintain Castle Bright Moon's defenses, the moons go dark. Shadow Weaver casts her spell, as the rebels attempt to use their magic as a last defense. She-Ra realizes that the Crystal Castle must be atop Skydancer Mountain, whose peak is always obscured by clouds.

When she arrives at the castle, Light Hope welcomes her, and reveals himself as the spirit of the Crystal Castle. He informs She-Ra that she must go to the heart of Etheria, where the Great Clock measures time, and speed up the clock to hasten the eclipse and end it. She-Ra goes to the pendulum of the Great Clock and begins to swing it furiously, ending the eclipse of the moons.

Queen Angella is once again rejuvenated, and calls upon Bright Moon's power to break Shadow Weaver's dark spell, and drive the Horde away, restoring safety to her kingdom. Back at the Crystal Castle, Light Hope tells She-Ra that the castle is her haven, and that he would like to talk to her from time to time. He also makes her promise never to reveal the castle's location to anyone who does not know her secret. She-Ra agrees. As Madame Razz finishes the story, she says that the Crystal Castle will be revealed when Etheria is free. One child says that she hopes that day comes soon, to which Madame Razz replies that they all do.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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