The Demon Gem - RPG 1
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The Demon Gem - RPG 1

"The Demo Gem" was the first Masters of the Universe campaign played via email. This document compiles the email messages that made up the game. The DM was Nick A. Email addresses and person names have been removed.


Deep within the bowels of Snake Mountain, the sinister lich faced-fiend and lord ofdestruction, Skeletor, weaves his web of magic. Over ancient tomes of lore he fuddles, thescripture and the markings of runes on his empty headed staff are in absolute perfection.His chamber door is sealed from the inside, but a red-eyed rat watched him closely in thecorner of the dungeon wall, without even a squeak.

The book slammed shut, the pen inked with blood was placed back into its well, thegolden glowing bookmark marked the passage. Nothing but a pentagram and the words"Demonology" in Ancient Zodiakian letters maked the cover.

"This will be the end of He-Man!" mused Skeletor. "Behold!" hisvoice crackled with power, stamping his havoc staff on the ground, bolts of electricitybouncing off the shaft.

"The Demon Gem!"

Skeletor fit the gem neatly into the talon at the head of the staff and waved it overthe shimmering pool below. As he began to chant, the pool swirled and changed colors.

"From the depths of the Nine Hells, I summon thee, oh Slayer of the IV, do mybidding."

Suddenly, a great form appeared from the pool. Its body rippled with muscles, its handscontorted in the shape of a clenching fist, a dragon's-wing . . .

The rat in the corner jumped and transformed itself into a beautiful woman dressed inblack and gold. She pushed the sorcerer down the shaft, breaking his concentration, andthe creature bagan to fade. "No!" she cried. "Do my bidding!" shesaid, holding the staff aloft.

"You foolish wench!" cried Skeletor, lifting himself and rushing at her withsword drawn.

"No!" cried Evil-Lyn, swinging the Demon Staff at him. Skeletor, in turn,reluctantly blocked with his sword, and there was a great explosion.

Half-naked, knee deep in snow, where is Swift Wind? She-Ra scabbarded her blade,looking down at the beheaded green dragon still puffing clouds of cold air, its bloodtainting the snow around them.

A sound pierced the air. Her eye caught a glimpse of something . . . in the sky, is ita meteor??

The volcano where the dragon hid its cave erupted. It had not been active for years,She-Ra was sure of it, she had checked into it, and now she was standing dangerously closeto the ledge.

As lava and boulders raced to crush her beneath a thousand tons of molten rock andfire, she dived down, plummeting to her doom below. Or so she thought, Swift Wind themighty winged-steed caught her just in time . . . enough for her to saddle herself andhead for home. Still . . . the thought lingered in her mind, "What was that strangeglowing thing?"

All this fades away . . . and nothing remains but the very eyes of Zodak through whichyou have seen the very events that have taken place.

"And now my friends, you see what you must do."

Well done Extendar! You are the first to embark upon this quest.

As you look over the horizon, you see the red skies of Eternia. The 2 moons of Eon andInfinity fill one fourth the sky. To the North is the mountains and the arctic lands. Tothe East is the Dead Zones and the unknown. To the West is Eternia City and further westis the Eternian Sea, the Snake Mountains, and the Dark Side. To the South is more of theBright Side. Where do you wish to go yon Paladin?

Well done He-Man! You are the second to embark upon this quest.

As you look over the horizon, you see the red skies of Eternia. The 2 moons

of Eon and Infinity fill one fourth the sky. To the North is the mountains

and the arctic lands. To the East is the Dead Zones and the unknown. To the

West is Eternia City and further west is the Eternian Sea, the Snake

Mountains, and the Dark Side. To the South is more of the Bright Side.

You sheath your magical blade and leap upon your mighty beast, Battle Cat.

Ahead of you is Extendar. He has also embarked upon the quest for the Demon Gem. He islooking around, deciding where he will go.

Where do you wish to go yon Paladin?

The mysts of Etheria shroud your world. You know that the evil Emperor, Hordak, stillholds the planet in his vile, tyrranical grip. You do not wish to leave it, but you havehad a vision. Since She-Ra left for Eternia to go see her brother, Adam, you were worried.Now you have seen her falling from a cliff! And somehow, you know of the Demon Gem, youdreamed of it, and you know of the threat it poses to both Eternia and Etheria. So youmust go to Eternia. You are a mage, Castaspella, you can use your teleport spell to takeyou to Greyskull and join the others. But be forewarned, for teleport spells aredangerous. One wrong thought, and you may end up inside a brick wall, in space, orunderground. Guard your spells well Castaspella, and use them wisely.

Flying high above the clouds, a telepathic disturbance rushes you to Greyskull. You flythere to see He-Man and Extendar standing at its gates. You swoop low and transform intoyour human self. You address them, ask them whats wrong, but before they can open theirmouths you know. The Demon Gem is loosed upon Eternia! Being that you are a greatsorcereress, you know more of the Demon Gem then your fellow adventurers. They ask youwhat the Demon Gem is . . . and you explain to them: "Skeletor tried to use the DemonGem to open a gate between Eternia and the Nine Hells. The gem also has the power toimprison souls. For a demon to enter the Prime Material Plane, the plane where we exist,the demon must take physical form (a body). Skeletor was to imprison the

all-powerful Arch-Demon Slayer IV in the gem so that he could take command of thedemon's lesser minion armies. But Evil-lyn intervened and sent the gem hurtling only Zodakknows where. I don't know what has happened now . . . but if the gate is open and thedemons should come through to Eternia . . . oh He-Man! We are all doomed!"

Before teleporting, Frosta confronts you and asks you where you are going. You tell herabout She-Ra and the Demon Gem and Frosta decides to join you. You (Castaspella) summonyour magic energy and luckily appear outside Castle Greyskull where other heroes haveassembled. Luckily you avoided teleporting into a wall or inside the ground, butinterplanetary teleportation has left you weak and you must rest. Frosta catches you inher arms. You are then joined by He-Man, Extendar, and the Sorceress who are preparing toleave for the Demon Gem.

You too (Man-at-Arms), have seen through the eyes of Zodak and wish to join the group.So you rush to Greyskull to find He-Man, Extendar, and the Sorceress. As you arrive, yousee a blaze of light behind them and a portal appear where outsteps two women . . .Castaspella and Frosta from Etheria.

Talk amongst yourselves, champions, and decide where you will go.

Unfortunately, you (Sorceress) know very little about the gem other than what you havetold the others. You know that you must find it, and your only clues is the vision thatZodak has sent you all.

You lead the party into the pool and attempt to recreate the vision. But something goesterribly wrong . . . there has been a shift in the balance of light and dark. Darkness isgrowing from the North. You see a temple on a mountain in the snow. You see She-Ra, she isin a dark place calling for help.

Then, the face of Zodak appears. I am Zodak. Stay here no longer, go quickly and findthe Gem. You, Sorceress, have shown great wisdom. Hence forth and for this quest, youshall lead the others. It is destined for you to lead them. If those who have assembledchoose to follow you, light may prevail. If they do not . . .I only see darkness.Farewell, Sorceress, I will be watching you, as always.

The Sorceress can fly.

He-Man can ride battle cat and possibly take one other person with him.

The rest of you will have to walk as there are no horses on Eternia and vehicles areEXTREMELY expensive.

Castaspella, you cannot teleport to an unknown destination, you have never been to thecastle in the North so if you try, you might teleport into a wall and die.

Stratos takes the initiative to fly North and far in the distance he can see a cloud ofsmoke rising into the air. The mighty Bird Man swoops down below to get a closer look andsees a small village on fire.

What do you do Stratos?

-Do you A) Go down to look for yourself?


B) Go back and tell the others?

Thanks <Mantenna's Player>. Yes, you can be Tri-Klops. In fact, I have a very good role for you toplay. You will search for the Demon Gem in order to usurp the power from Skeletor. But youhave to play against the clock. If you can get to it before the other PC's, you will knowits secret powers. You begin on the Dark Side in Snake Mountain. You know the Demon Gemexploded and went hurtling somewhere North. You know Skeletor and Evil-Lyn are looking forit too. They are already heading North into the mountains. What do you do?

You look around Snake Mountain and see a Dark Eternian. You know him to be one ofSkeletor's guards and troops. He was guarding Skeletor's laboratory when Skeletorattempted to use the Demon Gem for his conjuration spell. You assume that only this guardwould know about it, but he asks you for money, 10 eternium pieces, for any info. What doyou do?

Regardless of that cartoon comment (please don't bring it up again, I decide what youcan and cannot do) - You grab both women and drag them off to the village before they cansay much, though they look at you bewildered like "who is this guy sweeping us offour feet." You land at the village with your arms very tired and see village peoplerunning back and forth screaming. Some houses are on fire and you see beastmen runningabout. They are plundering the village, beating the people with sticks and whips andgrunting. Some woman is on her knees weeping with some small gems in her hands. She iscrying, "But this is all I have!"

Meanwhile, He-Man and Extendar are still at Greyskull arguing over whether to go toSnake Mountain or find the Demon Gem.

From your many adventures, you have horded immense wealth. But you are not used topaying for information. Do you want to give him your 10 ep?

You grab the puny Dark Eternian by the throat and push him up against the wall slowingsqueezing his wrist until his bones near breaking. "Listen, bub, tell me whathappened to the Demon Gem or I'm gonna bust your neck!"

"I don't know where it is!" cries the guard, "all I know is, Skeletorand Evil-Lyn are going North into the arctic mountains to look for some castle orsomething."

<< I am going to try and help calm and eradicate the beast man population. After

this I am going to use my powers to help put some of the fires ou and calm the

villagers down. >>

The beastmen are no match for you spells, you blast them with chain lightning, itbounces off one and hits another until many of them lie dead at your feet. The remainingbeastmen run off in horror.

Meanwhile, Frosta, you use a cone of cold spell to extinguish the fires.

What next?

Before entering the magic portal you have created, Bow stumbles through it crying,"Wait! She-Ra is not on Etheria . . . she is on Eternia. She came to visit He-Man.But I don't know how or why she ended up where she is now . . ."

Teela says, "It doesn't matter, Sorceress, I will defend Greyskull while you leadthe others to the Demon Gem. Greyskull is just as unprotected if you leave to the North asif you leave to Etheria."

Beastman is out plundering a village. If you are going to usurp the throne fromSkeletor, you consider it best doing it alone.

You head north and actually have a shorter distance to travel than those foolishEternians. The way becomes hard when it gets cold and you begin scaling those mountains.But after many days you hit snow. You don't freeze to death due to your greatconstitution. Soon you hit a sheet of thin ice. Its a frozen lake. The lake looks prettywide and walking around it could set you back a few days. But you don't know how thin itis. What do you do?

As you head into the mountains, you begin to notice some tracks in the snow. Some ofthe tracks resemble a large, four legged animal with paws. The tracks seem fresh and leadnorth. What do you do?

You head north with your sword ready in hand and find that the tracks lead to a cave.You also hear something faint . . . like a growl. What do you do?


Well partners, I'm up for checking out ole' snake mountain. I'm sure theres

a heep of snakes that need to be skinned in there. Let's mount up! Yee-ha!

Rio-Blast ()


You run off to go find Snake Mountain, which is to the west. But it is a long journeyand you have no vehicles or horses. Along the way you run across a dense forest to theleft (north) and an arid plain to the right (south). The plain is dry and hot and there islittle hope of finding water there. But the forest may be teaming with dangerouscreatures, and it is dense, so you may get lost. Where do you choose to go?

A huge beast leaps on top of you! It is an Eternian smilidon (great cat), about 12'long, pure white, a head the size of your torso. You grab it just in time before it sinksits fangs and claws into your throat. Do you:

A) Flee?

B) Fight?

I Stratos am flying the children and women of the village to safety away

from the fires and falling debree. After doing so I Aim my wrist laser

at the beastmen to herd them into the fire. After doing so I use my

laser to block a path of escape leaving them trapped in the center of

the fire with no way out.



Its too late! The beastmen have already gone. They were scared off by Castaspella'slightning bolts. The women and children, however, are safe thanks to you! The fires areout thanks to Frosta. What do you do now?


Castaspella :

I am trying to calm the villagers down and help them to get organized to

rebuild. I am then going to attempt to track the beastmen, in the hopes that

they woll lead me to a clue to whe whereabouts of She-Ra. I can only pray

that we are in time to save her.


You try to follow the beastmen but they move too fast. Since Eternia is mostly a plain,however, you can spot them way off in the distance. Only Stratos is fast enough to catchone if he goes after them.


Seeing the woman I will attempt to lure the beastman away from her by

trying to shoot at him. I look at the jewels and wonder if one of

them could be the one we are looking for.


P.S. Sorry about the cartoon bit.


You look at her jewels but they look pretty ordinary. None of them are very big orglowing. The lady, after finishing crying, explains to you that the beastmen were lookingfor a large red ruby that glowed called the Demon Gem. The beastmen were sent out bySkeletor, apparently, to look for it, and the stupid beastmen thought they might find itamongst women's jewelry which is why they sacked the village.



Takes his trusted shield from his back and puts it in front of him.

<to heroes in his team>

I am going farther into the forest to scout the territory. He-Man cover



You enter the forest. It seems pretty quiet and desolate. In the center you find aclearing and a beautiful lake. The water looks pure and you are very thirsty. The Eterniansun beats down hard on your armor, making you very hot. You kneel down to drink a bit,placing your shield beside you.


You look left, seeing an arrow next to your shield. You glance at the bushes but onlysee a swinging branch.

With your trusty sword in hand you hack at the wild beast, but not before it scrapesits claws against your chest tearing part of your green leather armor. It sends anothergash across your abdomen with its second claw and nips your shoulder blade with its teeth.You roll back and give a hefty swing with your sword, catching it in the chest, then youplunge your blade into its skull killing it. The beast lies dead at your feet, its bloodand yours turning the snow white. The cave now remains, as far as you know, unguarded.



I yell to the others in the back "Take cover everybody, I think we have

been ambushed!!!"

Then I take my shield in one hand, covering with it, and extend my other

arm to search the bushes.


You search the bushes but find nothing. Do you wish exit the clearing to look deeper???

You really don't need to rest. The cat did hurt you, but you only lost about 1/10th ofyour hit points (life). Regardless, you search the cave using your infrared vision to see,and in it you find the bones of some prey brought back to the cave by the smilidon. Someof them are human. There appears to be some rusted weapons, armor, and a closed backpack.What do you do?


How near to She-Ra is The Sorceress when she emerged from the portal from


Who emerged with her?

What does The Sorceress see when she got there.

I need to know the situation so write her next more.

Am I missing some RPG stuff, or has there not been any messages in the last

several days? My address is still ()

Could you please send a list of the other addresses, please?


She-Ra did not use the portal at Greyskull to get to Eternia, she used an alternateroute you were unaware of. When she came you don't know, and what she was doing in themountains you don't know. You do remember a slain dragon at her feet though in yourvision.


>Open up the backpack to check for useful items.

Can I get my armor fixed? Where do I have to go to fix it?

How good is the armor in the cave?


The armor in the cave is old and rusted, its useless. The leather you wear doesn'tprotect you much anyway since its only leather straps, and it is still hanging on.

You look in the backpack and find an old tattered scroll. You open it and see a crudepicture of a castle in the mountains along with some kind of bridge leading to the castle.You can also see a picture of the sun above the castle, indicating that it is in theBright Side. On the back of the scroll, written in an old Eternian dialect, you see thesewords. They are hard to make out, but with your high intelligence you can just translate:

Eternia and the Outer Planes

The planar view of the universe suggests that the universe is flat curving around

outer space and that all the planets are interconnected by a magical web of bridges.This theory explains the magic portal and how it works.

To a mage, a map of the universe is flat. The planet Eternia is but one"realm" like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle of realms. But this flat map view is buta plane of existence. All things falling under the natural laws of science is part of whatmages call the Prime Material Plane. But there are other planes of existence that do notaccord with the natural laws. One of these is Baator, the Nine Hells.

The Nine Hells is made up of nine consecutive planes in the shape of a funnel eachobeying its own laws. Each plane of Hell is ruled by a being of great power. Vast armiesfrom one plane do battle with armies from another. Only two of the names of the currentrulers are known, Slayer of the fourth plane and Hecate of the fifth. Hecate is said to bethe daughter of the Prince of Darkness himself, the source of all evil in the knownuniverse.

For a being of one plane to enter into the plane of another takes great power. Only themost elite of mages can attempt such a feat, and even still, it is difficult. Great mageson Eternia, such as Skeletor and Evil-Lyn, often attempt to open permanent gatewaysbetween Eternia and Baator. To join forces with the very essences of evil is the ultimategoal of many wicked mages and priests, and is a source of great conflict on Eternia.

On the other hand, there is the higher plane of Mount Celestia, otherwise known as theSeven Heavens. This is called Mount Celestia for the shape of the planes is like that of acone. The Ancients were known to open gateways to this plane of higher beings. It is saidthat one being, an arch-angel known as, Icarus, came to Eternia to aid the Royal Guard intime of need. If a gate between the Nine Hells and Eternia is formed, a gate from MountCelestia could set the balance in the war between good and evil. Bringing such powers toEternia, however, could create a struggle of such magnitude as to devastate the entireplanet for all eternity.


My portal dropped me off less than 20 meters from the site of She-Ra and the

dragon. Upon seeing the dragon slain, I quickly made myself invisible.

An obvious contradiction presents itself to me. A slain dragon and She-Ra

are incompatible. Either the dragon must be under the influence of great

evil (otherwise, She-Ra probably would have been successful in communicating

and rescuing it), or She-Ra has become the victim. It is very much against

her nature to harm, much less kill any living thing. She has always helped

even the most powerful beasts in their time of need. The presence of the

two could be coincidental, but I shall erect a force barrier about myself

before I attempt to speak to She-Ra. If she really did kill the dragon, the

is a good possibility that it is really not her. Even without Greyskull

behind her, an imposter could cause serious damage.

I send out the following psychinc messages. I tell Granamyr of the slain

dragon and the danger of the demon gem, as if I believed that he was not

already aware. I then send out messages to He-Man and Man-At-Arms to the

effect of asking them to come to me if they are not completely indisposed.

While I know Granamyr respects my position, it would be good to have at

least one of the two other humans he respects present as well.

I return to visibity after erecting a force barrier around myself. In the

event she is in fact an irreconcilable demon, I am prepared to open the gate

to the prison dimension. I would use the same one that the Ancients have

used to contain Morgoph the Terrible and has become the standard for me

since that time. I walk over to her. While approaching, I attempt to sense

the nature of her thoughts. That should reveal something of her intentions.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

Whaoh! Hold on a bit! You can't, as I explained to Castaspella, teleport anywhereyou've never been before. You can attempt to fly in bird form North to find that spot, butit will take some time. Furthermore, it has been a long time since She-Ra was there. Shehad to takeoff on Swift Wind to avoid an avalanche. Where she is now you don't know. Thedragon was probably buried by the avalanche too. Here is what you do:

You takeoff in bird form, after flying for a day or two, you reach the mountains andcircle them looking for the area you saw in your vision. You land using your invisibilityspell, your shield barrier, but find nothing. The avalanche has changed the geography ofthe mountain. There is now what appears to be a castle in the mountains you have neverseen before. You approach the castle and see a gorge surrounding it. The gorge can betraversed via a bridge made of ice. You sense this is a place of great evil and powerfulmagic. You fear going on alone. You try to contact Granymyr but he is sleeping. Then youremember that though many Eternian dragons are good and some neutral, there are also manyevil dragons. It is common knowledge that an evil dragon's favorite food is human. She-Rawas probably attacked by it and killed it in self-defense . . . but then again, thats allspeculation.

PS: Please ask me if you can do something before you do them.


So is my goal to open a gate to Baator? What are my options now?


Your options are anything you want to do. You are in a cave with a scroll in yourhands. Remember you set out to find Skeletor and Evil-Lyn who were looking for the DemonGem. Right now you are on the Dark Side, the sun never shines on the Dark Side (hinthint).


I asm still at Castle Greyskull I guess. The last thing I knew was

jumping through the portal and warning that She-Ra wasn't still on




Well you better get a move on Bow! If you don't start doing things you will be leftbehind!

You attempt to contact She-Ra via telepathy and her sword but there is no response.There has never been no-response before. You sense something deeply wrong. Perhaps it is amagical disturbance from the castle. Anyway, the only person you have managed to contactis He-Man. You will have to send a message (via EM) to everybody on the list to get yourmessage.

You recieve a telepathic message from the Sorceress. This is what it says:

I am preparing to veture toward the castle that I see. I musn't go yet. I

realize that I might surely perish alone. I am more sure than ever that

this is probably the path that will lead to the demon gem. The closer I

have come to this point, the more strange occurances have happened beginning

with the unknown presence of She-Ra and now the presence of this foreign

castle. Strange phenomena have always coincided with the presence of

powerful magic. This brings back memories of the time reality was being

altered by a rift to the dark dimension, home of Daimar the Demon. He would

be a great ally in this cause. I bid all of you who seek to find the gem to

meet with me at the ice bridge leading to the new castle. In the meantime,

I will discreetly fly around the area and survey the area. To avoid

detection, I will maintain the form of the falcon Zoar until a group is met.

I will be hiding when not flying. You will know me by the sound made by a

falcon. Truthfully, though, I am not sure that the one who possesses the

gem has not already discovered our quest to defeat him or her. Thus, even

the journey to this point must be taken with the utmost caution. All, see

this area through my eyes and know the land well.

Bow, I sense how desperately you wish to take your place among the warriors

in our quest. If you wish to be present in the location where there will

probably be the most action, I suggest you come to my current location.

Archery is just the mix of properties we may need. It is both long distance

and solid.

I am still greatly disturbed at the vision of the slain dragon. Never In my

life have I been so untrusting of a living creature that does not outwardly

proclaim to be evil. I can perform one easy test to determine the nature of

the one who claims to be She-Ra. I will contact her through her sword as I

have done many times before. If she responds, then she must necessarially

be in possession of the sword of protection, and there is little likelyhood

that one who looks like She-Ra and has her sword would not be her.

I wait at the bridge to the castle. We havn't time to lose.


I guess I'm going in after ole' extendar. I will go in slowly making sure

not to surprise anybody that could be in there. I have my trusty blaster

out just to make sure nothin decides to attack me unarmed.


You (Rio Blast) and Extendar venture further into the forest. Suddenly, a snair snapsup beneath you and you and Extendar find yourselves caught in a rope net! Before you cansay, "What in tarnation," you see the net suddenly surrounded by women!Beautiful, scantily clad, green skinned women with tribal weapons. One of them is pokingyou with her spear. What do you do???


I guess I'm going in after ole' extendar. I will go in slowly making sure

not to surprise anybody that could be in there. I have my trusty blaster

out just to make sure nothin decides to attack me unarmed.


To Rio Blast:

You (Rio Blast) and Extendar venture further into the forest. Suddenly, a snair snapsup beneath you and you and Extendar find yourselves caught in a

rope net! Before you can say, "What in tarnation," you see the net suddenly

surrounded by women! Beautiful, scantily clad, green skinned women with

tribal weapons. One of them is poking you with her spear. What do you do???

To Sorceress:

You attempt to contact She-Ra via telepathy and her sword but there is no

response. There has never been no-response before. You sense something deeply

wrong. Perhaps it is a magical disturbance from the castle.


Do I know if or who is coming to my position at the ice bride to the castle?

Sorceress of Greyskull

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>

Right now you are waiting. Unfortunately the only person who can give you a response isCastaspella. If you want you could always fly back, I don't know what would be faster atthe moment.


Do I know if or who is coming to my position at the ice bride to the castle?

Sorceress of Greyskull

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>

Right now you are waiting. Unfortunately the only person who can give you a response isCastaspella. If you want you could always fly back, I don't know what would be faster atthe moment.

<< <to extendar > Well, do you have any plans, and what happened to He-man?

I then look around to see where I am and to check if there is someway we can

escape without hurting or killing to many people.



You are in no position to talk. Do something or be speared to death by warrior women!

<< <to extendar > Well, do you have any plans, and what happened to He-man?

I then look around to see where I am and to check if there is someway we can

escape without hurting or killing to many people.



You are in no position to talk. Do something or be speared to death by warrior women!


Very Well. Lets Leave the damn cave and head north! Full speed ahead

captain! Tri-klops rules all!!!!


You are heading North until all you can see is white. Then you realize that if you keepheading North, you will be heading South. And all the while, you see no trace of anycastle in the snow. Then again, on the picture of the castle on the scroll you found therewas the sun. And since the sun hasn't appeared on your side of the planet for 2000 years,you don't think it will be showing up any time soon (major hint!). So are you stillheading North . . .er south??? By the way . . . its getting SUPER cold, you startregretting not skinning that cat and wearing his fur. Oh well . . .

<< <Extendar>

Shouts to Rio-Blast:

"Hey cowboy how about some help over hear??!!"

Shrinks to normal size so as to clad his body in metal armor for


Addresses amazons in a very angry voice:

"Savages let us go, we are on a mission for Sorceress of the Greyskull!!

There is no time to waist!! If you won't let us go in peace, so shall we

fight and kill everyone of you!!!" >>

A woman in a blonde mohowk steps forth. She is not carrying any weapons. She points toyou, "Savages!? We are NOT savages! You men invaded our forest, and for that youcannot be allowed to ever leave. No man must know the secret of our village, lest more ofyour kind come here and enslave us like all SAVAGE men do!"


>OK now, lets head east until we reach the light side! GO TRI-KLOPS



The Bright Side is West, but assuming that is common knowledge, you head West andnotice it becoming slightly warmer as the sky becomes brighter and brighter under the glowof Eternia's red sun.

Finally, after days of travel, you reach the Bright Side where it is forever day. Inthe distance, high in the mountains, you can make out a castle. You begin to climb up themountain and finally, reach a plateau where you can just make out an immense gorgeseperating the mountain from the castle. The gorge is crossed by an ice bridge. You see azoar circling the castle screeching.


Ok, If its going to be that way. I look at the warrior woman who is jabbing

me and smile. I then point my blaster at her and say to her, "Hey sugga, if

you don't get us down, I'll be forced to blow your pretty little face off."

I continue to point my blaster in at her. And to extendar I say, "Do



Suddenly, a stunningly beautiful amazon appears. She reminds you of a beautifulEternian woman with green skin and a blonde mohawk. She speaks to you, "I am Amazonof the amazons, queen of this tribe. You have two options. You may stay with us as ourcaptives forever, or you may die."



Extends his both arms and takes two amazons in each hand. He than proceeds

to raise them high above the ground.

To other amazons:

"If you want to see those to alive, I would suggest you let us go!!!

Otherwise I will drop them to their doom!!!"

Smiling to Rio-Blast:

"Don't sweat it ol boy, I'll get us out of this mess. Why don't you show

them your gun slinger skills?"

<Extendar's Player>



Um, they are apparently much faster than you realize. You extend your arms to grab thembut they leap out of the way. In retaliation, one of them shoots an arrow at you, but itbounces off your hard armor doing no damage.

<to Extendar> "Ok Partner"

I fire my blaster towards the women, (showing we mean business). I then yell

"dance" and start shooting at the women's feet. "Let's see what kind of

steps these ladies know."


You (Rio Blast) blast one woman's head off and the rest disperse into the treesdisappearing completely. Your blasting has also inadvetantly shot the ropes to pieces,setting both you and Extendar free. All of them have now gone except the tribal leader,Amazon herself. The warrior woman goes into a visious frenzy attacking you! Since you wearno armor and have no weapons to block, you make an easy target, and by the time you get toyour boots you have no time to react. With blinding speed, she slugs you in the arm givingyou a nasty bruise, smacks you in the face giving you a right black eye, tries to kick youbut misses, kicks you with her other foot bruising your left leg, bashes your head in withher head, and finally elbows you in the face in the same spot she punched and head-buttedyou. You (Rio-Blast) are extremely weak now. You just gathered your senses up enough to dosomething. You can blast her with your guns or run away. Extendar can also do something.

You approach the zoar close enough so that it can spot you, what happens next you willhave to find out in the next EM!

As you soar above the castle in the snow, you see from a distance with your great eaglevision, Tri-Klops coming up the mountain! And he is staring at you with his one big eye!What do you do???



He helps Rio-Blast to get up from the ground. He also steps in between

Rio-Blast and Amazon, so as to block Rio-Blast from farther attacks.

He then extends both of his arms with a lightning speed and lands an

incredible punch with his iron fists on Amazon.


Your Round: Well, you are not QUITE as fast as Amazon with your heavy armor on, but youdo manage to shield Rio-Blast with your body and extend your arms to punch her. You swingyour first punch and she blocks, but you land your second fist on her right leg with suchforce it breaks!

Her Round: She is incredibly strong, standing on one leg, weakened but not out, sheattacks you with her two fists and her head. Her first fist gets you on the right leg,second hits you in the face, her head bangs against your face shield making your headrattle, then she tries to roundhouse kick you but with one leg she falls on her butt.

Your Round: You suffer minimal damage and attack again while she's on the ground. Sheblocks your first punch, she rolls out of the way missing the second punch.

You swing a third as she is getting up and she blocks that too, your fourth hits herbreaking her left leg and with both legs broken she falls to the ground helpless!

You, Extendar, stand triumphant having single handedly defeated the queen of theAmazons! She looks up at you with a stern look saying, "You have beaten me.

I stand at your mercy!"

Then before you can speak, a shower of arrows comes hailing down toward you from thebushes! What now???

PS: All combat has been simulated in a non-biased way using dice and my combat system.


I am playing as Tri-Klops, I am on the other side of a chasm near a

castle on the light side. A zoar is flying around and I have just

approached it. You told me to wait for the next EM to find out what



> >>

Oh yes, you didn't have to respond, I know where you are! Unfortunately (this may begiving it away but oh well) I am waiting for the zoar to respond!


I I castaspella am currently with the sorceress waiting for granymyr with frosta.




Ok, I never said you reached the mountain where the Sorceress is at yet, but I havebeen wondering where you are!

Ok, after several days of walking and with sore feet, you reach the icy mountains ofEternia's arctic zone having managed to avoid trouble with any wild monsters.

As you approach the mountain, you see a castle in the distance and a bird flying overhead (actually, it is a zoar). You are too far to communicate, Frosta is with you, andthough it's cold she doesn't seem to mind. Stratos can fly up real quick and check it out,but you and Frosta will have to climb (or he could carry you one at a time) .

You are spell jamming now, but keep in mind that Tri-Klops can see through yourillusions and your invisibility. He does not, however, have a gun, so he cannot shoot you.All he has is his sword and you are flying too high up for him to reach you. Please keepin mind that though you do have a variety of spells, you can only do so much spell castingin one day, so you might want to be more conservative as to your power output.

