He-Man and She-Ra - A Christmas Special
Story and Review
Year: 1970
User Reviews


It's been awhile, but here goes!I remember watching this as a kid, and loving it! It seems like this came maybe near the very end of Masters of the Universe, and at the beginning of She-Ra. It was great to see some other evil characters than the usual ones we see. I specifically remember Spikor. And Skeletor is in his usual Collector vehicle, which I have always thought was cool.Last time I saw this was in college, about 11 years ago. I am a music teacher now, and if I remember correctly, the theme music for both shows was glued together in the most ghastly way. They are in different keys and everything. It is similar to that old "My Buddy-Kid Sister" elision. Yuck!Anyway, as far as a Christmas special goes, it uses the cliche model of, "We got beamed over to Earth. It just so happens that He-Man and She-Ra are yet reunited again and it just so happens to be at Christmas when all earthlings are having warm fuzzy feelings for their family members."But, this is what really stuck with me and got me to be the first to write a review on my favorite MOTU site! Orko asks the kids, "What's Christmas?" The kids say something like "It all happened long ago when a star appeared in the sky....." Then the film cuts over to a screen where He-Man is walking across the room or something. Then it cuts back to the kids and they say, (get this now!) "....and the wise men brought presents. And that is why we celebrate Christmas!" Right when you think you are going to hear about the birth of Jesus in a cartoon (for once), they skipped right to the reason for all the commercialism! I never noticed this as a kid, of course, but as a college music student, I fell out of my chair and rewound the VHS tape to be sure I just witnessed what I thought I had!It was a nice trip back to the old days. I'd watch this again if I had a copy today! Overall, it will give you a "Warm Fuzzy."

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