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Story and Review




Before the show begins, a pre-recorded voice (Captain Morrison) is heard in the background speaking to “ground control” and preparing the “intergalactic transport” of the Heroic Warriors via the huge Transporter Masterdome. The announcer lets us know that the next voice we hear will be that of Captain Morrison from far off Eternia. Captain Morrison appears on the video screen to speak with the audience on Earth. He wears a helmet and a military uniform, and sports a mustache. He explains that he will “be supervising the beamdown procedures” that will be bring He-Man and his Heroic Warriors to Earth by way of the Transporter Masterdome. Various officers communicate with Captain Morrison, informing him that the Masterdome is ready. He activates the Masterdome which lights up and lifts into the air. Captain Morrison begins his countdown. 


When the countdown ends, lights flash, and a smoky portal opens. First, Bannermen from the four corners of Eternia and Etheria appear onstage. They carry banners representing: Castle Grayskull, Snake Mountain, the Fright Zone, Point Dread, Crystal Castle, the Crystal Falls, and the Royal Court of King Randor.  Man-At-Arms comes through the portal next. Man-At-Arms takes over announcing duties and introduces Teela, who demonstrates various moves. Orko is introduced next. He emerges and says he has a magic trick. He says “Hocus Schmokus” (an incantation he uses throughout the rest of the show) and there’s an explosion of confetti. Clamp Champ, Rio Blast, and Snout Spout come out next. They perform their “battle action drill” and display their powers as they have a practice battle with each other. Man-At-Arms introduces Rokkon, but he is nowhere to be found. Captain Morrison appears onscreen and Man-At-Arms asks him if Rokkon is with him on Eternia. Morrison hasn’t. Suddenly, Morrison sees something on radar and it’s on a collision course with Earth. Man-At-Arms warns that it could be one of Skeletor’s tricks. On the video screen, we see a comet flying. It crashes and there’s an explosion and puff of smoke.  Rokkon is suddenly onstage! He apologizes and says, “I’ve got my own way of space travel.” Man-At-Arms then introduces the Royal Guard, followed by King Randor and Queen Marlena. The King and Queen address the audience and thank them for welcoming them to Earth. Marlena says, “we look forward to sharing with you some of the wonders found only on our beloved Eternia.” 


Randor then takes over hosting duties to introduce the most powerful woman in the universe, She-Ra. The portal lights up and we see that Castle Grayskull itself seems to have been transported onto the stage! A new arrangement of She-Ra’s Filmation theme music plays as she enters through the portal, lifts her sword, and says, “For the honor of Grayskull!” (note: while Leslie Wadsworth plays She-Ra onstage, the voice is that of Melendy Britt, who voiced She-Ra in the Filmation cartoon series). She-Ra then addresses the audience and introduces her brother, the most powerful man in the universe, He-Man. A new arrangement of the Filmation He-Man theme music plays as He-Man steps through the portal, which is now centered in the open jawbridge of Castle Grayskull. He raises his sword and says, “I have the Power!” (note: while Jack Wadsworth plays He-Man onstage, the voice is that of John Erwin, who voiced He-Man in the Filmation cartoon series). He-Man and She-Ra stand at center stage and cross swords while Orko stands between them. 


Man-At-Arms then leads them in the Eternian National Anthem. He-Man says, “For our homeland,” just before the anthem begins. The heroes salute each other, and He-Man and She-Ra take center stage. They inform the audience that they are going to share the culture and stories of Eternia and Etheria. They also state that an exciting array of events is planned, including the Intergalactic Eternian Circus as well as the Power Race. She-Ra adds, “but first, we’d like you to know a bit more about the magical history of our planet.” He-Man says, “and so we brought along our kingdom’s finest storyteller. His name is Songster.” With his magical guitar, Songster can create Eternian legends, “right before your very eyes.” 


Songster descends on a platform from the ceiling of the stadium. He launches into the “Masters of the Universe” song. Dancers surround Songster as he performs. Incidentally, Man-At-Arms (Zack Hoffman) and Songster (Doug Howard) are the only two characters in the show who speak live dialogue. All of the other actors lip synch to pre-recorded dialogue. 


