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Series: Masters of the Universe - The Original Series
Marketing Area: Argentina
Year: 1987
Production Country:
Manufacturer: Top Toys
Wave: Evil 3

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Front view


Here we have what can be considered the pinacle of the Top Toys MOTU collection: an almost completely original figure created out of the blue. No one knows what on earth the guys at Top Toys were thinking when they came up with Camo Khan (as it is "affectionately" referred to worldwide for short). We consider him a new figure and not just a Kobra Khan variant because, unlike any other variant, he came packaged with his own new name and, therefore, separated from Kobra Khan. No other variant in the Top Toys collection or, probably, in any other MOTU collection around the globe came packaged with a new, different name. Another characteristic that further distinguishes him from Kobra Khan is that Camo Khan is officially a member of the Snake Men, whilst the first is an evil warrior alligned with Skeletor. He is very, very rare, since only a few were made and he is madly sought after by fans all over. It goes without saying that he sells for very large sums.

He came in two basic different versions: with Kobra Khan's arms and with Buzz-Off's arms, the latter being more common. Most Camo Khans have green/camouflaged suspenders but there are a few that have them golden painted. The latter are more rare. He also came packaged with 1 of the following 3 weapons: a green Clawful's club, a brown Clawful's club and a brown Buzz-Off's axe. There were, also, two different cards: 1) a regular Kobra Khan card with the sticker: "Las diabólicas serpientes" and the name Kobra Khan Camuflado on the bubble; and 2) any other figure's card with a yellow tape (covering the original name) bearing Kobra Khan Camuflado in big black print letters.

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Back viewSide viewUpper view
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