Added On: October 15, 2016 1:56 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Magicat- This one is a Strange one, probably the first time some one has done a custom of her, but here it goes. For some strange reason in 2 of the golden hardcover books "the story of shera" and "Queen of the Ball" catra does not ride Storm or Clawdeen but rather Magicat. She looks just like battle cat or panthor just light yellow and he saddle even looks like Battle Cats except with the Jewels instead of the horns. So The recipe was simply a repaint of Battle cat and i chopped off some horns and put some jewels from micheals on there. I imagine that since Catra and Entrapta became besties since Catra came to Etheria, That Catra often lets Entrapta ride Magicat as her steed , and that Magicat is Clawdeens mate.
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