Also, you can see below that Castaspella, Frosta, and Stratos have arrived. They are atthe base of the mountain getting ready to climb up and meet you.

<< Please, DM tell me what I have observed in my days of surveillance of the

the castle and landscape. The things I have discovered, I relate to

Castaspella and others upon their arrival as well as the other things I

told them. >>

The only thing you know is that this castle is relatively new, though it seemsimpossible that anybody could have built it so fast without your knowing. It also seems tohave created a major changing in the landscape. The castle is emanating a strong evilforce and magical energy. It is surrounded by a gorge and can only be reached on foot bywalking across an ice bridge.


I Stratos am traveling to the castle along with castaspella and

frosta where the sorceress has gone to.



You fly up to the bird zoar as she transforms into the Sorceress. You discuss thecastle and the ice bridge. You also spot Tri-Klops coming up the mountain in the distance.


I put a magical shield around myself and my compatriots and warn them thatthe

Sorceress seems to bein trouble. Therefore I am proceeding wiht all due haste

and caution to help the sorceress in her desparate hour. . . . (fill in

the blank)



It's not quite desperate, you just see Tri-Klops coming up the mountain all by himselftoward you. He doesn't appear threatening . . . yet.

<< Please, DM tell me what I have observed in my days of surveillance of


the castle and landscape. The things I have discovered, I relate to

Castaspella and others upon their arrival as well as the other things I

told them. >>

The only thing you know is that this castle is relatively new, though it

seems impossible that anybody could have built it so fast without your

knowing. It also seems to have created a major changing in the landscape. The

castle is emanating a strong evil force and magical energy. It is surrounded

by a gorge and can only be reached on foot by walking across an ice bridge.

You see the zoar suddenly disappear! Then you use another eye and see that it hasbecome invisible. You grow suspicious until your thoughts are confirmed when the birdlands and becomes the Sorceress! She and two other women, the other two also look likemages, and Stratos meet up. They have spotted you scaling the mountain. What do you do?


I stratos will attempt to fly into the clouds in the sky to keep him

from seeing me. I will see if their is a secert way into the castle

and see what its defenses are.

Stratos. >>

You really can't hide from Tri-Klops. Tri-Klops can see everything. Unfortunately, andas long as you are in the air, he can't do anything to you.


Well, I know that the sorceress's powers are useless away from

Greyskull so I will just keep going until they stop me. When or if

they stop me I will engage in combat and hope for the best.


Actually, the Sorceress does have the power to blast you with her spells. Furthermore,Castaspella and Frosta are with her. They don't seem to be attacking you, just takingprecautions to see what you will do. When you reach them, will you talk to them, attackthem, what?

<< DAMNIT!!! why did this have to happen? I guess I will talk to them,

but I will be on guard.

ps: are sorceress, Castapella, and Frosta other players in the RPG or

just obstacles for me to overcome? >>

He-he-he <smiling to myself> good question! Let's put it this way, they don'tknow your actually a player either!

PS: Talk to them, ok. What exactly would you say?

PPS: Don't be too upset, the Sorceress has great powers but is a weak fighter. So arethe other women.


Have Castaspella, Frosta, and Stratos met up with me yet? Exactly how much

energy am I using in keeping Triclops away?


Not much, but if you tried to create an illusion over the whole mountain range thatwould drain you too much. Right now Castaspella and Frosta have met up with you, you havetalked with them, and Stratos has flown up to check out the mountain.

Then, Tri-Klops approaches within speaking distance and shouts: "You will help meacross the chasm or die!!!"


I believe we have caught up with you. I am trying to create a magic shield

around us to hide us from tri-clops. I will attempt to use an affect mind

spell to get him to leave the area.



Um, you cannot hide from Tri-Klops. His 3 eyes can see all. You can cast a spell overhis mind, however. You can charm him and try to get him to befriend you, or you can geasehim, which means commanding him to do something against his will, but that is verypowerful and it would require a great loss of your magic energy. Do you have any otherideas in mind?


Since he could see me, I will return to the ground if he hasn't seen

me yet so as not to let him know of my presence and give away the

presence of my friends. What did I see while I was in the sky?



You saw clouds. There is no entrance into the castle but by the front gate which canonly be accessed by the ice bridge. Tri-Klops has seen you and the others and is nowtalking to them, though you are too far up to hear what they are saying.

Suddenly! Tri-Klops, with blinding speed, attacks you (the Sorceress) hacking away withhis mighty sword! Apparently you trusted him too long and allowed him to get withinattacking distance. Since you wear no armor and have no weapon to block, you make an easytarget as he cuts you in the left arm with his first swing and makes a bloody gash acrossyour abdomen with the second swing. You are now bleeding from the gut badly and are verynear death! You can collapse upon your wound and save yourself, or use your last breath toblast him. Frosta and Castaspella, you two now have the time to act, but act fast!Stratos, though he sees you from behind, he does not have enough time to respond if youchoose to attack also.


What are my options now? I want to keep fighting!


You can keep fighting, but it is the end of your round. Don't worry about theSorceress, she is too weak to continue fighting. I would worry about the other 2 though,they are probably gonna blast you, and so is Stratos. But I dunno, you have to wait forthem to reply. Bummer huh? Imagine if we were playing this face-to-face, then we couldreally get things going!!

PS: I dunno if I have the software to meet you in an internet chat room, if I dont showup that means I cant.


Honestly, What do you think my odds are in this fight? If I die can I

start over as a new character? Scare Glow perhaps?

I think that Stratos is kind of a puss, but still it is 3 on one! thats

pretty tough.

lmk what you think.


Normally as a DM, I couldn't disclose that kinda information. But since this is a verydifferent game as I am used to, I will say that if your lucky you might beat them all.Stratos is a puss compared to you, and you could beat him for sure 1 on 1.

I would go for the women first, take out all things weak that cause great damage.Stratos you should save for last since he is the toughest physically.

PS: You can start again as another character, being a ghost, Scareglow is prettypowerful, I dunno how that would effect the game. Perhaps you could pick a more corperealbeing?


I am castaspella:

the Sorceress of Mysticor

I call upon the power of the Ancents to dispel the beast and heal the wounds of

the great Sorceress of Greyskull

I charge up and throw a beam of great magic power, as much as I can without

overtaxing myself, and throw the beam at tri-klops. I then go to the Sorceress

and try to ease her pain, praying that my comrades will help get rif of

triklops while I cast a healing spell on the Sorceress.

Castaspella >>

Sorry, you are not a cleric so you do not have the power to heal the Sorceress.However, you can blast Tri-Klops with a fireball! Your fireball hits Tri-Klops square inthe chest and explodes in his face, he is hurt but not down.


Thank you, Castaspella for healing me. I feel I must conserve my strength

if I am to survive so I crawl out of the way and use what power I can to

continue healing.

I am sure all see the true evil before us.

The pain I feel now is worse than could be suggested by these wounds. I

am ultimately disturbed by the fact that any intelligent being could be

willing to cause so much harm. That thought is more painful than any

physical pain. I only pray to the Ancients that I do not allow this to

destroy my trust in humanity as a whole.

I have a theory now. Everyone other than ourselves has acted in a violent

and destructive manner. Triclops attacked, the dragon attacked and was

slain, and the beastmen attacked. Never have I known living creatures to

be so evil. Thus, I believe that the demon gem is exerting its own evil

over all we come in contact with.

If he survives today, look upon Triclops for it is him and those affected

as him that we are trying to save from ultimate evil. I cannot believe

that any single person could harbor so much evil by himself. For the

remainder of this quest, I fear we must all do what that which is

fundamentally abhorrent to all our eyes. We must assume that all

adversaries are ultimately evil. Anyone could be evil enough to do enough

damage to cause us to fail in our quest thereby disallowing the possibility

of our removing the evil from this place.

It causes me great pain to say so, but I must advocate all force necessary

to win. While I rest, I will recall the deadly spells I have worked on in

the depths of Greyskull. Though I dreaded it I suppose I could have

realized that a day might come when the would become useful. These I

remember well. The Prison dimension gate.

Firewall: a longlasting long wall of flame

Flamewave: a shortlived firewall that sweeps over the enemy

Chain lightning: Large lightning bolts designed to effect all enemies

present simultaneously.

Fireball: a fireball intended to combat one enemy at a time

Bone spirit: a spell to remove 1/3 of the enemies remaing energy with each


Stone curse: changes the enemy to a stone statue

quake: causes the ground beneath the enemy to shake

quicksand: causes the ground beneath the enemy to soften

flash: causes enemies in a small radius around oneself to be harmed in a

flash of light

cyclone: creates a cyclone of convenient size for useful purposes.

constrict: causes enemy's throat to constrict causing eventual suffocation

If I sleep, I will dream of Teela.

If I must die, I will send a psychic message to her and to He-Man to reveal

that it is time to find the holographic recording I made for her.

Once I am healed enough, the first spell I prepare is flame wave. If I am

rejuvenated in time, I will use flame wave on Triclops. My next choice

would be bone spirit.

At this time I am afraid that this is probably our best attitude. If I am

simply dillusional, I admonish all to snap me to my senses for these

thoughts are the most painful I have ever drempt, thoughts of causing the

same type of harm we are striving to stop.


Sorry, you are unable to cast a spell at the moment due to your injuries which, I'mafraid, have not been healed by Castaspella. Regardless, the other mages in the group andStratos can fight him while you rest.


I stratos will fly full speed into him from the back and ram him with

all my might!!!

To Frosta and Casptaspella:Blast him from the front!!!!!!



It would be better, Stratos, if you blasted him with your palm beams. You would causegreater harm that way, and so I am assuming you do. You emit beams of energy from yourpalms, and strike the evil foe from behind.


okay. . . I am going to hit him again, with another Fireball!!



Wait, your turn is over, you must wait until he makes a move before you can.

The blasts from both Castaspella and Stratos have weakened Tri-Klops considerably. Hisleather armor is burnt, his skin is blackened, but he still stands! Frosta, apparently,has not responded, and so this means that her character remains dumbfounded as to what todo, shocked by the horror of this surprise attack.

It is the end of your round and the Sorceress is down tending to her wounds, and soTri-Klops attacks Castaspella.

He swings his sword once, missing her completely! He swings a second time, sinking hissword deeply into her left arm. Though he did not hit a vital spot, the wound is deepenough to have brought her near death.

You (Castaspella) may choose to attack, cast a protective spell, or flee. If you attackand Tri-Klops hits you again with the same force, you may not survive the blow.

Stratos, you are free to attack with your palm beams.

Frosta, snap out of it and do something!

PS: Since I do not have her stats, I have made Casta a 16th level mage with 28 hitpoints.

PPS: Tri-Klops, you went from 118 to 53 hit points. You may choose to attack again orflee.

Good move! For protection against swords and other physical weapons, your best bet isstoneskin, and so you cast it on yourself making your body impervious to 12 physicalattacks. Your round is over.

Note: You can still be harmed by spells (though Tri-Klops can't cast any) or by awrestling move. Do you still want to cowar behind a rock?

withke aim at him and Zap! With one hand I zap his feet to keep him from

moving.With the other hand I aim at his chest , Figureing that he will see my

move in

the future I next Zap the ground with a sheet of ice to the left and right of

him. I then take aim and am ready to trap him in a cage of ice if he is still

comming after us.

Frosta >>

Hold on there! Only one spell per round! You hit him square in the chest with a cone ofcold spell, watching him shiver as icicles form over his suit and body. The extremecontrast between heat and cold puts tears in his skin. He is in bad shape, but stillstanding. In retaliation, he attacks Frosta, swinging his sword. He hits her once choppingoff her right leg from the knee down, and bring down his sword again cutting her acrossthe left arm.

Frosta falls to the ground unconsious, with a -4 hp.

With all three mage women down, the weathered warrior turns toward Stratos! Stratosmust defend himself (so I am taking charge of his actions). Stratos hits him with bothpalm beams, striking him dead. The threat of Tri-Klops is over.

PS: Frosta, since I don't have stats for you either, I have made you a 16th level magelike Casta, with 37 hit points. And by the way, your leg can be mended if you can find acleric or a paladin. He-Man and She-Ra are paladins, if your party can find them, theycould restore your lost limb. But right now you are unconsious, you can't make anyactions, and must be carried around.

PPS: Tri-Klops, you are no longer in this game due to your heinous actions!


After Freezing the ground I turn to see what he has done to Castaspella. All

of a sudden a wave of fury comes over me and instaed of a cage I trap

Triklops in a soild block of ice.

"you mess with my friends, you face the fury of the ice and snow! ZAP! I am

Frosta and you have just met your worst enemy!"

ps. I did respond I guess you didn't get it in time.

PPS. I must have missed it, what did Stratos do?



Sorry Frosta, your gonna be really pissed after you get my next message!


[to DM]

Is it possible to have Teela open a gate to Greyskull or for me to create

one myself? Can Greyskull heal Frosta's leg?

[to Frosta, Cataspella, and Stratos]

Should we trust She-Ra if we were to find her? You remember that I am very

skeptical as to whether the She-Ra we have seen is really her or not.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

Good thinking, the Star Chamber of Greyskull can heal anything. It can even bringpeople back from the dead. However, you can only cast so many teleportation spells a day.If you do this, it will be your last, so from now on you must be even more careful!


PS: Don't ask me about She-Ra, I'm just the DM, I tell you what happens when you dosomething.


I was somehow removed from the he-man list. I got back on but I don't know

what has happened. What is the story for Extendar and Rio-blast. Last I

heard was that extendar had beaten the amazon but we were under attack by a

hail of arrows. Please fill me in, that is if I am still alive



You missed a lot. Tri-Klops attacked and almost killed Frosta, Sorceress, andCastaspella. He was killed with the help of Stratos. The girls seem to need your help.They are at the entrance of the castle in the snow topped mountains. I haven't heard fromeither you or Extendar so I have mometarily paused the game for you, though you are stillbeing hailed by arrows. Please tell me what actions you take, if any.


This is how I see it now. Three of the 4 of us are down and severely

weakened, probably to the point of being unable to resist another attack.

He-man is probably still going to Snake Mountain and could not make it here

quickly, so we would be sitting ducks. She-Ra is potentially nearby, but

we do not know if it is really her.

I will attempt to contact He-Man and She-Ra. If He-Man says he can come

make it here quickly, that will do, and we can wait for help rather than

take a trip to Greyskull. If I reach She-Ra, it would have to be through

her sword for me to be satisfied, but she might be close already. If

another major enemy comes within sight before He-Man or She-Ra arrives, I

will open a gate back to Greyskull immediately. I can open one now, if

some of you wish, but I will attempt to contact She-Ra and He-Man

presently. In the meantime, I suggest Frosta and Castaspella that you

imprint the image and location of the area upon your memories that way the

inability for one of you to affect trasport to or from here might be

erradicated. Also make sure to learn Greyskull well if indeed we return.

Now we know that we really have to fight our enemies, we will not be so

unprepared for the next confrontation.

[contacts He-Man to find out if he can make it here in a reasonable time.]

[tries to contact She-Ra, and hopes for healing by her.]

Regardless of their time tables, I will open a gate at the first sign of

real danger.

Like I said though, I will open one now if you wish.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

This is a good idea. It is always good to have a strong fighter in the group. Right nowyou only have 3 mages and 1 fighter. I would suggest you try to get Extendar andRio-Blast's help. As for He-Man, the person playing him has disappeared. I don't know ifhe will be coming back or not, but having him in the game would help lots!


[<Sorceress's Player> says]

Not only have our characters learned much, we have learned more about

DM's MOTU world. Being our first time, I am not too surprised that we

didn't do as well as could be hoped. For instance, I expected the enemy to

be less malevolant, and our powers to be greater. I was dumbfounded when

Stratos' blasters were able to take out 58 of Tri-Clops points as a result

of 9d6 odds. Many other things seem strange, but I think the knowledge

gained from the first battle prepares us for those that await us.

[Sorceress says]

Though we now know more or less what we are doing in an actual battle, we

do need more fighters. I will contact Extendar and Rio-Blast to ask them

to come with us to the dark castle. If they are unable at the present time

to do so at the present time, but would like to, we should be able to aid

them in their current trial and then proceed as a full group to the dark


I have sensed that they are being bombarded by arrows. I think they would

enjoy a force barrier to aid them.


I contact them telepathically to encourage them to join us and ask if they

are in need of our assistance before going to the dark castle.


I wish to propose a theory of healing. After being injured, and once it is

determined that the injured will survive, a spell of haste on the injured

should cause faster healing. In the case of a lost limb, a combination

might be practical. The injured might be able to polymorph into an

earthworm (because an earthworm can regenerate lost body), and then receive

haste. These might work.

I was happy when I saw that the contrast between hot and cold on Tri-clops

had the same effect as freezing and thawing of water in rocks for instance.

Like I said above, I am checking my books for potential staves; an 18d6

stave would do much to make up for our current lack of many warriors.

About protection, Our force barriers seemed to hold we, but they probably

restricted motion somewhat. I realize that I could never carry the

constant weight of regular armour, so I will use the same type of magical

shield I used against Morgoph's energy beams.

[When all of this is done]

I wait for response from Extendar and Rio-Blast while continuing to study

my books.


Actually, Stratos does 9d6 with each beam, but he is faster than the mages, so heattacks with both hands doing 18d6 altogether, this amounts to an average of 54 points ofdamage, but Tri-Klops made saving throws, so that he only really lost 27 from Stratos, therest of the damage came from the mages. The Sorceress casts fireball damage because thetoy has a staff, 18d6, Casta did 16d6, and Frosta did 16d4 +10, but all these are dividedin half if a saving throw is made. The mages also had an advantage in that spells don'tmiss. I know its complicated, so don't worry about it, I can handle the combat numbers.Mages can be tough but not in confrontational battles such as with Tri-Klops, a goodfighter like He-Man would have easily been able to beat Tri-Klops by himself. And by theway, Extendar is also a paladin, so he would be able to heal the women.


I see the arrows flying through the air, I look at extendar and give him a

worried look. I hope he has the same Idea I do and use his shield to shield

the both of us from the arrows cause I can't really move right now.

Rio-Blast >>

What you don't know is that Extendar's shield opens up into a force field (see mycompendium). Assuming you didn't know this but should have, Extendar will lay his shieldon the ground and open his force field up. All the arrows bounce harmlessly away from theinvisible barrier, but now you are trapped inside, and you cannot attack from inside. Thebarrier can only take so much damage too, so decide where you are gonna go. The barrierwill give you enough time to plan out a strategy.

You enter into the great halls of Hordak, through iron gates 40' high, and look uponthe pedastal where the Emperor sits. You kneel before him. "You summoned me?"you ask in your high pitched, sqeeky language.

"Yes," he replies, sending echoes throughout the great hall. "Thereseems to be some activity on the planet Eternia, and I sense a great presense of evil, anew evil. Its magic is strong. Find it, Mantenna, go to the arctic mountains of Eternia'sBright Side and find what this is."

Then, with a wave of his hand, the throne room disappears and you find yourselfstanding in snow. The cold does not bother you in the least, considering your planet,Embliominimimi, is an arctic waste much colder than this. So you harness your crossbow andbegin a trek into the mountains.


>Now, I would like to go, to the castle where I died as Tri-Klops and

try to get in somehow.

over & out

<Mantenna's Player> >>

After much trekking you finally reach the ice bridge not too far from where Hordak sentyou. The castle looms before you, where it looks like a battle has taken place.

There is blood on the snow, and some black ash as if something had been burned orsomething exploded. The ice bridge spans a chasm surrounding the dark castle, leading tothe front door.


>dark castle, leading to the front door.



>Cross the Bridge >>

Aha! Finally we are getting somewhere.

As you begin to cross the bridge, halfway across, you feel a wave of power flowingthrough you. In a cloud of purple smoke, the Lord of Destruction materializes before youreyes, bolts of energy bouncing from his havoc staff. He turns his empty sockets toward youand cries, "No one shall enter THIS castle! The power of the Demon Gem shall bemine!" Then he strikes his staff against the ground, and the ice bridge explodes intotiny pieces. You see a twinkle in his socket before he vanishes, before you fall down thechasm.

As you plunge to your doom, you notice the darkness growing significantly brighter.Down below is a river of magma! You pray for death to come quickly, but before you crashinto that fiery doom, large chunks of ice hit the magma and you are engulfed in steam.

You awake much later, your tough blubbery skin having softened your landing. You arestanding on newly formed earth at the bottom of the chasm. There seems to be a cave off inthe distance.

You have returned to Greyskull, and placing Frosta's body into the Star Chamber,restored her of lost health. The Star Chamber has also replaced her lost limb. Now she iswhole.

Through your studies, you come across some healing potions and drink them to restoreyourself and Castaspella back to full health.

You have also managed to make contact with Extendar. He and Rio Blast are in the forestfighting off some savage warrior women that are hailing them with arrows. Extendar and RioBlast know of your quest and wish to join you.

Now hurry! There are forces working against you as we speak!


Well what else am I going to do? Lets check out the cave


I don't like to assume.

Ok, you enter the cave and it is very dark. But your big eyes adjust quickly to thelight since it is very dark on your planet. In the distance you hear a faint chanting. Youfollow the chanting until you can see and feel the warm glow of torches. You follow thechant down many passages and corridors until at last coming to an open space where torcheshang from the walls. You see a large group of small green creatures, about 3' tall,dressed in cheap armor and carrying small wooden weapons. They seem to be holding somekind of ritual around a stone altar. Strapped to that altar in chains, your huge eyesbulge as you gaze upon the beautiful She-Ra, laying there naked! Off to the side is awooden cage where Swift Wind is held captive.



She-Ra naked? I would like to see this.

Anyway, how many little creatures are there, what are their stats and

is She-Ra secure/unable to escape?


<Mantenna's Player> >>

The creatures don't look tough, and it is against the rules for me to tell you theirstats. They do look like goblins though.

She-Ra looks secure, but your not sure. She is being held down by some pretty heavylooking chains.

I dont know if you looked into your stat sheet, but you also have a level drainingability with your eyes.


>Alright, I will use my level draining ability on the goblins and then

attack She-Ra with my crossbow. >>

You look one in the eyes and he dies, the others turn toward you and attack by throwingtheir spears. Unfortunately for them, your magic armor prevents any non-magical weaponsfrom penetrating, so they bounce harmlessly away. You blast

She-Ra in the side with your gun, blackening her waste, and she screams in pain. Thebeam splits the goblins in two, and once they see your power, the rest run off.

Now only you and She-Ra remain. What do you do?


>Now only you and She-Ra remain. What do you do?

Search her items for anything useful and question her >>

You search the room and find abandoned, useless weapons, a map of the caverns, and theSword of Protection! You squeek something to She-Ra, but she doesn't understand you. Shecries, "Please, set me free. You need me. You have no idea . . . what's outthere."

Then you hear a heavy HEAVY breathing, like a thousand phlemy giants breathing downyour neck. The sound is getting closer. What do you do?



I do not think it would be wise to resurrect Tri-Clops at this time, though

I intend to at the completion of the quest. He shall remain in his chamber

to be protected from air and other agents of decomposition.

[psychics] to Extendar and Rio-Blast

We will take the quickest and most direct route from Greyskull to you, and

help you if you need it. Otherwise, take the straight route towards

Greyskull, and we will meet you. From there, we will go to the dark castle

to beat the gem. Since Extendar is a cleric I assume that you should have

no need of healing potions which might easily be destroyed in transit

anyways. If you start to come to us, I may be in my falcon form.

[Says to group]

We must leave quickly and travel as quickly as possible. Stratos and I can

fly. I think he carried Casta and Frosta before. If you would prefer, I

can [try to] polymorph other both of you into a bird form (I do not know

your proficiencies in polymorph). Let us make the best time we can.

Remember, heroes, we have a better idea of what we are doing. We know that

hesitation may mean the end of Eternia, so let us be vigilant. My primary

spell shall be the fireball (because my staff gives me 18d6) unless of

course another spell is obviosly more appropriate.

I have found nothing in my studies that seems to discredit my idea about

polymorphing and hastening having the ability to regenerate lost body

parts, but I think it would still take longer than a direct healing.


I take my leave of Teela. I polymorph other if it is practical.


Let us rid Eternia of the supreme evil that it now faces. For the Honor of

Greyskull, let it be done.


Transforms to the falcon Zoar and flies (with the group) to Rio-Blast and



One note, Extendar is not a cleric, he is a paladin. He has certain healing powers likeShe-Ra, but not to the full extent of a cleric.

Otherwise, you are all ready to head out to meet Extendar and Rio-Blast. They can meetyou faster if they decide to leave the sanctity of their force field, but that is up tothem, so I will wait for their reply to determine whether you meet them on plain or in theforest.


I don't believe her. Kill her, examine the map until it is memorized

and take the sword of protection. >>

You point your crossbow to her head, she pulls the manicles in futility, and then,along with the heavy breathing, snorting sound, you feel the earth begin to shake in arythmic stomping pattern BOOM BOOM BOOM! There in the darkness peer two glowing red eyesof some . . . thing. Whatever it is, you can tell its not humanoid.

"You believe me now!?" screams She-Ra. "That is what the goblins weredoing, summoning their pet-monster god, I was their sacrifice, its called the NightmareBeast . . . and believe me you do not want to fight it alone! Set me free!"

<< an we send triklopsback to skeletor in a little bag??

"Contents: One Dumbass"



I alagree we sho go find the others and become ONE WHOLE GROUP again!!!!



Um, I suppose. But how are you gonna mail it to him?


Very well, unlock her and give her the sword of protection and help her

fight this monster, but I will stay back a distance and shoot at it,

and let her fight hand to hand with it. >>

You shoot her chains and set her free. She-Ra grabs her sword and faces the creature.It steps into the light and you are HORRORFIED to see this huge thing.

It stands 20' tall, 30' wide, on four legs. It has a tough, reptilian hide, very longteeth, and tusks protruding from its jaw.

She-Ra, still naked, holds her sword aloft. You blast it with your crossbow, hitting itonce, you shoot again but the beam bounces harmlessly off its torso. You also raise your

eye-stalks to drain its life force. This, in turn, stuns it long enough for She-Ra tomove in close enough with her sword and hack at it. She-Ra swings her sword with all hermight once, the sword, sensing the monster is chaotic evil, burns with magical fire as itslices into its underbelly, blood gushing forth, the second swing also cuts deep, but themonster still stands.

Angered, the monster leaps between you and her, and begins its vicious attack. Itswings its left claw, cutting her left shin, the second claw leaves three bloody gashesacross her right leg, then it bashes her with one of its tusks. In that round She-Ra wentfrom 152 hit points to 77. And at almost the same time, the nightmare beast attacks you.It strikes you on the opposite side with its other tusk, and then bites you in the rightarm with its massive teeth. Luckily for you, it only grazed your arm, so it is stillattached, but you lose a lot of blood. You go from 119 to 58 hit points.

You muster up enough strength to shoot twice again. This time, both fiery beams hit,exploding in its face and blackening its face, it rocks back unexpetantly. She-Ra swingsher sword again, stabbing deep into its chest, pulls back and hurls her blade a secondtime.

The monster can take no more, it makes a horrific grumbling sound, then keels overdead, shaking the ground under its massive weight.

She-Ra wipes her sword of blood. "That," she remarks, "was what thegoblins call the Jabberwocky. It is one of the more 'unfriendly' natives of the DeadZones. It somehow made its way down into these caves. For years the Jabberwocky's mainfood source were these cave dwelling goblins. It ate them by the dozen once a month, thenslept for the rest of the time. The goblins thought if it ate me, it would go back tosleep for another month. Glad you arrived . . . even though you wanted to kill me. I thinkwe should put our differences aside for now . . . we have to find the Demon Gem."


I think I can magically send there. Can't I??

Casta >>

I think it would be better if you concentrated your magic elsewhere, like completingthe quest!


I will apologize to her and ask her to heal me(she is a cleric or a

paladin or something right?) Also I will ask her to join me as she has

proved to be a great ally.

<Mantenna's Player>


Yes, She-Ra is a paladin and she can heal you. You attempt to apologize but only end upmaking loud squeeking noises. She can sense your good intent, however, and shakes yourhand. "You look hurt," she says, "but so am I. I can heal you, but only somany times a day. We had better wait until we really need it. Right now we must find theothers. And . . .," she says blushing, "I better put some clothes on."

She-Ra walks over to a wooden chest, busts the lock open with her fist, and takes outboots, a loin cloth, and a metal brasier. "That should do," she says, holsteringher sword. Then she breaks the wooden bars of the cage imprisoning her pegacorn, SwiftWind.

After all that, she looks into the pearl handle of her sword and attempt to summon theSorceress. "We will need help. I will attempt to contact the others. Don't worry, Iwill try to explain you to them."

Suddenly, YOU Sorceress get a telepathic message. It is She-Ra calling you from hersword!

"Sorceress, come quickly. We need you. I was a prisoner of the goblins under themountain where the Demon Gem resides. They were going to use me and Swift Wind for somekind of sacrifice but I was rescued by . . . . Mantenna! He saved me, and we fought thishuge monster called the Jabberwocky. Well it is dead now. Please hurry, we need to findthe Demon Gem. I will explain the rest later."


Since I received She-Ra's message through the sword, I have much less

reason to believe her to be false. The sword could only be used by the one

for whom it was destined, so I would like to meet with her.

I tell my group of She-Ra's message and emphasize the fact that I received

it via her sword.

Since we have already decided to meet with Extendar and Rio-Blast, and I

have already promised so, I think it would be prudent to meet with them

first. When reaching them and their attackers, if the attackers are still

hostile I will cast Symbol Discord over the Amazons to cause them to fall

to loud bickering with each other causing loss of interest in us and

allowing the six of us to go to She-Ra's location.

This method will allow us to take every precaution when approaching She-Ra.

If it is her, which now seems more likely since the message was received

via the sword. On the off chance, that it is not her, having more fighters

along with us will allow us to defeat her. Either way, the completion of

the group will give all of us a greater chance of success.

We must be wary of Mantenna because of his affiliation with the Horde, the

gem might have given him extra evil in the same way Tri-clops was made more


I think we should continue towards Rio-Blast and Extendar, help dispel the

Amazons, proceed to She-Ra, and prepare for final battles.


You (Sorceress), Frosta, Castaspella, and Stratos leave the confines of Greyskull andbegin your way east toward the amazon's forest. The Sorceress in bird form follows Stratosin flight and reach the forest first, then you wait for the others to arrive.

You enter the forest and find it a thick maze of branches. Stratos flies higher untilhe finds the clearing where Extendar and Rio-Blast have taken cover inside their forcefield, where arrows are shooting out of the trees and bouncing away from their invisiblebarrier. He flies back to you and clears a path to them using his palm beams. At last youreach the clearing. When you do, you see scantily clad green-skinned women appear withtribal weapons. They do not look like they are going to attack. They speak to theSorceress directly. "You who lead these men, why did you send these others to invadeour village and attack our tribal queen?"