When the song ends, Songster tells the audience he’s going to take them back to a time before there was a He-Man or a She-Ra – to a time when Eternia was ruled by “five good wizards.” He adds, “this is the oldest of tales.” The “Eternia” song begins as Songster performs the ethereal number. He sings about how Eternia is a magical place. The cosmic troubador’s magical guitar and singing create the scene for us, and we see the five Wizards of Good and an image of the Eternia Towers on the screen. He sings that, “all was right and all was good as peace and tranquility reigned.” Songster goes on to say that nothing is perfect, and that the Wizards had to maintain a constant vigil against the “serpents of evil,” the Snake Men, who lacked but one thing, “a leader.” One day that leader appeared, and his name was Hordak. 


Hordak appears onstage, stating that the Wizards have no power of him. Hordak then sends the Snake Men to attack the Wizards, and a great battle takes place. The Wizards are victorious and banish the Snake Men, imprisoning them behind “an invincible, invisible wall.” Hordak vanishes but swears that he will return. Knowing that Hordak would indeed return one day, the Wizards are forced to devise a plan – one that calls for the “ultimate sacrifice.” An eerie chant commences. In order to protect their power and secrets from Hordak, the Wizards transform their mortal forms into stone walls and literally BECOME Castle Grayskull! A “beautiful Sorceress” then appears to guard the Castle’s secrets. Into her hands is entrusted the awesome magic of the Power Sword. 


The Sorceress then sings about “The Power” and how a hero will wield the Power Sword one day. Songster adds that the people of Eternia, once proud and peaceful, lived in fear that Hordak would return, but they hoped a hero would one day come to claim the sword. Songster ends by saying, “that is the story of how Castle Grayskull, the Sorceress, the Power Sword came to be.” He adds that many years passed until a good king named Randor came to lead Eternia and that, as fate would have it, a queen would appear also. 


Songster launches into the “Randor and Marlena” song and relates the story of how they met. Members of the royal court join Songster and dance onstage as he sings. It was a normal evening until the people noticed something unusual. A ship appeared in the sky and began spinning out of control. On the video screen, we see Marlena’s ship flying through space. We see it crash land on Eternia. Marlena has arrived. She and Randor fall in love and are eventually married. As the members of the Court disperse after the wedding, Orko, royal wizard to Randor’s court, appears with a special gift. The “Orko’s Magic” song begins as poor Orko struggles to remember the words to his special spell. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t get it right, until he remembers the missing ingredient – “faith.” He successfully conjures a magical dancer for the King and Queen. The ethereal dancer performs acrobatic feats before them. 


Soon, two baby bassinets are brought onstage and Songster says that it wasn’t long before two babies were born – a boy and a girl – Adam and Adora. The “Randor and Marlena” song continues, with Adam and Adora’s names added in. Suddenly, Hordak reappears and interrupts the proceedings, commanding all to obey him. Songster relates that Hordak returned, and to gain his vengeance upon the people of Eternia, his plan was to kidnap the Prince and Princess of Eternia. He snatches Adora, but before he can snatch Adam, Man-At-Arms stops him and Hordak vanishes with the princess. Randor orders Man-At-Arms and the Royal Guard to search the Palace, but it is too late. Songster continues his “Randor and Marlena” song, saying that sadness fell across kingdom upon the disappearance of the precious infant, Adora. A crushed Randor and Marlena embrace, as Marlena walks away with the infant Adam. That night, Randor prays that his son will grow to be heroic and strong, so that he can be the hero that all Eternia needs. 


Twenty years later, we see Adam. Jack Wadsworth emerges in his Prince Adam outfit. Adam displays his clumsiness and inadequacy as a fighter during a training sequence with Man-At-Arms. Randor encourages his son, but tells him he’s doing it all wrong.  “I’ll Never Get the Hang of This,” a sort of spoken word song performed by Adam, commences. Adam continually fails in mock battle against Duncan, even holding the sword by the wrong end at one point. Randor beseeches his son to try harder, as all Eternia is depending on him. Adam promises to try harder, but he clearly isn’t any good at fighting. 


