Ancient Planet of Mystery and Power
Map Of Eternia

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Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 2010
Production Country:
Manufacturer: Mattel

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Eternia - Ancient Planet of Mystery and Power

Gifted with the Wisdom of Ages, The Elders of Grayskull secretly know that the twin warriors of the Great Prophecy would one day be born on their planet. Therefore, they made a secret bargain with Trolla. In return for keeping the Power Sword of He on Eternia, one member of the Elders was to join the Cosmic Enforcers, beings tasked with maintaining neutrality throughout the Universe. The sword was then split in two and hidden, awaiting a time when worthy heirs would reclaim it, channeling it’s power and their wisdom to transform into heroic Masters of the Universe, fulfilling the prophecy to defeat the Horde Empire and restore peace to the Universe.

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