"Just Like Me"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Gene Ayers
Year: 1985
Director: Tom Tataranowicz
Production No: PP050


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

Modulok oversees the Horde Troopers as they pillage the grain from a group of village farmers who had been growing the grain as food for the rebels. Seeing this, Bow and Arrow ride into battle impulsively, challenging the Horde's actions. Adora rushes to join them, fending off the Horde Troopers. After the skirmish has ended, a young girl named Leena, the daughter of one of the farmers, seeks to join the Rebellion. Leena asks Bow and Adora for directions to She-Ra, but grows frightened of a Horde Trooper and runs away, provoking Adora to transform into She-Ra in order to find her.

Undeterred, Modulok plans to use rebel hunger as leverage causing weakness and defeat of the Rebellion. As Leena attempts to cross a rickety hanging bridge, it collapses. Because Swift Wind's wings would cause too much of an air disturbance, She-Ra must carefully walk across a tightrope that runs beneath the bridge, in order to catch her and bring her to safety. Modulok and the Horde Troopers attack, giving chase to She-Ra and Leena, as she and Swift Wind fly into the safety of the Whispering Woods.

Knowing that the battle is not yet won, Adora and Bow plan to return to the village and stop the Horde's theft of food. At first, Adora is reluctant to become She-Ra again, fearing that the message she is sending Leena is that She-Ra is the only effective voice of the Rebellion, and also worried that Leena has come to admire physical feats of strength more than the inner strength fueling the Rebellion.

Grudgingly Adora agrees to "find" She-Ra. Meanwhile, Leena's parents have been abducted as rebel spies. She-Ra tells Leena to stay behind, but Leena disobeys and follows. Bow and She-Ra intercept a Horde cargo train. Bow keeps the fliers and Horde Troopers busy, but soon discovers Leena has followed, resolving to rescue her parents. Almost immediately, Bow is captured by Modulok, who uses his Technologic Converter to weaken She-Ra and turn her power against her.

This prompts Leena to challenge Modulok personally, which buys She-Ra enough time to realize that her strength is not her greatest asset in this battle. She-Ra sneaks off to transform back into Adora, and intervenes, using her cunning to dodge Modulok as he thrashes wildly. She opens the door of the prison car and releases the prisoners, and when Modulok proves ineffective in the face of Adora and Leena's mother, he flees in defeat. Soon after, She-Ra again reappears, Leena having learnt to admire Adora's strengths as well as She-Ra's.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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