Scanning Action Turbojet
Battle Bird
Galactic Guardians

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Series: He-Man
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 1991
Production Country:
Manufacturer: Mattel
Code: 1262
Wave: 3

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Box back view
Box back view


Ground-strike skimmercraft & supersonic pursuit jet

Primary mission:

  1. To glide over the battlefield and bomb attacking mutants or grab them with its combat claws.
  2. To carry He-Man or other Galatic Guardians into space with turbo speed.
Main Base: Galatic City on Enos one of Planet Primus' lunar satellites

Battle Specs:
  1. Scans for hidden enemies
  2. Dual action combat claws
  3. Stealth and turbo fight modes

Features trigger-action landing gear/bomb release hatch, triple-jointed side-to-side scanning action neck, pivoting wings, and head-guns. Plus, a great huge "He-Man" logo decal across the dashboard!

- 2 piece break-apart bomb



Other Views
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Back OpenedMainBackSide OpenedSideFront OpenedSideBox front viewFront
Bomb (complete and separated)
Bomb (complete and separated)
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