"The Sweet Smell of Victory"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
Season: 1
Writer: Kevin D. Campbell; Edited By Dean Stefan
Year: 2003
Director: Gary Hartle
Production No: MYP123


Original Airdate: 04/12/03

Odiphus, a petty Eternian criminal, breaks into a warehouse, seconds before the Evil Warriors blow open the front of the building. Odiphus, in hiding, wishes to be a part of Skeletor's group. The Evil Warriors locate a magical liquid, Necrotia, just as the Masters appear to confront them. Roboto unleashes his full weaponry, unintentionally causing the warehouse to collapse. The villains escape with the Necrotia.

A short while later Odiphus emerges from the wreckage, and decides that he should travel to Snake Mountain. At Snake Mountain Tri-Klops is building a new device, and is about to add the Necrotia when Odiphus appears. Mer-Man enters telling Tri-Klops that Skeletor wants to have a progress report. Tri-Klops leaves, telling Odiphus not to touch anything.

At the Royal Palace Roboto reveals to Man-At-Arms that he believes it to be his fault that the Evil Warriors managed to escape earlier in the day, concluding that he has failed the Masters. Man-At-Arms tells Roboto that dwelling on a defeat will turn him into his own worst enemy. In Skeletor's throne room Tri-Klops explains that the device is completed and that he was about to add the Necrotia when Skeletor summoned him.

Beast Man enters the throne room asking what the device is to be used for. Evil-Lyn tells Beast Man that the device is designed to remove his stench, much to Beast Man's surprise. Meanwhile Odiphus adds all of the Necrotia to the device, resulting in a huge explosion. Odiphus is transformed into a huge muscular warrior with black and white fur. Odiphus immediately notices a stench and dons a protective mask. Leaving Tri-Klops' laboratory Odiphus realizes that the stench is coming from his person. Odiphus presents himself to Skeletor and the Evil Warriors wanting to join them. Skeletor commands him to leave Snake Mountain. The rejected Odiphus sits on a rock on the outskirts of the Evergreen Forest, his stench causing a group of Unilopes to act irrationally and charge the Royal Palace. The Masters manage to drive the Unilopes to a safe clearing, and try to determine the cause of the Unilopes uncharacteristic stampede, Stratos concluding that the creatures are highly sensitive to smell.

At Snake Mountain Skeletor is amazed at the havoc cause by Odiphus, and having sent him out to retrieve him, Whiplash returns to Snake Mountain with Odiphus. Skeletor tells Odiphus that he has chosen him to lead his Evil Warriors in an attack on the Royal Palace. As Odiphus' stench envelops the Royal Palace He-Man and Man-At-Arms realize that Odiphus is merely a diversion, prompting Man-At-Arms to contact Roboto. Roboto states that he cannot risk his incompetence causing another defeat, Man-At-Arms replying to remember what he told him earlier; that dwelling on a defeat will turn him into his own worst enemy. Roboto fueled with confidence immediately realizes Odiphus' vulnerability. Roboto relays his plan to Man-At-Arms, and He-Man and Battle Cat soon put the plan into action. Battle Cat is successful in removing Odiphus' mask that protects him from his own stench. Odiphus, unable to stand his own stench, is grabbed by He-Man and thrown toward the Evil warriors on their Griffins, as they make their way towards the Royal Palace. Odiphus collides with the Evil Warriors, and his stench fills the skies. Skeletor and the Evil Warriors retreat to Snake Mountain.

Later Roboto tells Man-At-Arms and Teela how he deduced Odiphus' weakness. At Snake Mountain the Evil Warriors are instructed by Skeletor to scrub Odiphus' stench from their armory. Odiphus appears to Skeletor, now calling himself Stinkor.

Synopsis by James Eatock

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