In this section you will discover all there is to know about the Masters of the Universe toylines! Ranging from the 80's to today, international collections, bootlegs and prototypes - it's all right here!

Masters of the Universe was more than just a toyline. It was much, much more. This section is dedicated to all the other merchandise produced for this landmarked series.

These beautiful pieces of art were created by NECA and the Four Horsemen, adding a whole new dimension of collectibles to Masters of the Universe. The mini-statues (or "stactions") helped fill the hole in many fans' hearts and collections when Mattel stopped producing the 2002 toyline.

The worlds of He-Man and She-Ra were not restricted to just the cartoons. They had many different adventures in books, comics and magazines - before and after the toons. Watch He-Man leave his tribe, go to space or be a young prince who transforms into a muscle-bound protector of Grayskull. Also, meet characters not shown on the toons, like Double Trouble and Darious!

Both He-Man and She-Ra continued their stories on tapes and records. You'll find them all here, plus the soundtracks!

Here you will find information about all the different DVD and VHS releases from the worlds of He-Man and She-Ra!

Action figures weren't the only Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power items you could play with! Various games were released all the way from card games to video games. Take a look at all the fun things that were made!

Promotionals sell stuff! Obviously Mattel knew this. Here you can find the many different ways Mattel promoted the Masters brand. Magazine Ads, Catalogs, Posters, TV Commercials...anything.

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