He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 1983-85
Tom Sito tried to include a few non-Filmation characters in one of his storyboards.
A look at the memorable shot from the episode "Battlecat".
In these storyboards Clawful is drawn in an interesting way.
See a wide-eyed Sorceress of Castle Grayskull.
The animated Teela sports a minicomic style.
Adam had one of the best bookcases, mainly because it held a great secret.
Adam and Adora should maneuver smoothly into their odd change sequence poses.
MU131 onwards?
Just how useful were the three eyes of Tri-Klops?
Two women in bird costumes?
The magazine listing! The date! The episode!
What happens when you mix Adam, He-Man, Teela, and a Monster, with Busta Toons?
The BBC's seven-minute segment on He-Man and She-Ra.
Who is that holding the Starsword aloft?
A character that looked like Ming the Merciless on a bad day was reused twice!
Back in 1995 He-Man and She-Ra debuted on the Internet, and the quest for the episodes began!
Two very memorable poses that should not be used in regular animation sequences.
Two very memorable poses that should not be used in regular animation sequences.
Alien currency was not all that different to our own.
He-Man's "The Dragon Invasion" and "The Dragon's Gift" share more than just a similar title.
Just whose side were they supposed to be on; Skeletor's or Hordak's?
Director Richard Trueblood decides to animate Spikor quite wildly, proving that the character was not a total loser.
The UK's Channel Four polled The 100 Greatest Kids' TV Shows. Where did He-Man finish?
Continuity was something that the Temple of The Sun missed out on.
A map is just a map, isn't it?
In-between He-Man's season one and season two something happened to Kothos.
In the worlds of He-Man and She-Ra, some things are supposed to remain unseen
A little look at Faker's appearance in the cartoon, and what he should have looked like.
Ram Man butted many things in the He-Man series, and here they all are.
One character that was noticeable in the toys never made it into the cartoon.
He-Man, like Batman had a "Bat Signal," and the Widgets had the privilege.
Trap Jaw had many arm attachments that he used against the heroes of Eternia, and even Etheria.
Interview by Oscar Corral - 1997
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Interview by Jacob Quisenberry - 1997
Interview by James Eatock - September 1998
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Interview by James Eatock - November 1997 / May 1999
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