The Wheel of Infinity Revisited - RPG 2
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The Wheel of Infinity Revisited - RPG 2

"The Wheel of Infinity Revisited" was the second Masters of the Universe campaign played via email. This document compiles the email messages that made up the game. The DM was Jacob Q. Email addresses and player names have been removed.


(Trap-Jaw, Tri-Klops, Whiplash, Evil-Lyn)<()>

(Shadow Weaver)<()>



(Two Bad)<()>








(Ram Man)<()>

(Queen Marlena)<()>


(Queen Angella)<()>



Now, I want to make some suggestions. To everybody who wants to play this

next campaign, send EM with names of characters you want to be. Personally, I

would like to see some characters we didn't use be used in this one. Send

requests to <DM> so he can create a list of addresses.

Secondly, perhaps we could establish days when we could all check our mail

and respond. Like maybe three times a week or something . . . just an idea.

And as the first official duty as DM, I would like to ask the DM if I can be


<DM of "The Demon Gem">


I want to be Castaspella still.

Casta/<Castaspella's Player>


Well, if you do Plan to DM I would like to reserve the characters of

Heman for the next one and if he is already taken, I would like the

Character Of Man E Faces.



I hope I got the right person who is going to be DM for this next campaign.

If its cool with you I would like to be Man-E-Faces. That is if you have no

objections to it.


<Man-E-Faces's Player> (soon to be Man-E-Faces)


I WANT TO JOOOOIIIIIIN!!!! ^_^ I've only played D&D a few times...

But I'm eager to learn more. My second Phone Line for my modem got cut

off... But it's working now, so sorry about the late reply.

I guess... Is there anyway we could make Catra a good guy for this?

She was my favorite Character(In fact I switched She-ra and hers heads

around...LOoong story), but it bugged me that all the dark haired women were

evil. So... If not, I suppose I'll play who ever you need. I'd like to

play like, Mermista or something... But I don't remember too much about her.

BTW: Almost useless fun fact... In Japanese folklore, eating a mermaids

flesh a) Makes you into a monster. b) Kills you. c) Makes you immortal.

Just thought that'd be interesting. And of course, if all else fails...

Maybe you would let me be my own Etherian made up character... Panthor Girl.

Ask me later for more on her.


<Mermista's Player>

Peace, Love, and Penguins!


I would like to be included in this RPG thing. If possible (and I'm

sorry, I don't know what characters were used last time) I'd like to be



<Stratos's Player>

<Stratos's Player>



Hi, I'm new to the mailing list...

I'd really enjoy being a part of this RPG deal (or whatever you want to

call it).

As a character, I'd like to be Stratos. If he's not available, then I

would also like to be Man-E-Faces.

Thanks for your help,

<Stratos's Player>


I would like to take the part of Heman this time in the new DM game

if it is available. If not I would like the part of Man E Faces



Is there roomto play as Sy-Klone or Extendar

<Sy-Klone's Player> (Sy-Klone)


I'd like to be included in the game as Queen Marlena. BTW, I've never done

any role-playing games, ever, not even D&D, so this'll be kinda new to me.

Queen Marlena


I'd like to play in the RPG. My three preferrences for characters I'd

like to play are in this order.

1.) Orko

2.) Man At Arms

3.) Ram Man


Your friend, <Ram Man's Player>.


hi i's <Orko's Player> a friend of Casta's and I want to be Orko!!

Hello, <DM>. I am <Shadow Weaver's Player>, a freind of Castaspella and I want to

join your He-Man RPG. I have spoken to <DM of "The Demon Gem">, and he tells me that noone is

playing Shadow Weaver, so if it is alright with you I would like to play her.

<DM of "The Demon Gem"> thinks she should be a cleric, but her spells are actually those of a

mage. I am very familiar with the AD&D rules as I have played them for over 12

years. It is my understanding that I am to leave it up to you to make stats for

her, so would you please? I look forward to playing.

<Shadow Weaver's Player>


I would consider She-ra... But her loyalty is too rigid. I shall go

with Mermista... Since most of my DM friends have a habit of killing off the

Evil Characters("Whoops! A swordsman pops out of no where and beheads

you're vampire.." "Adam...That's not FAIR!!"). However, what do you want

by an origin? I don't remember much about her either... Other than she

lived at Crystal Falls. Is it a motivation for following quests you want?

Or something like that? I'm a tad confused.



I wouldn't mind giving it a go, but I'm not really sure how it works.

Preffered characters: Queen Angella or Mermista

<Angella's Player>


Queen Angella


The next installment of the MOTU adventure based on <DM of "The Demon Gem">'s MOTU AD&D

compendium is ready. There is room in the game for many more characters;

it will not be a problem to allow people into the game for at least a

little while. I am only waiting for a few responses from individuals

before I begin. The openings are already written. I will not yet disclose

the list of names and characters. I have my reasons. There have been very

few taken. I can use anybody from He-Man or She-Ra. I will allow a few

more hours for some people I am waiting to hear from before making

assumptions and starting. Just ask me about a character. The game will

only be better with more people. Non Player Characters is much like

playing chess with oneself, so I always prefer lots of Player Characters

(PCs). For questions, ask the DM--<DM>.

I cannot make it clear enough that you can join in even after the game has

started. Today is not your last chance, but you will enjoy it more if you

join today.



The Sorceress of Greyskull uses telepathy to call to you and ask you to

come to Greyskull. She tells you it is very urgent. You are all capable

of answering since she appears as an apparation to you. You have only to

speak to her. You are absolutely sure of the importance of the message.

Each of you has occasionally had hallucinations recently. For brief

instants you saw the landscape of your worlds superimposed on the landscape

of a barren world. The Sorceress tells you that you must come to Greyskull

to learn of the mission. You will really need to see it for yourselves in

her view screen.

I will let each of you decide where you currently are since where you are

is a function of what you are doing which is related to character. You

first decision will be how each of you plans to get to Greyskull. You do

come to Greyskull because you will soon see that there are not really any

other options, but tell me if you stop somewhere else along the way.

I have already prepared the information you will find out, so hurry and get

to Greyskull.


[The Sorceress shows you the following scenes while narrating them]

[Some of you may remember an episode entitled "The Time Corridor". In it],

Skeletor attempts to alter the past in such a way as to prevent the

existence of Greyskull. He-Man, Orko, Battlecat, and Man-At-Arms were sent

back in time to foil Skeletor's plot. Skeletor had been successful at

causing two tribes of humanoids to become enemies. They were the ones who

society as we know it was to evolve from. He-Man was able to bring the two

groups back together allowing society to continue on its rightful course

through history. He was also able to destroy Skeletor's wheel of infinity

in an explosion initiated by his punching it. The day was saved or so we


Unknown to He-Man, Skeletor and even me, that short time period is an

especially delicate one. Actions caused there have been filtering into the

future. Quantum principles have acted to cause minor events to be

transformed. Humanoids will probably experience mutations that will

discontinue intelligent life on Eternia. The Horde will gain strength

because the brain of a single traitor was affected in such a way that

rather than defecting he became a great general and instituted many new

tactical policies. Since Etheria is magically connected to Eternia, the

time crunch will affect it next unless it is stopped before history is


It is an all or nothing deal. Our universe is one of many parallel

universes. They function on a principal of dominance. When the barren

landscape scenario gets a greater probablility of existing than ours, it

will become the one in which consciousness exists. It could be reversed,

but it would be especially difficult since Greyskull and I would not exist

and Etheria would be cut off from Eternia. There would also be other

unknown problems. Your only hope is to win before the switch. We are

still dominant, but the hallucinations you have been having are real. For

brief instants, our world ceases to exist. The flux will increase as time


We must go to the past to a time a little before Skeletor appeared and

defeat him. Only by preventing the original confrontation with He-Man in

the past can we secure the structural integrity of time. Skeletor has

already realized this, and he is sure to fortify his position in the deep

past. He will be happy if we fail. He was not descended from Eternians.

In the Horde, he will be a great admiral in the other universe. He will be

victorious because Greyskull and society will never have existed. Those of

you who are willing let us go now.

[The Sorceress prepares a time corridor.]

[Zodak appears and says]

Stop, Sorceress, you may not go with them. You must do what you can to

stabilize space-time in the present. You are also the only one who can use

the power of Greyskull to open and close a time corridor. Your other main

task will be to experiment with magic as requested.

Heros, I give each of you a piece of the Star Chamber. I will be useless

in the hands of the evil. Using it will have the same effects as going to

the real Star Chamber. It will require the same amount of time. It will

also require a teleportation spell to get inside. Everyone will believe he

is actually in Greyskull. All the rules of going to Greyskull will apply

to the use of the Star Stones I give you. I have come because the very

structure of space-time in this universe is in jeopardy. All that The

Sorceress has told you is true. Being inside Greyskull, she is stong

enough to use her telepathing abilities even across time, thus you will be

able to contact her. Farewell, heroes.