Meanwhile, Man-At-Arms and Adam aren’t the only ones practicing combat. The scene shifts to Hordak fighting a robed, hooded opponent. Songster states that Hordak had found a willing student. Hordak tells the “evil pupil” to show himself. The student throws off the robe and Skeletor is revealed. Skeletor proceeds to battle several Snake Men, practicing for the day they will lay siege to Castle Grayskull.


The scene cuts back to Adam practicing with Man-At-Arms. The action cuts back and forth between the two sets of mentors and pupils, as Adam says, “I think I’ll get the hang of this.” Hordak and Skeletor shake hands. Adam appears to be improving as Man-At-Arms encourages him. The scene cuts back to Skeletor and Hordak, as Songster says that Hordak knew his alliance with Skeletor was the key to the taking of Castle Grayskull. We then go back to Adam and Duncan. Adam appears to be doing well. A variation of the “Randor and Marlena” song resumes, but this time with Hordak and Skeletor mentioned. Skeletor lets out a cackle, which is clearly Alan Oppenheimer’s laugh. 


The scene shifts. A Royal Guard informs King Randor that the lands are under siege and that Skeletor’s forces are on the march. The Guard asks, “who will lead us?” All eyes turn to Prince Adam. A terrified Adam drops the sword. Randor tells him to pick up his sword for the hour has come. Adam replies that he cannot do it and adds, “I have neither the will nor the strength.” A disappointed Randor replies, “then we are finished. Eternia is no more.” He walks offstage. Adam is dejected.


Sorceress and Songster sing, “You Have the Power.” The Sorceress gives Adam the Sword of Power. He is surrounded by thick smoke and is engulfed by it. As the smoke clears, Adam has been transformed into He-Man for the first time. A version of the Filmation He-Man theme plays.


He-Man trains with Man-At-Arms and defeats him. They shake hands. Duncan learns that He-Man is Adam.


Songster says that Hordak’s grip on Grayskull had tightened and the time had come for He-Man to face him. He-Man heads to Grayskull where he battles Hordak’s Snake Men. Hordak sets a “true warrior” on He-Man who, unbeknownst to him, is his twin sister, Adora. He-Man battles Adora in an epic fight, eventually defeating her as she falls to the ground. The Sorceress’ voice is heard over the PA and she tells He-Man not to harm the warrior and tells him that she is his long-lost sister.


He-Man splits his Sword of Power in two, and gives Adora the Sword of Protection. She takes the sword, is completely engulfed by smoke, and is transformed into She-Ra for the first time.


He-Man and She-Ra battle and defeat Skeletor and Hordak, saving Castle Grayskull, Eternia, and Etheria.


We return to the present. Songster tells the audience, “that was the story of how He-Man and She-Ra came to be.” Skeletor’s voice (Alan Oppenheimer, who voiced Skeletor in the Filmation cartoon), interrupts Songster. Songster calls for He-Man. He-Man runs out and a verbal exchange between He-Man and the unseen Skeletor ensues. Skeletor says the stories of Eternian history that were presented are a fraud.


A challenge takes place between the Heroic Warriors and the Evil Warriors. Man-At-Arms dramatically describes this challenge as “the Power Race,” with the warriors using wheeled shoes similar to Earth’s roller skates. The evil participants are Evil-Lyn, Ninjor, Blast Attak, and Beast Man, who is not having an easy time on the roller skates. The good participants are Snout Spout, Rokkon, Clamp Champ, and Orko. After assorted misdeeds, hijinks, and jumping through the Hoops of Doom on the track, Orko eventually wins the Power Race. (Note: In an early synopsis of the show, He-Man is the one who wins the Power Race). 


Skeletor’s voice booms over the PA. He insults his warriors and tells He-Man that it’s clear he must deal with him personally. He threatens to come to Earth personally, and tells He-Man that he will face him on the field of battle soon. She-Ra asks how they will stop Skeletor. He-Man explains that he and Man-At-Arms have created duplicate Power Swords and entrusted them to several young audience members. She-Ra adds that this is good thinking and that, with their Power Swords, they can help keep Skeletor’s army from ruining the show. 


