He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 2002-04
In the two previous cartoon series, there was never an origin story for He-Man. It is only known that Prince Adam holds up his magic sword and changes to He-Man. In this He-Man series, there is an origin story that takes place in the episode “The Beginning: Part 2”. The Sorceress explains to Prince Adam that the Council of Elders foretold of a day when a hero would emerge to protect Eternia. Thus, Adam’s destiny is presented to him. However, he is not receptive to the Sorceress’ pleas until journeying back to the Royal Palace only to find that Keldor and his warriors had escaped and attacked the Palace. Adam returns to Castle Grayskull and the Sorceress takes him to a room of vast magical space adorned with large platforms and blue crystals. It is here that a magical crystal orb is revealed that contains the powers of the Elders. The Sorceress summons a container that appears to Prince Adam, revealing the sword of power. Adam instinctively shouts “by the power of Grayskull!” and the magical orb unleashes its power, transforming Adam in to He-Man – all to the witness of the Sorceress, Cringer, and Orko.
In the episode “The Beginning: Part 2”, The Sorceress states that He-Man will need a loyal companion. Adam (now He-Man) gets to choose between Orko and Cringer; he points his sword at Cringer and he is transformed into Battle Cat. He-Man, Battle Cat and Orko leave Castle Grayskull and are prepared for battle.
In the episode “The Beginning: Part 1”, during a battle at the Hall of Wisdom, Keldor throws a vile towards Captain Randor who raises his shield to deflect it. The vile smashes and unleashes a corrosive liquid that splashes back onto Keldor's face. The origin is continued in the episode “The Price of Deceit” where Keldor, along with Evil Lyn, seek the aid of Hordak after the events that have conspired at the Hall of Wisdom. Hordak barters with Keldor and saves his life, turning him into Skeletor. Many years later, Skeletor escapes from the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia. Skeletor approaches King Randor and reveals his skull-like appearance for the first time, saying that he is no longer Keldor.
He-Man was aired on the Cartoon Network and later in reruns on Boomerang. The show is currently not in syndication but the entire series run is available on DVD.
This series is a restart of the Masters of the Universe franchise.
There is no mention of She-Ra or Princess Adora during the series run. Other characters from the original She-Ra cartoon did appear, such as Hordak, Mantenna, Grizzlor, and Horde Troopers. Production staff from Mike Young have mentioned there was a possibility of She-Ra appearing at some point had the series continued.
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