[Sorceress says]

Then you must go. Before you go, I offer you special items you might wish

to aid you on your journey, but you must ask specifically. I will see if

such items are available in the weapons/devices storeroom. Oh!, I do

believe that all time beyond 10 million years in the future has just be

changed to the other universe. The time cruch is working its way back to

the point you must prevent. The time I am sending you to will be

completely stable. It is about two days before Skeletor arrived in the

original history, but remember this is a new history.

[opens the time corridor with her magic view screen]

May the power of Greyskull and the honor of Zodak be with you on your journey.


Sorceress of Greyskull


OK, all it is show time. There are only a few minor details that I am

working on right now, but I think we are ready. I will try it like this.

First, know that there are both good and evil NPCs. When sending mail, I

will place address in the blind carbon copy rather than the to: when

sending mail to both good and evil characters. I will try to keep messages

separate. All good will know who all other good are. The same for all

evil. There will not be a complete list of all players and characters

published. The next posts will tell you who is to be in each of your

mailing groups. If you do not receive a message, then I do not have you

registered. The campaign will begin in a few minutes. You each

individually have the option of revealing your identities to the evil

authors and vice-versa.



You have just been absorbed through a portal created by Skeletor that

leads to Snake Mountain. He tells you that you must serve him by going to

the past and defeating the heroic warriors. You do not wish to, and you

consider fighting him. He raises his havok staff and points it at you.

You might be able to fight him, but you know that you would at least be

weakened severely. Here is part of the message I sent to Trap Jaw:

Skeletor says, "I need a volunteer".

You do not reply.

Skeletor rephrases, "I need a fool." He points his havok staff at you and

threatens to send your cybernetic components to the scrap heap.

You reply, "I am a fool, great Skeletor".

Good, I have a mission for you in the past.

What is it, Skeletor.

You must destroy those goodygoodies who have gone to the past to attempt

to end my rule before it begins.

Why me?

Because I like tin cans to do my work for me, now go through the portal

and take some good weapons. [Ask specifically for what you want, and I

will decide if some questionable things are acceptable.]

[For several days you have been hallucinating. For brief instants you see

the landscape superimposed on a barren planet. Only after you pass through

the portal to the past do you sense that you hallucinations might actually

be visions.]

Trap Jaw is in this game. He is also being bossed around by Skeletor.

There will probably Be Tri-Klops and Evil-Lyn. Would you like to control

either of these also? Both? I have made the same offer to TrapJaw but

heard no response yet.

You do not know much more than the fact that you must serve. You have not

yet gone to the past. I await your mail as to what you want to do now

including possibly asking Skeletor for anything.


I would like a set of Bracers of protection, just in case I need to get

down and dirty. If it is possible, I would also like to have a wand of Fire,

Lightning, Magic Missles, or anything you feel is worthy of my skill my lord.

An enchanted weapon ( dagger, staff) would also be useful should I have

to engage in ( ugh) physical confrontations. If we are going to be hunting

these fools, then perhaps a few items of stealth would be in order ( cloak of

the elvenkind, ring of invisibility, etc...) and perhaps an item which would

allow us to track them without the need of actually finding them ( crystal


I eagerly await to serve,

Shadow Weaver


As a cleric, you have been given a staff of unlimited "Meld into Stone" You can use any spells of the spells in the ADD Players Handbook, as can other magicians. The standard spell limits per day will be intact. For instance, as a level 18 cleric, you may cast up to two level 7 spells per day. Your staff can also be used as a weapon if you want to.



Thank you. You have greatly cleared up the cleric/mage distinction for

me, but I still have one question..... What spells do I know? Can I cast any

mage or cleric spell? Or should I stick to cleric only? Do I make up my own

spell list ( a dangerous proposition in itself considering some of the spells I


Thank you

<Shadow Weaver's Player>


In MOTU, there appears to be no real distinction between mages and clerics.

When we examine the characters closely, we often find that they possess

properties of both. Shadow Weaver will be a cleric partially because there

is a shortage of clerics in the game. I have chosen these stats:

Strength: 11

Intelligence: 13

Wisdom: 17

Dexterity: 12

Constitution: 11

Charisma: 14

Class: Cleric

Race: Etherian

Level: 18

Hit Points: 50

Armour Class: 10

THAC0: 14

Block: 10/12

Attack/round: 1

Damage: 1d6+1 (staff)* or by spell

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Plane/World: Etheria

Special: *Staff of "Meld into Stone"--unlimited Meld into Stone spells.

Immune to poison.

I will give you the first opportunity to write a history or origin for

Shadow Weaver, but I do consider her to be an Etherian human who was

transformed into what she is under the robes. I have ideas, but origin is

often part of character, so you have first go at it.


Hail and well met, Sorceress,

I, Fisto, am currently arm wrestling some mountain giants in the Mystic


with my faithful mechanical steed, Stridor. I can leave at once but it will

take me a few days of riding at top speed to reach Greyskull. I understand

our quest is to go back in time and stop Skeletor from altering the future so

that he may never be an ally to Hordak in this future. I have some questions

though: if the new future should happen to take place, will we even be aware

of it? And if not, could this sorta thing have happened before without us

knowing? How often can we use the Star Stone to teleport to Greyskull to be

healed? And can you provide me with some basic equipment like rope, a

compass, food rations, water? If not, I can stop at a nearby village and get




Fisto, I have those items you requested. Do not waste time in a village.

The rope is of unlimited length, and I have a backpack available for you.

It has magical deep pockets. Everything else is ready as you requested


Sorceress of Greyskull >>


I politely say, 'excuse me' to the giants after forcing his arm to the ground

and hop on my mighty silver steed! Away Stridor! To Greyskull at once!!

To the DM: Let me know when I get there.



Can I fly at will and if so what are my restrictions i.e. alt.speed.


also can I turn invisable at will like on the cartoon? if so

is it improved inviso or standerd?

If I rember corectly he can teloport is that true in this rpg?

and do I get a spell list?



I am afraid that I have never been able to find the "Tome of Magic". There

will definately be a bit of unpredictability to Orko's spells. Generally,

the more urgent, the more likely to succeed, based on dice. If he tries to

cast a prismatic spray in the forest for no reason, he is more likely to

fall down and be covered with peanut butter sandwiches. In battle against

Horde troopers, Orko will probably be successful at casting a fireball

where he wants it to go. It will be a percent function.



I am with adam/he-man and travel with him to greyskull.

(sorry I am not fimilar with the lay out of this planet)



Orko requests a wrist blaster, and blaster pistol (which he will probably

have to use as a sub-machine gun) also a ring of proection and/ or

bracers of deff. also a staff of thunder and lightning food water

and the standerd acme adventurers kit!

Thank you Orko


You may fly up to an altitude of twenty feet without problems. Any higher

may require a save vs. crash landing. You may fly twice as fast as an

average many running, no, not Michael Johnson :) . Being a level three

wizard, you cast spells as such. You may use any of the ones from the ADD

Players Handbook.



I was visiting King Randar and Queen Marlena when the Sorceress's image

appears to me. I realize the importance of the message and ask the royal

couple to excuse me because I have important matters to look in to. They

let me go and I leave heading towards Greyskull.



I am in the castle of Mysticor, working with the young Ariel when I hear your

message. I am going to end her class early, make sure there is someone keeping

an eye on her and teleport to castle Greyskull.



I, Ram-man, am not far from Greyskull. In the Evergreen woods,

practicing head butting trees. I hear the Sorceress's call and head

straight for Greyskull to respond, on a sky-sled thing. I make no stops

on the way.



As, Sy-Klone I think I would be hanging around the palace and would simply

fly to Grey Skull



I He-man have heard the call of the sorceress and I am currently at

Darksmoke speaking with the dragon Grannymer. I will ride my steed

battle cat and head for Greyskull immediatly.




May I have a shield and grappling hook to use on my journey as

well as a pack pack consisting of food and several magical items I

may use such as a torch, a reflecting mirror, and a never emptying

water cantine.



[dm says you already have a grappling hook]. [Sorceress] As you know

your grappling hook which I gave you several years ago is indestructible.

That applies to the metal component. The rope is of unlimited length, and

it may be damaged only if the damage is intentional and caused by a

powerful force such as your sword. You may have a torch and a mirror. You

have a pocket on the inside of you fuzzy underwear. It will now be

"magically deep" meaning you can put in more things than there is really

room for. You may have food and a cantine. Both will be unlimited as long

as the Greyskull's power in the present remains stable. You must also

provide food for others in your group or the limit will be reached



Sorceress of Greyskull


I humbly thank you for these gifts sorceress, I shall make good use

of them not only toward the reaching of our goal, but also toward the

benefit to the well being of our group.