I dont want to travel with the group. It is too slow because I have to

wait for other people to do stuff for me. Ask She-Ra if she wants to

journey alone with me, but whether she comes with me or not, I am going


<Mantenna's Player>(Mantenna)

ps this may hurt my chances of winning but at least the game will be

more fun.

see ya >>

You squeek your concerns to She-Ra and she tries to understand. When she sees youleaving, however, she understands. "You can't get far in these caves, at least waitfor the others to arrive. I am going to take Swift Wind up through the chasm to levelground and try to enter the castle through the front gate. If you wish to come with me,hop on. But I will wait for the others at least."


I leave you with these suggestions, though many will not, many with whom

you come in contact in the near future will be enhanced by evil. They will

take no remorse in attempting to destroy all of you are all of us for that

matter. I suggest that you use stealth to avoid contact with those you do

not know including animals. If you wish to help the cause, know that the

enemy, as usual is Skeletor among others, but know it would probably be too

dangerous for you to attack him. Avoid contact with people if you can.

By your leave, we shall go to secure freedom and goodness for Eternia.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

The amazon listens to you intently, and replies: "This is our forest. We do notallow anyone to enter here. No one must know of our existence. You are woman, unlike man,we think you can be trusted. But you must leave here now, take your friends, and promisenever to tell anyone about us, NEVER, or we will come in the night and steal yourchildren."


Very well, I will accept the ride up to the castle and ask her to heal

me one last time before I strike out on my own.

My reasoning for leaving is because it is soooo slow to wait for other

people to respond. I would travel faster by myself or with a

non-character player such as She-Ra whose actions are decided by you.

see ya

<Mantenna's Player>

> >>

You jump on the pegacorn's back and ride your way up the chasm. The mighty steed landsin the snow and you and She-Ra dismount. You look out across the chasm and see the doorsto the dark castle. "I can sense a great evil coming from that castle," shesays. "It is more than you can handle, believe me. Remember the Jabberwocky? Withoutmy help, you would have never defeated it. Or . . ., without your help, I might not have.Go if you wish, but I will not heal you."


I telepathicaly tell the sorceress that our best bet would be to get out of her

and leave the amazons in peace.

Castaspella >>

Since you are standing right next to her, you don't really need to use any telepathy.


I will honor your wishes. I wish there were a way I could help prevent

future travlers from disturbing you, but anything I would do would alert

still more people to your presence. I thank you for your mercy.

Extendar, if the Amazons wish, please heal those who were harmed in the


[to all]

I hope the rest of you will also agree to honor their wishes, never

returning, never revealing their location. Failure to do so could even

result in future generations comparing our group to the treacherous Horde.

Let us go now to She-Ra. It will be good to hear of her capture and

escape. We will then return to our fight for Eternia.


You make your vows and leave the amazons with Extendar and Rio-Blast. You can tell fromtheir sudden disappearance that they have no interest in your healing help. Rio-Blast hasbeen hurt the most.

Your newly formed party of the Sorceress, Castaspella, Frosta, Stratos, Extendar and

Rio-Blast make camp outside the forest and prepare for your new of travel. The nextday, having imprinted an image of the location of your fight with Tri-Klops in your mind,you

(the Sorceress) create a magic portal. The 6 of you walk through it ending up besidethe dark castle. Standing there in the snow, you see She-Ra, and standing behind herMantenna. She-Ra also looks to have been in some squirmishes. A deep claw wound runsacross her thigh and a laser burn blackens her side.

"Finally!" she exclaims. "We have been waiting for you. Mantenna hasbeen impatient.

Let me tell you my story:

I was in Etheria with Swift Wind in a little isolated spot of the Whispering Woods. Iwas resting by a serene lake when I noticed it start to bubble. It suddenly grew dark, Isaw black clouds, and the water was boiling and red like the color of blood. I was quitealarmed by this, so I drew my sword and approached the lake. Looking into it, I saw a hugebrute of a figure, with horns and bat-like wings . . . it must have been a demon orsomething. And I saw that he was killing you, all of you who stand before me now, which iswhy I have just become more alarmed, that this prophesy may yet come true. Then I heardthis demonic voice whisper my name. Disturbed by these images, I plunged head first intothe lake. When I didn't come up, Swift Wind followed me. At the bottom of the lake was amagic portal leading to Eternia.

Here on this snow topped mountain I met the black dragon, Aktaeon. I asked him why hehad summoned me. He said he hadn't, but that he had been brought by his master, Slayer IV,to serve as the emissary of destruction to all the Prime Material Plane. He said to enterthis world, his master had to take mortal form, the body of the one who would summon him,and that he possessing the Demon Gem would be possessed by the spirit of Slayer.

I told him that I would not allow Eternia to be taken over by this demon, and so heattacked me. I fought the dragon and killed him. Then the Demon Gem came. It opened aportal bringing this dark castle from the planes of Baator to our world. But Slayer stillneeds a body. I believe that Skeletor, in his attempt to attain the power of the DemonGem, may inadvertantly become the conduit for the archdemon to invade us. And I believethat Zodak the Watcher, sensing the danger at hand, brought me here so that I may helpstop this menace, as he has you. Unfortunately the avalanche knocked me from my steed andI fell a great distance before awaking in the hands of the cave goblins of the mountain.The cave goblins may be the first minions of Slayer's army, I don't know, but they triedto sacrifice me to this monster, when Mantenna came and rescued me! He was going to killme, but when the monster came, he realized we needed to join together to fight this commonfoe. And that, my friends, is my long story."


Can I rest for a bit and heal myself naturally?

After I have rested I will enter the castle.


You can rest but it will take a day. In that time, She-Ra can heal you, and thenrecharge to heal herself. But don't worry about that, read the Story of She-Ra.


I am using a spell to read she-ra's emotions and sense if she is possessed by

another or if this is for real.

Castaspella >>

All you can do is cast a detect lie and a true seeing spell on her. As far as you areaware, She-Ra seems to believe that she is telling the truth, which is not to mean thatshe isn't telling the truth, it just means that if someone were lying and thought theywere telling the truth, your detect lie spell would indicate that she is in fact tellingthe truth even if she was lying. You also cast a true seeing spell on her. If there wassome other being disguising themselves with some magical illusion to look like her, youwould see it, but it seems to be her. Even still, your suspicions remain. There issomething somewhat strange about her. You feel as if there is some greater purpose, somegreater connection between her and this quest, but you don't know what.


Let us see, through trial and error, we have come to realize that having

this diverse group of heroic warriors working as a single unit is the only

way to win, and we have assembled that group.

She-Ra's story seems reasonable, and I once even reasoned that an evil

person (Tri-Clops) might want to help us for certain purposes, so I give

Mantenna some credibility especially considering that he never seemed as

evil as many others of Hordak's troops. If She-Ra is proved to be herself,

then I would trust Mantenna.

(remember in Secret of the Sword when She-Ra's sword glowed when He-Man

came near her with it?)

I ask the others in the group to back to be prepared to back me up quickly.

I tell She-Ra of the strange events that initially caused us to gave great

doubt as to her identity, though those doubts have faded greatly, though

not entirely. I think it would be virtually impossible for someone as

strong willed as She-Ra to be under mind control. [I think to myself,

Adora yes, She-Ra no] so...

I cast stoneskin upon myself because a blow from her would hurt more than a

blow from Tri-clops.

I ask her to hand me her sword. If she does, I should be able to use its

power to determine once and for all whether or not it is really her. This

because her sword is powered by Greyskull, and I, for obvious reasons, have

studied Greyskull and its power intensively.

If it is her, and since I don't believe one of She-Ra's will could be

controlled so convincingly, I think not trusting her would be almost as

futile as not trusting one in our group of six. So here goes...

She-Ra, please hand me your sword. >>

"Well," she says, "I understand your concerns, just know that only youand my brother I trust with this sword. You should also know that this is an enchantedsword, and cannot be used by any evil being. The sword tells me I can trust you too, as Ilearned I could trust Mantenna. I will give it to you, if I must."

You (Sorceress) take the sword in hand and examine it. Indeed, it IS the Sword ofProtection. The sword itself is happy in the hands of a good-aligned creature, and feelsthreatened when in the presense of evil. You sense no such presense from

She-Ra . . . but the evil flowing from the castle is overwhelming. And strangelyenough, you sense something very odd about She-Ra. It is almost as if she is being drawn,like a magnet, to the castle. You know that you are all here to combat the evil therein,but what does She-Ra, especially, have to do with this evil you wonder?

Act quickly I say, and find out!


Stratos to all: What makes you so sure we can trust Mantanna now that

we are all here and that hordak dosen't want the demon gem for


Stratos to Mantanna: Where is your master?

Stratos >>

Unfortunately for you all, Mantenna can only make high pitch noises as his language isimpossible for anybody to understand. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Oh well, your just gonna have to trust him. But I am not controling him, so I have noidea what he might do.


Ok! I start now. Where am I, what am I carrying, and who's with me? Go

at it DM!



To Man-at-Arms: Having learned of the disturbance in the arctic regions of Eternia fromyour daughter Teela who guards Castle Greyskull now that the Sorceress is away, you hop inyour Wind Raider and take a quick flight north. You land in the snow beside a dark castle,where many heroes have assembled. You see the Sorceress, Frosta, Castaspella, Stratos,Extendar, Rio-Blast, She-Ra and Mantenna!

To Group: Suddenly, you are all greeted by Man-at-Arms! "Sorry," he says,"I was held up by some trouble back in Eternia City. I would like to help. I broughtmy newest invention. It is a 30d6 laser cannon, might come in handy, eh?"

Ok Quador, you can take it from here.

PS: Dear players, Quador has just entered the game as Man-at-Arms. Please put him onyour mailing lists and explain to him what's going on if he doesn't already know.


I am going to follow the sorceress in. I cast a shielding spell on myself to

present a defensive postureI am also ready for whatever lies ahead of us in the


I am going to contiune to use a fireball spell as my offense of choice. . .

what else do I have??



Your best bet is stoneskin for physical attacks or globe of invulnerablity forelemental attacks, but you cannot be enchanted by more than one spell at a time. TheSorceress has already turned you all invisible, if you wish to be break that spell bybecoming visible but stoneskinned, let me know. But I am assuming that the Sorceress'enchantments have top priority now.


I return the sword to She-Ra, and I thank her. I do not believe that

either her or Mantenna will be trying to harm us, but I will be watching

Mantenna more closely than anyone else. The pulling of She-Ra to the

castle is indeed significant. My current theory is that her destiny lies

therin. I would not be surprised if she were required to perform the

ultimate act of victory.

In my days of scouting, I found no real tactile information about the

castle, so unless our new members know anything I suppose it is time for

impromptu action, but I expect She-Ra may act as a sort of compass guiding

us along the proper corridors.

A full frontal assault would be foolish, but also probably would separation

of the group be. I can cast invisibility on us for a time. It is time to

find a way inside. Personally, I will be ready to polymorph at an instants

notice in case of trap doors. My primary spell will continue to be

lightning, but I think I still have some interesting tricks. There is no

turning back, so I guess the only way to go now is forward.

Before we head in, I cast invisibility.


You cast mass invisibility over the whole group, including Man-at-Arms who justarrived, and then realize that the ice bridge has been destroyed! No matter, Stratos fliesacross the chasm carrying Castaspella and Frosta, She-Ra and Mantenna ride on Swift Windto get across, and you (Sorceress) transform into a bird and fly across. Extendar andRio-Blast join Man-at-Arms in the Wind Raider and they fly across. The ledge on theopposite side of the chasm is narrow, however, and you are all very crowded. You are alleager to get inside the castle, though you dread what terrors, if any, may lie inside.

She-Ra uses her great strength to force the double doors ajar. A gust of icy windbellows from out its depths, forcing her to step back. "It's dark," shewhispers. You follow her inside.

Inside the Castle: The first room you enter is large enough to fit all of you with muchroom to spare. It is a circular shaped room, with dark blue bricks lined with four littorches in rusty cages. The thick layer of dust that coats the floor and walls clearlyindicates that no one has been here in a long long time. Mantenna tries to tell yousomething to this point, but none of you understand. An old rickety staircase spiralsupward to a wooden door on the second floor to the left. Two stone doors face you. Thesedoors appear to have been carved out of one piece of solid onyx into the shape of askeleton's face, much like the face of Skeletor. But unlike Greyskull's face, the door issmooth, with no rough edges. You also see writing above the doors. Only the Sorceress,with her vast knowledge of languages, can read the writing. The one on the left says,"I Have No Eyes, But I Can See You." The second one says, "I Have No Nose,But I Can Smell You." The doors do not appear to have any door handles, or anyapparent way of entrance. Only the straight horizontal line where the mouth is, suggeststo you that these are doors and can open. What do you do?


I make a search of ther rom, looking for a catch or a spring in order to open

the door. I also look for any other inscriptions. . . and look for gas jets,

traps anything of the sort.



Can you be more specific? Where EXACTLY do you search?


I try to cast a translation spell over Mantenna to interpret his words, if

he allows me. If it works I listen to what he has to say.

Well done! You cast a translation spell over him, and he says, "Skeletor is here!I saw

him enter not long ago, before I met She-Ra."

I say to the others

If we take the message literally, then someone is trying to sense us by

sight and smell. If this is true, then invisibility helps only so much.

Maybe the doors don't need handles because we push them, not pull. It

would be good for a fighter to try first. I join Casta in looking for

traps or catches.


She-Ra, the mightiest amongst you, pushes and pulls against the door, but to no avail.

"I could punch through it, but my sword detects magic, so it must be magicallysealed.

Not even I can pry it open."

So you examine the skeleton-face shaped door once more. What do you do? Can you be morespecific?


I am looking onthe walls and floor, feeling around for a hiddsn switch, trap

door or means of opening the door. I am looking very carefully at the wall and

mouldings around the doo itself, hoping for a clue as to what'sinside.

Castaspella >>

There are only three mouldings around the doors, the indentations made by the eyesockets and nose socket of the skeleton-face. Are you searching the left or the rightdoor? Can you be EVEN more specific???


I am searching the skeleton faces for clues.



The WHOLE door is a face Casta, where do you put your hands?


Umm, I feel the eye soclkets first and work my way down from there, paying

special attention to the JAW area. . I pull on the jaw.

Casta >>

You place each hand inside each of the eye sockets of the left door and push hard. Thejaw opens and the door slides back into the wall leading into the next room! Well done,Castaspella.


I will go upstairs The others can follow if they want.

<Mantenna's Player>


You walk up the rickety stairs, hoping the old wooden steps support your weight, untilmaking it to the door. You reach the wooden door and open it.

To Castaspella, Stratos and the rest: You walk through the opening of the leftskull-face door and enter another room. It is a small, 20' x 20', rectangular room. To theleft, right, and in front of you are iron porticilus's (gates), 3 gates in all. The barslook old and rusty. This room appears significantly brighter than the last. The lightseems to be coming from a large, perfectly circular pool with 15' diameter. The rim of thepool is made of fine white marble. In the center of the pool is a white, Grecian, marblepillar topped with a small gold statue, 2' long, of what looks to be a woman lying on herback. Her body is curved upward with her stomach highest. Upon closer inspection, you seebat-like wings protruding from her back and horns from her head. She is spitting waterinto the pool. The water is calm and clear and leads down to an unknown depth . . .strangely enough, you cannot see your reflection in the water. Otherwise, it looks normal.

To Mantenna and the rest: You all hear a CLANG! and turn to see the wooden stair casein the other room collapse into a heaping pile of rubble. The wooden door remains open,nothing but a solid brick wall behind it. A large, 4' iron ball sits in the midst of therubble.

It seems that Mantenna trapped himself within this iron ball, from where it came youknow not, but its weight seems to have caused the railing to collapse.

PS: It might help if someone keep mental track, or a physical map, of where you are soyou don't get lost.


Let me get this straight, We all climbed the rickety stairs to get to the

room with the pool. Once there, the stairs collapsed and Mantenna is

trapped in a 4' ball? >>

No no, Mantenna climbed up the stairs and HE is trapped in a 4' ball. You did not climbup the stairs because you never told me you did, only Mantenna said he did, and onlyCastaspella and Stratos actually stated that they entered the other room.

If you remember the stairs led to the wooden door. I specifically stated that uponpassing the skull-face door you get to the pool room. Did I not make myself clear???


So where exacltly am I now??



You? Your in the room with the pool. Does it matter? Now what do you want to do?


I enter the room containing the pool. I will wait until I am updated as to

anything I missed before I state further actions.


Ok, Castaspella, Sorceress, and Stratos are standing in the pool room. Mantenna isslowly suffocating within an iron ball. I need action!

<< If the sphere is 4' diameter, its volume is 33.5' cube. Even 4' radius

would be only 268.1' cube. I utilize a disentegrate spell on the metal

ball. I make sure that I use only enough power to disentegrate the ball

and do not harm Mantenna.

I state I wonder if he was just unfortunate to receive his fate or if it

was speciffically designed for him. It may come to pass that Mantenna will

be of more value than I ever imagined. He is the one who alerted us to

Skeletor's presence.

Let us hope the disintegrate works as quickly as I believe it will. I have

often thought that suffocation could be one of the worst ways to die.

Maybe the evil does not want us upstairs, perhaps it likes us to stay

downstairs. Since venturing up the stairs trapped Mantenna, I will ask him

what he knows of his situation. He probably saw something.


First of all, the disintegration spell acts within a total volume of space, you cannotisolate it around Mantenna without disintegrating him too. If you want to, of course, bemy guest. There is also a chance that Mantenna may resist the spell whereas the ball maynot. You may try that, but there is still a risk, 15% risk to be exact, that you willdisintegrate him as well. Do you still want to try it?

Furthermore, and upon closer inspection of the room, you find a 4' hole in the floordirectly below a 4' hole in the ceiling. The wooden door leads to nothing but a brickwall. It appears that the wooden door and stairs were set up as a trap that activated twohalves of a sphere to come together entrapping anybody opening the wooden door.


I will attempt to blast some water from the pool onto the ball using my palm

blasters. I feel that if I can't cast my reflection in the pool it may have

some sort of magical properties which may help or hender or quest.



With panicked frenzy, you scream, "DIE YOU EVIL POOL!" and blast it! Watergoes splashing everywhere, you and Castaspella are soaked! The ball is in the other room,so it doesn't get splashed.


No disintegration. 15% is too great a risk.

She-Ra, could you use your strength to separate the two halves of the sphere?

If that doesn't work I will try a Crystalbrittle spell to change the at

least a portion of the sphere to crystal destroyable by a sword or staff. A

magnetic spell would be my second attempt. Perhaps by giving the opposite

halves of the metal sphere the same charge they will repel.

Next spell would be telekinesis to raise the top half. If time grows too

short and Mantenna is in severe danger of death, I will resort to temporal

stasis on him.

Sorceress of Greyskull

_____________________________ >>

Wow Sorceress, you know your stuff! Do you have the AD&D Player's Handbook? Becauseyou are rattling off spells like someone well read in the spells of AD&D.

Well anyhow, you ask She-Ra if she can pry the sphere apart, but it is too smooth andround for her to get a good grip and it slips from her fingers. So finally, you castcrystalbrittle on the iron ball turning it into fragile crystal. The crystal istransparent so you can see through it, and see Mantenna trapped inside! She-Ra uses hersword to break the crystal and Mantenna is freed! Though he cannot smile, Mantenna seemshappy to be free of that sphere, thanks to you.


Thanks, stratos.

I use a detect magic spell on the water to see if it is just normal water of if

it has magical properties. I do the same onthe pool.

Castaspella >>

You detect magic on the water, it doesn't appear to possess any magical properties, orit could be so faintly magical that it is undetecteble. It is difficult to focus, however,for the whole castle, the walls, emanate a strong magic. You still don't know why yourreflection is not cast . . . perhaps it isn't water, but another non-reflecting liquid?You do know, however, that on your skin it feels like water, and no harm has to come toyou from the splashing.


I go back to the room with the pool. Whether or not they are related, I

know not, but the deep pool is reminiscent of the story of the water that

brought She-Ra here. I like Casta's idea about using detect magic. I go

get a piece of wood from the broken stairs and transform it to something

that has the exact density as water. I put the affected wood in the pool

to see how it behaves.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

Sorry, you do not have a spell that transforms wood into a liquid. However, there is alot of snow still left in She-Ra's boots. The snow has melted now and upon removing herboot, she pours the water out of it and into the pool. Strangely enough, the water fromthe boot does not mix with the water in the pool, its like oil and water (and no, it hasnothing to do with the oils from She-Ra's body, She-Ra is supernaturally clean).Furthermore, the water in the pool seems to be heavier since the water from the bootfloats on top of the water from the pool. The only way you can tell this is because youhappen to see bits and pieces of your reflection from the water from the boot, which lookslike a stain on the water from the pool. <Pant Pant>


I take the piece of wood from the sorceress and dip it into the water, to see

if it does anything to the wood.



Did nothing to your skin, does nothing to the wood, other than make it wet.


I would like to take a look at the statue that is spouting the water

out of it. Is there anyway I can take some along with me in a pouch

or something in case of an emergency later?



Only if you have something to put it in. She-Ra volunteers her scabbard. She needs herboot, but not her scabbard as she can carry her sword around. So removing her scabbard,you fill it with the water from the statue.


Before we saw that the pool was not magical, I might have considered the

possibility that the fluid might be a life force since my favorite nonpolar

substances are organic. If I were to change to a fish, I would know as

soon as I entered whether or not the fluid contains enought dissolved

oxygen to breath. I will enter as requested as long as there is an

external presence to retrieve me and mark my path. A fishing line would

work (or something similar), but I think we can find something less

intrusive than a fish hook. If anyone has any such thing, I would like to

know, other wise the best I can do is ask She-Ra if she would like to

change her sword to fishing line.

How would polymorphing to a fish affect my invisibility?


Um, your invisibility has worn out anyway, since all your spells have a limitedduration. Secondly, and as I noted before, you cannot enchant yourself with more than onespell. Turning into a fish is enchanting yourself, thus another enchantment, such asbecoming invisible, cannot work. You don't need to worry about returning, however, sinceyou can use a teleportation spell to teleport back to your point of origin if you are introuble.

And so, taking Mantenna's advise, you turn into a goldfish and plop into the pool. Youswim down and down trying to find the bottom, but instead, see the walls of the pool curveupward into a horizontal tunnel. You swim through this tunnel for 50 feet until coming toan iron, rusty grate closing the tunnel off. But you, however, being a goldfish, are smallenough to swim through the bars of the grate and continue on another 50 feet untilreaching a circle of light above you. You follow the circle of light upward as the tunnelturns vertically, ending up in another 15' pool. You jump out of the pool catchingglimpses of a large hall like room before splashing back down into the water. What now,Sorceress? Do you:

A) Turn back into a woman and explore the room?

B) Swim back and tell the others?

C) Other?


I am going to do a setaied analysis if the liquid inthe pool, I will

smell it and ask frosta to try and freeze it, and I will use fire to try

and boil it. I am looking to see if it has the properties of regualr

water or if it some unknown substance.

Castaspella >>

You do everything to the pool except drink it, and it seems pretty normal to you, otherthan it not casting a reflection. You do sense, however, that the pool may have more darkmatter in it than normal water, hence it absorbs rather than reflects light. But this doesnot seem to have any harmful consequence.


If something bad were to happen to me, it would be difficult for the others

to rescue me. Staying together is a good thing, so I go back and tell the

others about the other room.


Ok, you swim back and tell the others about the room. Frosta says (since her characterhas been turned over to me), "We should check it out. But how are we gonna getthrough that iron grate? We can't all be fishes!"

"Leave that to me," says She-Ra in a stern voice. Then, She-Ra puts her swordin her mouth and jumps into the water! She swims down to where you (the Sorceress) foundthe grate and using her great strength, wrenches is it from its roots and tosses it aside.Then She-Ra swims back, and comes up gasping for air. "Phew," she says. "Ialmost thought I wouldn't make it. Ok, I am willing to swim to the other room. Who iscoming with me?"

"I will!" says Frosta.

Anyone else?



How can I swim in my full plate armour? First it is to heavy, and secondly

it will rust.


Ha ha ha! That is the funniest thing I ever heard. Actually, I have been fully aware ofyour situation. Well, you can't swim in your armor because it is too heavy, but you don'tneed to worry about it rusting because it is magic armor, magic armor doesn't rust! Soyour just gonna have to take the armor off, or stay behind. It's up to you.

You five, the Sorceress, Frosta, Stratos, She-Ra, and Mantenna, get into the pool andstart swimming. The Sorceress turns herself into a goldfish again so she doesn't have tohold her breathe, She-Ra does fine with her great constitution, Mantenna's weird biologyappears to sustain him underwater, Stratos who is used to thin air does fine, but Frostahas a problem three quarters of the way there. She starts to drown! She-Ra swims back,grabs her, and drags her the rest of the way.

The room: You arrive at another 15' pool, identical to the last. There are stepsleading out. The small marble room leads into a gleaming white hall through a large gap inthe wall. Rows of marble pillars line each side of this hall. The hall is 20' wide and100' long running north. The pillars are 10' apart east to west, 2' thick, each 3' fromthe wall, and 5' apart north to south, there are about 30 pillars in all. In the middle ofthe hall, you find a floating, spinning book. The book is gold with a black leather cover,highly contrasting with the rest of the room, it has a gold book mark sticking out of it.Upon further examination, you find an inverted pentragram on the book's cover. TheSorceress immediately detects magic from the book, and She-Ra detects great evil. At thevery back of the hall is a stairwell leading down. What do you do?

A) Check out the book?

B) Check out the stairwell?

C) Other?


I am also goin to follow them into the pool. I apologize for the

lateness of my reply I have been sick the past fewdays and jhave not

been checking my email as I should.

I will follow them into the poool and face the adventure that follows us.


(ooc) i set up a mailing liost, I don't know if it will work. please let

me knowwho all gets this message)


Sorry to hear about your illness, I hope you feel better soon.

Ok, let's just say you join them in the other room.


[To those in the room with me]

If this is not the same book Skeletor used to summon the Demon Slayer, it

appears similar. It may answer many questions, so I am going in. I will

cast an Anti-Magic shell around myself and it to negate any magical effects

it might have in store for me. The rest of you are welcome to join me in

the sphere, but once I cast it, I do not intend to bring it down until I

study the book carefully. With any luck there will be a spell to send the

demon back to his own dimension.

Sorceress of Greyskull

___________________________________ >>

You (Sorceress) approach the book, casting the anti-magic shell over you. You try totouch it, hoping perhaps to stop it from spinning, when suddenly it stops and opens up infront of you where the book mark has been placed. You are engulfed in a white, magic lightas the pages of the book glow with magic fire, a flame that does not burn. You read theancient text, it is the timeless language of the Baatezu, the denizens of the Nine Hellsof Baator. Only you have the knowledge and wisdom to read it, since the language of theBaatezu is chronicled only amongst the books in the libraries of Greyskull. You read:

"And when the Master comes, and takes mortal form, he shall take a bride to be hiswife. And this shall be the Queen of Darkness, she who rules the domain of Stygia, she whorules forevermore, whose name here shall not be spoken. A black cloud of darkness shallfall over all the land, and this shall be her wedding veil, and all among ye shall beholdthe darkness and be witness to the unholy union, saying 'truly this is the End.'"

The book closes magically, and disappears.


I'll swim over there.

Manatarms >>

That might be kind of hard with your armor on and your laser cannon. Do you wish toleave them behind?


I guess I'll go too


Who the Hell are you??? Please put your character name when you sign off.


I thought that the armor is a part of my body. I am half machine,

remember? >>

No, you can take it off. According to my world your just a knight from the Kingdom ofPalutina. So get naked already!


I wish to check out the stair well.



Ok, Stratos, you leave the others pondering over the book to check out the stairwell.Steps lead down through a perfect circular hole in the floor. The level down below appearsdark, you can't see anything, but you hear some faint screaming and moaning. Compelled bycuriosity, you begin your descent down the stairs. As you go down and down, you notice thefine smooth marble steps become coarse and haggard, eventually turning to granite bricksteps. The stairwell has led you to the lower level of this dark castle, a hallway ofbricks and torches lay in your path. You approach the sound of the screaming as it growslouder, and come upon a large room. It is too dark to tell the dimensions, and from whereyou are standing you can only make out certain things.

The Chamber: You spy upon a fat, bloated, foul-smelling humanoid creature with red,leathery skin. Bull like horns protrude from his skull and he is holding a whip in hishand. Next to him you see a turning wheel, more familiarly known as a "wheel ofpain," a wheel face down with 6 wooden spokes coming out from the side that 6 men arepushing 'round and 'round. These men are dirty, hunchbacked, and their clothes are torn.You can clearly see stains of blood on their rags and whip marks. You realize that theseare the men that are moaning. The red-skinned brute stands, grinning demoniacally.

Above them, you see a rusty cage attached to a chain, and the chain is attached to thewheel. A fair skinned woman dressed in purple is imprisoned therein, and she is screamingfor help as the cage with her in it is being slowly lowered into a pit of red hot coals.This woman has a striking resemblance to someone you have seen before, Evil-Lyn! You alsonotice the remains of soot coated skeletons in the pit. And that is all you see.

You try to remain quiet so that you do not attract attention to yourself.

What do you do?


Question before I do anything, is there a way to stop the wheel from keeping

the cage decending like a shut off or stall leaver? If so where is it?

Stratos >>

The wheel is turning because the slaves are pushing it. There may be a way of stoppingit but you're not actually inside the room because the fat demon is standing too close tothe doorway. You're just watching from the outer hall. What do you do?


The only RPG messages I have received in the last several days have been

from the DM to Stratos. Am I missing something, or has there just been

little activity. As for myself, I will be unavailable next week including

most of this coming Saturday, but I will be sure to send a message at that



Last I know, I was reading the evil book under the protection of an

anti-magic shell. I do not yet know who joined me in the shell to read the

book or what I discover.

Sorceress of Greyskull

____________________________ >>

Er . . . your not missing anything, it's just that NOBODY including you has made a movesince you read the book except for Stratos. Hop to it people!


Okay, I don't know if this will work, But I am going to attempt to

fly under the fat demons legs and come up in front of him using one

hand, blast the whip from his hand and using the other blast him out

of the room since he is so close to the door way. After doing this I

would like to use my palm blasters to collapse the door putting

rubble between us. Then fly up to the cage blast off the lock and get

evil lynn.

