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Tung Lashor
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Series: Masters of the Universe - The Original Series
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 1986
Production Country:
Manufacturer: Mattel
Code: 2331
Wave: 5

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Left Side
Left Side


Flicking his forked tongue, TUNG LASHOR stuns foes of the SNAKE MEN with his "venomous" lick!

Description  Released at the end of He-Man's Filmation run, Tung Lashor was one of several characters repurposed for She-Ra.  You might guess he's a member of the Snake Men and you'd be right!  And wrong!  Although his card proudly states his allegiance to King Hiss, as well as his minicomic, by the time he shows up on She-Ra, he has been claimed by the Evil Horde!  He was portrayed as energetic and overeager, which usually led to his downfall.  Not to mention his long tongue, which was used many a time for comedic effect.  

Features  The tongue can either be extended or retracted by use of a dial on the figure's back.  Standard power punch action, twist andrelease!


Snake Staff
Dragonfly Crossbow 


Snake Attack!
King of the Snake Men 


Early releases had no markings on the back of the figure.
Later releases would have these markings.  

Main Image
Other Views
Right SideLooseBack
Right SideLooseBack
Close Up
Tongue InTongue (partially) out
Tongue InTongue (partially) out
Snake StaffDragonfly Crossbow
Snake StaffDragonfly Crossbow
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