Ram Man, you are arrived at Greyskull. It is good that you have joined us.

Welcome inside. Most of the others are here, and you will be leaving for

the past shortly.

Sorceress of Greyskull


Sorceress, I heed your command.

I, Stratos, prince of the skies, am simply keeping the peace here in my

homeland. I shall fly to Grayskull at once.

I should arrive in a minimum of time.

Let us act quickly to put down this threat against our world as we know




The full existence of the bad universe will have some tell-tale residual

effects in the space-time continuum in both that universe and ours. In all

my life, I have never found the existence of such effects. It is possible,

however, that it could have happened in a region of space or time that is

outside the reach of Eternian knowledge. It has never happened here. We

would be aware of the replacement of the universe. Those hallucinations

you have been having is the actual replacement of our universe. You can be

aware of it because the active univerese reverts back to us still. If you

fail in this quest, you will never know it because the probability of a

reversion to our universe will approach zero until our possibility of

activity will be equal to that of any other potential parallel universe in

the quantum spectrum. You will never have been born, so you will not care

about the fate of the universe. Time will continue in a linear fashion

even though logic would seem to indicate the presence of closed time-like

loops (CTLs). In other words it will be impossible to hope for a scenario

in which He-Man and I were never born, the original conflict in the past

never occurred, and the need for this quest is averted. I am absolutely

sure that you will only get this one chance.

You each have part of the Star Stone. It is like a miniature Star Chamber,

and you will actually be inside it, so you do not teleport to the real

Greyskull. Right now, you can expect to use the Star Stone twice per day

regardless of the number of mages you have. I cannot guarantee this

number. As time goes by in the past, the odds of your failure will

basically increase. The power of Greyskull may be redirected to

maintaining the stability of time in my present. For these reasons, utmost

speed is needed. There is also a chance that the instability of the

continuum will give the stones enough power to allow for more charges, but

right now we are stable enough for two.

Fisto, I have those items you requested. Do not waste time in a village.

The rope is of unlimited length, and I have a backpack available for you.

It has magical deep pockets. Everything else is ready as you requested them.

Sorceress of Greyskull


I will take my claw arm, my laser firing arm, and a stasus ray(it

freezes opposing characters for 2 rounds).

TriKlops will take his sword and a crossbow

Evil-Lyn does not need any weapons per sey, she will just take her wand

for magical purposes.

I will definately control the other Evil PCs. I was going to ask you

if it would be possible to be more than one bad guy but then you

emailed me and asked if I would mind doing it so I didnt even have to

ask :) . I noticed that in your previous message you had an email

address for Evil-Lyn. Is it my job to control her or is there another

player taking her duties. If someone else is taking EvilLyn. I would

like to drag Whiplash along for the ride. If I can take Whiplash, he

will take his spear and a standard crossbow.

thats all for now,

<Tri-Klops's Player>(Skeletor's Cronie)


[dm] All of you heroic warriors have gathered inside Greyskull. It has

been three days since The Sorceress told you of your quest. Taking three

days is not a problem because we are not at the point of the impending Time

Crunch. When you go back in time, though, time will be of the essence.

[Sorceress] I will send you back two days before Skeletor arrived in the

original modified history. This is also about three days before Skeletor

attempted to destroy a future Greyskull. I have attempted to spy on

Skeletor, and I only know that he knows that you will going back in time

for some reason. He also knows about the possibility of our universe being

supplanted. You must be on guard from the beginning. Farewell, heroes of


[The Sorceress creates a time corridor to whence she stated.]


I am assuming you are all ready to go. If some of you were not, I will

assume that you were given a little more time to do what you had planned.

Unless otherwise notified, you are all now in the past. Greyskull was not

built yet, this time of PreEternia is known to be even more ancient than

The Sorceress herself. It is still Eternia, and many basic landforms are

the same, but there you may find differences in many aspects of Eternia.

Time travel is strange, but you should occasionally try to think in terms

of temporal consequences during your adventure.

From the corridor, you emerge in a dense forest. The trees are much like

those of modern Eternia, but many of them are 4 times the size you are used

to. This includes leaves as large a person. It is not uncommon to see

trees over 100' in height. You do not see anything else out of the

ordinary, but then again you just got here. The time is mid-afternoon. As

it turns out, The Sorceress was able to give you more time that she hoped.

Instead of 72 hours, you have closer to 76 hours. You hear an animal

growl. Queen Marlena thinks that it reminds her of a mountain lion on earth.

You have some time now to what you want. Obviously, you will eventually

have to locate the location where Skeletor will attempt to build a fortress

to house his wheel of infinity. Since the fortress is not there, and the

land that it is to be built on is still unsuitable for construction, how

will you find the right place?? You all know of the great power of

Greyskull. You also have been told that the site you are looking for is

the same site Greyskull will eventually be built on.

You hear what sounds like another mountain lion.

The clock is now ticking.


Sorceress of Greyskull


WOW everthing is so big I feel so small I kinda liked it back in our

own time what-cha-ma-call-thingey-whatever! Hay! I wonder what that roar

was.....Don't worry guys I'll find out!

Orko head twords the roaring thingy as fast as posiable!



I want to request a magic bag like everyone else, as well as some provisions of

course. I did fine with my spells last time and I have no weapons skills to

think of, maybe some sort of talisman to protect me from ??

Anyway when we ghet to the past I ask "

"does anyone have the neccesary skills to trangulate off the stars and find ou


A) EXACTLY where we are on the plaet

B) How to get to the Greyskull site in the shortest amout of time

and when we hear the noise I want to tell everyone to assume a defensive

perimeter and proceed away from the noise.



Your staff, the 16d6 staff of lightning may be used as a physical weapon of


Your spells are powerful enough to stop most effects, so you do not need

special protection. I know you are aware of "StoneSkin, and Spell Turning"

among others. Your "deep pockets" bag also contains food and




Skeletor tells all of you to hurry up and go. You are ordered out of his

sight. At least he tells you where you are going. He also tells you that

some heroic warriors have also gone to the past and that he will send you

to as close to the same time as possible. He sends you to the exact

location in which he is to attempt to initialize the wheel of infinity and

destroy Greyskull--a plot that you know failed. You all wonder why he

wants to protect his failure. Skeletor tells you that he is pretty sure

that the heroic warriors do no know when or where or even if you will be


You leave if only to get away from Skeletor's arrogance.

From the corridor, you emerge in a dense forest. The trees are much like

those of modern Eternia, but many of them are 4 times the size you are used

to. This includes leaves as large a person. It is not uncommon to see

trees over 100' in height. You do not see anything else out of the

ordinary, but then again you just got here. The time is mid-afternoon.

You hear two animals growl. Shadow Weaver who is familiar with a bit of

earth culture. She says the growls remind her of an earth animal called a

mountain lion.

At least you know the exact time and place you are supposed to defend. You

expect that the heroic warriors will be coming this way if they can. The

place of Skeletor's plan is here. The exact time of his battle with He-Man

will be in exactly 76 hours.

Whiplash finds on his back a backpack. In it he discovers food and water,

both of which he finds to be of unlimited quantity.

Shadow Weaver, you have a greater sense of well-being here. You notice you

have stopped hallucinating. You feel that this time is somehow more stable

that the present. You have only the vaguest thought that your

hallicinations were actual reality. If they were actually reality, what

were you seeing?

You know the time and the place. You have 76 hours, what do you do? Trap

Jaw also remembers that this is the site that Greyskull will be built upon

in the future.



I find the nearest small rock and place it into one of my pouches. I

then find a larger number of small rocks ( numbering about 20) and place them

into another, empty pouch. Before I put them in, I cast enchanted stone upon

five of them, making them explode when thrown ( I am unfamiliar with the spells

stats, you will have to tell them to me.) I also ask Whiplash for some of the

food and to fill my waterskin. I then cast bless upon all present.

To DM: I need to know how spells work in this game. How many can I cast

per day? Do I stick to only Clerical spells?

Thank you. I unfortunately just sent the same questions to you with my

PC's first actions. I have one more question though. When Shadow Waever is

melded to a stone, is she still aware of what is going on around her?

Shadow Weaver


Inside the stone, one only knows of the passage of time. You would not

know about anything outside the stone. The only exception I will allow is

the fact that you will know if you are damaged. You will know if you lose

an appendage.



One thing you may notice is that certain things will carry over from the

previous campaign. For instance, I allowed Castaspella to teleport to

Greyskull from Etheria since she was familiar with the location from before

and it is the same author. Some other things are likely to be consistent.