Stratos >>

Hmm . . . sounds like an amazing feat to me. You will need to make some good dexteritychecks to see if you can do some of this. Ok, you attempt to swoop underneath his legs,but you CRASH into him instead from behind! The demon is taken completely by surprise, ashe turns around you blast him in the hand successfully, but it seems that the heat fromyour palm beams doesn't bother him. You blast him square in the chest with another beam,but it just bounces off. He points to you, "Hey YOU, get down from there!"

You fly up quickly to the cage before the crack of his whip can reach you using yourpalm beam to melt the lock off the cage. Evil-lyn looks at you, surprised, and jumps intoyour arms! You carry her toward the door but she screams, "NO, stop!" Shesquirms out of your grasp landing next to the fiery pit. You are hovering in mid-air. Youare panicked! Sweat trickles down your cheek. You turn in front of you and see the ragingdemon rushing toward you wish his whip. You look behind you and see Evil-Lyn kneeling overthe pit on her tip-toes trying to reach something. And you look beside you and see theslaves STILL mindlessly turning the wheel. What do you do???

PS: Common people! Where are the rest of you!? Stratos NEEDS your help!

<< eveyone's atention and see if there is some way we can find out just

EXACTLY what is going on.


who is stil having email problems.


Ok Castaspella, half of you left the pool room by swimming to get to another room wherethere was a demonology book. The Sorceress read the book. Meanwhile, Stratos went downsome stairs and found a slave chamber where a demon was and Evil-Lyn was trapped in acage. Stratos just saved her, and now he is being attacked by the demon. The Sorceress issummoning the rest of the PC's to help Stratos.

What are you doing???


After I finish reading the book and learning all I can I...

Is there a way for me to teleport the others from the other pool room to

our position. They all expressed desire to come, so if I can, I use an

effective teleport spell.

If I learned anything especially effective in the Demonology book, I use it

instead of the below mentioned prismatic spray.

We have one warrior downstairs already. I suggest this strategy. I cast a

"Serten's Spell of Immunity" upon myself to protect against magical

attacks. I would like to go down first, and tell Stratos to get down

immediately. Once he complies, I use a prismatic spray. I am willing to

use such a widespread technique because I believe the big demon is the

greatest threat who needs to be nullified quickly. We also know that Demon

Slayer needs a human body, Evil-Lyn is quite possibly already possessed.

The slaves being normal are proabably under a mind control and would harm

us if only for that reason. Finally, this is probably a case where

resulting effects can possibly be negated after we are victorious.

That means I protect myself from magic and launch a major attack on the

whole room. Next, I would like She-Ra to come to use her skills to still

the chaos that will surely follow including termination of big demon.

Next, I would desire think that a nice ice spell from Frosta might do some

damage to the foe due to the fact that laser blasters failed and the demon

is probably used to hell fire anyways.

My next step will be to use a prismatic sphere to trap Evil-Lyn preventing

her from reaching what she is grasping for. This is my proposed strategy,

the only thing that I must insist on is my going first to prevent others

from being hit by my prismatic spray. The rest of you should know I have

used prismatic spray when you see the resulting flash.

Oh, what I wouldn't give for some conventional weapon attacks from us right

about now.

Do I know if the demon is considered a demigod? What is a demigod, a

unique creature?

Sorceress of Greyskull

________________________________ >>

Whaoh, that SURE is a mouth full. Ooooooook, you use a teleport spell to teleport therest of the PC's standing in the pool room into the demon book room. Rio Blast justarrives into the room with you after having swum across carrying his laser gun backpack.

Now Serten's Spell of Immunity only makes you immune to one certain spell as chosen byyou, it does not make you immune to all spells, so you have to indicate which spell youwant to be immune to.

Thirdly, demons come in all shapes and sizes. As you know, the wimpiest demons are notougher than your average peasant. These are people who have just died and gone to Hell,they become least demons called nuperibo. Then there are the mightiest demons, theArchdemons, these are angels cast down from Heaven, they are the first of the demon race.A demigod is a person born of a mortal with a god parent, though archdemons are notdemigods they may be as powerful or even more powerful, but never as powerful as the godsthemselves. Then there is a whole shlough of demons inbetween least and arch, the onefighting Stratos below could be any of these types, you have no idea.

Now, by the time you gather everybody together, Stratos gets attacked by the demon! Thedemon hits him with his whip, and Stratos loses 1 hit point! Evil-Lyn, at the same time,finds her magic wand which had been lost in the pit and turns to face Stratos and thedemon.

Meanwhile, you (Sorceress) lead the party down the stairs and cast prismatic spray onceentering the room. You fire 7 beams of multi-colored light from the tips of your fingers.The demon is struck by the green ray, but he is uneffected by it since he is immune topoison. The blue beam hits Stratos by accident, fortunately he resists being turned tostone! Both yellow and indigo beams hit Evil-Lyn, she resists the indigo beam but theyellow beam renders her unconsious!

Now the demon turns toward YOU (Sorceress). He swings his whip, hitting you, and youlose 3 of 40 hit points, so your down to 37. Then Frosta arrives, and seeing as how thedemon IS immune to fire, she blasts it with her cone of cold spell. The demon turns into astatue or ice, tips over, and shatters like glass, whip and all.

She-Ra approaches the slaves. She places her hand on one of their shoulders attemptingto get their attention, but when he turns to face her she screams! "They aren'thuman!" she cries. Then she raises her sword like a cross and cries, "Awayzombies!" A ray of light fills the whole room from her sword. The zombies areengulfed in the light and destroyed. She-Ra turns to you with a look of disgust,"Foul undead, there is nothing more horrible."

Upon closer examination of the room, you find a thick iron door. Evil-Lyn still laysunconsious on the floor. What do you do?


She-Ra, please heal Stratos and me.

First, I grab Evil-Lyn's wand. I really want to break it, but I realize

that it might come in necessary in some unforseen way later. I grab the

wand and examine it. I need to study the wand and learn as much as I can

about it. Evil-Lyn might be compelled to shed some light on the subject.

Frosta, could you use your ice magic to cast upon her a pair of ice

handcuffs and manacles?

If that works, I cause Evil-Lyn to regain consciousness. I then perform

and identify on the wand to learn what I can of it. When Evil-Lyn awakens,

I interrogate her about the wand. Most importantly its purpose then its


At this time, I consider Evil-Lyn to be hostile company, but without her

wand and hands in feet trapped in ice, physical restraints should hold

until we gain as much information as possible.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

She-Ra casts heal light wounds over you and Stratos, even though both your injuries arevery minor.

The wand you are looking at is Evil-Lyn's wand, apparently she had exhausted herself ofmana (magical energy) for the day when she had been imprisoned within the cage and neededher wand to cast spells. The wand has a blue handle in the shape of a talon. The talon isholding a crystal ball. You examine the inside of the crystal ball, and you see all kindsof strange things. Butterflies, and thunder storms, and Skeletor's face.

Now Frosta can freeze Evil-lyn so that she doesn't regain consiousness, but she can'tmake ice manicles or anything like that. You (Sorceress) on the other hand can cast allkinds of spells to detain Evil-Lyn. I suggest imprisonment in her own wand, this willcause Evil-Lyn to shrink small enough to be imprisoned inside the crystal ball. Sheshouldn't be much trouble after that.

When Evil-Lyn regains consiousness, she tells you her story:

"Skeletor and I decided to join forces to find the Demon Gem. We came into thisblasted dark castle looking for it. We knew that the Demon Gem had been activated fromSkeletor's spell . . . it brought this castle forth from the first layer of Baator,Avernus.

We fought many monsters and avoided many traps together, but the dungeon kept changing,shifting itself to make it impossible to map or pin-point the Gem. Finally, we found theGem in a kind of throne room. Knowing he would turn on me the minute we found it, we beganto fight. He depleted me of power during our magic duel so I ran from him. But I got lostin the dungeon and ended up here, where I was attacked by the slave demon. He whipped mywand out of my hand and into the pit, then he and his slaves threw me into this cage to beburned alive! Last I heard of Skeletor, he had the Gem but lost it during our battle, whenthe dungeon shifted. I believe he is still looking for it, and he knows that you are here.It was HE who destroyed the ice bridge so that you could not follow him. I can help youfind him and the Gem, though, but you must release me, please!"


We should sacrifice evil lyn to the demon. While he is eating or killing

her, we can blast him.

Rio-Blast >>

Hmmm . . . THAT sounds like an idea!


I think we should just blast this demon to kingdon come.

Rio-blast >>

Um, dude, read your mail already! The demon is toast!


Wait!!! Why sacrafice evil Lynn? We may need to use her later. Besides,

she know what the gem looks like and she knows skeletor better then

anyone. Besides she should help us. She owes me and all of us for saving

her. Sorcress hold on to her wand though it may increase your power.

*Picks up the demons whip* I may need this for later.

Stratos >>

The demon's whip is broken pieces of ice, you can't use it.


I am well aware of the many times Evil-Lyn has tried to betray Skeletor and

others. I have every reason to believe that she only wishes to be freed to

get the gem for herself.

I trap her into her own wand. Once she is inside, I give her the option of

having me cast a stasis spell on her so she does not to be conscious while

trapped in the crystal ball.

Unless someone else has a use for it, I will hold onto the wand for now.

I cast stoneskin on myself and check for any special magic. (not the same

as the rest of the castle). I also begin to check for traps. I start on

the floor in front of the door and work my way along the left side, right

side, and the top. Trap disarm is not my specialty, so I would suggest

someone else checking my work.

I had a thought that it would be nice if Evil-Lyn's wand acted as some type

of compass for us. I ask She-Ra to hold her sword near it. I want to see

what effects each shows. I also closely observe She-Ra. She has often

seemed connected to our adventure, I ask if she has sensed anything special


Sorceress of Greyskull

______________________ >>

Evil-Lyn prefers to remain consious during the adventure, even though trapped in thewand. You detect no traps in the room or near the door and She-Ra indicates that herdestiny leads through the iron door. The iron door is locked so She-Ra wrenches it fromits hinges and tosses it aside. A hallway of iron lays in your path. What do you do?


Seeing the hallway before us I prepare for our journey by casting Foresight

upon myself.

If we are all going, I suggest the following defensive posture.

She-Ra in front since she seems to be a compass

Man-At-Arms second to use the 30d6 canon on a surprise attack

Sorceress third so I can cast a magical barrier of some sort to protect the

front people if necessary especially an anti-magic shell.

Stratos fourth for more laser backup

which brings us to the half.

from the back

last, Extendar for his fighting skill-the other reason I like She-Ra up front

second to last, Rio-Blast for more awesome laser power

Casta next, for the same reason I put myself behind She-Ra and Duncan

Frosta and Mantenna in the middle because their special talents are

relatively without parallel in the group ie Frosta's ice specialty and

Mantenna's eye beams.

This is just a suggestion, but I think it is tactically logical as it

diversifies abilities instead of concentrates them and does not expose us

mages with few hit points and armor class to direct frontal or rear attacks.

When we go, I am ready.

Sorceress of Greyskull

_________________________ >>

Well, since nobody objects and you seem to be in charge, you all form into thisformation and walk down the hall. The hall seems to be made of rusty iron and makes weirdclanking noises the further you explore it. Then you enter an area of blowing steam, itstarts getting very warm. The sides of the hall burn at the touch and your boots arestarting to stick to the floor.

Castaspella casts a spell that makes a magic eyeball appear. The eyeball goes down thehall for you and she says that at the end of the hall it gets much cooler and that thereis a wooden door.

Frosts gets in front and blasts the hall with cone of cold spells, cooling it down.

You reach the end of the hall until you get to the wooden door. Strange, you think, thedoor looks like the door to someone's bedroom. It even has a little, generic door knob.She-Ra braves the door knob, turning it, and you follow her into the room.

The room you enter is very huge, 40' x 40', and strange indeed. The walls seem to bemade of white washed plaster, an almost blinding clean white. And there is a

king-size four poster bed with white bed sheets floating 4' off the ground in themiddle of the room. You also see what looks like a pearl color dresser, mirror, a redvelvetty ottoman, and drawers full of gold jewelry! There is an open treasure chest on thefloor heaping with treasure, and a headless mannican wearing a long black dress with abeautiful gold necklace. There is another, full length mirror on the right wall. And theseitems seem scattered about, nowhere near the walls. Then, you hear a scream from Frosta.You turn around, only to find that the door you just came through is gone! What do you do?


I am goint to use detect magic on the jewlery in the room, I am also

going to assume a defensive posture: something trapped us here and wants

us, that can't be good.

Castaspella >>

You detect magic on the jewelry in the dresser and in the treasure chest, but there isno magic there. You detect magic on the necklace on the maniquen and there is magic.


Well, I still have "Forsight" turned on. I begin to search the room,

specifically through anything containing treasure. Where there is gold,

there might be a big gem. The next article would be the maniquen and its


I don't like this being a bedroom. Someone, I forget whom, once theorized

that the demon might wish to mate with She-Ra. She-Ra said her destiny was

down this hall. I don't like it, but it can not be discounted.

My offensive awareness is definately in high gear right now. I considered

destroying a/the wall, but perhaps it affords us some protection for a

time. I will just continue searching, but I will be always conscious of

possible threats.

Here is a thought for a future defense. Since an anti-magic shell is

centered around the caster, it is impossible to capture another creature in

it without endangering onesself. Would it be possible for two such spheres

to intersect trapping an opponent in the space between the two points of


Sorceress of Greyskull



You search through all the treasure. You find some large gems, but no glowingfist-sized rubies. As for the trapping of a being between two anti-magic shells, you willhave to test that with another mage on someone to see what happens.


I will fly around the room and since I can get up higher then anyone as far

as flying goes (with the exception of the sorceress) I will look for hidden

panels and false bricks that may hide a passage or tunnel.

Stratos >>

The room is not made of bricks, remember? It is a smooth, white plaster similar to theone used in your house (in real life). You fly up to the ceiling and search the walls, butfind nothing unusual.


I want to perform these tests. First, I would like to test intersecting

spheres on an inanimate object such as a piece of the jewelry to make sure

it would not destroy someone. I will produce one sphere, and I ask Casta

to produce the other. If there are no harmful side effects, I volunteer

for the next phase. I would have Frosta and Casta attempt to trap me in

intersecting spheres from which I will attempt to either leave both or

touch one of them withing her own sphere.


The spheres only prevent magical spells or magic effects from passing. Since thejewelry is not magical, it falls within the sphere. However, when you approach Casta whois also in a sphere, your sphere negates the effect of her sphere, acting as a dispelmagic spell, since your magic is more powerful than her magic.


I want to look closer at the mannequin, I am looking to see if it has any

magical propertie I canactivatre by rubbing i or tapping it, I also shoot

a low-power energy or sopmething at it just to see what happens.

Castaspella >>

You tap it, rub it, lick it (just kidding), blast it with magic missile, your leastpowerful energy projectile spell, and nothing happens.


Since shells seem to affect each other, I would hate to see the

intersection of two prismatic spheres. The mutual damage would probably

cause a huge explosion at least. It might be feasible if both casting

mages could be protected by some method. Otherwise, I would expect great

harm to everyone present including the casting mages if penetration rather

than simple interception occured.

I know I do not want to test that one. If someone else were to, I would

leave immediately and put on my most powerful protection spell.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

Um, Sorceress, I know you have a fascination for magic spell exploration, but you arein the middle of a campaign. Perhaps you should experiment later when you are alone andbored in the dark depths of Greyskull.

<< Be it known that I will resist putting on the dress or wearing the necklace

if that were suggested to me. That could be just what the demon wants one

of us to do.

Will I know when my "Foresight" wears off. I am not yet ready to end it if

I can avoid it.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

Fine, don't wear the dress or the necklace. And your foresight tells you nothing.


I walk over to where the door was and check to see if it really gone or if

it is an illusion.

I cast "Identify" on the necklace.

Sorceress of Greyskull

_____________________________ >>

You examine the wall. The door is really gone. There is no trace of a door ever havingexisted there. You examine the necklace. It is magical but you do not know what it does.No spell you have can tell you what is either.


DM, Im glad. This was beginning to piss me off. Everything revolved

around magic and in the meantime I am just sitting there scratching my

ass. Its not real fun having someone else play the game for you. It

got to the point where I just deleted the RPG messages w/o even reading

them. You think I can gooff by my self? I have a plan...

<Mantenna's Player>


Um <Mantenna's Player>, I never said you had to follow the Sorceress to do anything! Why did youdelete the RPG stuff? You never had to follow her! You have complete freedom to dowhatever you want!


I know I didn't have to follow her, but every time I tried to do

something by myself I got hurt or trapped(in an iron ball) and they

freed me. Anyway, the sorceresses reign over Mantenna has ended. Can

I contact Hordak telepathically and give him my location. I want him

to send a f*ckin' army to destroy these pathetic little good guys. Ask

him to send Grizzlor, Leech, Mantenna, Multibot, Dragstor, Mosquitor,

and 20 or so Horde Troopers. The Horde shall rule the world!!!

Never again shall we be victim the the tyranny that is She-Ra & He-Man.

Also tell Hordak that this is his chance to get rid of She-Ra once and

for all, that ought to persuade him to send an army...

<Mantenna's Player>(yes, I am the Devil Incarnate but its soooo fun)


Look dude, the reason you got trapped in an iron ball is because you opened the woodendoor. Anybody opening that door, including the Sorceress, would have been trapped in aniron ball. Do you think I make this stuff up as I go along? You must not understand theway an RPG works. If you wanna do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, go 'right ahead. Sorrythough, Hordak will not send an army to help you.


I want to walk out of the room w/ o saying anything to anyone. Just up

and walk out. Once I reach the previous room find an appropriate

hiding spot on the opposite side of the room and wait there to ambush

anyone who steps out of the doorway. I hope that someone will see me

walk out and be lured into my trap so can kill 'em w/o attracting a lot

of attention. If anyone steps out I want to hit them with my eyebeam

that takes away a level and then blast them with my crossbow, hopefully

killing them before they have a chance to alert the others. If She-Ra

walks out just leave her alone and keep hiding, I want to save her for

last. My prime target now are those 2 magicians, Frosta and

Castaspella, they are weak and can be killed in one hit, but I will

attack anyone except for She-Ra.

<Mantenna's Player>, the lord of chaos and evil(not really, but its just a game) >>

Um, dude, it is apparent to me that you haven't been following what's going on. You areALL trapped inside the white bedroom. The door you guys used to enter the room disappearedas soon as you got inside. None of you can leave the room, unless of course you find theway out.


I would like to check out the floating bed. push it around and see if

it moves. What is an Ottoman?

<Mantenna's Player> >>

You push the bed, it does not move, but it is floating. An ottomon is a type of couch.Neither the bed or the ottoman seem suspcious, except that She-Ra tends to have a strangefascination with the bed. She is staring at it in a kind of mindless trance.


I am going to make she ra does NOT get into the bed . . .

(I thought we were going to wait for the sorceress to get back!!)

even if I have to crack her over the head.



I was, but <Mantenna's Player> complained and said he wanted to play without her, so I let him.

Feel free if you want to do something too. But don't worry, She-Ra does not look likeshe is getting into the bed . . . yet.


Wave my hand in front of She-Ra's face and try to break her out of her

trance. If that doesnt work, lead her over to the bed and see what her

reaction is.

<Mantenna's Player> >>

"No," she says, "I'm fine, really."


I would like to pull the covers off the bed and see if anything is

underneath them.



You look under the bed and . . . HORRORS! The bed is writhing with all manner ofinsects and snakes, roaches and spiders, in a big heaping pile, its terrible! They're somany they are pouring off the sides of the bed, scattering along the white washed floor!Who could sleep in such a bed? Who!? Then you look again, and they are gone. There isnothing under the bed sheets, Stratos.


I would like to attempt to blast the plaster walls with my palm beams

to see if anything comes of it. There must be a way out of here. I

would like to start by blasting the place where the door we came in

at dissapered.

Stratos >>

You blast the walls everywhere, and even though you know that walls made of plasterwould be destroyed by your palm beams, these walls remain unscathed.


I am going to examine the mirror checking it over very carefully, a nd when all

else is done I am goingt o breakthe mirror.



You look at the full length mirror and notice your reflection. But you are startled tofind that the mirror reflects a very different room. In the mirror, the clean white roomlooks like a rocky cave, with stalagmites and boiling pools and rivers of flowing magma.The only thing similar to the room you see in the mirror is the bed. Where the bed is, yousee a wooden torture rack, the kind they used to stretch people to death, and it iscrawling with all manner of vile, detestable creatures, snakes and insects.

So you break the mirror with a magic missile to find that behind it, even though if youlook around the mirror you see an empty space, through it you see a long tunnel made ofthe same looking rocky material you saw in the mirror. As the broken shiards of glasstumble to the floor, you feel a powerful gust of air come and suck the glass through thegaping hole into the tunnel, then you, and the rest of the group, are sucked in too.

You all hear screams, of yourself and others, as the jagged walls of the tunnel racepast your view in a blur. Then you begin to feel a sinking feeling in your stomachs, asyou realize that you are no longer being sucked, but in fact are falling down the tunnel,faster and faster and faster! The tunnel seems to have no bottom, you feel as if you arefalling down into an endless black abyss, when suddenly, you look down to see a white beamof light shining up toward you. You fall toward this light, and it gets brighter andbrighter until you are engulfed in it, and blinded by it, and then . . . without anyimpact, you stop.

Before opening your eyes, you realize that you are now standing on level ground. Youcan feel the smooth floor beneath your legs. You stand, looking around at the new room.

This is another massive room, 80' x 80' this time. The walls appear to be made of blackstone, the floor is made up of highly reflective, gold-tinted tiles. The ceiling towershigh above your head, about 80' high, red like the color of blood, and dome shaped. Youcry out, "Hello!" and the room echoes with the sound of your voice like theinside of a church bell.

You begin strolling down the room, exploring the regions beyond where the light doesnot touch, and hear a familiar cry, "EEEEEEEEeeya!!!" Followed by an explosion!

You pick up speed now, the sound of each of your foot falls resonating throughout thegreat room, until you come upon HIM, the one you had expected to find.

Sorceress, you and the other mages feel a wave of power crash against you and flowthrough you, like riding an ocean wave at the beach. You have felt this presense before,it is the presense of the Lord of Destruction, the evil Skeletor. He is standing withhavoc staff raised in hand. Beside him are the smoldering remains of what looks like aknight's armor. Before him is a wall with four archeways. One of these archeways is empty.At the foot of each of the other three stands three knights. These knights are coveredfrom head-to-toe in steel, much like Extendar, but their silver shining armor appears morevile and twisted, with jagged edges, spikes, horns, and seems to reflect the light in sucha way so that strange colors appear, greens and blacks and violets that smite the mind.And they are huge. Standing 7' tall, they remain motionless at the archeways, resting ontwo-handed swords.

To the Sorceress: Evil-Lyn informs you that the knights are really demons, demonsforged from the souls of great paladins who once ventured into the depths of Hell todestroy the archdemons. Those paladins having been killed by the archdemons' aretransformed into demon knights, forced to become eternal guards of the archdemon, theirminds twisted to evil beyond repair. If these are the guards of the archdemon Slayer, thenyou must be close!

Skeletor spots you. What do you do?


I was just wondering why my "See true" spell I cast some time ago failed to

see the true nature of this room.

Jacob >>

The true seeing spell in the room worked. It's not that the contents of the room wereillusion, they were as much real as they could be on the Prime Material Plane.

You see, since the castle came from Baator via the magic portal created by the DemonGem, the castle and all its contents exist in a non-corpereal or duel plane state, itexists on some form on Eternia and in Baator. This is why Skeletor cannot find the Gem,because the castle is constantly changing form between these two planes. The mirror showedyou the true reflection of the room as it would appear on the other plane, your eyesshowed you how the room appears on your own plane. I hope you understand this . . . itsmagical metaphysics, but I figure its something the Sorceress should know about.


I Dive for Cover!!!



Good thinking! I am taking this as your official action, since you control thecharacter and not the Sorceress.


If possible, I would like to take Skeletor down to 0 hit points without

killing him just in case we need to use him to reverse whatever madness he

created when he released the demon.

I thought through a good number of defensive scenarios especially various

spells, but I hope this works:

[telepathically so Skeletor does not hear--to: all] Casta, shoot at

Skeletor with some type of magical attack. I believe he will make some

type of motion. Hope fully he will dodge in a way such that he moves about

10'. Slightly after you cast your spell, I will cast a prismatic sphere

around him so that he touches it in dodging. Actually, this requires not

only Casta, but everyone who can use a distance weapon. Each person should

fire in sequence causing Skeletor to move in one direction. By the time he

move far enough from his current location, my prismatic sphere will be

there to give him the following:

20 points damage

40 points damage

80 points damage

20 points poison

petrification or turned to stone


transportation to another plane

What's more, is this attack will also act as a defense against any attacks

he might have. Everyone who can fire something, fire attempt to hit what

we see as his left (his right side). This sequence: Casta, Frosta,

Man-At-Arms, Rio-Blast, Stratos, any others who I might have missed.

If you see that my sphere is up at any point, stop firing immediately, it

will harm the sphere.

Let's do it. >>

Actually, it is my rule that you can take Skeletor down to a -9 hit points and keep himalive. I am not rolling initiative because Skeletor does not do anything, he just staresat you. So you take this round to cast prismatic sphere on him. Castaspella ducks forcover. Your only other mage, Frosta, casts cone of cold at him. The rest, Man-at-Armsshoots his laser cannon and Rio-Blast fires his TEN guns, and Stratos fires his palmbeams. Extendar cannot attack because he is too far away. She-Ra is also too far away . .. and Mantenna turns on you!

Let's see, 13 laser beams and 1 cone of cold race toward Skeletor! Skeletor does notmove. You cast your prismatic sphere beside him. He still doesn't move. The beams and thecone of cold bounce harmlessly away! Skeletor has cast a globe of invulnerability aroundhimself.

"Interesting," says Skeletor. And if he would've had lips, you would swear hewould be smiling right now. "Did you really think you could outwit me, Sorceress?Your cult magic is child's play compared to mine. Take this!"

Skeletor raises his havoc staff, weaving a torrent of magical energy unleashing it uponyou! A bolt of lightning screams across the room, striking you, the Sorceress, bouncingoff and hitting She-Ra, bouncing off and hitting Man-at-Arms, bouncing off and hittingRio-Blast, bouncing off and hitting Stratos, bouncing off and hitting Extendar, bouncingoff and hitting Frosta. Only Castaspella hiding in the corner, and Mantenna who has joinedSkeletor, has avoided being hit.

Let's see what happens to you all:

Sorceress: Saves for half damage with a 7, you lose 32 of 40 hit points and are down to8.

She-Ra: Saves with an 18, loses 34 of 152 hit points and is down to 118.

Man-at-Arms: Saves with a 20, loses 19 of 72 hit points and is down to 53.

Rio-Blast: Fails saving throw with a 2, takes the blunt of it, loses 55 of 71 hitpoints and is down to 16.

Stratos: Saves with a 17, loses 17 of 117 and is down to 100.

Extendar: Saves with a 17, loses 9 of 124 and is down to 115.

Frosta: Saves with a 14, loses 9 of 37 and is down to 28.

You are all injured but not badly. Only the Sorceress and Rio-Blast are in criticalcondition.

I need action!


I will place my self in front of the sorceress and and rio blast and

use my body to attempt to shield them from further harm. If a

sacrifice I must make to save them, then I will do so.



A noble gesture Stratos! I don't know if its necessary, but that is a noble gesture.

I will take this as your official action,


How powerful is the globe of invulnerability in this game? Do they only

withstand 1,2,3,4 level spells or all spells? Can the caster shoot spells

through his own globe?

Jacob >>

As you know, cause you are the Sorceress, the globe of invulnerability cannot withstandall spells, only spells 4th level and under. Since lasers do not exist in the AD&Dworld, I have classified them as energy based spells, easily deflectable by protectivespells. It does not matter the damage that the lasers do, only the level from which theycome, like any fireball, even an 18d6 one, would be deflected by the globe. You arecorrect though, Frosta's cone of cold is a 5th level spell, sorry, I made a mistake. Iwill say that Skeletor was effected by the cold, saved with an 11, and lost 23 of 188 hitpoints falling to 165. Well done Frosta!

PS: And yes, you can cast spells from inside the globe, only an anti-magic shell makesyou totally impervious to all spells including your own.


Okay I am going to try this. Can I cast spell that will elt me disable

whatever magic shield big bad and bony has up?? If not I am going to take a

major potshot at him with a lightning bolt or whatever is my most damaging


Castaspella >>

You could attempt to disable his globe with a dispel magic spell, but since he is amuch more powerful mage than you, it won't work. You can, however, harm him with a 7thlevel delayed blast fire ball. And all the fighters can attempt to harm him with anyphysical attack.


I would like to attack, but I don't think doing so with 8 hit points would

be prudent. I ask Extendar or She-Ra (which ever is closer) to heal me.

The next time I get to attack, I use meteor swarm on Skeletor after I warn

the others to get out of the range of the expected effect. I tell the

meteors to go slightly more than the distance between Skeletor and me, or

if I must be more specific, I say 114 feet since that is the farthest

possible distance in the room (on the ground). If I get a choice, I choose

to use the four spheres of 2 foot diameter.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

OK, here is the deal, Mantenna turns around and attempts to shoot the Sorceress whileraising his eye stalks and staring at She-Ra. At the same instant, Stratos, seeing theSorceress in danger, leaps in front of her. Meanwhile, the Sorceress prepares to castmeteor swarm and Extendar places his hands on the Sorceress' shoulder to heal her. And inthe corner, while all this is going on, Castaspella casts delayed blast fireball atSkeletor.

Round 2:

Mantenna: Stratos jumps in the way and you fail to hit the Sorceress, but you hitStratos instead, twice with your crossbow beams, and you drain She-Ra of 3 levels.

Stratos: Mantenna fires twice, hitting you with an 18 and hitting you again with a 6.Holy crap! Stratos, you have unbelievably bad luck, as you fail both saving throws with a1 each, the laser crossbow hits you dead-on in the face! But if you hadn't jumped in theway, surely the Sorceress would be dead right now! Stratos loses 54 of 100 hit points andfalls down to 46.

She-Ra: She-Ra is hit by Mantenna's eye-beams, being drained of 3 levels! She is nowlevel 14 and and loses 9 of 118 hit points, falling to 109.

Extendar: Meanwhile, you, Extendar, touch the Sorceress casting your paladin 'lay onhands' spell, healing her completely and restoring her to full. The Sorceress now has 40hit points.

Sorceress: You cast meteor swarm on Skeletor. The meteors will reach him in the nextround.

Castaspella: You cast delayed blast fireball on Skeletor. He is still pretty far away,so the fireball will reach him in the next round.

