Bootleg Collections
Fuerza-T toys were manufactured by Top Toys in Argentina. In 2002/2003 they created a bunch of familiar looking, yet brand new figures using the original molds of the old 80's MOTU line.
With enlarged molds a group of figures from the 200x MOTU line was 'upgraded' by a Chinese bootleg company. Most figures stand about 8 inches tall (as compared to the 6 inch original figures), have larger weapons and have ball joint heads. The cards were recreated from the original artwork, but feaured an all new MOTU logo on the front.

The French based toy store produced two custom figures. Both classic Evil Horde females. These cutom toys came in very limited editions and are only for fans with a lot of cash.

In 2010 Barbarossa Art created a limited run of three bootleg figures, all in the classic line.
The Japan based company Musashi Toys had the ambitious plan to make a whole new MOTU based bootleg toy line, consisting of figures that were never made in the classic Masters Of The Universe toy line. The line was called 'Eternia - The Adventures Continue' and in 2008 Musashi Toys released three different 'Hordesmen' (basically recolored Horde Troopers), complete with a newly produced mini comic. After that first batch of releases the company imploded when a designer quit. The card backs of the Hordesmen only give a glimpse of what could have been.
Bootlegs from Argentina, a collection of brand new figures utilizing original MOTU and MOTU inspired bootleg parts, on vintage MOTU inspired cards.
Bootlegs from the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
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