Ka/ Snake Nepthu
Added On: July 11, 2017 9:38 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Ka /Snake Nepthu- Recipe: So this was my orignally my idea for Ka, the demonic snake priest that cared for Serpos back in Preternia, but since the dark horse compendium has come out and shed some light on how he looks (the face on the side of toy snake mtn), I decided that my orignal design might also work as Nepthu after king hsss granted his powers back to him and i could swap out heads between my snake mtn man and snake nepthu. Anyway onto the design I used a head casted from Karak Nul ( as well as the snake energy blast), fangman buck, Dactus bicep, snakeface forearms, one batros hand and one open merman hand, chief carnivus loin with a snake symbol from Mike Mcevil, as well as casted nepthu collar with snake symbol on it. Had to widen the neck hole with a dremel cause it wouldnt slide down on fangman neck, Dactus legs, Bow boots with Battleground King Hsss feet. The Shield of Ka is from Battleground King Hsss and the staff comes from a fodder bin.
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