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Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 2011
Production Country: Japan
Manufacturer: Mattel

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Excerpt taken from Mattycollector.com:

Sometimes a collection gets messy, what with all those weapons lying around just waiting to destroy something. Get organized with this faithful recreation of the vintage Castle Grayskull® weapons rack! Sculpted in authentic, rugged detail, it comes with multiple Eternian weapons in both silver with rust highlights and Man-E-Weapons red. 

- Masters Mondays


Forgotten Legend of Castle Grayskull


Many legends of Castle Grayskull exist beyond memory. One such tale involves Grayskull’s great Weapons Rack. Tay-Larr, son of Sharella and He-Ro, and Salaria, daughter of Veena and King Grayskull, were trained by Gladiator in the ancient arts of battle. As their mystical mothers looked on from a distance, Tay-Larr and Salaria sparred, laughed, and grew together on the ramparts of Castle Grayskull. Eventually, the duo was tasked with helping Gladiator build Grayskull’s Weapons Rack while they also forged and restored armaments for the mysterious champion, Vikor. Not knowing of the prophecy they were destined to fulfill, Tay-Larr and Salaria fell deeply in love, married, and begat a child who would go on to become the warrior He-Ra, a heroic ancestor of He-Man and She-Ra. Sadly, He-Ra never knew her parents, for she was orphaned at a young age when Salaria and Tay-Larr took up the very arms they helped forge and heroically sacrificed their lives to rescue the legendary giant Tytus from the Arachna Queen Tyrantula and her ravenous offspring. Today, the Weapons Rack they built stands in Castle Grayskull, its origins lost to time. 

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Official Bio - Grayskull Weapons Rack - Masters Mondays
Official Bio - Grayskull Weapons Rack - Masters Mondays
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