Sword and Staff
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Season: 1
Writer: Jack Olesker
Year: 1990
Director: Kazuo Terada
Production No: NA006


Skeletor is walking around on the Moon Of Nordor, depressed and angry about his recent defeat. Flogg calls Skeletor back to the base, when Skeletor enters its in darkness, the lights suddenly come on, revealing that the Mutants are throwing a party for him. When Skeletor comes in, all the current Mutants are there. Slush Head reveals the cake that they make for Skeletor, with a candy Skeletor and skull icing. Turns out the party is being thrown so that they can give Skeletor a gift, a Mutant dog named Grr, as payback for Skeletor putting the Mutants down. The Mutants expect the ferocious Grr to cause Skeletor trouble. Unfortunately. the Mutants the plan backfires, when Skeletor tames him with just a glance of his glowing red eyes. Skeletor leans down and strokes his new pet, as the Mutants walk off disappointed. Meanwhile, Adam, Hydron and Flipshot are in Gorn City for a trading mission, getting oil for the Vasionic Resonator. Gorn City is just as filthy and seedy as ever. Flipshot is hassled by a Mutant in a bar, who hates Humans, but the situation is diffused by the timely intervention of Meliac. Back on Nordor, Grr is chasing a small creature called a Zep into a cave, where he falls down a crater into a cavern. Skeletor and Quakke comes looking for Grr in the cave, where Quakke demonstrates his Grabatron Meteoemace weapon, smashing the ground and opening up the cavern Grr fell into. Going down the cavern, Skeletor and Quakke follow Grr and see a mysterious barrier ahead of them, with strange symbols upon it. Skeletor plays tic tac toe on the door, to open it and reveal a huge blue crystal chamber with a giant shining crystal in the center. Quakke feels the crystal pulling him, and tells Skeletor he wants no part of it, attempting to run away. Skeletor doesn’t let him leave though, he wants to see what power the crystal holds, and uses Quakke to find out, shoving him towards the crystal. Quakke begins to change, becoming more muscled and larger, he storms into a rage and attacks Skeletor. Skeletor tells Quakke he will tell him how to use his new power, an idea which pleases Quakke. Skeletor and Quakke go to see Flogg, who recently spotted Adam and the Galactic Guardians, to show him Quakke's newfound power. When Flogg sees the powerful Quakke, he says nobody must get close to the crystal until testing if Quakke's newfound strength is safe. They decide to test Quakkes new powers on the Galactic Guardians. Back in Gorn City, Adam and the others are having dinner with Meliac, when Quakke smashes through the wall. Meliac fires at Quakke, but the blast has now effect on him. Quakke taunts Meliac, who attacks and is easily defeated. Flipshot attempts to attack Quakke, but is thrown through the wall. Adam decides he has no choice, but to risk revealing his secret and transform into He-Man to protect his friends. Just as he is about to grab his sword, Adam is stopped when a four-armed, centaur-like being, who introduces himself as Sagitar, comes to save the day. Sagitar takes on Quakke, overpowering him and throwing him out of the bar and into the street, where Quakke retreats. Impressed, Hydron then tells Sagitar that they could use more help, as they shake hands. Sagitar becomes a new member of the Galactic Guardians. Flogg decides the crystal is too dangerous and its power lasts too little, so he doesn't want to risk the mutants and the crystal must be left alone. Skeletor pretends to agree. On Primus, Adam tells Master Sebrian about the power that Quakke possessed. Sebrian realizes they have found the crystal, that centuries ago once belonged to Primus and explains that it is an evil, cursed crystal thats power caused part of the planet to separate and jettison an enormous amount of land into space towards Denebria, where it began to orbit the planet as a skull-shaped moon, that became known as Nordor. Master Sebrian tells Adam that the crystal must be destroyed. Adam is concerned about this latest mission, wondering how to fight an evil power as great as the crystal. The Sorceress appears to He-Man, telling him the battle must be fought by a person, who demonstrates the power of good itself. With that Adam transforms to He-Man. On Nordor, Skeletor secretly goes back to the crystal chamber, ignoring Flogg's warnings. Skeletor moves towards the crystal, which begins to shine, allowing Skeletor to use the power of the crystal to augment his own powers, causing him to transform, giving him a new Skull-shaped armor. On Primus, Alcon and Krex give He-Man a sensor to locate the crystal. Before he leaves, Sebrian warns He-Man about the crystal again, wishing him a safe journey. The Starship Eternia arrives in Nordor's orbit, with Hydron, Flipshot and He-Man. They locate the coordinates of the crystal, and He-Man disembarks in a Astrobsub and goes off to find Skeletor and the cave. When He Man arrives on Nordor, he is confronted by Skeletor, who tries to tempt He-Man with the crystal's power, but He-Man refuses. He Man shocks Skeletor, by trying to trick him by telling him he was looking for him, he wants to be his partner. Skeletor seems to believe him, due to Skeletor still being blinded by the power of the crystal. Skeletor blasts a whole in the floor, and He-Man falls down into the crystal chamber. Skeletor asks He Man if he can feel the crystal's power, but reveals that he feels nothing. Skeletor flies into a rage and attacks He Man, under the control of the crystal. Skeletor becomes even angrier, and he and He Man fight, until a blast from He-Man's sword, knocking Skeletor off his feet. Skeletor becomes weakened and reverts back to his original form. He-Man unleashes a blast of energy from his sword directed as the crystal. Skeletor sees what He Man is doing and tries to stop him by firing a blast from his Havoc Staff. The two blasts become entwined, unintentionally helping He-Man cause the crystal to become unstable. The explosion of the two energies destroying the crystal, causes the cavern to begin to crumble. As He Man begins to leave, he shouts for Skeletor to run. Skeletor staggers to his feet, as the crystal begins to explode, and screams as he begins to glow as the cavern explodes. As He Man climbs out of the rubble, he spots Skeletor trapped beneath a pile of rocks. He-Man goes to help him, but Skeletor tells him to leave. But just as He Man turns away, Skeletor blasts his staff at He-Man's back, without looking, He Man blocks the attack. After He-Man leaves, Skeletor rises from the rubble with his new armor, revealing that he has permanently absorbed the crystal's power, making him even more powerful.

Date: September 24, 1990

Characters: He-Man/Prince Adam, Master Sebrian, Hydron, Flipshot, Sagitar, Gepple, Crax, Maldoc, Alcon, Drissi, Meliac, Skeletor, Flogg, Slush Head, Karatti, Hoove, Optikk, Crita, Lizorr, Quakke, Grr

Creatures: Zep, Mutant Dog

Magic/Objects/Weapons: Sword Of Power, Vasionic Resonator, Quakke's Grabatron Meteoemace, Crystal Sensor, Skeletor's Havoc Staff, Unnamed Crystal 

Locations: Planet Of Denebria, Moon Of Nordor, Gorn City, Gorn Land, Planet Of Primus

Vehicles: Starship Eternia, Astrosub

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