Round 3:

The meteors and the fireball both reach Skeletor at the same time. There is an immenseexplosion, and Skeletor is gone. In fact, there is no trace of him or his body, only afaint cloud of purple smoke. Then you notice, Mantenna is gone too.

Only the demon knights remain. They are still standing, as motionless as ever, as ifthey didn't even notice the tremendous battle that just took place before them. Now thatSkeletor is gone, here is a status report on all the characters:

Sorceress: You are back to full hit points. 40

She-Ra: Is now level 14 with 109 hit points.

Stratos: 46 hit points

Extendar: 115 hp and you have used up your 'lay on hands' for the day

Rio-Blast: Still in critical condition with 16 hp

Man-at-Arms: 53 hp

Castaspella: Full at 28 hp

Frosta: 28 hp


This is Man-at-arms. I'm sorry about this, but I haven't had access to my

account this past week or so, so I've got a bunch of messages that are

organized pretty randomly. Can somebody give me a gist of what's going on

in the RPG?

Manatarms >>

You entered a big room with four demon knights and Skeletor. The battle betweenSkeletor and the party members just took place. Read the next few EM's.

You find yourself in the same room, only in another part of it, because you can nolonger see the archeways, the demon knight guards, or the Eternian party members you havejust betrayed. There before you stands almighty Skeletor. He whispers to you,

"Be silent, Mantenna, and do not move. We are both invisible. They cannot see us.

I knew you would betray the Eternians once you had the chance. Surely we could havedestroyed them . . . but that is not our goal. We must find the Demon Gem. The Demon Gemis guarded by the three demon knights. Why fight the Sorceress and her lackeys when we canlet the demon knights take care of them? And if they surpass the guards, then nothing willstand in my way to possessing the Demon Gem, for only I know where it is and only I knowits secrets!

With the power of the Demon Gem in my hands, I will summon the armies of Hell tocontrol. My demon minions will storm down across the Bright Side and lay the EternianRoyal Guard and their allies to waste! None shall oppose me then, not even your master,Hordak!

If you join me, Mantenna, and renounce Hordak, I shall share with you my great armies,and together we shall rule Eternia! Cast down that cursed bat symbol and join me, join meor die!"


So, Mantenna turned out to be an enemy after all. I guess we must now

treat him as a hostile opponent. We have seen the "lawful" part, now the

"evil" shows through. I only wish we had a way of knowing whether or not

Skeletor took any damage during that last barrage. He could reappear at

any time. I cast "Foresight" upon myself. Skeletor did not seem to like

the "Meteor Storm", so I will keep it ready. My "Foresight" shouldprepare

me for an attack from Mantenna.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

You wait . . . and wait, but neither Skeletor nor Mantenna appear. The demon knightshave not moved to attack you, though you cannot see what lies beyond them. What do you do?


can I cast a healing spell on She-Ra??

I look around and check out the Demon KNights all the while cursing skeletor

for teleporting out. . . i'm slightly ticked.

Castaspella >>

No, you are a mage not a cleric, but interestingly enough, she CAN heal you, orherself, but chooses not to at the moment. She still has 109 hit points, more than most ofyou have at full.


I try to indicate my loyaly by taking a knee in front of Skeletor and

revoving the bat insignia from my vest.

DM:Which party members are hurt the most? In case they start to win

the fight against the demon knights I want to pick a couple of them off

from behind with my crossbow. And I will try to drain She-Ra again the

next time we meet.



Skeletor steps on the bat shield. "Very good, Mantenna. Now be patient. I have avery special task for you. We will watch them carefully. Once the demon knights have beendestroyed, you may surprise attack them, while I sneak inside and get the Gem!"


I like the idea of exploring the empty archway. I would expect that any

attempt to explore another archway would result in the awakening of the

demon knights, though I do not doubt that it may eventually be necessary.

Basically, I advocate explorign the empty arch and passage beyond if there

is one.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

You approach the empty archeway, being careful to step over the remains of the deaddemon knight. You notice that the demon knight's remains is quite a ways from where yousuppose he once stood. Then, 10 feet before the lip of the opening, you hear a metallicwrenching sound shatter the silence! You look up, to see all three demon knights, theirheads turned towards you. Do you you . . . keep going?


I retreat quickly and cast "Stoneskin" on myself negating the"Foresight".

If after I have retreated they still keep coming, I use "Meteor Swarm"

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

You cast stoneskin on yourself just in time as the demon knight rushes at you andlifting his 6' long two-handed sword in one hand swings it down against your shoulder! Theblade bounces off with a loud WHANG! as your mighty spell protects you. You try to castmeteor swarm forgetting that you have already cast your two 9th level spells for the day,prismatic sphere and the last meteor swarm. You will have to cast something else.

Meanwhile, the other two demon knights move with blinding speed, attacking the otherparty members at random.

And let's see who gets picked:


1. She-Ra

2. Extendar

3. Man-at-Arms

4. Rio-Blast

5. Castaspella

6. Frosta

I roll the first dice, 5, Castaspella gets attacked! I roll the 2nd dice, 1, She-Ragets attacked! The rest of you are left to fend for yourselves!


Castaspella VS. demon knight 2: The demon knight moves faster than Castaspella, takingthe initiative with a 5. He swings his mighty sword, hitting with an 11, Casta fails toblock with her wand with a 5, and the sword slices her across the chest causing no illeffects other than a nasty wound. The demon knight is strong, the vile blade is enchanted,and you, Casta, lose 13 of 28 hit points, falling to 15.

What do you do now? Do you:

A) Flee

B) Attack

C) Cast a spell


D) Other?

She-Ra VS. demon knight 3: She-Ra moves faster than the demon knight with herincredible dexterity, swinging her hefty holy blade at the unholy being. She swings oncewith a 15, but he blocks with a 10. She swings again breaking through his tough, magicalarmor with a 16. He is too slow to block, and so she hits him taking off 18 hit points.


She-Ra VS. demon knight 3: The demon knight swings to hit her back with a 17, sparksfly off her steel as she parries the blow with a 13.

Castaspella VS. demon knight 2: I await your EM for further action.

Sorceress VS. demon knight 1: I await your EM for further action, and if I do not gotany EM from the other players, you can assume control of their actions.


While She-Ra is fighting the Demon knight I want to hit her with my eye

beams again so that she has a better chance of losing. Also, with my

crossbow shots this turn I want to fire at Castaspella.

Next round, Hit She-Ra with yet another eye beam( by that point she

should be pretty bad) and then fire my crossbow at Castaspella(unless

she is dead, then attack She-Ra. If she-ra is dead also, fire at



ps just gave you 2 rounds ahead of time so that we can move quickly


If you attack them now Skeletor will not help you, and you will lose your invisibility.Do you still want to do this?


If she does not reply, Frosta uses "Stoneskin".

I use my primary weapon--my 18d6 staff of fire ball on the demon knight.

Frosta uses her cone of cold staff. The idea is for the heat/cold contrast

to have a powerful effect. The others who do not object use their primary

weapons as well, She-Ra uses her sword, Man-At-Arms uses his 30d6 cannon,

Rio-Blast uses only the parts of his laser ensemble that will fire at the

knight, not go astray and hit the rest of us, Extendar uses his punch,

Stratos uses his laser blasters. If I missed anything, I think we all know

each other's primary weapons.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

Round2: Everybody but Frosta attacks

Sorceress VS. demon knight 1: Sorceress, you raise your staff, blasting the demon, hedodges out of the way just in time to take half. The demon suffers 32 hit points but stillstands.

Castaspella VS. demon knight 2: Castaspella, you blast him with your fireball, hedodges out of the way taking half, and demon knight 2 loses 20 hit points.

Frosta: Casts stoneskin on herself and joins Castaspella.

Man-at-Arms: You shoot Bessie at one of the demon knights. Since you didn't specifywhich, I will determine at random the 3rd one, the one She-Ra is fighting. You shoot, justBARELY missing with a 14.

Rio-Blast: Though your damage is tremendous, you have terrible aim and the demonknight's armor is highly deflective of your beams. You need a 20 to hit; you shoot sixtimes failing to harm the demon every time!

Stratos: You fly overhead at a safe distance, with plenty of room since the ceiling is80' high, and shoot at the 3rd one. You have much better aim than both Man-at-Arms andRio-Blast (but your damage is less), you shoot and miss the first time, but just barelyhit with your second palm. The demon knight 3 saves for half, losing 16 hit points.

PS: I gotta rush off to work now, stay tuned for ROUND 3!

Sorry, almost forgot you!


Extendar: Seeing Castaspella in trouble, you and Frosta run up to demon knight 2. Youextend your fists to punch him, hitting the demon knight once with an 11, but your fistgoes BONG! against his hard, magic armor. Apparently, you are too weak to harm the demonknight with your fist.


Sorceress VS. demon knight 1: Seeing how his sword is useless against your stoneskin,the demon knight attempts to grab you with his other hand. With a 5 he picks you up withone hand, you struggle to break free with a wrestling total of 7 + 9 = 16, but your frailfeminine arms fail to push him off with his superior wrestling total of 39. He manages toget you into wrestling move number 6! He clenches his metallic fingers around your prettyneck, lifts you off your feet like a rag doll, and placing his thumb against your chintwists until your spinal chord almost snaps! Quick, Sorceress, somebody, do something! Orin the next round, YOU, Sorceress, will die!

Castaspella, Frosta, and Extendar VS. demon knight 2: Hurt by your powerful spell, thedemon knight swings his sword hitting you, Castaspella, with a 4. You fail to block with a7, and he makes a bloody gash across your right arm. The wound cuts deep to the bone, andyou lose 14 of 15 hit points and are down to 1! Casta, you are very weak, if you are hitonce more you will fall unconsious or possibly die.

She-Ra VS. demon knight 3: She-Ra swings, hits with a 14, the demon knight blocks withan 18, she swings again hitting with a 7, the demon knight is too slow to block twice, andshe takes off 21 hit points! The demon is STILL alive, but he looks weak; he is limping.

Ok, I need actions people!

Stay tuned for Round4


HEAL ME!!!!!


I whimper as I fall down behind cover!!



Only one person has the power to heal you right now, Casta, and that is She-Ra, but sheis a bit preoccupied at the moment, so you will have to retreat! Luckily, Frosta andExtendar are right next to you, so you run between them as they close in on the demonknight stopping him from chasing you!


Let's see...

Rio-Blast is critical, Castaspella is hyper-critical, and I am looking at

minutes to live. We have two paladins left with the ability to heal us

sufficiently. Everyone else is damaged. I want to teleport us back to

Greyskull to be healed. If I need some healing first, just to be able to

have enough endurance to make it through the portal, I ask the one closest

to me who can heal me to do so. We have been in the room for a while, and

I know I studied the archways very carefull, so I expect to be able to make

it there and back with relative ease.

Will charging up in the Star Chamber recharge my ability to use level 9

spells today? If for any reason I am unable to cast the necessary portal,

I would like Frosta to do so. Anyone who would like to is, of course

welcome to stay and fight, but I would not recommend it.

If I am not able to go but only be healed partially, I will go to a corner

of the room and cast a prismatic wall to protect myself from further

attack. I would also tell the others (not the knights) not to watch. If I

felt safe enough, I would emerge from the wall for a few seconds, cast a

fire ball, and go back to safety.

Sorceress of Greyskull

_________________________ >>

I don't think you understand, Sorceress, you are in the grip of the demon knight. He isholding you by the neck 2 feet off the ground with a single fist. You might try to breakfree but he is MUCH stronger than you, it would be like a small teenage girl trying to armwrestle Hulk Hogan. And you cannot teleport the others out until you somehow seperateyourself from the demon knight. I suggest casting some sort of spell on him or yourself,or you may just teleport yourself alone back to Greyskull.


Sorceress VS. demon knight 1: I await your EM for further action. Act quickly or I willassume you teleport yourself free!

Castaspella: Runs away!

Frosta and Extendar VS. demon knight 2: Frosta casts cone of cold from her magic snowflake wand, hitting the demon and chilling his armor. Demon saves for half with an 18, andsuffers 27 hit points! And after Casta's fireball, the demon's armor begins to crack underthe high stresses of weathering effect.

Meanwhile, Extendar tries to grab and wrestle the demon knight! He extends himself to11' feet, towering over the demon knight, then attempts to grab him, succeeding with a 12.Extendar flexes his huge muscles, locking arms with the fiendish foe, with a wrestlingtotal of 9 + 21 = 30, and the demon knight fails to push him off with a 24 wt.! Extendargets him in a choke hold, but the demon knight does not seem effected, for he has nointernal organs to be choked to death. So right now, Extendar simply has the demon knightin his grasp.

She-Ra VS. demon knight 3: The demon knight swings, hitting with an 8, She-Ra blockswith a 7! But suddenly, She-Ra feels faint, week, as if some strange force has drained herof more energy. It is the same feeling she got from Mantenna when he looked at her. Shelooks around the room, but he is nowhere to be seen! Even still, her levels drop by 3, soshe is now level 11, and she loses another 9 of 109 hit points, she now has 100.

Rio-Blast: You attack demon knight 3 at random, you shoot six times, and hit once, withthe third set of guns! Unfortunately, the demon knight's magic armor absorbs the heat fromthe beam and he suffers no damage.

Man-at-Arms: Trying to save the Sorceress, you attack demon knight 1 at random. Youshoot, missing with a 12.

Stratos: You attack the 3rd demon knight at random, hitting with a 16 and and justbarely missing with a 12. Your first beam, however, bounces off his armor doing nothing.


Sorceress VS. demon knight 1: Still waiting to finish round 4.


Sorceress VS. demon knight 1: ???

Frosta and Extendar VS. demon knight 2: The demon knight must free himself fromExtendar's grip before he can make any further action. And so, he makes a wrestling totalof 21, and Extendar just barely succeeds him with his superior strength with a total of23.

She-Ra VS. demon knight 3: She-Ra swings, just barely hitting with a 9, and the demonknight blocks with a 4. She swings again, but with her life drained, she grows slow andweary, missing with a 6!

Castaspella: Is in hiding.

Rio-Blast: Rio-Blast misses all 6 times again.

Man-at-Arms: Aims at number 1, missing with a 10! Duncan is surely cursing the day hewas born now!

Stratos: Targets number 3, unleashes the palm, missing terribly with a 2, and unloadsagain missing with a 4!


Can I just drain She-Ra'e level with my eyes, without losing

invisibility or having Skeletor turn on me? I wont attack her I just

want to drain her.

You could say to She-Ra, you try to swing your sword but suddenly you

feel very weak and you dont know why. Or something like that.

Im scared that If I dont attack now while they are preoccupied with the

Demon Knights. They will kill me later if I try to attck them by

myself. Know what I mean? Doesnt Skeletor understand this?


Mantenna(<Mantenna's Player>)


Your wish has been granted. Just read the last 2 EM's where She-Ra is fighting thedemon knight 3.


Your wish has been granted. Just read the last 2 EM's where She-Ra is

fighting the demon knight 3.

Alright, She-Ra is not doing to well so I think I am done draining her.

I dont want either side to dominate to much. I want them to wear each

other out so that When it is my turn to fight, they will be real weak

and tired. I think the Demon Knights are starting to dominate, so I

will start to drain them. I will drain Demon Knight #1 first.


You try to drain them, but they don't seem effected by it. Skeletor informs you,"Idiot! Those are not true living beings, you cannot drain them like you didShe-Ra!"


please teleport me!!



You can teleport yourself, but nobody is bothering you, so I don't think its necessary.


I thought about my options, and assumed that my neck is very weak.

If I free myself from his grip, I fall to the floor, break my neck, and die.

If I polymorph into a flea, I fall to the floor and die.

A bird, flying might cause neck fracture.

An elephant should cause the grip to be released, but it would only take

about one good whack to end me.

I have decided that I have no choice but to teleport myself directly to

Greyskull's Star Chamber for healing.

Once I am there and stable, I teleport the rest of you who want to come to

the Star Chamber. If I do not already know who wants to come, I will use

telapathy to determine it as soon as I am there.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

Sorry Sorceress, there seems to be a bit of confusion as to your condition. Perhaps itis my fault because I didn't explain it better. You do not need any healing becauseExtendar healed you of all hit point loss; if you remember you have 40 hit points. Soteleporting to the Star Chamber would be pointless. What I failed to explain is that byusing a wrestling move, you can kill someone without injuring him. The demon knight istrying to break your neck. This causes instant death regardless of hit points. So if youwere to turn into an elephant, one whack wouldn't kill you. And if you were to turn into aflea, you wouldn't die because as you should know, gravity acts the same on all creatures,so a flea falling from that height would be the same as you falling from that height, thatis why ants don't die when they fall off a table.

I think the flea idea is your best option, if you want to teleport out later, let meknow.

And so, in Round4:

Sorceress VS. demon knight 1: You polymorph into a flea, slip between the demonknight's fingers who doesn't even realize what happened, drop to the floor and scuttleoff.


I want to try an just lay low and not get hit anymore so I dont die. I also

try and get she-ra's attenetion telepathicaly to see if she can heal me a

little so that I am not completely useless. Ignore the other post. I was

going to follow the sorceress but I obviosly do not know how to use the star

chamber so it would be pointless.



You are laying low. Right now She-Ra is busy fighting the demon, but when she gets timeshe will try and heal you.


Here is a warning I think you should consider. You saw me cast "Haste" on

myself. I am aware of the aging of one year (unless that implication is

waved). I feel comfortable doing it because I am already very old (see the

compendium), yet I appear in my current form, so a year is nothing compared

to my many centuries. I would suggest extreme caution in use of the

"Haste" spell.

Another thing is I think I made an error earlier stating that I expected 4

fireballs. If it is really two attacks/round for me, I want to use the two

fireballs in a fashion similar to the way I intended to use four.


Round5 (continued):

Sorceress: You turn into a flea and after some considerable distance, transformyourself back into a woman keeping your distance from the demon knight. Haste does makeyou move faster but you cannot decrease the time it takes to cast spells. All spells,regardless of how fast you chant them, take 1 round to be cast. And so, if you wish, youhave just enough time to cast 1 fireball at the demon knight before he reaches you.


Sorceress VS. demon knight 1: You raise your staff, emitting a red blazing fireball. Ittrails across the sky and smacks into the demon knight's chest, exploding in a fierycloud. And the demon knight fails to save for half with a 5! You hear a wretched scream asthe emissary of Hell bursts into a swirling mass of iron! And demon knight 1 is no more!

But suddenly, you feel faint, weak, as if blood is pouring out of you. Your level dropsby 2, and you are now an 18th level mage. You also lose 2 of 40 hit points, falling to 38.

Frosta and Extendar VS. demon knight 2: Extendar holds the demon knight down whileFrosta pounces on him with her ice wand. Demon knight 2 fails to save with a 7, andsuffers full damage from the cold. The spawn of darkness suffers 54 hit points and turnsinto a crystalline statue, keals over, and shatters like glass! Demon knight 2 is no more!

She-Ra VS. demon knight 3: The knight swings his hefty blade, hitting with a 9, and sheblocks with an 8!

Rio-Blast: Since all but one demon knight remains, the fastest draw in Eternia whipsout his ol' laser beams and target scope and goes a blasten 'em, missing all 6 times.

Man-at-Arms: Duncan also aims at the 3rd knight, pulls the trigger, and misses with a6!

Stratos: Directs his attack at the last enemy standing, hitting with a 15, and missingthe second attack with a 9. Demon knight 3 saves for half, losing 13 hit points, and isstill alive!!!


She-Ra VS. demon knight 3: She-Ra swings her sword, she hits with a 10, he blocks withan 18! She swings again missing with a 3!!!

Sorceress: You are too distant to help She-Ra, but you begin making your way towardher.

Frosta and Extendar: You begin making your way toward the 3rd demon knight.

Rio-Blast: You shoot your guns. You miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, and HIT!!!Unfortunately, the demon knight deflects the beam again!

Man-at-Arms: Shoot, and hit finally with a 15! The demon knight fails to resist, andyour powerful laser cannon blows him to smithereens! Nothing is left of him but dust!

Then, She-Ra turns around. There is a concerned look on her face. She raises her swordand points it out like a divining rod.

"What is it?" asks one of you.

"There is someone here with us, an evil presense. I can feel it." And shebegins to walk to one corner of the room. As she does, she passes by you, Castaspella. Byplacing her hand on your shoulder, she heals you of 22 hit points.

Status report:

Sorceress: You have lost 2 levels and 2 hit points. You are 18th level of 20 and have38 of 40 hit points.

She-Ra: Lost 6 levels and 9 hit points. She is now level 11 of 17 and has 100 of 152hit points. She can no longer cast 'lay on hands' for the day.

Castaspella: You have 23 of 28 hit points.

Rio-Blast: Still at critical with 16 hit points.

Extendar: 115 of 124 hp and can no longer 'lay on hands' today

Man-at-Arms: 53 of 72 hp

Frosta: 28 of 37 hp

Stratos: 46 of 117 hp

The four archeways now remain unguarded. Do you wish to proceed?

Is walking toward you as if she sees you. And she looks really pissed! You also noticethat Skeletor is gone. What do you do???


How have you treated Mantenna's eye beams. Are they magic and therefore

affected by "Spell Turning"?

Is it possible to cast "Spell Turning" on one who I do not know his exact



Mantenna's eye beams are considered a special ability and therefore do not fall intothe spell category. And you cannot cast spell turning unless you know what and where youare casting it on.


I cast "True Seeing" upon myself in the hopes of seeing an invisible

Mantenna (also negating my "Haste").

I think he is present. What is the method for regaining lost

levels--She-Ra's and mine. I think She-Ra should hold aloft her sword and

say "For the Honor of Greyskull". I think there is a good chance that that

would regain her levels and maybe even heal her hit points.

I don't think we should leave the room until I see if Mantenna is present.

He is obviously a major threat. Besides, Skeletor could also be present.

My first spell against him if I find him will be "Light" cast directly upon

his eyes. Since his eyes are his primary weapons, I think that would

negate most of his ability to attack. At least the resulting blindness of

Mantenna would be an advantage. It would also show the rest of you where

he is so you could fire at will.


You cast "true seeing" and see Mantenna, having been turned invisible,standing in the corner. She-Ra seems to be walking straight toward him. Skeletor isnowhere to be found.

PS: She-Ra can no longer heal herself. And only a cleric restoration spell can restorelost levels, so until you find a cleric or return to the Star Chamber, you may not regainthose lost levels.

The Sorceress cries that Mantenna is standing in the corner, though none of you can seehim. Then she points to where She-Ra is heading.

Suddenly, She-Ra stops in her tracks and looks as if she is being drained again, whichin fact she is. She loses 1 level and 3 hit points, so she is now level 10 and has 97 hitpoints.

Then, with a vicious battle cry, She-Ra swings her sword madly, and Mantenna appearssuddenly! She hits him with a 19, and hits him again with an 18. Mantenna cannot blockwith his crossbow, and so he is cut across the abdomen with a 12, and gashed in the leftarm with a 9. Mantenna is now bleeding clear jello like blood. His constitution drops from20 to 19, he loses 9 hit points from blood loss, 20 hit points from the first strike and23 from the second. Mantenna is down to 67 of 119.

What do you all do?


Can Mantenna be put into Evil-Lyn's wand with her once we get him down to

negative hit points?

For characters not being played, I would like them to use their primary

weapons again, except for Extendar. If it is not effective for me to tell

the others where Mantenna is, I would like Extendar to cast "Faerie Fire"

on Mantenna thereby producing an outline of light around his invisible

form. I would take special care to pinpoint Mantenna's location for the

Faerie Fire to be effective. After my "Light" spell on Mantenna's eyes, I

will unleash another fireball on him.

Actually, since Mantenna has 50% magic resistance, it might be wise for

some people to supplant their lasers (since they are considered magic) with

a physical attack. So in this special case, allow primary weapon" to refer

to something other than lasers if it has a higher potential effect.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

After being attacked, Mantenna unloads full force on She-Ra. He blasts her with hiscrossbow shooting at point blank range. Mantenna hits with a 2, blasting a hole in herright leg. She tries to use her sword to repel the beam, but fails. But She-Ra manages,just barely, to dodge out of the way with a 9, taking half damage. Mantenna shoots again,hitting with a 16 in the left ear with a 12. She-Ra fails to repel, but saves for halfwith an 18. Altogether she loses 50 hit points and is drained by his eye beams of another4 levels, losing an additional 24 hit points! She-Ra is now level 6 and has 23 hit pointsleft!

Meanwhile, Castaspella casts a fireball to hit Mantenna, Sorceress casts a blindingspell to blind Mantenna, and Stratos flies over to help She-Ra. Man-at-Arms and Extendaralso rush over to help. Rio-Blast aims his guns.

Mantenna blinks just in time with a 15, avoiding the blinding effect of the Sorceress'spell. But before Casta's fireball can hit Mantenna, She-Ra, though very weary, swings hersword one last time. She hacks him with an 18 across the right arm with a 10, taking off19, and Mantenna loses more blood from the last round so his constitution drops to 18.

She-Ra tries to lift her sword again, but is too weak to do so. Mantenna is left with48 hit points. He raises his crossbow to finish her off, but Castaspella's fireball smackshim in the face! Mantenna fails to save with a 2, taking the blunt of it, and loses 51 hitpoints falling unconsious at -3!

The smoking body of the fallen Mantenna lies on the floor. She-Ra plants her sword intothe ground, resting on its hilt, then turns to Castaspella with a look of gratitude."Thanks . . . you saved my life."

You, Sorceress, walk over to Mantenna attempting to cast a kind of imprisonment spellon him. But before you can reach him, there is flash of light and the outline of twoparallel figures. You look again, your eyes recovering from the sudden illumination, tosee two Horde troopers standing over Mantenna. They have their backs to you, facing him,and do not appear concerned with the rest of you. Then you notice, Mantenna's smoking

bat-shield discarded on the floor. You don't remember him wearing it, so you figure hemust have removed it around the time he sided with Skeletor . . .

"We have found him," says one Horde trooper.

The other trooper prods Mantenna with an electric staff. Mantenna's big bulbous eyesawaken.

The first Horde trooper pushes a button on a little black box hanging from his belt.The voice of Hordak fills the room.

Hordak speaks, "You have betrayed me, Mantenna. And for this crime you shall paydearly. A thousand years in the Slime Pits of Horde Prime!"

A look of horror falls upon Mantenna, his enormous eyes opening even wider with shock.


Horde trooper 1 turns off the radio saying, "Common, traitor, let's go."Then, the two of them lift the limp body of Mantenna on to their shoulders and carry himaway. Horde trooper 2 hits another button on his belt, and in another blinding flash, the3 of them are gone.


I have not figured out why Mantenna attacked us. We saved his life and

allowed him to join our part for his own protection among other things. He

knew that we already killed several powerful warriors. He knew how we felt

about the gravity of our quest. Despite all of this, he thought he had a

reason to attack us knowing that we would most likely fight back with all

necessary force. I am perplexed. He could have shared in the honor of

saving Eternia and Etheria from the demon.

I will be on the lookout for Hordesmen though I do not expect them to

interfere with us. I have many reasons I believe it would be impractical

to attack us, not the least of which the demon might end up as a force to

rival the Horde on Etheria if we fail. Hordak would not like that.

Skeletor could still reappear, but I don't think he likes to fight us. He

is smart enough to know that since we beat such opponents as Tri-Klops that

he would have an unpleasant time at best. I know he did not enjoy seeing

the "Meteror Swarm" and "Cone of Cold" coming at him.

I admit there is plenty of room to believe any number of opponents will

attempt to impede us, but I think there is a fair probability that the next

battle will be against Slayer IV, the root of all our new evil.

I am very worried about She-Ra. Her skill with her sword is indispensible,

but now it is weakened with her level and hit point loss. Many of the rest

of you are hurt badly. I am not too worried about my health since losing

those two levels didn't do much more that decrease the number of level 9

spells I could cast per day--especially since I already achieved the limit.

This said, I believe we are in no condition for a major battle. Noone even

has any major healing spells left today. We need Greyskull, so I make sure

I know this room very well, and I suggest Frosta and Casta do the same.

Barring any objections, I transport us all to Greyskull to retrieve health,

levels, and hopefully a rejuvenation to the number of spells we can cast in

a day.

I can teleport us out immediately, so let us go forth.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

Ok, Sorceress, you teleport yourself and the others back to Greyskull!

Bathing in the light of the Star Chamber, you all restore yourselves to full health

(hit points), and remove all the negative effects of your prior battles (level loss).

She-Ra raises her sword aloft and chants, "For the Honor of Greyskull!" andin a burst of magical light, she is at full power once again!

Now you are ready to return to the Dark Castle and tackle whatever evil lies in waitfor you. But hurry . . . you sense the sands of time running out.


Perhaps it was a good thing to destroy those demon knights. They had

already died, but they were animated and forced to serve as guards for the

demon, assuming we believe Evil-Lyn. This was an unmerciful deprivation of

final rest that such great, good paladins deserve.

I pray to Zodak to be merciful to their spirits. Even as evil warriors,

they died with dignity. I salute their lives as good paladins.


This is an interesting comment. I don't know what happens to the demon knight's soulsonce they are destroyed (again). Do they return back to Baator, or to Mount Celestia wherethey belong? As for Zodak, I believe the after life is beyond his jurisdiction. There aremany other gods in the universe besides him. Eternia does not appear to have anylife-after death myth other than the undead, such as the ghost Scareglow.

There is something in Greyskull called the 'Wheel of the Planes.' You can use it tosummon beings from other planes, even Mount Celestia. It was once used (in a priorcampaign) to summon the archangel solar Icarus (see my compendium). Perhaps he couldanswer your question.

As for why Mantenna attacked you, I don't know, why don't you ask him? He is the sameguy who role-played Tri-Klops by the way. You can EM him directly at: <Mantenna's Player>.




Great! now what for me? Can I play again? Or should I just wait for

the next RPG? At least She-Ra can never recover from my eye beams...


<Mantenna's Player>


Wait, I have very special plans for you.

DM (the DM)


Does going to Greyskull mean I can cast more level 9 spells today?


Yes. The Star Chamber has rejuvinated you to full capacity in all things.

Right now, though, it's late and I'm tired. Tomorrow I will EM you with the contentsbeyond the archeway.


Is there any spell I can use to effectively find out where the gem is?

Are there any restrictions to using temporal stasis on an archdemon?


Jacob, it his highly against RPG etiquette to post the stats of a monster you obviouslydo not know anything about, or should know anything about, it merely ruins the game. It'slike reading the last page of a mystery novel. It also gives you an unrealistic advantage.So right now I am kinda pissed. Please don't do this again. Just because you did that, Imay have to go and change some things about him.

