In this section, you will discover all there is to know about the Masters of the Universe toylines! Ranging from the 80s to today, international collections, bootlegs and prototypes - it's all right here!

Most powerful series in the universe! Discover the revolutionary range of Mattel toys that dominated and changed the Action Figure market in the 80s, capturing the public and becoming a popular icon worldwide. They are all here: "best selling" He-Man or Skeletor, and the legendary battle theatres such as Eternia and Castle Grayskull!

The honour of Mattel in a fascinating mixture of beauty and power!

Marvel at the difference! After 7 years of successes, Mattel launches new ideas projected into time and space.
He-Man as you have never seen him before!

In 2000, Mattel released the Commemorative Series, celebrating 20 years of the Most Powerful Toyline in the Universe! Celebrate the power! These figures were only released in limited runs and featured fantastic packaging and re-releases of many of the most popular figures in the MOTU toyline!

A new series for the new millenium! Mattel re-launches He-Man for the new generation! Fresh, new look with a classic feel!

The Power returns! After a long hiatus, Mattel brings back He-Man, taking him back to his roots! Sure to excite every adult collector, taking a cue from the original series, the new MOTU Classics combine the charm and design of the original line with 21st century detail, pose-ability, and paint applications! Later, Super7 continues the excellence of this line.

These mighty Minis figures are about 2” tall, feature head, shoulder, and waist articulation, and each comes with their own accessories. Each 2-pack pits one hero against one villain, and includes a piece needed to build the Collect and Connect Minis Castle Grayskull.

Faithful recreations of the vintage MOTU figures in 12” scale! Each figure has a twist waist power punch, “rubber band” legs, and vintage-style accessories. They come on an oversized vintage-style blister card featuring watercolor cross-sell art from 1982.

Super7's take on the original series using existing, unreleased and new tooling.

This toyline give the collector a lineup of “A” list characters in the style you remember from the animated series. These newly-designed Filmation-style figures come in 6” classics scale to fit in perfectly with your existing collection, but they’re not Classics… they’re Club Grayskull!


The 2019 reimagining of the vintage 5.5" style figures! Mattel adds an updated articulated look and feel to the classic figures we loved in the 1980s.

The 2019 doll line focusing on the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power cartoon on Netflix by DreamWorks.

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