Great Wars Assortment
Weapons Pak #2 (Great Wars Assortment)

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Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 2010
Production Country: China
Manufacturer: Mattel

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When lines are drawn, battles are fought, soldiers fall, and weapons fail. Replenish the artilleries of both sides with this all-new accessory pack!

  • Armor and weapons of Mer-Man® in 2002 colors
  • Weapons of Evil-Lyn® in 2002 colors, including staff and wand, with interchangeable headpiece, and knife
  • Armor and stand of Zoar™ in green
  • Axe and shield in orange for Faker®
  • Gold spear for King Randor™
  • Gold electro-shocker of Whiplash™ in 2002 colors
  • Blaster and shield in black for Optikk™
  • Three arm attachments from Roboto® in Trap Jaw™ colors
  • Sword of Protection in two-tone silver
The Conflict for Ancient Eternia
While the Great Wars are remembered for the epic struggles between the Free People of Eternia, the Snake Men, the Evil Horde, and the Dragons of Darksmoke, other forces also challenged the heroes of Preternia. One long-forgotten encounter took place in defense of ancient Point Dread. Facing the threat of a mad extradimensional entity called Demo-Man and his army of demon-possessed Mer-Men and Caligars, the lone trio of He-Ro, Eldor, and Sharella defended the mystic outpost against insurmountable odds as Demo-Man’s well-armed troops advanced. Not anticipating the might of the heroes, Demo-Man’s grotesque screeches were silenced when Eldor used the Book of Living Spells to enchant one of Sharella’s arrows, which the archer shot into the air over the oncoming army. Blasting the arrow with his power staff, He-Ro caused a shower of violet light to rain down upon the soldiers, instantly casting the evil spirits from the confused Mer-Men and Caligars, who retreated soon thereafter. Victorious, the trio of heroes imprisoned Demo-Man in the Valley of Gnarl, where he later became a deadly enemy of Vikor.
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Official Bio - Great Wars Weapons Pak - Masters Mondays
Official Bio - Great Wars Weapons Pak - Masters Mondays
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