Keclar, Leader of the Elders
Added On: December 22, 2018 10:25 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Keclar, leader of the elders. After reading the book of living spells bio, I felt obligated to make these 5 wizards which such sway with Eternia a past present and future. Mattel just made us Eldor, he came with the book of living spells, and staff of the ancients, I made a Tauron/ Nazghal custom just now, just got a staff for him as well as a spell book (Spellbook of Powers), and with Keclar he should come with his staff and the Book of the Ancients. Still have Ramlin and Noah to do, have an idea for Noah staff and spellbook ,and thought that the encyclopedia of evil would be a great spell book for Ramlin since it appeared in NA and held evil spells. As Eldor guided the council of the wise as an unofficial member in the MVC comics, one can view Keclar as the guide for the council of elders of the 200x series. While Tauron/Nazghal remained on Eternia, Noah perused Ramlin, but in Ramlin sent him to Despondos, where he ended up on Etheria. Noah ended up becoming the guide for the First Ones. Also since Mystacor is is the powerful magic center on Etheria, I figured maybe he brought the spell book of mystacor from Eternia, linking the two planets deeper as the same magic would used on both worlds. Now that my story ideas are out there onto the recipe: Used a Horde Wraith body, EP King Randor cloak, Eldor arms, and count Marzo spell hand, and heart and steels Keclar head with my male council of elders symbol from my shapeways shop. Finally Keclar staff come mike mcevils shapeways shop.
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