Added On: September 10, 2020 10:37 pm
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Lizzor- He has always been one of my favorite mutants, think i like only Hoove better. He was so underused in the Jetlag cartoon, it hurt to watch, never said anything and barely every exhibited his powers. So dissapointed on how he was portrayed in media, yet saw so much potential. So when i saw a custom on facebook that Rex Bajra made of him, i was floored. Lizzor was one of those characters i was honestly scared to tackle as I felt like with the existing parts library of MOTUC, the parts were not there to do him justice, and it was too big of a task for me to do the sculpting. This is one of those figure that i would be willing to spend some money getting fully made, and " Classicizied" the way i would have like to have seen made. One thing i wanted to showcase with this figure was the one special ability that he ever displayed, in the Jetlag episode "Glasnost Schmaznost" were you can see he can extend his tongue extremely long. Onto the Recipe: Used a Saurod buck and loin, which allowed me to include a Tail and keep the holster, but changed out the shoulders for regular male shoulders, darius helmet, and clawful feet. Tongue came from a Lizard BAF head. The rest of the pieces Rex provided and sculpted from scratch, Tremendous job on him. I provided the the pieces for the gun and back from what i found in fodder lots. Couldnt be happier. My Mutants are almost complete , but this one was a big hole i'm happy is now filled.
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