Man-At-Arms asks the audience members to stand up and raise their Power Swords and swears them into the Order of Grayskull. 


He-Man and She-Ra promise more in the second half, including a look at the Eternian Circus.



Just before the intermission ends, we hear Skeletor berating Beast Man. Skeletor appears on the video screen and announces that he has taken over the Eternian Transporter Station, and that he will soon transport his army to Earth.




Act II starts with Songster running out onto the stage. He prepares to announce the creatures in the Eternian Circus, but needs the help of his assistant, Orko. Orko comes out in a clownish robe but runs around Songster, just out of the bard’s range of vision. Songster keeps not seeing Orko and yells, “Orko…Orko! ORKO!!!” From behind, Orko says “hi” and startles Songster. Songster asks for Orko’s help. Orko says he’ll set the stage, magically, while Songster sings. The two proceed to perform a Vaudeville style song and dance number called “The Eternian Circus Show” about the wonders of the Eternian circus. Throughout, Orko’s spells repeatedly fail as he tries to conjure the circus for the audience. Songster becomes increasingly frustrated with the proceedings. He asks for the audience’s help to bring the Eternian Circus to life. The audience agrees to this and they are asked to say, “Hocus Schmocus!” The spell works and the circus tent and banners materialize. 


Songster introduces the various creatures and acts.


First up, from the far off murky swamps of Tundar, the Talliwallis. A pair of strange, lanky, long-limbed creatures emerge (full sized puppets or marionettes).


Next from the Gardens of Galleon, the Flutterer. A humanoid butterfly-like creature dances about the stage.


Songster continues the show. From the underside of the universe, where nothing is quite right-side up, the Topsy Turvy. A bizarre, violently flailing, humanoid creature with a chicken-like head runs out. It has a long skirt-like piece. The creature takes a swing at Songster. Suddenly, the strange creature jumps onto its hands, the skirt piece flips down, and another head appears with the two legs as its new arms. It flips back around and is the chicken-head creature again. The Topsy Turvy makes another lunge for Songster, then exits. 


Next up, Songster introduces, from our own Milky Way Galaxy, the Jupiter Giraffes and the very shy Zebrite. Two pink alien giraffes with purple spots appear onstage. The shy Zebrite is brought out by its trainer, who wears a pink top hat and tails, and has a head resembling that of a gigantic green mouse! The Zebrite itself is cute and looks like a large living stuffed animal. It is lavender in color with two tufted antennae. Songster tells the audience that if they all say “please,” the shy creature might light up for them. They audience says “please” and the Zebrite’s stripes do indeed light up. 


Next, Songster introduces the Monkey Men of Zot. Three acrobatic, high-energy ape-men with tails take to the stage and dazzle the audience with assorted antics and gymnastic feats.


Songster then introduces the Kooky Clowns of Crazium. He prompts the audience to help the clowns get crazy. The clown emerge, and look like extremely bizarre alien clowns in funny outfits. They run around the stage and into the audience. 


For the finale, Songster introduces He-Man and She-Ra and their feat of strength. She-Ra easily lifts a large barbell weighing 10,000 lbs over her head. She then hands it to He-Man, who bends the barbell in half. He then unbends it and puts it down. 


(NOTE: This strength act actually replaced the Stellerphant which was used in the early run of the Power Tour. The Stellerphant was described as “Eternia’s largest beast” and resembled an elephant.  After Songster introduced the Stellerphant, it emerged, and was soon revealed to be a FAKE Stellerphant, from which Ninjor and other warriors emerged to attack. The Stellerphant was difficult to use and became damaged fairly early on, so it was removed from the show and replaced by the feat of strength scene).


After the feat of strength, Skeletor’s voice is heard once again. He informs everyone that he decided put his own warriors in their circus show. We hear the Stellerphant bellow from offstage, and suddenly several Evil Warriors appear to attack the heroes. Skeletor has successfully brought them to Earth. A full-on battle ensues between the Heroic Warriors and the Evil Warriors. Grizzlor is part of the gang for some reason. 