I gave Shadow Weaver a charisma of 14 because we never see her face. There

is a mystery about her that makes people intrigued. The other reason is

because of her manner. If she orders something done, people are likely to

do it for fear of whatever creative punishment she might find fitting. She

occasionally evened frightened Hordak. Most origins I have heard involve

Shadow Weaver being an Etherian human, at least that is how she was born.

There is a special reason why this should be so...

<DM> (DM)


Orko may have a ring that allows him to utilize the power of Eternia's past

in certain ways. It will allow him to understand native languages. You

may take with you in your hat most things you saw in the cartoon. This is

restricted to conventional weapons unless you can convince me of some

special magical thing he had. The is no chance of your having Orko's

magical amulet or the horn of evil for instance.

Orko's stats are listed below. I have decided to use the standard stats.

One special ability you do have is you will be able to teleport your group

into the Star Stones without failure even though a level 3 wizard normally

wouldn't be teleporting. Since the limit of group visitation is 2 per day

even if only part of the group goes, you can only teleport people in if

there are times left for that day. The number does not increase even if

there are more mages.

Here are the stats. I give you, Orko, the opportunity to write your own

history/origin/description in no more that 350 words.



Strength: 5 -2 -1

Intelligence: 14

Wisdom: 9

Dexterity: 10

Constitution: 7

Charisma: 15

Class: Mage

Race: Trollan

Level: 3 / 20 (on Trolla)

Hit Points: 6

Armor Class: 10

THAC0: 22 / 16 (on Trolla)

BLOCK: Can't

Attacks/Round: 1

Damage: by spell

Alignment: See below

Size: 2'6


Special: See below



At least some people in both the good and evil parties have unlimited food

and water. I will add no more food allocations which means you will have

to share or do something else. The good news is that the water is pure and

delicious. The bad news is that unlimited food is also bland and tasteless.



>Casta sez:

>I think we need perhaps fisto or he-man in the front to protect us. I myself

>and Orko, along with their majesties will take up position in the middle of the

>group, with more of ouyr fighters in the back to provide for a rear defense

>I am thinking something like this:






>Queen Marlena






>and stratos as air support.




Sy-Klone No problem with those ranks, but correct me if I am wrong but I

can fly can't I. I mean I have cartoons where I am flying?



You are in the thickly wooded area I mentioned. You will eventually have

to find a way to find the site of the future Greyskull. You know there are

wild animals in the woods. After hearing a mountain lion, Orko quickly

flew toward the sound. Castaspella wants the group to prepare for defense.

It is still mid afternoon. You could prepare a trap for the evil

characters, but you do not know how near you are to the right place. Since

you have the ability to act as a human tornado, you have the option of

hovering on top of such a tornado for a few seconds. Your maximum altitude

will be 150'. If you see something up there, it may or may not be useful.

Be careful, since the tornado effect could cause damage, you would want to

consider going away from the others a bit into the forest. This is

something you could do, you I have no idea if it will help or hinder you.



Sy-Klone asks "I think we should decide which of us is gong to take the lead?"

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


Sy-Klone- After hearing the growl,I decide to stay with the group

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


okay I jave just been informed that sy-klone can fly so he can also provide us

with air support (and keep stratos company!!"

if anyone can find a place I am on now and I would love to do alttle real-time

rpg . .



Good thinking, Sy-Klone. With proper leadership, greater things may be

accomplished. An organized group is more likely to fall. If anyone wants

to view his/her ideas on a leader, be sure to let me know. If do not get

many votes, and there is no opposition, I will have one named. If it comes

down to that, it will be based on what I see each of you do up to that time.



Sy-Klone has some flying ability, but must be pretty much vertical, and it

can not be sustained for very long.



[skeletor says]

Boobs, you have been here for almost 30 minutes, and you have still not

engaged the heroic warriors! If they even make it to the future site of

Greyskull, it could mean disaster for you all. You all know that I am the

only one who can return you to the present. If you fail, you can expect to

be devoured by saber-tooth tigers.

You lame brains probably do not even know where your opponents are.

[When the lord of destruction is finished getting his ego trip by trying to

make you feel useless, a lightning bolt stikes among you. It just barely

misses you. You think it is a warning. At about this time, Tri-Klops has

a vision of 6 hungry wolves jumping at you simultaneously. All of them are

three times as big as wolves you are used to. They come from six different

directions at once. ]

[Tri-Klops, you can make use of your knowledge gained by you future vision.

What do you do. Whiplash and Trap Jaw you start to feel a bit hungry.

Skeletor did not allow you lunch before he sent you here. Shadow Weaver,

you and Evil-Lyn continue to wonder about the visions you had before you

left and about the strange nature of the quest you are on.]

[Remember, appearances can be deceiving.][Only Shadow Weaver has an idea

that things are not as they should be. Evil-Lyn could, but she is too busy

hating Skeletor][I could be convinced to allow you information about your

quest if you can convince me that you know enough about time to be able to

think logically.]




Alright everyone, if the lions attack defend yourselves, but try not

to hurt them if you can help it. Remember, we're here to stop

skeletor, not to harm anything. If we change the past here, the

future will become altered so keep that in mind.

I motion for Fisto and ram man to join me in the front with casta and

sky-clone on either side with the rest are huddled respectivly around

in our circle. I call to stratos "How close are the lions to use

now?" I draw my sword and say a silent prayer to greyskull that I

may not have to use it. I send battle cat to stay in the center of

the circle with the queen in case the lions attack us all at once.



I say we form a cirle with our bcks to each other in order to prevent a rear

sneak attack. prepare to cast lightening bolta and suggest that we make a

great deal of noise in the hope that we can scarethem away and not have to

fight them. Thoughts anyone??



Queen Marlena says:

I'm beginning to wonder if it is some kind of mountain lion. I'm also

starting to wish my daughter Adora was along with us. Or even She-Ra, but

she's on Etheria. I caution Castaspella--"Be careful!"


(Okay, I send this to you, right? I'm a tad confused...Can you send

me my stats and abilities? Can I have a whip? Pleeese? Okay, a trident.

That's mermaid-esque)

As I walk, between my companions, I ready my trident for Stratos's

formentioned battle. Oh dear...^_^;;




"All right, fellow heroes...I'll take to the skies and see if I can

locate any potential danger..."

I fly high into the sky, searching for anything that may be a threat,

and checking to see if anything or anyone nearby can assist us.

( I decide what I see or does the DM?)

If it's up to me, I can't see any clues leading to Grayskull's

construction site...but I do see a pack of four, maybe five mountain

lions...all converging on the group's position...

I drop back to the ground.

"Prepare for combat...this could get ugly!"



I look around searching for whatever made the noise and pepare for an impending

battle. I don't cant any spells yet, but I am on guard, listening for whatever

will (I am having a feeling) come flying at us. I leared a grat deal on my

last quest one of theses things being "never assume it is 'just a noise'"



[About Sy-Klone]

okay I am going to suggest that hi stay on the ground until he needs to fly, it

may serve him well in combat. I think we should get going and as I said when

it is dark, maybe we can use the stars to guide us in our trek acress

prehistoic eternia.



1. Can I have Sy-Klones stats

2. About when are turns done so i can try to be as prompt as possible.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


Sy-Klone fys above the tree line aand surveys the surrondings, what do I see?


Ok, group count, there is: Orko, Queen Marlena, Sy-Klone, He-Man,

Man-E-Faces, Castaspella, Stratos, Ram Man, and myself Fisto.

"That makes a party of 9 of us. A fine group I must say!"

I pat my good friends Ram Man and Sy-Klone on the back, accidently bruising

their backs.

"Eh . . . sorry guys."

I look around. "Amazing! This must be what Eternia looked like before the

great cataclysm! The vast Dead Zones replaced by dense forest! Why . . . I

don't even recognize it. Only the moons are the same. And could it be that

soon it shall become dark . . . and then light again like on other worlds? I

should like to see that.

I wonder if Sky Tree still lives during this time, or is he just a seedling

now? Perhaps he could help us. No matter, we must find where Greyskull is to

be built."

I hear the mountain lion-like roar. "Hmm," I rub my beard, "be on the lookout

for strange monsters, possibly extinct in our time. I will have my sword

ready to hack at any beast that comes near us. Stratos, perhaps you could fly

up and be our lookout. And if you happen to see where Greyskull might be

built, let us know."



"Doh!" Ram Man rubs his chest, thankfull that his armor protect him

from fistos fist.

"Duh,... He-Man, I'll protect the Queen."

