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Jungle Attack He-Man
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This is Jungle Attack He-Man

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Series: Masters of the Universe - Modern Series
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 2002
Production Country: China
Manufacturer: Mattel
Code: 55575
Wave: Heroic 2

Other Views
Back view
Back view


Defend Eternia and fight evil with fully articulated, Masters of the Universe® 6'' heroic warriors figures. Each figure with moving arms, legs and neck and unique battle action.

- Push button for sword slash or punch action. Pluck back of arrow to launch it. Rotate spinning blades into combat position.


- dual arrow crossbow
- two arrows
- spinning saber blades
- two combat daggers

Other Views
Side viewFront viewSide viewArrowsClose-upDaggersBow
Side viewFront viewSide viewArrowsClose-upDaggersBow
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