Dragon Walker
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Series: Masters of the Universe - Modern Series
Marketing Area:
Year: 2003
Production Country: China
Manufacturer: Mattel
Wave: Exclusive

Main Image
2 legged machanical dragon
2 legged machanical dragon


This toy was featured in the 2002 cartoon series 1st season. This vehicle was created when the new council of eternia was to gather and Skeletor plotted to destroy the whole council or at the least disrupt then by using serpentuars controlled by beastman. In response to the threat Man-At-Arms created mechanical Dragons to scare the Serpentoids since dragons are their only known enimies! The to is about 10 inches tall and carries 1 character on it's back by way of saddle. Made up of matalic blues and grays, they have 2 lasers off each side of their heads. They did not have wings and were more remanicant of a smaller tyrantasuarus!
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