Ram Man follows along, thinking about whistling, but deciding against


"Duh, that noise back dere, sounds pretty hungry. Maybe we should find

high ground and assess our situation." Ram Man suggests with a goofy


"Bird Man, what do you see?" Ram Man asks Stratos what he sees from his

ariel perspective.

Basically, Ram Man follows the others, wondering where they are going.

~~~~Ram Man


The battle formation sounds good to me. He-Man, Ram Man, and I shall go on

ahead and search for the source of the sound. I suggest He-Man use his sword

to detect any evil that may be waiting to ambush us. Meanwhile, I would like

to ask the most intelligent of the group if they can figure out our exact

location on Eternia by looking at the stars, then we can figure out where

Greyskull would be and head in that direction.



One thing to remember is that most stats may be found on my website. Go to

<DM of "The Demon Gem">'s Compendium via a link from my main page. I will give out stats when

asked, but you will often find it convenient to go to my page.

Here are Man-E-Faces' Stats


Strength: 17 +1 +1 / 20 +3 +8 / 24 +6 +12

Intelligence: 11 / 3 / 20

Wisdom: 15 / 9 / 1

Dexterity: 10 / 20 +4 +3 / 17 +3 +2

Constitution: 12 / 17 +3 / 20 +5

Charisma: 15 / 7 / 8

Class: Fighter

Race: ?

Level: 13

Hit Points: 102

Armor Class: -2 / -6 / -5

THAC0: 7 / 5 / 2 (fist)

8 / NA / 1 (gun)

BLOCK: 5 / 14

Attacks/Round: 2

Damage: 9d6 x2 (gun) / 1d4 +1, +8, +12 x2 (fist)

Alignment: Lawful good / Chaotic evil / Non

Size: 6'1


Special: (See below)

Perhaps the most complex and difficult to understand, is the being known

as, Man-E-Faces. Having

been inflicted at an early age by a horrible curse, Man-E-Faces is a split

personality with three

separate identities. Though he struggles to be a man, Man-E-Faces is also a

monster and a robot.

Note, however, that these changes do not come of his own free will.

Originally, Man-E-Faces was

possessed by only two personalities, a dark reflection of himself known

only as "the monster." Then,

in a desperate fight to control himself, he created a third person, a cold

and heartless mediator, "the

robot." No one can understand the organic and physical changes that seem to

occur to him at a

molecular level, nor has he ever been cured of this affliction.

The stats above are divided into three categories. The first are those of

the man, the second are

those of the monster, and the third are those of the robot. As a man,

Man-E-Faces fights with a gun

(20 rounds/1000+ yards), however, if he is made angry, he will turn into

the monster, attacking with

his fists. There is no telling what the monster side of him will do. Being

chaotic evil, the monster has

been known to attack his own allies and even join forces with Skeletor. If

the monster is tamed, he

will turn into the robot, and later, change back into the man. Man-E-Faces

will turn into the robot if

in a life threatening situation, if he drinks poison, runs out of air,

comes near starvation, or is being

crushed under a weight he cannot lift. As a robot, Man-E-Faces can sustain

life at -10 hit points,

(but cannot be healed or resurrected), has all the endurances of a robot,

and does not need food or

drink. If in battle, Man-E-Faces is reduced to 50 or less hp, he will turn

into the monster, and

become the robot if reduced to 25 or less. If he falls unconscious (below

0), Man-E-Faces will

become human again when his hp reach 1 or above.



Stratos and Queen Angella take to the sky. You both finally are able to

see the landscape when you are 125' up, the average height of the trees in

the area. You are surprised that you are not as far from people as might

have thought. Queen angella immediately spots what seems to be a

rudimentary village about 1/2 mile away to the south. The forest thins out

a bit from where you are until where the village is. Queen Angella has

some ideas about what she sees, one of the buildings appears to be a place

of worship, and behind it is a corale containing 4 mountain lions. She

notes that the "buildings" are very primitive, but they are at least

semi-permanent. It appears that the intelligent humanoids of Pre-Eternia

were somewhat more advanced than you thought. She realizes that it is

incredible that she is even able to have the impression that such an

ancient building could be expected to have a specific purpose. She notices

one more thing of importance. There is a small foot trail about 3 miles

long leading from the place of worship to a point to the west of the town

in to it seems nowhere, just a nondescript forest area.

Stratos, you see what you believe to be the most important thing of all.

Orko decided to look for the wild animals. His curiosity got the better of

him, and he just took off. Since the trees thin out toward the village,

you are able to make him out with your excellent vision. He is already

more than halfway to the village. Fortuanately for him, it appears the

sound you heard came from the animals in the corale, but you have no way of

knowing for sure. You could go to Orko and try to convince him to come

back, but he seems very interested in finding the animals.

Stratos and Queen Angella decide to tell the rest of you in the group of

what they saw including Orko. There is no telling what might happen if

Orko entered the village by himself.

So, you have a town, a trail, and an Orko flying towards the town. Orko is

not moving too quickly because he is observantly looking for mountain

lions. Stratos estimates that you could possibly catch up with Orko at

about the time he reaches the perimeter of the village if you leave now.

There is that trail though, and you can think of other options...

What do you do.



Castaspella has been trying to get you ready to defend against attack. She

wanted people to fly up and get a view of the land. You think that her

ideas are good ones. You try to get in a defensive order, but you cannot

form a circle with all of your group, so you are still in a mass, but you

are now mindful of the necessity of defending those who are weak and have

few hit points. Stratos and Angella liked the idea of scouting, and it was

a good thing they did. You have all began to listen to her, and you decide

to unanimously make this an official precedent. You are not surprised when

Queen Marlena and Queen Angella supported Castaspella. Their loyalty to

the group did not for a moment make them think to use their royal powers to

seize control of the group and run it like the royal guard for instance.

You cannot yet use the stars to predict the location of Greyskull since it

is still the afternoon.

Fisto, you are know well how to live in the forest. Using the stars is

nothing new to you. How do you feel about your chances of using the stars

to guide us to Greyskull's future site tonight. This question is posed to

you by Castaspella.



Of course, considering Castaspella a leader implies that you will remain

one group. It would be hard for her to help people if some of you split

off into another group. Remember, you always have the option of splitting

up, but if you do, it will not be because of selfish thoughts against

Casta. Only all of you can decide whether or not to keep your group of 11

people intact.



Ok, you can have a trident. Your stats will have you a wizard not a

fighter. I am still working on it. You will be able to use your trident

as a weak weapon (1d6) because your main attack will be spells. I will

also give your trident a special spell associated with it.



Subject: Re: Stratos' Stats (more alliteration?)


Strength: 17 +1 +1

Intelligence: 14

Wisdom: 14

Dexterity: 17 +3 +2

Constitution: 14

Charisma: 13

Class: Ranger

Race: Bird man

Level: 18

Hit Points: 117

Armor Class: 7

THAC0: 3

BLOCK: 3 / 12

Attacks/Round: 2

Damage: 9d6 (laser)*

Alignment: Neutral good

Size: 6'


Special: *This attack is made as a spell from the palms of Stratos' hands,

and can be made twice

per round at will as often as he wishes, at a range of 200+ yards.

-Ranger spells and abilities

-Flight at movement rate 36

Imagine a planet entirely made up of blue sky and white clouds. Such is the

planet of Ouranos,

home of Stratos of the bird people.

Life on Ouranos is sparse but great in variety. The main source of

vegetation is in air plankton,

which float around in the atmosphere as in the oceans. Small vegetarian

bird like creatures eat this

plankton. In turn, they are eaten by larger predator birds. The largest

birds on Ouranos measure

about 60' in wing span. These larger creatures, unlike common birds, have

no feathers. Their skin is

reptilian and their appearance is more like that of a pterodactyl or a bat

whose screeches can be

heard for miles. There are other, larger, balloon like creatures which fill

themselves with hydrogen

and helium and just float in the air like big jellyfish.

The civilization of humanoid bird people arose from the mountains. Being

necessary to survive, they

learned to fly early on and have kept the secrets of flight for thousands

of years. From the mountains

did they build immense towers rising miles into the sky. These towers

appear as golden long

stemmed mushrooms with huge heads. A combination of lighter than air

gasses, paper light material

and jets enable them to stay aloft. The actual heads of the towers are

large enough to hold a small

city and bird people commune in the air between them, flying to and fro and

spending very little time

on land. Bird people are also unique in that very little war has broken out

between them; they are

generally peaceful. Their technology only consists of that needed for them

to survive. The bird

people also have a limited knowledge of magic, used primarily for

nonviolent purposes.



It is my understanding that in ADD, rounds take about 1 minute. In our

time, it depends on when I get mail from most people. The sooner I get

responses, the sooner my next message is sent. Right now, expect to see

new material about once per day. One thing to keep in mind, if someone

does not send in a message in time, but adding it in does not change the

game much, I may be able to work in the move or suggestion, so never just

stop writing. Even if you do not want to make a move, half the fun is pure




I think that we should stay away from the town. I want to stay out of the

timeline as much as we possibly can and staying away from civilization sounds

like a good idea. the footpath looks inviting I telepathically call orko back

