Added On: August 14, 2020 8:49 pm
Type: Hand Drawn
Community Series: MOTU Classic


Hailing from the Western Isles, Quavian trained a young
Raenius to catch arrows in the Isles annual Eternian
Combat games. Quavian was the Chief Archer and Quiver
Troop’s commanding officer. Quavian earned praise for
being the best archer in the Isles and possibly all of Eternia.
Quavian earned the name Arch-Torr when he joined the
Masters during a battle near his homeland against the rise
of King Hsss and his army of Snake Men. He fights
alongside his former student Raenius, now called Clamp
Champ in the Masters never ending fight against evil in
Eternia. If you are evil in Eternia, you’d not want to be on
the wrong end of Arch-torr’s arrow!

Looking at the possiblity of having some new characters in the Origins line, I decided to kit bash parts together to see what would work. The head is from Classics Sy-Klone, The body from MOTWWU Finn Balor, Armor is from Snake Man two Pack from Classics, and Bow and Arrow is from Classics Ninjor. The belt would be from the Origins Skeletor.

Designed and story by Taylor Lymbery -Eternia, King Hsss,
Snake Men, Clamp Champ and Raenius are copyright
Mattel, Western Isles creation from Vaults of Eternia

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