She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87

There were a total of 93 episodes 65 episodes for the first season and 28 episodes for the second season There was also the Secret of the Sword movie which was the first five episodes of She-Ra Princess of Power

The first episode was Into Etheria and the last episode was Swifty's baby

Into Etheria is the first episode of She-Ra to air. The Secret of the Sword was a theatric release of the first five episodes of She-Ra with some added footage. The other four episodes to make up the Secret of the Sword are: Beast Island (part 2) She-Ra Unchained (part 3) Reunions (part 4) and Battle for Brightmoon (part 5)

Well, the intro of She-Ra doesn't really have any other lyrics other than chanting She-Ra, She-Ra with Adora doing a voice over.
The end credits is a song titled "I have the Power". You can hear that song in its entirety at the beginning of the Secret of the Sword. At the end credits all that is said is We have the power and you can too.

The lyrics from the Secret of the Sword version are here. There is another version from a rare music video "I have the power" The rare video can be found as a special feature on The Christmas Special dvd Somewhere out there someone needs me.I don't know how or where but believe me.I'll walk the universe to find her.For better or for worse beside her.For the honor of love.By the power above.I have the power.I have the power.A stranger walked into my world.And when he talked I really heard.He spoke of things like love and peace.The joy it brings will never cease.For the honor of love.By the power above.I have the power.I have the power.The truth of love will always guide us.The strength above will be inside us.Forever more we'll be together.Our hearts will soar one to the other.For the honor of love.By the power above.We have the power.We have the power so can you.

For the honor of Grayskull...I am She-Ra (to transform to She-Ra).
How She-Ra changes back to Adora is never shown. In the episode The Sea Hawk all that's shown is She-Ra and Swiftwind walking behind a rock and then some yellow light is shown (similar to the yellow light right before she says I am She-Ra during transformation) then Spirit and Adora walk from behind the rock.

First his name is Spirit when not swiftwind. Second, Swiftwind (Spirit) is a male. In the episode Swifty's baby he states "I'm going to have a baby and introduces She-Ra to his mate that is carrying his child

Yes. In the Secret of the Sword (Into Etheria) the Sorceress gives Adam a sword and tells him to find the person it belongs to. When He-Man and Adora are fighting the sword starts to glow. He-Man is captured (She-Ra Unchained) and Adora changes to She-Ra to save him. He-Man and She-Ra (Reunions) find out that they are twins separated at birth. He-Man and She-Ra help each other through out the series

-She-Ra Season 1-
A Talent for Trouble
Battle For Bright Moon
Beast Island
Darksmoke and Fire (cameo)
Gateway to Trouble
He Ain't Heavy
Horde Prime Takes A Holiday
Into Etheria
King Miro's Journey
Loo-Kee Lends a Hand
She-Ra Unchained
The Eldritch Mist
The Price of Freedom

-She-Ra Season 2-
Assault On The Hive
Day Of The Flowers
Just The Way You Are
Shera Makes A Promise
Sweet Bee's
Home The Inspector

She-Ra was syndicated so it aired on different channels in different parts of the country. The last channel to broadcast it in the USA was the USA Network. Currently, She-Ra isn't being aired on tv. Although, there has been news that the Christmas Special has been aired on YTV (Canada) during the Holiday season.

Since She-Ra and He-Man are twins let's say that they are the same age so let's take the info we get from the orginal He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

The series began when he was 18, and continued until he was 20. He celebrated one birthday in "The Great Books Mystery". So assuming that He-Man met She-Ra after the great books mystery that would make him 20.

The series She-Ra Princess of Power lasted for two seasons making She-Ra (Adora) and He-Man (Adam) 22 when She-Ra Princess of Power ended.

During the Christmas Special Adam and Adora were celebrating their birthday and Queen Marlena states " that this reminds her of an Earth Holday called Christmas" meaning that She-Ra's and He-Man's birthday is around the December 25.

Hordak was Skeletor's teacher

She-Ra (Adora) lived in the Whispering woods in the kingdom of Brightmoon

The Fright Zone

Brightmoon and it is ruled by Queen Angela and Mystacor ruled by Castaspella

The entire series is available on DVD season one has two volumes and season 2 has one volume. There is also the best of the features the full length the Secret of the Sword and the 5 best episodes voted on by fans on also the Christmas Special. There is also a Secret of the Sword single DVD

the Sword of Protection


Sword to....Shield, blanket, bola, hand cuffs, net, chain, rope, lots and lots of rope, ice maker, digger, torch, telescope, bat, racket, harpoon, ladder, lightning rod, double lasso, lasso, lariat, grappling hook, staff, pole, glider, helmet, boomerang, magnet, and discus.

The closest Adora/She-Ra has come to a romantic interest is the Seahawk. There are others like Bow that like Adora/She-Ra but the feeling is not returned. She only likes them as friends

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