As for Slayer and Hordak, that info relates to another campaign, so just disregard it.

And as for your spells, you can try and cast a detect magic spell to find the gem.

You may not kill any single being with power word kill who has more than 60 hit pointswhen full. This means that if you reduce Slayer to under 60 hit points, you still won't beable to kill him with that spell. As for a temporal stasis spell, there are no officialrestrictions, other than you know not how you will encounter the demon, and what spells hemay be using.

You (Sorceress, She-Ra, Castaspella, Frosta, Stratos, Extendar, Rio-Blast, and

Man-at-Arms) have no need, as Frosta suggested, to split up. For when you walk throughthe arches, you find that all four lead into the same room. This room is truly immense,and overwhelm the senses. You stand momentarily awestruck, quickly glancing, gatheringwhat you can.

The circular rotunda that you have stepped into is 60' in diameter. The most strikingthing about this room is the gargantuan onyx statue that stands before you, 100' high,from the base of the marble floor to the domed ceiling above. The statue is that of abrutish, hulking humanoid, with taloned feet, claw hands, and bat-like wings that spreadout around you, enveloping you, blending into the walls. Its face is truly inhuman, with along pointed chin, jagged, sharp teeth, two small diagonal slits for nostrils, and twohorizontal slits for eyes where flaming torches have been set, so that its eyes appear asthe gates of Hell. But the most striking feature is the thick, protruding horns that startfrom the back of its skull, wrapping themselves around to the front of its face like rams'horns, reaching forward to the length of its elbows to sharpened points, half masking itsvile visage.

The next thing you notice are the stone steps, the width of which run the course of thestatue from ankle to ankle, leading 60' up to its waist to a 10' x 10' square platformheld in the of hands of the statue. A golden pentagram within a circle touches each edgeof the square. There are seven goat-headed priests with long white robes with gold sidingand golden pentagrams on the whole of the front of their dress. They are walking in a

counter-clockwise circle on the platform, chanting in an ancient tongue and tossinghandfuls of red stand into a 5' whirlpool the color of blood. Situated 5' above thewhirlpool is a golden staff topped by a double-headed serpent. Balanced between theserpent heads' four fangs is a glowing, fist sized ruby. A beam of red light shoots fromthe gem down into the center of the pool, and up through an opening in the ceiling like acontinuous laser. Two stone thrones the shape of daggers, both empty, stand against thestomach of the statue. Looking up, the ceiling above is a painted mural depicting a war, awar between aasimon and baatezu, between Mount Celestia and Baator.

But as if all this wasn't enough, beside the goat-priests there is an explosion ofpurple smoke, and out steps Skeletor! The goat-priests look up in alarm, but before thesmoke clears, the Lord of Destruction raises his Havoc staff and blasts them with chainlightning! The blue bolt of death leaps from goat to goat, burning holes right throughtheir chests, blackening their robes as they fall with a terrible "baa" into apile of ash. Only one remains. He bravely stands against Skeletor, grabbing the ram staffwith his stubby hands, but Skeletor twists it free from him and smites him on the head,knocking him half way down the steps as handfuls of red sand mixed with goat blood blanketthe surface.

Skeletor stands triumphant. He rests his Havoc staff on the floor and looks down uponhis fallen adversaries, then to you. "They were no match for me! But the demon knightguards, they would have been a problem, Sorceress, if you had not taken care of them!Thank you!" The room echoes with his wicked laugh.

"Behold!" he points his dirty finger nail at the ruby. "The Demon Gem!While you were away at Greyskull, I was here, ready to claim it! At last, it IS mine, andthe armies of the Nine Hells shall be mine to control! Soon, all of Eternia will beoverrun by demons!"

Skeletor plucks the gem from the serpents' mouth, not seeming bothered by the red beamof light emitted by it. And at that instant, you hear from your crystal ball, Evil-Lyncry, "No, the fool, he does not know what he is doing!" Skeletor clenches theDemon Gem in his fist, bathed in the red glow.

"Eh? What's this?" Suddenly, Skeletor groans as if punched in the stomach, hefalls to his knees in apparent pain, covering his face with his hand and holding himselfup with the other. His face remains hidden beneath his hood, as you notice Skeletor's armsbegin to bulge. New muscles grow from out his old muscles; his blue skin rips and flakesoff, and a new, ruby red, boil infested flesh replaces it. Blades shoot out from his back,and flower into wings, and a black horn burrows its way from out his hood. When Skeletorstands again, he is no longer Skeletor, but a winged-creature standing nine feet tall,identical to the statue in every way.


Does the gem still exist? Did I learn anything from the "Demonology" book

that I might find useful in the current scenario? I believe Castaspella's

author left for the weekend. Who chose to join me in my "Anti-Magic Shell"?

I think there is a fair chance that the pool is a passage to Baator. I

believe our last chance to avoid confrontation with this formidable oponent

is for my to have learned helpful information from the book unless someone

else has a truly brilliant plan.

Crud! When I first read through the information about this room I thought

we had achieved one goal--keeping the demon away from our persons. We

always had the possession, mating theory. Today when I dilligently read

through it I saw the part about the TWO thrones. It looks like he may

attempt both scenarios, one of which is completed. There are types of

other bad implications possible about the other symbols in the room.

This will be all until I find out if I know anything that will help us win.

Who knows, a bit of strategy could be much more valuable than massive fire


Sorceress of Greyskull

_______________________________________ >>

Sorceress, you are currently the only one within the anti-magic shell. The demonologybook does not look like it will help you. Perhaps this will answer the rest of yourquestions:


She-Ra's head tilts back, her arms fall limp to her sides, and her knees buckle withweakness. Her mouth drops as if to vomit, the corners of which crease in horror anddisgust. Her eyes bright, dance around, as a deep violet-blackish mist circles her fromhead-to-toe. Her old clothes peal off like leaves in the Fall, and the mist embraces hernaked body in a new dress . . . a long, black wedding dress. Slayer opens the palm of hisright hand and raises it gently, sweeping her off her feet like a rag doll. You reach tograb her arm but it is too late! She floats to him, higher and higher, the black dresscoiling and flapping about her, until landing gently on the platform. Then, the redmuscle-bound fiend opens his other fist, releasing the Demon Gem, letting it fall anddangle in her eyes from a gold chain. He places the chain around her neck, and the gemrests against her heart.


She places her hand in his. She looks up at him, towering above her with a lovingglance, his, a piercing, commanding gaze. "I will marry you."

All ye over the face of Eternia, a single black cloud blankets the sky. Thunder andlightning rolls throughout the land. The winds pick up. No place remains untouched. No oneescapes its influence. All have fallen beneath the immense shadow of the Dark Castle.

"IT IS DONE!" And with that, She-Ra's black dress begins to spin at the hem,until the whole dress twirls up and away turning into a huge bat. She-Ra is left nakedonly with her necklace. It bathes her in its warm, red light. She lurches forward, dropsto her palms, and her skin opens to free the grey skin bursting from beneath. Her blondehair falls out until she is completely bald, and almost instantly, a new, dark grey manereplaces it. Small horns worm their way out of her forehead, and her spinal chord tearsfrom under the skin branching off into skeletal wings. Slayer picks up Skeletor's oldclothes and dresses her in them. And when they touch her body they morph into a red loincloth and brassier full of thorns. When the transformation is complete, she turns to faceyou.

You search her eyes, eyes without pupils, but find no trace of the woman you once knew.

She sits upon the throne. Slayer kneels beside her.

When she speaks, it is as two disharmonious voices speaking together, one clashing ontop of the other, one female, the other male, the second tailing after the first. Andthere is fire in her voice; it is commanding. It echoes through your ear drums andthreatens to toss you into vertigo with each spoken word. "I AM HECATE OF THEFIFTH," she says. "WELCOME TO MY HELL."


Commence firing [on the main demon]! All fighters attack with full force.

Mages--Frosta uses "Temporal Stasis" on the demon. I use "LightningBolt"

by dropping my anti-magic shell.

What has become of She-Ra's sword? If it is available, I retrieve the

sword with "Telekinesis" in one big thrust rather than using my"Lightning


I know of an Earth word, peculiarly from the nation-state of America.

Part of the attack readiness language was DefCon. It was rated on a scale

of 5 to 1 where 5 meant relaxed and 1 meant essentially World War III.

This, heroes, is DefCon 1.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>


She-Ra's sword is lying on the floor. You use your telekinesis to make it jump intoyour hands. The rest of you shoot at the main demon . . . which is??? I assume you meanSlayer. If not, Slayer jumps in front of any attacks made against Hecate and shields herwith his body. Frosta casts cone of cold, Castaspella casts lightning bolt, Man-at-Armsshoots his laser cannon, Rio-Blast fires his 10 guns, Extendar can do nothing, and Stratosfires his palm beams. Slayer does not move. He just stands there letting it all hit him,and smiles. He does not look hurt.


Hecate lets out a horrid, wicked laugh! It echoes throughout the rotunda. You all hearit. And this is what happens to you:

SORCERESS: You cover your ears just in time with an 18. Nothing bad happens to you.

CASTASPELLA: You cover your ears just in time with a 15. Nothing bad happens to you.

FROSTA: You cover your ears just in time with an 13. Nothing bad happens to you.

EXTENDAR: You, Extendar, try to cover your ears, but your helmet is too thick! Herlaugh rings through your armor like a church bell, and you relive your worst experience,the day you were captured and operated on by the Horde! The room disappears and all youcan see is Hordak glaring over you, and you, helplessly chained to the operating table!

To the rest of you, Extendar clunks to the ground like a helpless newborn wallowing inpain.

RIO-BLAST: You cover your ears just in time with a 17. Nothing bad happens to you.

MAN-AT-ARMS: You just barely cover your ears in time with a 10. Nothing bad happens toyou.

STRATOS: Oh no! Stratos, you are too late! You let the sirens song sear into yourbrain, failing with a 2! And you live YOUR worst experience . . . which is the day youbroke up with Ariana, your girlfriend! You fall on your knees, totally oblivious to yoursurroundings, and burst into tears.

Hecate turns to Slayer, "DESTROY THEM."


RIO-BLAST: Slayer points to you, opens the palm of his left hand up, and a column offlame bursts up from beneath your feet incinerating everything within 10' of you! You justbarely leap out of harm's way with a 7, with only your boots catching on fire!

CASTASPELLA: Slayer points his other finger toward you, opening the palm of his righthand and raising it like a conductor at an orchestra. The earth beneath your feettrembles, a fissure opens up, and the many arms of lesser demons grab and nip at yourfeet!

Horrors, you scream, stomping on them with the heel of your boot, and run away just intime with a 14.


SORCERESS: You command your group to attack, and cast temporal stasis on Slayer.

CASTASPELLA: You attack with another lightning bolt.

FROSTA: You attack with a lightning bolt.

EXTENDAR: You are still paralyzed with pain.

RIO-BLAST: Your eyes meet those of Hecate, and then you realize just how beautiful sheis. Her long, raven black hair, her bright green eyes, her pretty smile. Why . . . she iseverything you have ever wanted in a woman! How could you shoot such a lovely damsel, orher friend, Slayer? You drop your guns, and start making your way toward the steps.

MAN-AT-ARMS: You aim, and shoot the demon!

STRATOS: You are still sobbing over your lost love.

Before anything can reach him, Slayer cups his hands together and in a blaze of whitelight disappears! The lightning bolts and Man-at-Arms' laser beam explode against thestatue wall. The Sorceress' spell is negated.


Slayer teleports from the platform to you, reappearing within 20'.

SORCERESS: You look upon this demon, the embodiment of evil itself, and suffer ananxiety attack! The blood boils inside you, your sweat turns to steam, your hands shakeuncontrolably, and you take off screaming for 3 rounds, mindless of the friends you leavebehind!

CASTASPELLA: You are the only one of three who remains to confront Slayer IV. What doyou do? I await EM for your next action.

FROSTA: You are the only one of three who remains to confront Slayer IV. What do youdo? I await EM for your next action.

EXTENDAR: Horde troopers have already begun amputating your arm at the elbow, withoutany anasthetic!

RIO-BLAST: You have reached the stairs and are beginning to ascend them, totallyoblivious to the chaos that is going on around you.

MAN-AT-ARMS: You are the only one of three who remains to confront Slayer IV. What doyou do? I await EM for your next action.

STRATOS: You will NEVER see her again! Oh the loneliness, it is so cold! And you,without pen or paper to write her a poem!

To Jacob the Sorceress: You can continue to control the rest of the pary members if Idon't get EM from them. While you are fleeing, Evil-Lyn bangs on the glass, saying,"Release me from this wand! I can help you fight this battle!" What do you do?


Castaspella dispels the "Fear" spells on us with a "Dispel Magic"spell.

This means to dispel all of the miscellaneous spells that are causing to be

afraid or have visions of bad past times regardless of whether or not it is

actually "Fear" ie "Eye Bite"

Regardless of any "Fear" effects I should be able to use some telepathy

since I have even used telepathy while unconscious in the past. I tell

Teela that there is an excellent chance of my death, but it is not certain.

Since I will be very occupied for a while. She is to look at the hologram

that I made for her before we started our quest.

Evil-Lyn is to be released. If I can I will do it especially since I may

be the only one able to release her since I trapped her in the first place.

I hand her her wand so she may have every opportunity to help defeat

Slayer and Hecate.

Everyone is to attack Slayer as a diversion for what I am about to do. I

hold on to the Sword of Protection and teleport beside Hecate. I use the

sword's power and sharpness to cut the chain that holds the gem. I grab

the chain with the gem being careful not to touch the gem itself and

teleport back down to where Rio-Blast is to wake him up. From there we run

back to the rest of the group.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>


CASTASPELLA: You can only dispel magic on one character in the room. The Sorceress hasfled so you cannot dispel her fear. Only Extendar and Stratos are immediately withinrange. I will randomely select one character, 1-2. Extendar, 3-4. Stratos. I roll 2, soyou try to dispel magic on Extendar. There is a 50% chance of you succeeding.Unfortunately, Hecate's magic is much more powerful than yours, so you will only have a40% chance of snapping him out of it. I roll 94%, you fail!

FROSTA: As the Sorceress wills it, you attack Slayer with a lightning bolt. And thelightning bolt archs towards him and strikes him in the chest! He saves for half with a12, and loses 33 hit points!

MAN-AT-ARMS: You blast the demon with your gun, the laser bounces off his shoulder.


SORCERESS: You cannot teleport to where Hecate is as long as you are in a panic.

But you undo Evil-Lyn's imprisonment, freeing her from the wand.

RIO-BLAST: Soon, you will be in the arms of your love!

FROSTA: Slayer turns to you, "YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!" His eyes turn intofireballs, shooting out of his skull, and the two flaming pupils join into one massivefireball, growing larger and larger as they come closer, as the sounds and faces ofscreaming lost souls can be seen within that searing sphere! You run, but the eyes gain onyou, and when they do, they are 10' in diameter, exploding against your back! You save forhalf, losing 25 of 37 hit points! You are now down to 12.


SORCERESS: You have now run all the way to the end of the demon knight room.

Evil-Lyn, freed from her wand, uses it to try and dispel your fear. Since she is a morepowerful mage than Slayer, she has an 80% chance of success. I roll a 33%, and you are nolonger afraid! "I told you I could help!" says Evil-Lyn. You thank her.

CASTASPELLA: You try to dispel Stratos the way you did Extendar, 78%, sorry, Stratos isstill mumbling, "Ariana . . . Ariana . . ."

FROSTA: You blast Slayer with another bolt of lightning from your finger tips. He savesfor half, and loses another 34 hit points! He does not look happy!

RIO-BLAST: You have reached the top of the stairs and are now walking down the platformtoward Hecate! She does not open her mouth, but you can hear her voice in your headwhisper, "Come to me, my darling . . ."


SORCERESS: You take the Sword of Protection in hand, and teleport yourself next toHecate!

FROSTA: Slayer grabs you with a 16, you struggle in his arms with your strength of 9vs. his strength of 25. Your wrestling total is 6 + 9 = 15, and he easily overpowers youwithout even trying! He picks you up by the neck, breathing down your throat, and with awicked smile whispers, "A PITY . . . YOU WERE SO PRETTY." Then, he slams yourface down into the ground! WHOOM! You lose 18 hit points and fall face down into a coma at-6 hit points. You might wake up in 5 days.

RIO-BLAST: Entraced by her beauty, you kiss Hecate on the lips, and your body shrivelsup like a raisin until nothing remains of you but your clothes and your yellow stainedskin, draped over your bones like bread dough. With no blood, organs, or muscles, you flopto the ground in a messy pile. Needless to say, you are dead.

EVIL-LYN: Teleports back into the throne room.


SORCERESS: Seeing Hecate sitting there unaware of you, after having given Rio-Blast thekiss of death, you surprise attack her with a 7/9 win, swinging She-Ra's sword with allyour might aiming for the gold chain! However, because you are a mage and inexperienced inthe use of the sword, your THAC0 with it is 20, meaning you will need a 14 to succeed. Youonly have one shot at this, and . . . and . . . you HIT with a 17! The gold chain is cutoff and the Demon Gem falls to the ground.

CASTASPELLA: Angered by the fate of Frosta, you shoot the demon with a lightning boltof your own! And he fails to save for half! He takes the full of it, losing 50 hit points!

MAN-AT-ARMS: You shoot him again, nothing happens. Let's face it, your worthless!

EVIL-LYN: Blasts the demon with a lightning bolt from her wand, but he resists it withan 8%.


SORCERESS: Hecate laughs at you, "HAHAHAHA, DID YOU THINK THAT TAKING THE DEMONGEM FROM ME WOULD TURN ME BACK INTO YOUR PRECIOUS PRINCESS? NO, HER BODY IS MINE NOW, NOWAND FOREVER!" And with that, barbed wire shoots out of the tips of her finger nails,wrapping around your throat! You fall to one knee, one hand reaching for the sword on thefloor, the other hand pulling at the wire. You can feel the pricks cutting into yourflesh, making you bleed, you can feel the wire tighten. You know that death is imminentunless you can do something about this thing!


And he attacks you with his fists, hitting with an 18. You fail to block with a 7, andhe smacks you taking off 16 hit points giving you a right black eye, then he smacks youwith a 14 against your left ear with a 12, taking off 15 hit points. You fall unconsiousat -3.

EVIL-LYN: In the SAME round, he turns to Evil-Lyn, bashing her with his left wing, butshe blocks with a 14! Then he bashes her with the second wing with a 15. She is too slowto block again. He hits her taking off 15 hit points knocking out her teeth, and he ramsher with his horns with a 10, taking off 23 hit points, breaking her left leg, andknocking her unconsious at 0 hit points.

Status Report:

Sorceress: Being strangled by magical barbed wire.

She-Ra: Possessed by the demon Hecate.

Castaspella: Unconsious at -3 hit points.

Frosta: In a coma at -6 hit points.

Extendar: Being mentally amputated.

Rio-Blast: Dead.

Stratos: Can't get over his girlfriend leaving him.

Evil-Lyn: Unconsious at 0 hit points.

overall: things do not look good


Here are some things I would know. Can I use the Sword of Protection

(She-Ra's sword) for anything other than direct combat. Can I transform it

into other tools like she could. Would there be any adverse effects if

anyone else were to wield the sword? I assume I know these things because

protecting the swords of power was a major point in the job description of

defender of Greyskull.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>


I think we should grab she-ra and get her out of the demon's sphere of

influence, I cast aeep spell on the demons hoping to put them out of


Casta >>

Unfortunately, She-Ra has turned into a demon, and you are unconsious at -3 hit pointsso you really can't do anything.


We've got to destroy that gem!! I fire a blast at the gem hoping to somehow

distract him while the others think of a plan.

Stratos >>

You would if you could, unfortunately, you are too depressed over your girlfrienddumping you, Ariana, remember her? Remember how she broke your heart???


Man-At-Arms is still up. He attacks Slayer while I try to get out of the

barbed wire. If it is possible to teleport our party including Evil-Lyn

and exculding the She-Ra/Hecate thing and obviously not Slayer to Greyskull

immediately, I do so. If I must first get out of the barbed wire, then if

it is possible for me teleport myself there and immediately retrieve the

others, I do that. If that is not possible, I polymorph into a gnat, fly

to the protection of the intersection between the horizontal and vertical

component of the 3rd stair from the top and teleport us all out. The gem

teleports with us.

If all else were to fail, I would try to cut the barbed wire with the Power

Sword to escape and then teleport us to Greyskull.

At Greyskull, we move quickly. We restore everything, our health,

Rio-Blast's life, consciousness, psyches, everything. I hand the Power

Sword to Extendar and tell him that he may use it for this battle since he

is a paladin. I tell him to say "By the power of Greyskull" to activate it

effects. I have him use the sword to shatter the gem. Since we are very

pressed for time, I all say to Teela is "I love you" and "I am veryproud

of you".

I use telekinesis to put the shattered gem into a special bag that I keep

in a pocket. All mages cast "Spell Turning" on themselves. We teleport

back to the room unless we did not know it well enough (my author actually

made a map of it this time) in which case we teleport to the demon knight

room and run into the Slayer/Hecate room.

Lightning actually started to have a real effect on Slayer, so we will

continue lightning attacks. Extendar uses the sword as his weapon.

Actually, I do not cast lightning on Slayer. Since I experience Mantenna's

level draining, I do the same thing to Slayer. Man-At-Arms is going to try

really hard to make a successful hit.

Sorceress of Greyskull

_______________________________ >>


SORCERESS: You cannot teleport everyone to Greyskull unless they are in close proximityto you, and unfortunately they are scattered all about within an area of 60'.

You could create a magic portal for them to walk through, but unfortunately, they areall, save for Man-at-Arms, incapable of walking. You could teleport yourself free andreturn to Greyskull, but that would not help the situation. You could turn into a gnat andfree yourself from the barbed wire, but then you would lose She-Ra's sword and could notpick up the Demon Gem. And so, I will use your final and best suggestion. Just before youchoke to death, you cut the wire with the Sword of Protection, freeing yourself fromHecate's grasp!

MAN-AT-ARMS: You blast the demon just as he turns to you. You are the last remaininghero to fight him! But what can you do? Nothing you do harms him! Things surely look bad.


SORCERESS: Hecate reaches out her finger to touch you. Her aim is good with an 18, butyou push her arm away with a 13, just before the tip of her finger touches your skin! Andthough you do not know what foul spell the demonness had attempted to cast on you, you cansense a powerful surge of dark magical energy flow out of her.

MAN-AT-ARMS: "FOOL, YOUR TOYS CANNOT HARM ME!" Slayer tries to grab your gun,but you pull it away just in time! Although you are not hurting him at all, you know thatyour distracting of the archdemon is just what the Sorceress needs to buy her the time tosomehow save the day! Keep at it!


SORCERESS: Knowing you stand little chance against Hecate, with the Sword of Protectionstill in hand, you turn yourself into the mighty, majestic, zoar falcon. Hecate tries tograb you, but her footsteps fall short before the edge of the platform, the platform youglide over, and fly away! And as you swoop down from the statue, you snatch the Demon Gemin your other talon and head for Extendar.

MAN-AT-ARMS: You shoot the demon, knowing it only tickles, but at least your gettinghis attention!


SORCERESS: Flying over him in the form of a bird, you drop the Sword of Protection onExtendar's head, handle down. The sword goes BONG! as it bounces off his helmet, ringingin his ears like a church bell.

MAN-AT-ARMS: Slayer grabs the gun with an 18 and you struggle to keep it. Yourwrestling total is 11 + 13 = 24, so without even trying, he pries it loose from yourhands. Then, he turns your 6' long laser cannon into a pretzel.

EXTENDAR: All of a sudden, you find yourself back in a large rotunda where there isthis demon statue, a huge red demon killing your friends, a sword lying on the floor, anda zoar circling over your head. The last thing you remember was a ringing sound in yourears.


SORCERESS: Somehow, your dropping the sword on Extendar's head must have awakened himfrom his illusory state! He rubs his helmet, stands to his feet, and looks around. Youquickly turn back into a woman.

MAN-AT-ARMS: Your gun tossed aside, Slayer says, "NOW HOW SHOULD I KILL YOU?"Then he grabs you with a 7, you fight to throw him off with a 15 + 13 = 28, but it isuseless with his far superior 25 strength! He picks you up, and bear hugs you, crushingyour ribs! You lose 15 of 72 hit points and are down to 57.


SORCERESS: You grab the Sword of Protection and hand it to Extendar, crying, "Liftit above your head and say, 'By the Power of Greyskull!'"

MAN-AT-ARMS: All you can do now is try to break free from Slayer's grasp. You make awrestling total of 31, his is 30, and so you break free! Now you can make one attack. Andso you swing your only weapon, your mace! You swing the mace, missing with a 4. You swingagain, missing with a 6.

EXTENDAR: You take the sword, the Sorceress says something to you, and you respondbrilliantly with, "Eh?" So she grabs your sword arm and lifts it up, screaming,"Quickly! 'By the Power of Greyskull, say it!'" And since you have no reason toobject, you do so.


SORCERESS: Extendar raises the Sword of Protection above his head and says the magicwords, "By the Power of Greyskull!" Then you are blinded as he is engulfed inblazing light as the power and energy of the Ancients flows into him. The force of thepower is enough for even Slayer and Man-at-Arms to feel. And when the power subsides,Extendar looks the same, save for that his armor shines like a mirror and there is abrilliant glow around him.

MAN-AT-ARMS: Slayer grabs you with a 16 and bear hugs you again, this time taking off17 hit points. You now have 40.

EXTENDAR: As you hold the sword aloft, power flows into you, and you become

He-Xtendar! You now have the strength of He-Man! And you know what you must do.

You turn towards Slayer crushing Man-at-Arms, and attack!


SORCERESS: You now take the time to pray to Zodak, as per request. There is always a01% chance that Zodak will hear you and come to help. Here goes nothing: 82%, sorry.

MAN-AT-ARMS: You try to break free, you fail.

HE-XTENDAR: While Slayer's back is turned, you come up behind him and swing the mightysword, missing with a 3! Egad! Ok, you swing a second time, hitting with a 5! And itslices through his left arm, taking off 27 hit points!


Slayer groans in agony! Weakened by Castaspella's, Frosta's, and Evil-Lyn's lightningbolts, he teleports away in a burst of flame, dropping Man-at-Arms, and reappears next toHecate on his throne. This gives you all hope . . . seeing as how he has retreated, as ifhe could not defeat the three of you remaining: Sorceress,

Man-at-Arms, and He-Xtendar.

Now Hecate stands, drawing an X with her arms. "ENOUGH! YOU PITIFUL ETERNIANS AREMORE TROUBLESOME THAN I THOUGHT. BUT ALL YOUR FIGHTING IS FOR NOUGHT . . . LOOK AS HOWWITH A TOUCH, I CAN REVERSE ALL THE EFFECTS OF YOU TRYING TO KILL MY HUSBAND." Andshe does so. The small hope you had left is lost in the pit of your stomach. "EVENNOW HE ALONE CAN KILL YOU, TOGETHER," their hands join, "YOU ARE NO MATCH. BUT IHAVE NO DESIRE TO STAIN MY HANDS WITH YOUR BLOOD . . . AND SO . . . GO TO HELL!" Andwith a twitch of her wrist, the floor beneath you drops, like a mouth of triangles in apit, and you all plunge down into a giant whirlpool the color of blood! You, Sorceress,can turn into a bird and fly away, but your friends . . . they are falling like bricks andthere is nothing you can do to save them all! Your only hope is that the whirlpool doesn'tmean death . . . and something inside tells you it doesn't, only something much worse!

You, Sorceress, He-Xtendar, and Man-at-Arms, wake up in what looks like a dungeon cell.You are lying on a stone altar. You sit up and turn to see . . . Skeletor, She-Ra,Rio-Blast, and Tri-Klops looking back at you!!! What do you do?


Is there any possible way I can get over the loss of my Girlfriend?

They say time heals all things, so why not have the sorceress put a

spell on me that speeds up the grieving process and I can get back to




Your right. Time DOES heal all wounds. Ok, I guess you have cried about it long enough.You realize there are more birds in the sky! But now what are you going to do? TheSorceress, He-Xtendar, and Man-at-Arms are in Hell, everybody else is unconsious, and youhave TWO archdemons to face! Escape? Attack? Other?

You find yourself, after having been killed, in your old home, Baator. Unfortunately,this time you are here to stay, as your body has been slain and only your spiritual formexists, the form that can exist in Hell. The Sorceress, Man-at-Arms, and

He-Xtendar (that's Extendar with the power of He-Man, if you have been following thegame) need your help to escape. Will you join them?


What about the hole in the ceiling that the sorceress spoke of? Can I

fly out through the window and go look for the rest of the group?



Yes, unfortunately you will not find them. The hole in the ceiling leads outside thetemple to the Eternian sky. The rest of the group went to Hell, literally!


If we have the gem with us, the first thing is for Extandar to shatter it.

She-Ra and Rio-Blast are on our side unless they were converted to evil, in

which case I doubt we really have a chance. Tri-Klops may realize that we

protected his body for future resurrection. I have no serious hopes that

he will be good toward us.

I suggest an alliance with those present. We will fail if we attack each

other. Though it was She-Ra's destiny to wield the Power Sword, He-Xtendar

shall keep it for now. The demon eliminated She-Ra once, she is likely to

always be the primary target.

If the evil characters will not cooperate, and they attack us, we will have

no choice but to attack back. I will use my lightning, and the others will

use their primary weapons. If He-Xtendar has any extra weapons he gives

them to She-Ra if she is still with us.

If we can cooperate or the good characters win, we try to escape from the

cell. First, I look up to see if we can return there. We will break

through the cell with all necessary force.

I do not understand if the four waiting for us are alive or dead. If they

can exist in the demon room as solid people with real bodies, then I

teleport us all to Hecate's location if I can. She will be our prime

target. I will try to drain her levels since I experienced the effect from

Mantenna. Hopefully, Skeletor will use a his "Petrification" skill on her.

The last thing we need standing is a demon with the power to heal other

demons. Skeletor and I will use "Spell Turning" on ourselves.

If it works, the returning to the demon room takes precedence over

attempting to break out of the cell. If we just break out of the cell we

will search for other fallen heroes on our way back to battle.

Now that I know that She-Ra and Skeletor are truly separated from their

bodies, death to the demons is the goal. There will be no attempt to knock

them unconscious. The only other acceptable alternative would be to trap

them back in Baator where they belong.

