He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 1983-85
Masters of the Universe" is a cartoon based on action figures by Mattel, Inc. and was animated by the now-defunct Filmation. The syndicated show, which featured the exploits of a super-strong hero named He-Man, debuted in Sept. 1983, and throughout the course of 2 seasons, aired 130 episodes. "Masters of the Universe" also goes down in marketing history as being the first cartoon of the '80s to be based on an action figure line after FCC deregulation.
During this Masters of the Universe cartoon there is no established time. During the first episode "Diamond Ray of Disappearance" Adam already received the sword of power and was transforming into He-Man
There was 130 in total. There was also the Secret of the Sword movie and the Christmas Special. He-Man, Man At Arms,Orko, and Skeletor also made guest appearences in She-Ra Princess of Power
He-Man was canceled because Mattel wanted to invest in a new series and toyline She-Ra Princess of Power
By the Power of Grayskull... I have the power
Originally Man at Arms, Orko, and the Sorceress. It is hinted in the Rainbow Warrior that Queen Marlena (Adam's mother) also knew, but it has never been confirmed that she knew. When She-Ra Princess of Power was introduced Lighthope, Lookee, Madam Razz, and Kowl also knew.
He held up the sword of power and said "Let the Power return".
That is the real name of Man-At-Arms.
He was 18 when he received the sword of power. He celebrated one birthday in the great books mystery and another in the Christmas Special so 20 when the series ended.
He lived in the Royal Palace in the Kingdom of Eternos on the planet Eternia.
Edwina (Randor's niece)Jeremy (Randor's nephew)King Eldon the Wise (Ancestor of Randor)King Freenorn the Strong (Ancestor of Randor)King Miro (Randor's father)King Randor (Current King of Eternia)King Stephan (Randor's brother)King Tamask (Probable ancestor of Randor)King Vulnar the Bold (Ancestor of Randor)Keldor (Randor's brother, became Skeletor)Michael (Randor's nephew, sister's son)Prince Adam (Randor's son)Princess Adora (Randor's daughter)Queen Marlena (Queen, Randor's wife).
Zodac is a cosmic being, serving neither good nor evil. He has helped He-Man many more times than Skeletor, because so often Skeletor upsets the cosmic balance. eg. Zodac revealing the Talon Fighter to He-Man, etc. Only once has Zodac helped Skeletor (in the DC preview in such comics as DC Comics Presents #51). Much of the confusion regarding Zodac is based on the figure's package, he was labeled "evil," although his actions show that label to be inaccurate.
In the cartoon there isn't much of back story of Skeletor mentioned in the cartoon. The only history we get comes from the She-Ra Princess of Power episode "Reunions" (Secret of the Sword). All that is said is that Skeletor was once a member of the Horde and was an apprentice of Hordak. When Hordak kidnapped Adora Sketetor was left behind in the Royal palace and he betrayed his teacher and told where the Horde's secret place was ( Snake Mountain). When Hordak ran through the portal to Etheria Skeletor was left on Eternia. There is a story about Keldor becoming Skeletor, but that was in the mini comics and never explored in the cartoon.
During the firs season of the show, She-Ra Princess of Power, wasn't even in the minds Filmation or Mattel. When they saw how successful Masters of the Universe was they wanted to capitalize and make a spin-off series. The only reference we get is when we see both the Sword of Power and The Sword of Protection in the "Origin of the Sorceress".
The Sword of Power.
Currently He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is not being aired. There haven't been any plans made for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to air on any channel, but the entire series is avalible on dvd for your viewing pleasure!
Well first we have He-Man and Battlecat (the masters,)Ram-Man,Man-E-Faces, Mekaneck,Roboto, Buzz Off, Cyclone, and Stratos. There was also the royal guard and ,the captain, Teela, the Sorceress and the magic of Castle Grayskull. They fought against Skeletor and his minions Tri-Klops, Evil-Lyn, Beast-Man, and Trap-Jaw. Skeletor was always planning on ruling the planet and/or learning the secrets of Castle Grayskull.
The true origin fo Grayskyull powers has never been revealed but we once see the power irradiating from the Abyss around the Castle.
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