to us telling him that the lions are corraled and that they cannot hurt him. I

then propose to get moving toward the wooded area.



Remember, Orko, you make your own decisions. Even though Castaspella does

not want you to go to the town, you have the ability to do so. Orko is

curious, but how curious is he?



You have a point about invisibility. In your hat you keep an amulet, not

the same one as from the show. With it you may turn invisible for 1 round

or 10 minutes, which ever is applicable up to 3 times a day. You must have

your amulet to do this since I will accept "Improved invisibility"--a level

4 spell.

Orko is weak, but he has special abilities such as the ability to translate

most ancient Eternian speech. Your greatest attribute is not magic even

though you can use it if you want. In addition to normal spells, you can

try to cast spells that will appear bungled. I will judge any such spells

since some might actually appear more powerful than some normal upper level

wizard spells. As for AD&D spells, you are a level three mage, so you may

use any level 2 or level 1 spells from the Players Handbook. This is at a

rate of 1 level 2 and 2 level 1 spells per day.



I am asking heman to run and catch up with orko. I don't wnt to getin more

trouble than we already are. Also is the language of pre-eternia the same as

moder day ordo they speak akin to old english, or latin, will we be able to

understand it them if we talk to them?



Orko will be able to use a special spell to translate ancient Eternian

languages. Only he is able to do it. He must be present to cast the

spell. It continues while he is present, and it wears of half an hour

after Orko leaves the people he cast the spell on. The use of this spell

is unlimited. The spell's effects are instantaneous.



WE will line up for battle in a makeshift circle. TriKlops, TrapJaw,

and Whiplash will stand on the outside and the 2 mages on the inside.

TriKlops will ready his sword, TrapJaw will attach his laser gun, and

Whiplash will stand ready with his spear.

Evil-Lyn will have a disenigration spell ready to cast.

I suggest to Shadow Weaver that she casts a meld into stone spell on

the wolves.

<Tri-Klops's Player>


It appears Tri-Klops has warned the rest of the group about the wolves.

Shadow Weaver can only cast "Meld into Stone" on herself. Its range of

effect is the caster. It is basically a defensive spell. That means I

have acceptable moves from four out of five of you. I await Shadow

Weaver's action.

Please send any actions you make, words you say aloud, or thoughts you wish

to make known via speech or telepathy or by body movement to all of the

evil authors. There are still only two of you, but here is the list.

(Trap-Jaw, Tri-Klops, Whiplash, Evil-Lyn)<()>

(Shadow Weaver)<()>




I agree. I don't know about the splitting up, since we really don't kno where

we are and to have one group set off along the path without the rest of the

group would be foolish, I say we go after orko and try to talk to the

villagers and find out where we are for the rest of today. then tonight we

should try to find our way by the stars to the site of greyskull.

those of you with crows, symbols of royalty etc should probably remove them,

likewise with any excessively showy jewlery. Clothes really can't be helped,

we can say we are from some far off part of Eternia . . .suggestiions as to

which part will be greatly appreciated, as I am from Etheria andnot familiar

with this planet. Then we should off to the ques and no more of this dilly




Count me in for going to town!

Queen Marlena


Orko does not listen to Angella or Casta's psychic message. His curiosity

has gotten the better of him. Since he was told there is nothing important

where he is going, he wants more than ever to see it.

Remember, the village is about 1/2 mile south of where you are (where you

started). The trail Angella saw begins at the town and goes 3 miles west

into the middle of nowhere. Knowing that the two begin at the same point,

you stay together until you get there.

Only He-Man and Stratos rush ahead. Due to the amazing speed of Battlecat

and Stratos, Orko is interecepted a few yards before he would break into

the perimeter of the town. The rest of the group catches up to them in 10

minutes. You realize that discretion and disguise are important. Casta,

Angella, and Mermista try to think of an appropriate disguise spell, but

Orko opens his hat and out comes very plain looking hooded robes which you

all put on over your normal clothes with the exception of Angella and

Stratos who could be hindered by extraneous garments.

From this point, the group splits up. Some go into the town, and others

sneak through the forest until they come to the west side of the village

where the trail begins. These people go to town: town party





Angella (flies above the town, but is mindful of everything going on below.)

These start along the trail: trail party




Ram Man


Stratos (flies around the end of the trail)

Orko was retrieved before he was seen revealed to the village. At least,

none of the residents of the town have reacted in a way to make you think

they saw him. Queen Angella flies over town, and it is good she did if the

trail party wants to remain undiscovered. Queen Angella sees the trail

party through the trees which means a villager could see them. She flies

to meet them and warns them to keep back a little farther while circling

the town to get to the trail. The trail party complies, but they also tell

Angella that it might be unwise of her to continue flying over the town

since the Pre-Eternians are probably not used to seeing flying people.

Angella flies at a low level through the trees to meet back with the town

party. She accepts a robe from Orko.

The trail party makes it to the trail and starts to travel on it.

Mermista smells water. There is a natural spring 100 feet from the start

of the trail. Mermista had no problem finding it because water is her

favorite environment. Water flows out into a small stream that goes

downhill through the forest perpendicular to the trail. The opening of the

spring is a hole in the ground 2 feet in diameter. Mermista looks down

into the hole and sees that the the rocks seem to glow. You believe it to

be phosphorescent rock.

Trail Party, you are 100' along the trail, and you have discovered this

natural spring. What do you do?

The town party donning their disguises walks into the town. You see that

the villagers really are more advanced than you had thought, though not too

much. All the buildings are at least semi-permanent. The strangest thing

is that you believe to know what all the buildings are used for. You see a

religious house, a tavern, a market area, and a governmental building. You

walk farther into the town until you come to a water well at what appears

to be the center of the town, equidistant from all of the buildings I

mentioned. From here you also see a living district on the eastern side of

town. Walking to the center of town, several villagers saw you as you

walked by. They gave you very strange looks. One young man walked up to

you and starting saying something to you in a voice that did not sound very

friendly. His language is very strange to you. The Sorceress said Orko

would be able to handle such a situation.

Orko, what do you do?

You are at the well, but it is apparant that the angry young man will draw

attention to you if you cannot show friendship. You do not understand what

he wants. He seems to be in a grumpy mood. Grumpy mood and a foreign

language, what luck.

It is always a good idea to think about your various character attributes

and personalities. Angella, I will be doing your stats this weekend.

Until then, know that you will be a high level cleric which means priest


Stratos flies up the trail. In the last third of the trail, Stratos spots

several villagers busily making the trail longer. Why would they be making

a trail to nowhere longer? Stratos sees no other major landmarks. There

is only forest as far as he sees. Along the trail, the forest grows thick.

Towards the end, the forest is as thick as that in which you first

arrived. Seeing people out in the middle of nowhere is certainly


You must now decide what you will do.

The town party is being confronted by a citizen of the village. They are

wise enough to be considering the temporal implications of their actions


The trail party has found a spring 100' from the beginning of their walk.

There are still three miles of trail to go. The trail is much easier than

travelling through the forest.

Stratos has seen some things.

Now what?



Why would skeletor want to protect an old failed plot of his? You would

think that he would simply want to forget about it........ unless. Could

He-man's and Skeletor's interference in the past someho have altered our

future? It is possible, for even the slightest action by a temporal traveller

could upset a delicate balance. Mayhaps Skeletor's defeat has brought about

circumstances that still work in his favor....... I wonder about this.

Shadow Weaver


Now that sounds like an idea. Since you have brought up this concept of

time, the other evil characters will be able to think about the

consequences of their actions in time. You think that this idea you have

had is a good one. You may give it more thought, and you never dismiss the





What do you mean by the great cataclysm? Are you referring to the point

that may trigger the Time Crunch which you are trying to stop?

<DM> >>

Eh, no, I am referring to the time before Eternia stopped rotating, when the

Zodiakians ruled the planet. Are we that far back? Or after?


I am going to the village too! You need a fighter just in case you get




I agree to go with the group to the village... But wonder if I look

normal enough to not disturb the people...


Kodachi Batchix



About the Great Cataclysm, the time in which the Zodiakians ruled, and

Eternia still rotated. You know that you are about 100,000 years in the

past which is after the great cataclysm. The Zodiakians have been gone for

a long time since normal beings with the same biological makeup as modern

Eternians evolved not two many eons before now. It is only around this

time in the past that the Zodiakians have even started to care about

Eternia again. They left so Eternians could evolve naturally both

physically and socially. They are starting to watch more closely now since