If Stratos manages to regain his mind, he flies through the opening in the

ceiling and hides outside pending our return.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

You look around the prison cell, amazed to find your friends and enemies sitting there.She-Ra speaks to you first,

"Sorceress? Have you been possessed too? I don't know what happened . . . the lastthing I remember, Skeletor was transformed into that horrible demon, and then he wasstaring at me and speaking . . . that's all I remember. Then I woke up here, with Skeletorand Tri-Klops next to me! I tried to break out of this cell, but somehow my strength hasleft me . . . "

"Yes," adds Skeletor, "and without my Havoc Staff, I cannot leave thisplace either."

"Seeing what happened to Skeletor . . . and how we both ended up together, and howCastaspella and the book spoke of the archdemon taking a wife, I surmised that for somereason, I, too, was possessed by a demon."

"In this world," explains Skeletor, "our spirits become our bodies. Butwe cannot return to our plane, the Prime Material Plane, unless we have the vessel tocarry our souls in, the bodies we were born into that plane with. Unfortunately, they areoccupied by the demons. Without them, they could not have come into our world, for theyonly exist in spirit form here, for they have never been born into the Prime MaterialPlane."

"Yes," agreed She-Ra, "the lesser demons, those spirits who have losttheir way and found themselves here, lack the power to return to their former bodies whenthey die. But the archdemons are born of Hell, they have no bodies of our plane to returnto, so they must be born into our plane by possessing a pregnant womb, like a god, . . .or take over the body of a living being . . ."

"But how did you learn all this?" asks He-Xtendar, bewildered.

Tri-Klops speaks, "I told them. We are in the Tower of Bone, on the plane ofBaator, the fifth plane of Hell, Stygia, now ruled by the Dark Queen Hecate. This is wherenew souls are brought to await transformation. (pause)

Baator has long been my secret abode. I was born on a distant planet a cyclopskin. Whenon my many adventures I found this Helmet of All Seeing, I became aware of a great manythings. I could see my death in the long future, as a decrepit, diseased old man, dyingand in pain, and I became terribly afraid. And so, rather than accept my fate, I sought tochange it. I used the helmet to find gateways into the other planes. I found Baator, whatyou call the Nine Hells, a good home. For I became notorious for my evil-doings throughoutthe universe, though none dared search for me here. And this land provided good huntinggrounds and treasure, treasure of lost dead heroes, beyond any of your imaginings. Butmost importantly, here I postponed my fate, for death by old age does not occur here. Soas long as I dwelled on this plane,

I stopped the aging process. As Demon Hunter, I have traveled back and forth betweenthe two planes many times. Unfortunately, I am doomed to remain here now. Even if I couldknock down these walls, and find a gateway, what good would it do? There is no body to goback to . . . you killed me."

He-Xtendar: "You mentioned the transformation, what is that?"

"Sometimes it takes centuries; it doesn't really matter, because time has nomeaning here. You can thirst and hunger for all eternity and never die," answersTri-Klops, "but compared to eternity, transformation happens relatively soon. Soon,you and She-Ra shall be turned into demon knights, and the rest of you may be thrown intothe pits of the lesser baatezu to be tormented for thousands of years until . . . youbecome one of them. And after many thousands of years of suffering you may work your wayup from lesser to intermediate and maybe even greater baatezu, which is an intermediatedemon. But by then, believe me, you will lose all sense of the identity you now possess.Your passed lives will become meaningless, and you WILL become as evil as Slayer andHecate are now. Of course to become greater demons, archdemons, you must be directlyrelated to the First Ones, the fallen angels. Hecate is said to be the daughter of theLord of Ninth himself. I myself have never journeyed down that

far . . . nor do I want to! Look out the window here . . .," and he points you toa small barred window.

You see a horrible wasteland characterized by seemingly endless plains of nothing, ofscorched earth like dried river beds, jagged mountains, fissures, rivers of flaming magma,and dark shadows that go on for miles. The sky is an empty void of blackness. There is nosun, moon, nor stars . . . nothing. You do, however, see an army of demon knights lined upin rows in front of another blood pool. Using your telepathy, you can hear one of thedemon knight's speaking through the pool, which is now calm, "One hundred demonknights stand ready to march into Eternia, my Queen, at your command."

Knowing how difficult the demon knights were for YOU to defeat, even when only four,you know that an army of one hundred would surely lay Eternia and all the Royal EternianGuard to ruin! Unless of course you can escape, return back to the Prime Material Plane,and stop Hecate!

In a desperate attempt, you take the Demon Gem out from between your breasts, where youkept it, and give it to Extendar to smash. Then Tri-Klops cries, "STOP!!! Don'tdestroy that! That is our only hope! The Demon Gem possesses great

power . . . with it, you can gate the soul of any being into any plane, as long as hehas a body, alive or dead, to be brought back into! It was the Demon Gem that thegoat-priests used to summon the soul of Slayer into Skeletor's body . . . and Slayer usedit to summon the soul of Hecate into She-Ra's body. Sorceress, if you were brought here bya magic portal, you can just as easily go back using the Demon Gem. And if you call thenames of the recent dead, those who have not yet been transformed, you can bring Rio-Blastand I back with you! I can help you, Sorceress, defeat Slayer for Eternia!"

"What about us?" asks She-Ra.

"Unfortunately, your bodies are occupied by the demons. Sorceress, to save She-Ra,and Skeletor if you wish, you must kill or render unconsious the bodies of the archdemons.At that instant, cast the glow of the Demon Gem on them and summon the spirits of She-Raand Skeletor by calling their names and they shall return into their rightful bodies. OnceSlayer and Hecate have lost their vessels into your world, they can never again return,unless of course, something like this happens again," you all look at Skeletor, heshrugs. "Oh, there is one more thing I forgot. You must use a pool of blood as amaterial component for the gate to work. Now where shall we find one?"



Frosta and Cata are lying on the floor uncouncious. We are doing no good to

anyone right now. What if They could posses our bodies to defeat the Slayer

and Hectate. Then they (She-Ra and Skeletor) could return to their own bodies.

Plus, you still have stratos up there, he could help. Also, Where is Evil Lyn?

She could Also help. But seriously, think about the body thing with Frosta and




She-Ra and Skeletor do not possess the power, as most people who die do not possess thepower, to possess your unconsious bodies, although a demon or ghost could. Evil-Lyn wasalso beaten into a pulp by Slayer the same time (round) he beat up Castaspella, so she islying next to you unconsious. Stratos could help, but I think its best that he wait forthe others to arrive since he would be TOAST if he attacked both archdemons by himself!

Sorry about this, but hey, Frosta and Castaspella did their best distracting Slayerwhile the Sorceress stole the Demon Gem from Hecate, which has now become a vitalcomponent for winning the game. Unfortunately, you had to pay for it with yourconsiousness.


I tell them about the pool in the demon room. It sounds like a pool of

blood to me. I tell Tri-Klops that we will ressurrect him in the demon

room. I tell him that we had preserved his body for eventual ressurrection

anyways, so this should not be a problem. I use telepathy to tell Teela to

use the power of Greyskull to teleport Tri-Klops' body to the demon room.

If that is difficult, she can center the signal on me since I will be there


I cast "Spell Turning" on myself before we leave. I use the demon gem to

return us living people to the demon room. We are to appear next to Hecate

since she must be the first target to prevent her using healing again. I

think Tri-Klops' best weapon is his sword, so he and Extendar will use

their swords. I use the gem to ressurrect our dead including Tri-Klops. I

will attempt a "Flesh to Stone" spell to turn Hecate to stone. Everyone

else uses their standard weapons except Man-At-Arms whose cannon is a

pretzel. He uses his mace.

If anyone who is fighting with us (including Evil-Lyn) is dead by this

time, I will use the gem to bring them back. Stratos attacks Hecate. When

Hecate becomes dead or unconscious, I bring back She-Ra. Any mages who are

revived use "Spell Turning" on themselves.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

Ok, you contact Teela in the form of a seance, and she tells you some things.

She tells you that because she was worried about you since your last message aboutdeath, she asked the Greyskull computer what happened to you, and according to it, you aredead (this mistake was made since it could not locate you on the Prime Material Plane).And so Teela is very happy to hear that you are alive . . . although she viewed theholographic message you made for her and she now knows EVERYTHING, including the partabout Adam being He-Man.

Anyhow, she says she has Tri-Klops' body and will use the '"Door to Anywhere"to send his body into Hecate's throne room. Once back on the PMP, you can only resurrect

Rio-Blast and Tri-Klops since they are the only ones dead. All the others are merelyunconsious, in limbo between the two planes of death and life.

But here is the important thing, you can only use the blood pool in the demon room asthe exit gate into the PMP. You need to find a blood pool on your side, Baator, to gothrough the blood pool on the other side, to Hecate's throne room.


We will search for a blood pool, then. If I can conjure one out of

something in the cell, I do so. Next thing is to try moving the platform

we arrived on. Maybee it is atop such a pool. The next attempt would be

to try to win on a technicality. I prick my finger with the Power Sword.

I do not know if there is a size effect to a blood pool, so I have some

small hope of its success. Next step would be to escape the cell.

Extendar stikes the bars with the Power Sword, and I use a fireball.

Everyone else performs similarly. Next try is to teleport directly beyond

the bars. Obviously if at anytime, any of this allows us to go back to the

demon room, we do so.

When searching for a pool, we listen for sounds from the demon room.

Perhaps the two rooms are connected. We will use "Mass invisibility" while

searching for a pool. Before returning to the room, I will switch to

"Spell Turning". In searching for a pool, we go in the direction of where

we heard about the 100 knights. There is probably a pool near there.

It is good that Teela knows all. I expected the move in which I retrieved

the gem from Hecate to have an extremely high probability of my death. I

expect that what she learned from the hologram will give her a greater

knowledge of our quest. I made the hologram for a reason, and that reason

almost occurred. It is best that she be ever vigilant.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

I think you might be a little confused, Sorceress, the demon room where Hecate andSlayer are in is on the Prime Material Plane, the plane of existence where Eternia is. Thecell you are in is in Hell . . . more technically, the 5th plane of Baator, Stygia, in theTower of Bone. I think you might have missed something from my last EM where

Tri-Klops explained it all. Re-read the part about the 100 demon knights you justmentioned.

You (Sorceress, Man-at-Arms, Rio-Blast, He-Xtendar, and Tri-Klops) try to bend the barsor break down the walls but you can't. The walls of the Tower of Bone are magicallysealed. There is a cell door with a barred window, however, that only

He-Xtendar, with his great strength, manages to destroy. You say your farewells toSkeletor and She-Ra, promising to see them again, and step out of the cell into a darkcorridor turning yourselves invisible. It is so dark, in fact, that you need a light spellto see. Then you notice, above the door of your prison cell, the words,"ETERNIA" written.

You continue to walk down the corridor flanked on each side by a seemingly infinitenumber of similar prison cells. Over each door to each cell there seems to be a differentword attached, though all of these cells you find empty. Upon passing a certain point, youhear a terrible groaning like that of some wild beast. Curiosity takes over andMan-at-Arms pauses above the door, noticing the inscription above it,"PACHYDERM." Looking through the iron bars, Man-at-Arms makes out the silhouetteof a huge brute of a figure, scarcely humanoid, both arms, legs, and neck manacled to thewall by thick thick chains. The groaning is made again. It is a terrible, saddening wail.What do you do?

I think the overall complexity of the RPG plot has left you all but the Sorceressconfused.

I will now attempt, as briefly as possible, to summarize what has been going on.

Ok . . .

After killing the demon knights you all entered a big room with a demon statue and somegoat priests. Skeletor killed the goat priests and stole the Demon Gem, turning himselfaccidently into a demon named Slayer. Slayer beguiled She-Ra into marrying him and turnedher into the demonness, Hecate. Slayer and Hecate fought with the whole party. TheSorceress freed Evil-Lyn and she joined in to help too. After a big battle where allkindsa things were happenning, Rio-Blast died, Castaspella, Frosta, and Evil-Lyn becameunconsious and are now lying in the demon statue room floor, and Stratos is roaming aroundby himself. The Sorceress, Man-at-Arms, and Extendar, fell down a pit and went to Hell.Fortunately, the Sorceress succeeded in stealing from Hecate the Demon Gem and is nowusing it to escape Hell with the help of Tri-Klops (who was already in Hell).

Now the plan is to escape Hell and return to Eternia to kill Slayer and Hecate in orderto save She-Ra and Skeletor and Eternia from being invaded by an army of demon knights.

pant, pant

Complicated? Naa . . .




I try to calm the pachyderm. We use all necessary force to free the

resident of the cell. If he will join us, I allow him into our

invisibility and warn him of where we are going. Let us just hope it does

not attack. Surely, the resident of the cell knows that his fate is

unpleasant if he cannot escape. Harming us would just seal his fate.

If I am unable to create my own pool with a drop of my blood, I want use

the blood pool showed to us by Tri-Klops. I guess we were unable to break

through the window through which we saw the other blood pool?

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

You decide to free the creature telling He-Xtendar to break down the door. He smashesit to bits and you shed light on the creature. The creature is unlike any you have seenbefore.

Almost as tall as he is wide, he stands 7 feet tall and looks to be about a thousandpounds of solid muscle. His skin is coarse and gray, his legs end in feet like treestumps, and his massive hands only have three fingers. But most unique, the creature isextremely slouched, a hulking brute, so that his head sticks out a little above the centerof his body, and he does not appear to have much of a neck. His head is nothing human . .. it is oblong from front to back ending in a long snout. His eyes are small black beads,his mouth is small, his ears perk up like a cats', and a great pearl horn extends from thetop of his nose. If Queen Marlena had seen him, she would have described him as resemblingsomething called a rhino.

You are impressed as to the thickness of the chains used to hold him. Each link isroughly the size of a shoe, and you wonder as to why he is chained though you were not.You free him by having He-Xtendar cut the chains with the Sword of Protection, and youspeak to him using a comprehend languages spell, telling him of your story and of yourintentions. He looks fairly passive and listens attentively. Then,he introduces himself,"Thank you for freeing me from these bonds. Long have I waited in this prison cellfor I know not what . . . and suffered from hunger, thirst, and most of all, loneliness.Please, if you have any food or water I would be grateful."

You tell him that you have neither. He goes on,

"My name is Hoof. I am from the planet, Pachyderm. We pachyderms are a gentle,peaceful race. But if provoked, we can fight. Many a time has our planet been invaded,once by an empire called the Horde. Their armies were vast and they had conquered manyworlds, but they could not conquer us. Our fearless warriors with our advanced technologywas too great for them, and we drove them off. Then the demons came.

We did not know from where they had come nor how to fight them. Our people wereadvanced in technology but knew little of magic.

Being the champion of our people, I fought hard against those things, the demonknights, taking many of them down before meeting their general, the one who calls himself,Slayer.

Slayer defeated me in battle and I was imprisoned here, stripped of my armor and myhigh tech weaponry. Once, I escaped by breaking down the walls. But I knew not where to goand was captured again and put into chains. Since then I have learned much. I learned thatSlayer is the conqueror of many worlds, and the worlds that he conquers become part of hisinfinite domain. And so I will join your quest to save your people and avenge the deathsof mine."

Hoof turns to the outer wall, runs toward it, and smashes through it with his horn! Thefloor of the cell is littered with debris as light from the rivers of magma outside fillsthe room.

"Excellent!" remarks Tri-Klops.

You follow Hoof outside to where the vertical blood pool and the army of demon knightsstand. Knowing that you will surely perish if detected, you make yourselves invisible andapproach the pool with caution and light of foot. The demon knights remain motionless uponyour arrival.

You pull the Demon Gem out and wave it over the blood surface. The Demon Gem begins toglow and spin rapidly. Soon, it leaves your hands and positions itself in the center ofthe pool. A beam of light shoots into the pool and stirs the liquid, making a whirlpool.This awakens the demon knights and they attack! At that same instant, Tri-Klops cries,"Quick, through the gate!" You take the Demon Gem and jump through the pool,followed by

Man-at-Arms, He-Xtendar, Tri-Klops, and Hoof, just before the sword of a demon knightchops off your head!

You find yourself back in the throne room, having been delivered through the open bloodpool in the pit. The blood pool is not active, and so you stand at the base of the pitwith the pool of blood up to your knees. He-Xtendar uses his great strength combined withhis extending ability to grab Hoof in one hand and Tri-Klops in the other and lift themand himself to level ground. You turn into zoar and grabbing Man-at-Arms, fly out of thepit.

Hecate and Slayer are surprised to see you.


Ok, Hecate and Slayer are sitting on thrones on a platform 60' above you. You,Sorceress, are standing with Man-at-Arms, He-Xtendar, Hoof, and Tri-Klops below. Stratosis flying over head, happy to see you. What do you do?


I will attempt to fly out the hole and attempt to look for other

heros in the area to aid me in my quest. Since I was in a daze and

don't know where the others were sent, I can't wait for them. I will

fly to eternia and ask Randor for help and then if refused, go to my

own kingdom and attempt an air raid.

Stratos >>

You ignore the Sorceress and fly out of the hole in the ceiling into the open Eterniansky. You are shocked to discover that the whole sky is blanketed by a black cloud. Theland below is all cast in shadow. The plants are dying. Things look grim.

You look back at the dark castle resting in the mountains as you leave it behind seeingthat it has transformed itself into the awful face of Hecate! Her horns have become watchtowers, and the top of her skull the dome shaped throne room from which through a hole youhave escaped. Disturbed by these unholy images, your mind turns to your homeworld,Ouranos, and you wonder what fate may befall it if Eternia is run over by demons. So youhead toward Eternia City to warn King Randor, when suddenly, you spot some moving figureon the dusty plain. It is a muscle-bound man riding an Eternian smilidon. By Zodak! youthink to yourself, swooping down to greet He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe!

You begin telling him of your ordeal when he stops you in mid-sentence, "I knowall about it, Stratos, Teela from Greyskull sent me to find you. Could you lead me to thedark castle?"

I assume you agree.

You fly back to that place you dread, hoping your newly found reinforcments willsuffice to save the land from its impending doom.


I use my future seeing eye to ensure that I take the initiative.

Slayer seems to be weakened in the previous battle so maybe his

protective magic is down. WE all know that the bigger they are, the

harder they fall. The best way to make someone fall is to take away

their legs. The key to balance in the legs is the Achilles tendon, an

extremely vulnerable tendon along the back of the ankle. I have

He-Extendar throw me up to the platform and I hack away at Slayers

achilles tendon. I hope to do this as a distraction so that the magic

users can have an opening to fire.

Tri-Klops >>

Ok Tri-Klops, what you are trying to do is make a directed attack effect . . . thismeans you are attacking your opponent aiming at a particular area in order to cause adesired effect, in this case, chopping off the legs. I have not yet used directed attackeffect rules in this campaign. By calling the shots, you have the advantage of choosingany attack effect without having to roll randomly from the dice. However, you will receivea 'to hit' penalty since it is more difficult to hit when aiming for something inparticular than just swinging madly just trying to hit anything you can. To chop off a legyou would need to roll a 14 on the attack effect table, thus you will have a 'to hit'penalty of +14, since Slayer has a -11 AC, you would normally need a 7 to hit, but withaiming for the legs, you will need a 20 to hit! Good luck! Read the next EM to find outyour battle results.

<< I yell to Stratos to fly towards the rest of us as quickly as he can. I

use telepathy to warn our group to shield their eyes immediately. I cast

"Prismatic Wall" between us and the demons to protect from all forms of

attack. The wall is to be only a few feet away from the one of us who is

closest to the demons in order to make it difficult for the demons to try

to use the empty space, but most importantly, the wall is to be positioned

so that the blood pool is on our side. We can simply walk to it. The wall

is to be of maximum dimensions. I will be needing a way to attack the

demons. I will use "Spell Turning". I will use their own attacks against


With protection in place, it is time to bring people back into the game.

I call the name of TRI-KLOPS. I use the demon gem to ressurrect him.

Extendar heals Castaspella bringing her back into action. Since Rio-Blast

is up on the platform, he will be the last to come back. I call upon the

name of RIO-BLAST; be revived. That seems to leave Frosta and Evil-Lyn

still out of the action, but I do not think anyone has the resources to

help them.

When Rio-Blast is back, I teleport us to the platform with the demons. My

"Spell Turning" will help, and I use "Flesh to Stone" on Hecate.Everyone

except Hoof is to attack Hecate since she obviously had the ability to heal

Slayer. If Casta does not respond, she uses "Spell Turning" on herself.

Her next attack will be "Power Word, Stun". Stratos uses his lasers, and

everyone else uses his/her primary attack.

Slayer will want to protect Hecate, but he will be diverted from doing so

by Hoof. Hoof attacks his enemy Slayer with full force except for his heat

seaking missle. That will be reserved for another round.

When we kill or render unconscious a demon, I use the gem to return to the

body the person (She-Ra or Skeletor) who originally occupied it. If anyone

else dies (not a demon), I use the gem to bring them back. If I die,

someone, preferrably someone with a weak attack brings me back. Especially

Man-At-Arms, since he only has his mace. If Hecate is eliminated before

Slayer, the mages' primary weapon is to be lightning.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

Ok, Sorceress, you first cast prismatic wall blocking the demons from attacking, thoughthey don't seem like they are going to since they haven't gotten up yet from theirthrones. Then He-Xtendar heals Castaspella bringing her back into the game with full hitpoints. You try to call Stratos but he flies away. You find Tri-Klops' body and resurrecthim using the Demon Gem. You cannot resurrect Rio-Blast because his body is on theplatform and remember, you must shine the light of the Demon Gem over the dead body of theperson to bring him back to life, which you cannot do from the distance you are. Then youand Castaspella cast 'spell turning' on yourselves and teleport the whole assembled group:you, Casta, Man-at-Arms, Tri-Klops, He-Xtendar, and Hoof, passed the prismatic wall and onto the platform before Slayer and Hecate. Excellent strategy, by the way!

One note: Remember, Hoof was stripped of his high tech armor, so he does not have hisheat seaking missile here.

Initiative: I roll 8 for your group, 7 for Hecate and Slayer. But Tri-Klops will gofirst because he always wins initiative. Tri-Klops chooses to attack Slayer, leavingHecate free to act in this round.


TRI-KLOPS: You attempt to chop off Slayer's left leg with your sword, needing a 20 tosucceed. You swing once, missing terribly with a 2, swing a second time, just barelymissing with a 17.

Hecate does not appear to do anything in this round.


SORCERESS: You cast 'flesh to stone' on Hecate. Hecate rolls an 18 successfully savingvs. petrification.

CASTASPELLA: You cast 'power word stun' on Hecate. Hecate resists the spell with apercentage roll of 22%.

HE-XTENDAR and MAN-AT-ARMS: You both attack Hecate at the same time, and as soon as youdo, rings of spinning blades spring up around her fending off your attacks! In addition,you run into the blades as they cut into you like weeds under a lawn mower. He-Xtendarloses 36 of 124 hit points, dropping to 88, and Man-at-Arms loses 29 of 40 hit points,falling to 11.

HOOF: Tries to ram Slayer with his horn, hitting with a 20! But his head merely smashesinto the demon's chest, flying aback. 9


Hecate, with circles of blades still spinning about her, raises her hands in the aircreating a black cloud. The black cloud looms over you all, then FIRE rains down on all ofyou! Hecate and Slayer revel in the flames laughing diabolically with wicked delight, likeyou would take a warm shower, but the rest of you burn!

SORCERESS: You do your best to cover yourself with your feathered cape, suffering nodamage due to your 'spell turning' spell.

CASTASPELLA: You duck for cover suffering no damage due to your 'spell turning' spell.

HE-XTENDAR: You use your shield as an umbrella, losing 16 of 88 hit points, dropping to72.

MAN-AT-ARMS: You lift your face shield for protection, losing 17 of 11 hit points,falling with boils into a coma at -6. You might wake up in 3 days.

TRI-KLOPS: You duck beneath the statue, losing 15 of 114 hit points, falling to 99.

HOOF: Saves for half with a 7, losing 17 of 148 hit points, he is now down to 131.

As they are burning, Slayer attacks Hoof and Tri-Klops. He slaps Hoof with a 3, givinghim a left black eye and taking off 17 hit points, he slaps Hoof again with the other handwith an 18, injuring his left hand and taking off 16 hit points, then he bashes

Tri-Klops with his wing with a 15, knocking out some of his teeth and taking off 20 hitpoints, misses with a 1 with his other wing, and rams Tri-Klops with his horns with a 7,giving him a left black eye and taking off another 20 hit points. Hoof is down to 98 of148 and Tri-Klops is down to 59 of 114.

Status Report:

Sorceress: 40 hit points

Castaspella: 28 hp

He-Xtendar: 72 hp

Man-at-Arms: Unconsious at -6.

Tri-Klops: 59 hp

Hoof: 98 hp

You have all failed to even scratch Hecate or Slayer. Change of plans?


Hopefully He-Man can help us. I cast "Stoneskin" on Extendar. Casta casts

"Stoneskin" on Tri-Klops. We both take cover by ducking on the 6th stair

from the top. Extendar and Tri-Klops attack Hecate with their swords. If

their normal authors respond, I only suggest to them that since Hecate

healed Slayer before she is either an evil paladin or a cleric. Being from

level 5 hell, she is bound to have a high level of healing ability, thus

she very well may be able to heal again. I don't understand how Hoof, with

a perfect attack throw failed to harm his target. Since Hecate could

theorectically be a full cleric, I reason that she will have a bad or

relatively bad armor class. If he still has his high armor class, he

attacks Hecate since his armor should be able to handle the blades. If

much armor class was lost when stripped of the high-tech aspect, he will

try Slayer again since he at least does not have lawnmower blades. I am

thinking that "Stoneskin" may have been Slayer's salvation against Hoof, so

here goes another layer. If Stratos arrives, I suggest that he fire from a

distance at Slayer. I don't know that He-Man has an author, so he will

also attack Slayer. As much as I would like full concentration on Hecate,

I now realize the need to keep them both occupied. When/if He-Man arrives,

I tell him that we are planning or ressurrecting Skeletor into the current

body of Slayer. I would hate to see He-Man automatically assume Skeletor

to be an enemy when I think Skeletor at least realizes that if the demons

fail to be defeated, he can never hope to gain Eternia. I will use the gem

to revive Rio-Blast.

I suggest to any mages who may wish to attack Slayer at some point that

lightning did much damage to him last time. When I go back to standard

attacking of Slayer, it is sure to be my main weapon.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>


SORCERESS: You cast stoneskin on He-Xtendar and tell Hoof to attack Hecate. Seeing theblades circling her, however, it is the same as telling him to commit suicide. And withouthis high tech armor, Hoof's AC is 4 only due to his tough hide, not nearly thick enough toprotect from a cutting edge, and not nearly as strong as He-Xtendar's full plate

-8 AC who was cut up by the blades. Hoof ignores your commands and continues to wrestlewith Slayer.

CASTASPELLA: Casts stoneskin on Tri-Klops.

HE-XTENDAR: Attacks Hecate again. This time the blades are repelled by your spell, butneither he nor her get close enough to harm one another. Eight spinning blades hit him atonce, and his stoneskin drops from 12 strength to 4.

TRI-KLOPS: Ignores your commands and attacks Slayer. Since missing terribly last time,he attacks in chaotic fasion, hitting with a 13 and hitting again with a 12! The swordbounces off Slayer's skin each time doing no damage. 7

HOOF: Uses his mighty fists to clobber Slayer. He swings once, missing him with a 7,swings twice missing him with an 8!


Seeing as how you are in command, Slayer tries to reach you, Sorceress, but he isblocked off by Hoof's massive body. Hoof tackles him back against the statue wall, andSlayer attacks him and Tri-Klops. He swings once, hitting with a 19, but Hoof blocks witha 15! He swings again hitting with a 19, and Hoof blocks again with a 16! He buffets withhis wing, hitting with a 2, and Hoof is too slow to block a third time, being bruised inthe left leg and losing 17 hit points! The second wing hits him with a 12, breaking hisleft leg and taking off 19 hit points! The last attack he makes against Tri-Klops. He ramswith his horns, but Tri-Klops stoneskin repels the blow! Tri-Klops has 12 stoneskins left.And Hoof has 62 of 148 hit points left!

Hecate, meanwhile, points her finger at He-Xtendar and says, "DIE!!" sendingshockwaves of magical force at him. He-Xtendar saves miraculously with a 20, still losing10 hit points from the power of her voice. He-Xtendar is down to 62 hit points.


SORCERESS: You use the Demon Gem to resurrect Rio-Blast.

CASTASPELLA: You throw a lightning bolt at Slayer. Slayer fails to resist and fails tosave with a 3, taking the full force of the blast! It crackles against his chest takingoff 56 hit points!

HE-XTENDAR: Seeing as how his attacks are useless against Hecate, he joins Hoof andTri-Klops to fighting Slayer. He-Xtendar swings his sword, hitting with a 19, he swingsagain, missing with a 3. Slayer is not harmed. 6

TRI-KLOPS: Swings, missing with a 5, swings again, hitting with a 7. No damage. 5

HOOF: Punches, hitting with a 19, punches again, hitting with an 11. No damage. 3


Slayer attacks Hoof now with full force. He slaps him with a 9, Hoof fails to blockwith a 4. Slayer breaks his left leg again, taking off 18 hit points, slaps him again witha 19, uppercutting him making Hoof lose one attack, and taking off 17, bashes him with thewing with a 13, giving him a left black eye and taking 15 hit points, bashing again with a4 breaking one of Hoof's ribs, taking off 17 hit points and knocking him unconsious at -5.

Then, Slayer turns to Tri-Klops, ramming him with his horns. The Sorceress' spellprotects Tri-Klops but it can now only take 11 more hits.

Hecate, meanwhile, raises her arms in the air and sends a both lightning from the blackcloud circling over the dark castle, streaming down through the hole in the ceiling andstriking He-Xtendar! The lightning bolt has all the power of a real storm, turning thewhole room into day and frying He-Xtendar at 66,000 degrees Farenheight! Luckily,He-Xtendar saves for half, losing 46 of 62 hit points, he is now down to 16 of 124!


SORCERESS: You blast Slayer with a lightning bolt. He is struck by it, saves for halfwith an 11, losing 36 hit points.

CASTASPELLA: Joins the Sorceress shooting Slayer with her lightning bolt. Slayerresists it with a 17%.

HE-XTENDAR: Swings at Slayer, hits with a 12, swings, hits with a 19. No damage. 1

TRI-KLOPS: Swings at Slayer, missing with a 5, swings again, missing with a 6.

RIO-BLAST: Runs away in fear of Slayer! And you will keep on running for 4 rounds.


Slayer throws a fireball at He-Xtendar, He-Xtendar saves for half with a 15, losingexactly 16 hit points and falls unconsious at 0 hit points!

