Pretheria: Prince Jared
Added On: June 10, 2020 7:36 am
Type: Misc.
Community Series: POP

Art by Motu85.

A part of the webcomic The Coming of the Towers, Prince Jared is the young counterpart of the official character King Jared from the Filmation Princess of Power cartoon.

His story takes place after the events of the Pretheria Age that are chronicled in our fancomic: this is why the Bio hides some facts, such as the names of his mother and his father.
You may remember the Snake Clan from The Time Corridor, an episode of the Filmation Masters of the Universe cartoon: they lived in the distant past of Eternia, before Castle Grayskull was built, and they were ruled by the purple-haired Zilora. Could she be the same queen that Jared married on Eternia?

Blithe happens to be the family name of Sea Hawk: could it be that Adora's boyfriend is of royal lineage?

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