Eternians are beginning to discover magic and what they can do with it. In

the original history, the Eternians found magic an easy task since it was

basically scattered everywhere and was usable as long as one was aligned

with it. Eternians were aligned with it. Since the magical concentration

was so powerful, a mistake like Orko's occasional blunders could be

disatrous to the entire star system. At that time the Zodiakians came

back, or rather will come back to supervise the construction of Greyskull

so that the magic can be gathered and concentrated in a single place usable

in the form it is known in the present.

None of you are aligned in the same way as the early Eternians. The

powers you have are derived from the Greyskull of the future. Those of you

who use magic derived from a source other than Greyskull have the same

powers you normally would since you evolved to be aligned with a portion of

the remaing free magic. The same magic is available as well as the

untapped magic that is available and will eventually be stored in Greyskull.

By this time there is a light and a dark side of Eternia, but the light

side experiences day and night. I am assuming that the days of Eternia are

the same length as Earth for simplicity.



I have just one or two questions.

In the cartoon, Stratos can not fly after he has been a way from the

influence of the Egg of Avion for more than two days. This was stated

by him in the episode "Betrayal Of Stratos".

Does this count in the game?

Ram Man can jump very high in the cartoon, can he jump above the trees,

or basically, how high can he get?

Also... why should the trail group hear what is happening to the others

in the village. Surely they havn't got hearing that is that good. And

likewise for the village group hearing what the trail group is doing.


Just curious.

Your friend, Rod.


In this game, Stratos is able to fly as much as he wants, despite what the

cartoon says about the Egg of Avion.

Ram Man will be allowed to jump 20'

You ask, why should the two groups of good PCs be able to know what each

other are doing? First, if all of you don't like it, I can change it, but

I rather like allowing you to see each other's things.

1. The groups could conceivably communicate with each other as long as

there is at least 1 wizard or priest per group.

2. It does not really hurt anything. There are reasons why none of you

ever get to see any mail addressed to evil people.

3. What people have to say is part of the fun. The people who can

communicate, the better the exchange of ideas.



I look at orko. I psychically send him themessage :the sorceress said you can

do something about this. . .so what can you do??:

I look at my fellow town pary-types and exchage glances looking for ideas if

Orko does not succeed. We should have a plan in our minds, a backup if you




To DM: Will orko be able to decipher the lanuage of the angery young

man from where we are at?



I put the ring on and translate! (for future refference Orko will ear

the ring of translation on his third hand which is in his hat)

Uhhh what does the man say?



Orko, you were successfully able to cast a spell on the person talking to

you. This spell will affect all of the people currently within the

boundaries of the town.

He asks why you have all gathered together. He asks, Are you trying to

show force? Do you think it is a good idea to be in a big mob? Do you

think all attention should be focused on all of you taking up more space

than you deserve?

None of you understand his reasoning, but you look around, and you never

see a group of people numbering larger than three out in the open.

He continues.."My crops are not yielding, I banged my foot on my stone

axe, I had an arguement with the tavern owner, and now you have come to

disrupt the balance of our town." You best disperse, but even if you do

break up, I am in such a bad mood that I might have to go there and turn

you in. He points to the place you know to be a governmental building.

You had better find a way to make me happy.

Orko with his ring understands why you recognize the buildings. These

people are the origin of modern Eternian society. You all know certain

symbols mean certain things. Here though, at the beginning, building had

symbols that you cannot help but understand, not because of the picture if

there is a picture, but because they have inherent meanings. It is likely

that all races would be able to understand them. They never intended to

make universal symbols, but by doing what came most naturally, they have

achieved such. Symbols and words of your time have been changed due to

artistic movements and commercialization. In your own time, for a symbol

to have meaning, you must have learned it or used logic.




Look I think what we need to do right now is sit back for the afternoon

establish order and wait for dark. Then Fost and the others who can read

the stars will be able to lead us to Greyskull, and if we rest now we will

be fresh for a nighttime push to get to the site. We need to beat skeletor

there and stop him, we are not concerned with local culture.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


Sy-Klone is simply going to let the diplomats disscuss their options. He

likes the quiet off the forest,and stares at the stars. When some damage

needs to be dealt he will be ready, However he thinks we shoould follow the

trailand let the people live.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


Queen Marlena says:

"I think that whoever can change form and look like one of the denizens

should go to the town. The rest of us can to the other way."


I propose that myself or Stratos spends a little more time flying over the

town to see what we can determine about it, and the other one flies over the

wood. We will land and investigate places further if neccessary, then report

back to the rest of you. If there is immediate danger in the forestor town,

we will be able to warn you. We will return immediately to the group and

then decide what to do next.

Just a thought.

Oh, and are my stats ready yet? I'm very new and a little unsure.



I will try to clear up a few things about time. I mentioned the concept

of linear time. This is meant to be relative to the observer. The main

aspect of importance is that since you already exist from the present,

minor changes are not likely to completely rewrite history. Since the

region of time you are in is stable, actions you make are likely to have

very very little effect on the future. Major actions such as killing,

wounding, or heresy are more likely to change the future. It is likely

that you would be able to fix it however, but that would take some time.

Just so you know, there are a few actions that would lead to immediate

destrucion. If you or some of you were to go to town, you probably would

not have time problems if you handled yourselves discreetly, and Orko on

his way there.



Shall I convince you in game or out-of-game?


Convince me in game. Make comments or actions that all the evil characters

can see or hear. What would your character know about time and why? Make

sure you talk with the other evil author about potential consequences of

your actions here in the past. I will want to see what you both have to

say about it.



how are we handling mermista? Is hse able to walk and turn human and mermaid

at will or what?

Casta . . .


Yes, Mermista will be able to change from human to mermaid and back at will

as often as she likes.



Let Whiplash and TrapJaw eat some food. EvilLyn will ask the evil

spirits to tell us where the site of Greyskull is located. TriKlops

will use his future seeing eye to keep an eye out for traps/ambushes

and We will walk there(or if possible transport there by EvilLyns or

Shadow Weavers magic) . Once we are there we will scout the area and

get prepared for whatever comes next. If anyone is hungry/thirsty

after we arrive at Greyskull give them food/water.

<Tri-Klops's Player>(TriKlops, TrapJaw, Whiplash, and Evil-Lyn)


You have been told by Skeletor that you landed directly at the site where

Greyskull will be built. Allowing TrapJaw and Whiplash food means

Tri-Klops did not mind sharing from his unlimited food bag. Don't forget,

with future vision, Tri-Klops saw 6 hungry triple-sized woves jumping at

you meaning that it will happen in about 10 seconds. All of you evil

characters have the initiative if Tri-Klops warned you about the wolves.

You could fight, run, allow yourselves to be eaten, or something else. The

wolves are your main concern.

One of your next main decisions is do you want to stay at Greyskull's

future site. You were sent back to destroy the heroic warriors, but you do

not see them yet. There are many things you could do to locate them.

Evil-Lyn, you try to look into the future to see what Skeletor did with the

wheel of infinity. You see his attempt to destroy the future Greyskull.

You try to look even further. You see that after Skeletor's defeat, things

were put back to normal. One thing bothers you. When you look that far

into the future, you have hallucinations again. You see the beautiful

landscape before you superimposed on a barren wasteland for less than a

second. You see that twice during the course of your attempts to see

Skeletor's antics.



This is just a thought, since Stratos and Queen Angella saw the town and a

trail; maybe we should split up. Half to the town and half to the trail.

Remember, this is just a suggestion. We need to get going soon because we

only have so much time and we shouldn't spend it deciding what to do. Its

time for some action.



I think it's a good idea for the majority of us to stay away from

the town. We aren't exactly the norm around this place... And it won't do

us any good to scare the villagers into wanting to turn us out. I say we

send delegates(Formentioned ones that Casta<I think> choose... As for

me...I'll try to stay away from the people, after all, they may try to eat

me! ^_-


Kodachi Batchix


***Since my character Ram Man is pretty dumb, I won't make the kind of

suggestions I normally would since I doubt Ram Man would come up with


***I would like to know how high Ram Man can jump, I don't beleive it

says so on his bio, <DM of "The Demon Gem">, can you help me out here.***

Ram Man offers to fetch Orko (assuming he can jump his way through the

forest, also Assuming Orko isn't already on his way back). Aside from

the Ram Man picks his nose, waiting for everyone else to get moving.