Hecate drops her blade barrier and attacks Castaspella with her short curved sworddubbed "Widow Maker." She hits Castaspella with a 7, Casta fails to block with a6, and Hecate makes a bloody gash across her left leg taking off 6 of 28 hit points! Thewound looks minor at first . . . but then it begins to bleed uncontrollably, andCastaspella's constitution drops from 10 to 9. She also has 22 hit points left.

I leave the battle here for you to decide.

Sorry, the last EM was accidently sent unfinished. Here is the rest of the report:


CASTASPELLA: 22 hp, 9 CON and falling

HE-XTENDAR: Unconsious at 0

TRI-KLOPS: 59 hp and 11 stoneskin remaining

HOOF: Unconsios at -5

RIO-BLAST: Ran off

SLAYER: ?????

HECATE: Not yet harmed.


I want to use cast create large rock . . .right above hecate's head. and let

gravity do as it pleases. . .

I will also use a spell that will probably just get me killed again, I want to

hit them with lightening since it did seem to have an effect last time.

Casta >>

I don't know if there is such a spell as 'create large rock.' However, I will allow youto use a lightning bolt to hit a large piece of the statue hanging above Hecate's head inhopes of it crushing her like a boulder. If Hecate does not make a successful dexteritycheck, she will lose 4d10 points of damage. Good idea Casta! For the next round, I willrandomely select, since you did not specify, one of the demons to be hit by a lightningbolt.


Now Flying back into the hole I see the battle that lays before me. I

will attempt to fly in from behind and blast Hecate taking her off

guard as she is the only one that can heal Slayer. I will attempt to

send some sort of signal to He-man so he will know in which room we

are located. Can he contact the sorceress by telepathy if she isn't

too occupied.



He-Man sees the castle and knows where to find you. You fly back through the hole toattack Hecate from behind. Check the next EM entitled Final Battle to see what happens.



I don't think you should rely on my character, Man-at-arms, because he is

unconscious at the moment. I think DM forgot to include Duncan's status

in his report. Things are looking a bit dim right now...He-Man! Save us!



I did not forget to include your status since you have been unconsious for a while,along with Frosta and Evil-Lyn. Although you are not useful at the moment, your help inwinning this campaign has, even if just to divide the attacks amongst you so no onecharacter get's killed.


I agree to cast a metor swarm on the statue and if I can so the storm thing it

sounds good also.

Castaspella >>

The spell that Hecate conjured to strike He-Xtendar was 'call lightning' it is not aspell usable by mages so you cannot perform it. I read Stratos' mail carefully and henever said he will attack the statue, and meteor swarm is a 9th level spell so you do notpossess it. That's just the Sorceress getting ahead of herself again.


I have a request, instead of having He-Man, Who is a paladin attack anyone,

Why don't we have hime heal the other characters. Such as Evil Lyn, Frosta,

Man at arms. That way all of us can play. Also, what is the deal with the

sorceress playing our characters. I realize that some of us don't check our

EM every thirty seconds, but come on. I would not have made some of those

moves. But by the time I checked my EM I had already made Three. I might as

well hand my character over to the sorceress. Also, how can she move Heman's

character, we don't even know if he is a cp or a pc. Also, although

the sorceresses p;ayer may know that heman is coming, the character would not

know. There is a big line that is being crosses here. It is almost like

giving your character inside information. Well that is my gripe. Please

consider healing those of us who may like to help but can't because we are

lying on the floor.

Chillingly yours,


why don't we have him heal the others who are in a coma, such as Evil Lyn,

Frosta, And Man-At-Arms? This way, all of us can play and second, how would

the sorsserous know that He-man was coming. the player might know, but there

is no way that the character would know. Also half the time she does the moves

for our characters and if we don't respond quick enough, we can't even move our

own characters. Also, I don't know about you, but i didn't think I could cast


I understand your concerns, but you must realize it is very difficult to a run battlewith different people responding at different times, and I cannot wait for everybody torespond because some people take weeks. I haven't heard from Man-at-Arms for weeks, aswell as Extendar and Rio-Blast have disappeared. The people playing most in this game isthe Sorceress, Tri-Klops, Castaspella, and Stratos. It would be unrealistic to haveExtendar or Rio-Blast not act in the middle of crisis because their authors have not sentme EM, so I must have somebody play for them. But when an author does reply, I always takehis action as priority, even if the Sorceress commands otherwise. In the case of Stratos,for instance, she ordered him to stay but Stratos' author wanted him to leave, and so Ihad him ignore her command.

As for healing, natural healing takes a long time. Just think how long it takes to heala broken leg in real life. Time does heal wounds, but at an incredibly slow rate of about1 hit point per day. You, Frosta, for instance, are at -6 hit points so it will be daysbefore your natural healing will allow you to even become consious.

Don't worry about the Sorceress. Sometimes she gets ahead of herself and I end upignoring many of the things she says she will do. I realize that she should have noknowledge that He-Man is coming, therefore, if she were to say to me that "I willwait for He-Man to arrive" I would simply say that she shouldn't know that and haveher continue fighting. Furthermore, the Sorceress does not control the NPCs, I do. WhetherHe-Man attacks the demons or heals the rest of you is up to me to decide.

DM (the DM)


I think there may be some merit to Stratos' suggestion about attacking the

statue, but I do not do so this round because I think it might be time for

a little defense.

I think all of these people with the exception of Rio-Blast and including

Man-At-Arms are in close proximity to me. Hecate thought that it would be a

good idea to use a storm's lightning bolt. We know that Slayer is

vulnerable to lightning. Castaspella will cause the storm to produce a

lightning bolt to attack Slayer. I teleport us out for a quick trip to

Greyskull and back. We are to act so quickly as to make the trip seem as

instantaneous as possible.

He-Man where are you?! Stratos, please bring He-Man as soon as possible.

At any rate, I make sure to have She-Ra's sword. I will give it to He-Man

to unite with his own when we meet.

While at Greyskull, I give Hoof anything I might have to improve his armor

or attacks. The same goes for Man-At-Arms. (I am thinking of the weapons

rack that came with the Greyskull playset). It is my understanding that

Extendar still has 4 stoneskins even though he is unconscious.

I know a mage cannot cast two enchantments upon herself, but what if a mage

enchanted herself and another mage cast a separate enchantment? If this

works, I cast "StoneSkin" on Casta who turns it back to me. She does the

same. This is only valid if the "Spell Turning" is not negated by the

enchantment. I "Stoneskin" Hoof. Also before leaving Greyskull, I return

the sword to Extendar to allow him to remain He-Xtendar until He-Man

arrives at the battle site.

Upon arriving again, I cast a 40' diameter "Ice Storm" centered is such a

way that the leading edge will hit Slayer and Hecate, but the rest of the

"Ice Storm" will be behind them therefore not affecting the rest of us.

I will need to know things like if He-Man is at the battle site, if we

found any good weapons, the effects of the defensive spells, etc to decide

technique past this point. I do think that Hoof would probably like to try

a wrestling move though. I also think that it may be advisable for Casta

to try a "Meteor Swarm" against the statue. The reason why I have not

attempted it against the actual opponents is the fact we would probably

take damage due to our proximity, but the statue should be far enough away.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

You can teleport yourself back to Greyskull, but it will take time to have everyonestep into the Star Chamber to heal them. By that time, Hecate and Slayer could healthemselves and bring the army of 100 demons knights through the blood pool into Eternia!Such an act would be detrimental to this campaign! It would defeat everything you haveaccomplished so far.

Now you cannot cast 'stoneskin' on yourselves without losing your 'spell turning'spell, therefore I will ignore that request.


SORCERESS: You cast 'Ice Storm' on Hecate and Slayer. The hail stones fall on them, butthey do not seem effected by it. Not only are they immune to cold, but nothing but anenchanted weapon of +3 or better can harm them, therefore, each stone acting as a littlehammer is still useless against them.

CASTASPELLA: You blast a piece of the statue above Hecate's head with a lightning boltcausing it to fall. Hecate, seeing the boulder tumbling down toward her, tries to jump outof the way, but she fails her dexterity check with a 17! The huge boulder crushes her andshe suffers 17 hit points of damage!

TRI-KLOPS: All by his lonesome self, Tri-Klops fends off Slayer. He swings his sword,hitting with an 8 doing no damage, he swings a second time, missing with a 3. 0


Slayer grabs Tri-Klops with a 9, they wrestle. TK's wrestling total is 15 + 23 = 38,Slayer's is 7 + 25 = 32, and Tri-Klops tosses him off!

Hecate gets up from the boulder, angered by Castaspella's trick, and attacks her againwith Widow Maker. She swings, hitting with a 9, and Casta blocks with a 19! ButCastaspella is still bleeding, and her constitution falls to 8.


SORCERESS: Since you wanted Castaspella to cast 'meteor swarm' on the statue but shecan't, I will have you cast it on the statue. You blast the statue with 'meteor swarm'making sure to be at a safe distance before doing so, taking large chunks from its base,and now the whole thing is beginning to teater! You can feel and hear tiny pebbles slidingdown its side on to your head.

CASTASPELLA: You select at random 1-2. Hecate, 3-4. Slayer, to hit Slayer with alightning bolt! But he resists it with a 6%.

TRI-KLOPS: You swing, missing with a 4, you swing again, missing with a 2!


Slayer is angry! "I WILL DESTROY YOU!" he cries, and hits Tri-Klops with afireball!

Tri-Klops saves for half and loses 15 of 59 hit points, falling to 44.

Hecate attacks Castaspella with her sword, hitting with a 16, and Casta blocks againwith a 16! But her bleeding continues to drain her of life, and her CON. falls furtherdown to 7.


SORCERESS: Chooses to hit Slayer at random with a bolt of lightning. Slayer fails toresist, fails to save for half with a 1, and takes 57 hit points of damage!!!

CASTASPELLA: Randomely selects to hit Slayer with a lightning bolt, Slayer fails toresist, saves for half, and loses 31 hit points, and Slayer falls to the ground dead!

TRI-KLOPS: Seeing his opponent dead, Tri-Klops turns to attack Hecate with his sword.He swings, hitting with a 10, Hecate blocks with a 20, he swings again, hitting with a 19,she cannot block, he cuts her across her right arm taking off 12 hit points!


Hecate resurrects Slayer. Slayer stands back up.

Castaspella's CON. drops to 6. She is beginning to feel faint. If it drops down to 0she will die!


SORCERESS: Randomely hit Hecate with a lightning bolt. The lightning bolt hits her, butshe just smiles. You discover that she is even immune to lightning!

CASTASPELLA: You blast Slayer at random with a lightning bolt as he is getting up.

He fails to resist, he fails to save for half with a 4, and he loses 58 hit points!

TRI-KLOPS: Seeing as how the Sorceress was right in attacking Hecate first, you hityourself for your stupidity and attack her! You swing once, hitting with a 5, she fails toblock with a 9. You make a bloody gash across her right arm and take off 19 hit points.You swing a second time hitting with a 5, make a bloody gash across her right leg and takeoff another 20 hit points!


Hecate casts 'flame strike' on Tri-Klops. Tri-Klops fails to save and is struck by astream of spewing flame from the palm of her hands, losing 31 of 44 hit points, falling to13.

While his back is turned, Slayer hits Tri-Klops with a fireball, Tri-Klops just barelysaves for half with a 6, losing 20 hit points, and Tri-Klops falls into a deep coma at -7hit points! He might wake up in 10 weeks!

Castaspella loses more blood, her CON. drops to 5.

I leave it here.

Status Report:

SORCERESS: 40 hit points

CASTASPELLA: 22 hit points, 5 CON. and dropping

TRI-KLOPS: In a coma at -7.

SLAYER: Wounded by a lightning bolt.

HECATE: Looks weak.


Just for your information I didn't run away from the Rpg. It was just

frustrating have the sorceress calling all the shots and when I would decide

to send a message the sorceress would have already done something which

would have made my actions stupid and pointless. I really enjoyed the few

times I got to do things and still up for future games. I am also keeping

up with this battle cause its so damn intresting and you are doing a good

job at the DM position.


Rio-BLast >>

Thank you, Rio-Blast, but I will tell you what I tell everybody, IGNORE THE SORCERESS,YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR CHARACTER, YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL (no pun intended) YOUWANT!!!

DM (the DM)

<< I polymorph into the Falcon Zoar, grab the Sword of Protection in my

talons and fly through my prismatic wall for protection. I will put my

hands and staff through the wall, cast a big fireball at the statue with

the intent of creating a boulder to smash Hecate. If the boulder is big

enough, I would not be disappointed to see it hit Slayer as well, but

Hecate is the target. Immediately after casting the fireball, I jerk my

hands back behind the prismatic wall.

I warn Casta that if she were to get behind my wall, she would not be able

to pass through without taking damage, so she would probably be excluded

from attacking.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>


SORCERESS: Confronted by the two demons, you turn into Zoar and fly away with the Swordof Protection in one talon and the Demon Gem in the other.

CASTASPELLA: There is NO way you can possibly survive attacks from both archdemons, andbeing as you're the only one left standing against them, I think it reasonable that youteleport behind the Sorceress' prismatic wall.

STRATOS: At that exact instant, you come flying in blasting Hecate from behind! Hecatewould attack the Sorceress as she is departing if you had not distracted her with yourpalm beams, although they do not seem to have any effect on her. She turns to you insurprise, "WH-WHAT'S THIS? YOU AGAIN!" Thanks to you, Stratos, the two magesmake their escape.


Slayer and Hecate take to the air flapping their wings. They fly above the Sorceress'prismatic wall as Slayer grabs Stratos in mid-air and Hecate descends upon the two magemaidens. Slayer grabs Stratos with a 20, Stratos struggles to push him away, 7 + 17 = 24,but Slayer easily overpowers him and tightening his fingers around Stratos' neck beginsstrangling him to death!

Hecate lands in front of the Sorceress and Castaspella, backing them up against a wall.There is no where left for them to run. And Castaspella loses more blood and her CON.drops down to 4.


SORCERESS: You stick your hands through the prismatic wall and blast the statue with afireball in an attempt to knock it over. The whole room shakes this time, and now you cansee the 100' statue really begin to wobble!!! Any minute it looks like it might fall!

CASTASPELLA: You take the Sorceress' advise and cast burning hands on your leg. Youtouch it just enough to singe the wound closed, losing 1 hit point, but at least the bloodloss has stopped.

RIO-BLAST: You run smack into another man running in the opposite direction! Who isthis guy, you think?


Stratos feels his life slipping away as he fights to pry the demon's hands from hisneck. The mighty bird man's wrestling total is 26, and without even flexing a vein, Slayersucceeds in slowly squeezing the life out of him! Stratos has only one more round to freehimself or die!

Hecate reaches out her hand to grab the Sorceress, succeeding with a 17. But theSorceress knocks her hand away blocking with a 19.


HE-MAN: Steps into the room, points to Slayer, and says, "Unhand that man!"

SORCERESS: You turn to see He-Man! He-Man has arrived!

CASTASPELLA: You gasp, "Look! It's He-Man!"


Slayer does not release Stratos, but he does untighten his grip, replying, "WHOARE YOU?"

Hecate puckers her blood stained lips, gazing into He-Man's eyes, and with a wickedsmile whispers into his mind, "COME TO ME, MY DARLING!"


HE-MAN: "Sorry, you're not my type." Then he attacks her! He swings, hittingwith a 17, she blocks with a 19. He swings again, hitting with a 12, she cannot block, andhe cuts her left forearm, taking off 22 hit points! And the evil Queen of Darkness dropsdead!

SORCERESS: You immediately take the Demon Gem and shine it over Hecate's body, chantingthe name, "Adora . . . She-Ra!"

CASTASPELLA: There is nothing left for you to do. Slayer is too distant to attack, andif you try, you might accidently hit Stratos.


Just before snapping his neck, Slayer tosses Stratos aside going, "BAH!"Stratos body crashes to the platform beside the others. Then he lands before He-Man,towering three feet above him, saying, "SO, YOU ARE HE-MAN. LEGENDS OF YOUR MIGHTHAVE REACHED EVEN BAATOR. I HAVE LONGED TO MEET YOU SO THAT I MAY HAVE THE GLORY OFSLAYING YOU. BUT YOU DON'T LOOK THAT TOUGH TO ME."


SORCERESS: You blast Slayer with a lightning bolt! He fails to resist, saves for half,and takes 37 hit points of damage!

CASTASPELLA: You toss a lightning bolt at him from your magic wand, he fails to resist,saves for half, and takes 20 hit points of damage!

HE-MAN: Rolls initiative vs. Slayer, fails, Slayer will attack him first.

SHE-RA: Hecate's horns fall off, her gray skin peels away, her skeletal wings wither todust like rotted tree branches, and her pupils return. When she stands again, she isAdora. She grabs the Sword of Protection from the Sorceress, raises it above her head, andcries, "For the Honor of Greyskull!" Power swirls around her, and into her, andshe becomes

She-Ra once again! "I have the power!!!"


Slayer glances around at the four of you surrounding him: He-Man, She-Ra, Sorceress,and Castaspella. "BLAST YOU!" he cries. "BLAST YOU ALL!" And heproceeds to take you all on! First, he attempt to punch He-Man, hitting with a 4. He-Manjust barely blocks with a 7, cutting Slayer's hand, taking 10 hit points off Slayer. Thenhe goes to punch

She-Ra with his other hand, but she dodges out of the way with a 1, his left wingstrikes the Sorceress with a 10, but she blocks with a 20, his other wing hits Castaspellawith an 8, she fails to block with a 3, and he blackens her left eye, taking off 20 of 21hit points! She is now down to 1. And for his last attack, Slayer will go for She-Ra,gorging her with his horns with a 10, she fails to block with a 1, and he hits herbreaking her right leg and taking off 22 of 152 hit points, she is now down to 130.


Altogether now, you surround the archdemon, making one unified attack!

HE-MAN: Swings his sword, hitting with a 4, chopping off his right leg from the hip andtaking off 29 hit points! He swings again, hitting with a 13, cutting his jugular vein,and taking off another 24 hit points!

SHE-RA: Hits with a 12 making a bloody gash across his stomach and intestines, takingoff 25 hit points. She swings a second time, hitting with a 13, cutting his left leg,taking off 24 hit points!

SORCERESS: You hit him with your lightning bolt, he fails to resist, he fails hissaving throw, he loses 55 hit points!

CASTASPELLA: You blast him, he fails to resist, saves for half, and loses 18 hitpoints!


Slayer falls dead, VERY dead, at -132 hit points! HE IS COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY BLOWNAWAY!!!! His nine foot body lies contorted in a pool of his own black blood, his severedleg beside him, blood streaming from his neck and stomach, his skin scorched black by yourmany lightning bolts.

Now here is your choice, Sorceress. The Demon Gem glows bright red. Do you bringSkeletor back to life, or not????

I get behind the wall and try to hide as I bandage my wounds with something and

prevent blood loss. I also wonder why we are bangingour collective heads

against this very large brick wall!!


<< The answer to the question of whether or not to bring back skeletor lies

in conclusions we draw from the question of why we fought any of this

quest. We took on this quest to defend Eternia, Etheria, and Greyskull

from rule by demons. One could ask what would be so bad about that.

Powerful people might even have been able to enjoy their lives if they were

allied to the demons and felt the emotions that come with great power. One

who has a strong will might even be able to live in peace under the harsh

rule of demons.

Defeating the demons was about more than power, elevation, or a twisted

form of potential happiness. It was about retaining the ability to choose.

We fought for the values of inherent good. We fought for the rights to

choose our destinies. We fought for the right to exist as individuals.

Freedom is the word that ties these together. In true freedom, one must be

given the opportunity to reform his life even if that possibility is

amazingly slim. I personally believe in the laws of the Royal Court. We

who almost, and in some cases actually, lost our lives cleaning up

Skeletor's mess are probably not the most unbiased potential judges of

Skeletor. A jury can decide what the workings of his mind must have when

he utilized the demon gem.

A world that values life and freedom must see that Skeletor could possibly

have been mentally controlled at the time he used the gem. I am not sure I

could be impartial to such an arguement.

Let us now think what would happen to Skeletor if he remained in Baator.

He disturbed the demons at the beginning of the quest, he seemed to imply

that he might help us defeat the demons, he killed Slayers goat priests.

The torment he would suffer at the hands of Slayer and Hecate are too

horrendous for me to say yes he deserves it, he will stay down there and

suffer most horribly for all time. Maybe being dead for awhile has taught

Skeletor some valuable lessons.

A society that is based on mutual respect to all (good anyways), high

morals, honor, and a connection to Greyskull can never risk letting itself

sink down to that which resembles evil.

We could even look on the situation in terms of the possibility that the

only reason he is dead now is because we failed to defeat him in the demon

knight room.

These are the chief arguements I have for why Skeletor should be

ressurrected. I could probably speak many more lines, but I only offer

these words that mark the high ideals and purpose of worship to Zodak:

Honor, Charity, Joy, Peace, Patience, Mercy, Love, Freedom, Justice.

So, I will only fail to use the gem to help Skeletor if someone produces

a successful counter arguement.

I keep the other characters close to me in case Skeletor were to try

something "ungrateful". I intend to place the demon gem in the sanctuary

of Greyskull with the other great treasures stored there. One who gains

the power of Greyskull would be supreme over the universe anyways, so it is

a logical storage place. Greyskull is an impregnable fortress. Even if it

is not absolute, I can think of no safer place in the universe for the gem

than inside the walls of Castle Greyskull.

I use the demon gem to revive Skeletor. "SKELETOR, evil lord of

destruction, awaken! I will not provide such a one-sided arguement as to

Skeletor's final fate. Banishment to a prison dimension is some thing I

have used before. Eternian prison might be the normal fate prescribed by

law. The only thing I am totally opposed to is punishment at the hands of

Slayer. I could even accept his return to Snake Mountain if that were to

happen. I give He-Man Skeletor's havok staff to make sure that he cannot

hinder our finishing of business.

Sorceress of Greyskull

___________________________ >>


She will never know it, but I erased Castaspella's memory of the fact that

I used both the name Adora and She-Ra when I revived She-Ra's body.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>



Is it possible for any demons to use this pool to come to our world? If

so, I use fire balls to blast the sides of the blood pool. I suggest that

He-Man and She-Ra gather the unconscious bodies so that they may be

conveniently teleported to Greyskull. Here is why. I want to turn

Skeletor over to He-Man for his fate. I want to teleport the good guys to

Greyskull for Healing. I would like to teleport Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops to

a location outside this castle but outside Greyskull. She-Ra and He-Man

could then at least allow them to regain consciousness if they wanted. The

gem is to be teleported to a safe place in Greyskull with the other great

treasures. Once everyone else is out, I make sure to have my staff, the

demonology book, and any other important devices left behind. I use

fireballs to cause the statue to crash upon the remnants of the pool of

blood ending any convenient potential use of it in the future. Once I see

it falling, I teleport myself to the sky a safe distance from the castle

where I will observe as Zoar as the results of the giant statue will

probably be evident. I consider it my duty to make sure that the quest is

truly over. Actually, any of the important things I cannot carry as Zoar

since there could be too many of them though I know not what are to be

considered teleported to Greyskull. I then teleport myself alone back to

Greyskull unless any others were able to find a way to join me in watching

final victory.

Sorceress of Greyskull >>

No, the demons can never again return to Eternia.

The enormous body of the slain demon shrinks until it resembles that of Skeletor.

Skeletor awakens with a gleam in his eye.

"Foolish woman! You should not have awakened me! Now I shall reak more havoc uponEternia!"

"I don't think so," says He-Man. "We have your Havoc staff, you cannotreak havoc without it! You're coming with me before the court of King Randor."

"He-Man!" he whines. "I knew you would eventually show up, you're alwaysmeddling with my plans! Fortunately, I was able to make some friends while I was down inBaator. My quest was not all for nought!"

"What are you babbling on about now?" asks He-Man.

"Meet my NEW henchman, He-Man, straight from the bowels of Stygia!Urthquake!"

The Demon Gem shines just as he says that, and out from the blood pool comes a HUGE . .. HUGE hand! The hand is followed by a huge arm, the arm by a massive torso and headresembling that of a wingless demon. The demon is black and orange, a hulking muscle boundfiend, with a sloping forehead, an extended lower jaw with jutting teeth, bull horns, andtubes running through his body with some red liquid. And when he stands to full height, heis 50' tall! And now you know why they call him Urthquake!

Urthquake grabs He-Man in his hand and squeezes him. He-Man struggles to free himselfand drops the Havoc staff into Skeletor's hands. "Another time . . . He-Man, I mustreturn to Snake Mountain to make more plans. Urthquake, drop him!"

He-Man plummets to the ground with a loud thud! Urthquake gently lifts Skeletor on tohis shoulder and Skeletor stands there. "Now, Urthquake, destroy!" and Skeletorpoints to the statue. Urthquake smashes his fist against the statue and the whole thingcomes tumbling down! Before you are all crushed beneath the collapsing room, Skeletor andUrthquake disappear.

"He-Man!" you scream. He-Man picks himself up and runs toward the upper halfof the statue that is falling. Just before you all die, He-Man catches it in both handsand holds it there! "Urgh!!!" he grunts. "Quick, Sorceress, I don't knowhow much longer I can hold this thing! Get everybody out of here!" The front of thestatue now hangs 6' above your head. You have to duck under it to pick up the remainingheroes. She-Ra helps He-Man hold up the statue.

Suddenly, Rio-Blast comes back into the room! "I'll help you, Sorceress!" hesays. Since she is already lying beside you, you create a magic portal next to Frosta.Sorceress, you turn into Zoar and fly to the platform, which has now collapsed. You grabMan-at-Arms with your talons and Stratos, who is OK, grabs Hoof and uses his the jets onhis backpack to drag his 1000' pound body to the portal. You search everywhere, but youcannot find

Tri-Klops, you figure he left with Skeletor. Rio-Blast helps grab Extendar and dragshim over to the portal. Then, you throw all the unconsious people through the portal andthe rest of you who can walk walk through.

You find yourselves standing on a mountain ledge overlooking the dark castle. Thecastle now resembles the face of Hecate. But it is crumbling. You count everybody to makesure they are accounted for: yourself, Sorceress, Castaspella, Frosta, Extendar,Rio-Blast, Stratos, Man-at-Arms, and Hoof. Wait! By Zodak! You forgot He-Man and She-Ra!

What now??? You turn to go back through the portal when suddenly, the whole face ofHecate collapses!!! You all look worried . . . but then, a hole bursts from the center ofthe rubble and out comes Swift Wind and on his back She-Ra and He-Man! They spot you andland next to you on the mountain ledge. "He-Man!" you cry, hugging him."You're alright?"

"Yes, I don't know how we got outta there, I thought we were dead for sure."

"I know," says Zodak. "I could not allow such selfless acts gounrewarded. But next time, be more careful."

"Zodak!" you all say in unison.

"Yes, it is me," he glows. "You have all done well. Once again, theuniverse is in balance. Stratos, your continuous self sacrifice will long be remembered.And Castaspella, your efforts also deserve credit, you went far and beyond the call ofduty. But you, Sorceress, your leadership was divine. The glory belongs to you.

Your decision to revive Skeletor was noble. You could have saved many lives by endingthe war with Skeletor now . . . but you chose to honor your agreement with him when youpromised to set him free. If you were to have chosen not to honor him, then nothing wouldmatter, for you would be no better than he, and it would not be long before the BrightSide of Eternia is no different than Dark Side. After all, what are you fighting for?

Freedom? . . . not freedom from tyrranny, but from the oppression of your own evildeeds. What world would you live in if there was no honor? Such a world is Baator, andthose who follow down the dark path suffer the consequences of their actions. You haveonly averted the inevitable, Sorceress, for some day Skeletor will end up there. Bychoosing to follow Skullgrin, he has chosen to go there.

The Demon Gem is not inherantly evil. As all things, it is the manner in which it isused that makes things good or evil." Zodak points to the gem and you see a mistycloud swirl inside of it . . . and it turns blue! "The Demon Gem," he says,"is just a name. Take it to Greyskull, Sorceress, keep it there with all the othertreasures of its kind. You know where . . .,"

Then, like his example of the gem, Zodak reveals his staff, a shining chrome staff likethe Havoc's staff twin, but the ram skull is a ram head. And you know this to be the Staffof Harmony. And Zodak raises the Staff of Harmony in the air. And with a wave of it thedark clouds part and disintegrate, with a lowering of it the Eternian sun shines brightlyin your eyes once again, and with another arch he creates a rainbow. The rainbow hoversover the dark castles ruins, and soon plants grow up around the dark castle, and in thedistance you hear a blue bird singing. The rest of you awaken, finding yourselves at fullhealth. All your wounds are gone. Even Hoof is awake. And for some strange reason, birdscome and sit on his head and shoulders.

"Farewell," says Zodak, and he blends into the universe until you can nolonger seperate the one from the other.


A good ending. And as it was a good ending, I will not go into much detail

as to my next actions. I take proper leave of Zodak even though he is

apparently gone. I feel a strong bond among us who today were victorious.

I feel honor towards all, but I feel a special bond of friendship with

Stratos. You may use your imaginations to decide how I relate those

thoughts to you all. I provide any requested means of sending people who

desire to go back to their worlds to do so, including Hoof. I make it

known that Hoof is ever welcome to remain on Eternia since he might not

know my feelings on this since our worlds are not as connected as Eternia

is to Etheria.

I cannot know the future (actually, I could but I do not think it is

always a good idea to know ones future since destiny can be averted).

I fly to Greyskull and walk to the path of the Jawbridge. I call for Teela

not as Teela but as Sorceress. I ask her to allow me entrance to Greyskull

even though I could just have easily called it open or teleported in

myself. I do not instantly retake the position of Greyskull's guardian.

I will reclaim the post if Teela offers it back. I have no doubt that she


It is time for a long discussion of our lives and some quality

mother/daughter bonding. For this time, Teela has carried the burden of

the secrets I have made known to her, and I feel it is her right to retain

such knowledge if she choose to do so. I give her the option of my erasing

her memory yet again. She fully understands the importance of why I have

done so in the past. I tell her that I can not erase memories if she

remains Sorceress. I tell her that I cannot only remove certain memories

for the same reasons I never revealed the secrets before. She would be

required to give up knowledge gained from the hologram, but she would

remember her part in our quest be defending Greyskull. Either way, we

spend the rest of the day together.


I expect that Teela is anxious to return to the Royal Guard. I expect

that she will choose to give up knowledge of the secrets. I believe this

experience will have been a religiously uplifting experience for her. I

know my daughter well and love her deeply. If something other than this

were to occur, I would be suprised.

I would just like a word of confirmation.

I believe this to bring my action in this game to an end. Unless I am told

otherwise, I will believe that life gets back to normal. I do not intend

for anything I have said or done in this post to lead to more decisions or

another quest. I am not quite ready for more action yet.

This is My The End.


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