She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Interview by James Eatock - September 1997
Tom Tataranowicz had a good idea for an ending, and used it three times.
The panel-display joke from She-Ra's "Beast Island" episode.
Hordak's sidekick Imp was pretty talented. Here we list every single one of his transformations during the She-Ra series.
How many expressions can He-Man's face perform in just one shot?
The guardian of the Crystal Castle very occasionally ventured outside his home.
She-Ra's second season was Mattel's last attempt to advertise some of the later He-Man figures, and of course the She-Ra figures, some of which never got released.
The one spell that Madame used that always went right.
Queen Angella's great at delivering speeches. But the same one twice?
It started with a Faker version of She-Ra...
All the footage you missed in the cinema!
Just how many times can She-Ra fight Hordak in the same way?
Interview by Thomas Foss - 1999
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