After an intense battle, the Heroic Warriors defeat the Evil Warriors, and imprison Beast Man. Suddenly, the stage goes dark and mist fills the stage. Skeletor is using the Transporter to come to Earth. The villain appears onstage with a large Proton Blaster. Ninjor appears and mans the Proton Blaster. Skeletor demands that the heroes throw down their weapons and that He-Man surrender the Power Sword, or else he will use the Proton Blaster to annihilate everyone, including their “little Earth buddies” in the audience. 


Skeletor commands Ninjor to fire at will, but He-Man stops him and tells everyone to lay down their weapons. As this happens, He-Man quickly swaps swords with one Orko discreetly brings out onstage. He-Man hands Skeletor the false Power Sword. Skeletor exults in his triumph, claiming the sword is his along with the secrets of Grayskull. Orko berates Skeletor for his vulgar display and gets blasted in return. Skeletor insults Beast Man a bit. Orko returns and confronts Skeletor again. Orko casts a spell and turns the fake Power Sword into a large flower. Skeletor is confused by this turn of events. Skeletor tells Ninjor to blast Orko but when he looks back, the ninja warrior has already been defeated and imprisoned. She-Ra now stands behind the Proton Blaster instead of Ninjor.


He-Man demands that he and Skeletor fight man to man. Skeletor agrees to this, but only if He-Man’s friends don’t interfere. Skeletor also adds that if He-Man loses, all of He-Man and She-Ra’s Earth friends will become his slaves at Snake Mountain. He-Man gives Skeletor his word that it will only be the two of them in the battle. Beast Man expresses his cynicism over Skeletor’s chances, telling his master that he’s a “dead duck.” Man-At-Arms chains He-Man and Skeletor together by the wrist. The two warriors engage in a sword battle at close quarters. The chain breaks and He-Man beats the heck out of Skeletor. Skeletor temporarily disappears and announces that He-Man agreed to fight “only Skeletor” so Skeletor magically creates two duplicates of himself. He-Man fights all THREE Skeletors. He beats the fake ones, and eventually finds the real one. 


Skeletor threatens to return to Eternia and destroy the Transporter Masterdome, stranding He-Man, She-Ra, and the Heroic Warriors on Earth forever. He-Man says Skeletor will have to get through him first. Another big battle takes place with all the warriors. 


In the midst of the chaos, Captain Morrison appears on the screen and asks, “what’s going on?!” He-Man tells Morrison to turn the transporter on immediately. He does so. The portal opens. He-Man commands the Heroic Warriors to drive the Evil Warriors towards the transporter tunnel. Skeletor stands at the entrance to the portal. Skeletor tells He-Man that he may have won this battle, but the war still rages on Eternia and that Skeletor will be there, waiting. He jumps through the portal back to Eternia.


The Sorceress comes out of the Grayskull jawbridge. The heroes gather round. The Sorceress thanks He-Man and She-Ra for defending Grayskull. He-Man says it wouldn’t be possible without the help of their young Earth friends in the Order of Grayskull. The Sorceress is joined by Songster and they sing, “You Have the Power.” This is the thematic message of the entire Power Tour. “You have the Power. You can be anything you want. You can change the world from bad to good.”


King Randor emerges and announces that in honor of this special event, he hereby proclaims the Festival of Light. Sparklers shower the stage. Songster sings a reprise of “Masters of the Universe” as various dancers appear onstage in light-up costumes. 


Morrison appears on the screen and informs Man-At-Arms that the transport sequence is ready. Man-At-Arms gives the go-ahead to transport the Eternians back home. He bids the audience farewell. He calls out the various heroes, who come out for their curtain calls in light-up versions of their costumes for the Festival of Light. He-Man and She-Ra round out the curtain call as they appear in brilliant, light-up versions of their costumes. He-Man and She-Ra wish the audience farewell and tell them they’ll see them again on the next tour of their galaxy. 


He-Man and She-Ra raise their swords and they both say, “For the Honor of Grayskull!”


Songster finishes up his “Masters of the Universe” song as he runs to stand in-between He-Man and She-Ra and the three bow together. 




Year: 1987
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