King Trinok
Added On: December 14, 2019 5:40 pm
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
King Trinok- Leader of the Berserker Islands, I always liked the origins of evil comic series. I kept eyeing This Dojo figure (spawn) my friend had on his mantle and marvel at its sculpt. I was tring to figure out what would be cool to make with it and it finally dawned on me. But i wanted to to tie in why all those souls are trying to escape from his stomach. Finally i found a weapon that I felt like i could tie in to that. I call it the Soul Spear, once Trinok stuck you with the spear, He was able to suck your soul and absorb your powers, strength, and knowledge. Very powerful enemy. Recipe: Used a spawn Dojo Body With alot of parts removed, then Ryan Lunt Took over. Used a pirates of the Caribbean neck collar from the asian pirate, Gammorean guard head that was heavily modified, ultimate warrior headress, and wires for hair. Cape sticks on with a magnet, all courtsey of Ryan Lunt's genius as well as the loin pieces, belt, and rest of the head sciplt as well as MOTUC arms. Amazing, Amazing job on this love how it turned out.
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