"The Beginning Part 3"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Producer: Mike Young Productions
Season: 1
Writer: Dean Stefan
Year: 2002
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP103


Proving that he is the most powerful man in the universe He-Man punches the large Magmatite rock hurtling towards himself and Teela. The blow is so powerful that the resulting explosion causes a large shockwave that forces the villains to step back in amazement. Man-At-Arms instantly recognizes He-Man as the more powerful form of Prince Adam. Orko arrives and nearly reveals the secret of Prince Adam, with Man-At-Arms interrupting the Trollan saying that he knows of He-Man from what the Sorceress has told him. The villains are surprised by the appearance of the new warrior, prompting Evil-Lyn to make the Magmatite shower even more powerful. He-Man impressively lifts an entire piece of the rock side. The villains watch as the large rock protects the heroes from the Magmatite shower. Evil-Lyn stops the Magmatite shower realizing that the heroes are in no danger whatsoever. He-Man throws the large rock towards the vantage point where the villains reside.

He-Man approaches the heroes. He states that he must rescue King Randor from Skeletor, but tells the heroes that they are brave warriors, dubbing them the "Masters of the Universe." Suddenly a giant fish ridden by Mer-Man eats Man-At-Arms. The heroes watch in disbelief as the giant fish takes to the skies. At that moment the other Evil Warriors attack the Masters, with Teela pursuing the giant fish, and Mer-Man, on her flying disc. Meanwhile Skeletor is finally convinced that King Randor knows nothing of the whereabouts of The Council of Elders, and so decides that revenge is the only option left to him.

As He-Man and Battle Cat race to save King Randor, Man-At-Arms is having trouble staying away from the stomach acid of the giant fish. Mer-Man notices Teela, reaches for his sword, and blasts Teela with a stream of water, knocking her from her flying disc and into the sea below. Skeletor, alongside Panthor has King Randor at the edge of a cliff. Just as Skeletor prepares to push King Randor, He-Man and Battle Cat appear. He-Man and Skeletor make their introductions, as King Randor remembers what the Sorceress had told him all those years ago. He-Man and Skeletor engage in a vicious swordfight with Battle Cat and Panthor also engaging in combat. Meanwhile Man-At-Arms throws a nitro-gas grenade into the creature's stomach acid. The grenade immediately takes effect and the creature is forced to expel the gas from its mouth. Teela catches her father on her flying disc, and they head back.

Meanwhile He-Man and Skeletor are still dueling ferociously. Skeletor states that if He-Man does not allow him to leave, then he will blast the ledge sending King Randor to his doom, adding that He-Man's "weakness" is his sentimentality. As the villain leaves he blasts the ledge sending King Randor into the chasm below. He-Man immediately leaps over the edge and after a failed first attempt manages to catch King Randor, and the two hang at the side of the chasm. As they contemplate how to get back to the high-ground the other Masters arrive to aid them.

At the Royal Palace Man-At-Arms commands Orko never to speak of what he saw at Castle Grayskull. Prince Adam starts questioning what traits He-Man has that he does not. Just as Prince Adam is about to tell his parents and Teela that he is He-Man, Zoar appears at the window. Adam knows that he must never reveal the secret to those he cares about, and concludes that He-Man is a friend; with Man-At-Arms adding that he is also a great hero. At Snake Mountain Skeletor claims that as soon as he removes He-Man all of Eternia will be his.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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