~~~~Ram Man


Let me dare suggest that Queen Marlena, who was from Earth, watched a little

Star Trek (original series) while she lived on Earth. No, I'm not making her

a Trekker!

Queen Marlena says:

"I remember watching this show where the characters frequently travelled back

in time. I suggest that we change our clothing so we don't stand out.

History is very fragile. And we have to know if we can speak their



"Hmm...I think although we want to remain as discreet as possible, we

also should try to cover as much ground as we can and try to get a grasp

as to which area of this Eternia we are on. That having been said, I

think that we should split up into groups.

"If we do split up, I think we should balance our 'teams' so that we

each possess equal abilities within the group, e.g. Angella and I on

seperate teams, Ram-man and Fisto, etc.

"This is only my input; I am trying to help arrive at the best




okay Ican amend my plan.

I still telepathicalycall orko back tothe group. I don't know if we should all

go tramping through the village in a meryy band of 11 though. I ask for

suggesstions, but I think we should perhaps send a few people to the village to

talk to the natives and get an idea of the politics and such of this world. I

nominate Marlena, heman, fisto and myself to go make inquiries. I will of

course also take volunteers and if anyone has another idea, pleaselet meknow

and such.


thank you fisto, wedo need to take action.

I like the idea of sending a small group to the vikllage and anotehr to check

out the path. Cour fliers find a place to meet this evening so that we do

not get lost, and can journey forth as a group? I will take a small aprty to

the village, and the rest will explore the path and the woods, and try to find

out where we are?

I would like to take myself, Marlena, Mermista, and Angella and go tothe




"Enough talk!" I say. "I believe that Castaspella will make a fine leader.

She is wise and humble. I will follow her. But right now we must make haste!

Remember the people of this time may be more advanced than we . . . they may

be related to the Ancient Ones, the Zodiakians, and know what we need to know

to complete our quest. And since this time is before the great cataclysm, I

doubt that little we do will effect the future. Since it is still afternoon,

and I am assuming that it will soon be night, I will follow the trail and GO

to the village. When it turns night I will try and use the stars to find our

location and the Greyskull site. We need not fear mountain lions and such!

Are we not the champions of the universe? Let us march ahead!!!"



[DM] Remember, the wolves were visualized by Tri-Klops immediately after

Skeletor's lightning just barely missed you.

You all prepare for the attack as you suggested you are able to do so in 10

seconds, the practical limit of Tri-Klops' future vision. Your hearts

race. You think you could beat the animals, but you are unfamiliar with

prehistoric Eternian creatures. Still, you will get first attack. The

wolves jump from nowhere and strike at you. You attack with full vigor,

and your adrenaline is pumping. You hack with your weapons and spells are

cast. Shadow Weaver used a "Spiritual Hammer".

In a second it is all over. The earth is scorched, and you realize you are

not hurt. Evil-Lyn realizes the wolves are gone. What is this treachery!,

you exclaim.

[Skeletor's image appears]

Fools, those were magic wolves. I put them there to give you incentive to

get moving. Evil-Lyn, had you used that pea brain of yours to decide to

"Detect Magic", you would have seen that they were not normal wolves. The

first attack, Whiplash's spear, was sufficient to break the spell. Do you

really think I would do damage to you. This mission is too important. If

I do not see some dead bodies soon, though, the next attack just might be



Trap Jaw says to the group. How dare he trick us like that. I was ready

to eat BBQ wolf tonight rather than Tri-Klops' bland food. The nerve of

him thinking he can make us do his bidding and still treat us like that.

He can't!

Shadow Weaver responds, Yes he can. He is our only way back ot the

present. We have no choice but to do his will.

The entire group take another look at the surroundings. You curse the

trees for being so thick and numerous. YOu can not see very far in any

direction. You cannot even see the blue sky above. The exception is

Tri-Klops. At just the right moment, he looks up with his special eyes

through the trees. Since he is using his X-Ray vision, he is not using his

eagle eye vision. He sees something flying above the trees. Something or

Someone looks familiar, but he knows not what it could be.

Night has come swiftly upon you. You know you need sleep, but you also

know that there are often tactical advantages to be gained over the enemy

at night.

You can make plans, you can do something, or you can sleep.



Orko desides that to make the man happy all he needs is a good nights

sleep and casts the spell sleep on the man who had a bad day. When the

man is asleep Orko puts some flowers in his hand gently to make him happy

when he wakes up.

(Before any players object rember in the posting that he wants us to make him

happy or he would turn us in so I don't think walking away will remidy his




The duration of a "Sleep" spell is 5 rounds/level of the caster. Being a

level 3 wizard, the best you could hope him to be asleep is 15 rounds, or

approximately 15 minutes. This would certainly not be enough to give him a

good nights sleep. Also notice, that this would cause a comatose slumber,

so the sleep would be neither good nor a night. Would you still like to

cast "Sleep", or do you have another idea?



My action is un changed.



I aggree with casta and i leave town after he is asleep.

I to am going away this weekend and request that the gm take control

of Orko untill sunday.



I sa6y we disperse into smaller groups and hightail it out of town. We don't

want to disrypt the natives any more than we have to. Let us join the warriors

at the patg, as I do not forsee the town being too friendly toward us.

I politely thank the young man for his advice, and assure him we neam no harm,

we are simply travelers passing through and we will be gn.e soon.



Heman I am not sure if that s a wise ida, remember, we are, if I am not

mistaken, in a time before Greyskull was constuco asking the way would not mean

anything to these people, indeed it may alter the timeline. There has also

been open gostility shown toward our group, perhaps we should not make it


I like orko's idea, however I dn't think we should stick around after leaving

him sleeping in the middle of the town square. I quckly leave town and request

that the rest of the party do the same.


I am going to be away for the weekend. I ask that <DM> take control of

castaspella as of late today ( might get one more email check in before I go)

and guide her through the times ahead. I will be back sometime on sunday and

will let you all know, I am anxious to see where we go this weekend with this.



Thank you. I suggest we leave the town with as little contact as possible and

do it in groups of two so as not to attract any more attention.



Subject: Re: Mermista and the water

If it's safe, I suggest we take some along with us. Who knows if we may need

it in the future?

Queen Marlena


I cast "Detect Magic" on the water... Unless I have some sort of

sence about that to tell wether or not it's safe... But I wonder... Do we

need any of it now?


Kodachi Batchix



Duh, I'll go talk to those people making the trail. If no one minds

that is. The whole group might frighten them, especially a bird man."

*winks at Stratos*

If there aren't any problems then Ram Man will head on up the trail by

himself to meet the humans.

~~~~~~~Ram Man



I don't think that is wise Rammy


"I think agree with Sy-Klone. I believe it best to avoid any contact

with civilians here unless it is absolutely necessary. I will fly up

discreetly and try to find a safe way around them."




Look I think what we need to do right now is sit back for the afternoon

establish order and wait for dark. Then Fost and the others who can read

the stars will be able to lead us to Greyskull, and if we rest now we will

be fresh for a nighttime push to get to the site. We need to beat skeletor

there and stop him, we are not concerned with local culture.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


Please remember guys that if the DM is to individually read and respond to

ALL of our EM's that is a lot of work! I remember cause I was the last DM. I

think we are spending WAY too much time discussing what we should do rather

than just doing it. Though the consequences of our actions are unknown to us,

we really have no way of knowing the correct thing to do anyways, so I figure

we should just use our own best judgment, act upon it, and see what happens.

And if something bad should happen, its not the end of the world, that's part

of the fun! Hence forth, and to get this game moving along, I am only posting

my actions to the RPG, not my thoughts, dreams, hopes, philosophical

insights, etc. etc. . . .

<DM of "The Demon Gem"> (Fisto)

PS: I await to find out what happens after I ask the man to take me to his

wise man.


Castaspella: You apologize to the person who bothered you about being in a

group. You leave town immediately. The young man smiles at you. You

start off alone on the trail. 100' from the trail's origin, you catch up

with the trail party since they have stopped to view the natural spring and

talk with villagers. You gave me control of your character over the

weekend, but several decisions have been put before the trail party. For

now, I am waiting for their input as to their next moves. I think you will

probably be back by the time they get their next scenario, so you are just

there with them.

Orko: You cast a sleeping spell on the young man. He falls into a deep

sleep almost instantly. If nothing physical awakes him, excluding sound,

he may sleep for 15 minutes. You place a flower in his hand. You consider

giving him one that you might have stored in your hat, but you realize it

might be bad to introduce him to a new species of flora.

As soon as you cast the spell, your group sees an image of The Sorceress.

She tells you that she can not predict the consequences of your actions,

but once you do something that changes the future she will know. She tells

the town party that there is a .001% chance and rising that history will be

changed. The effect is being rewritten in history at a constant rate, so

the longer things remain as you have made them, the higher the probability

of a universe switch. She tells you that at this rate, what you have done

will cause Man-At-Arms never to have joined the royal guard. He will never

be the father of Teela. She tells you why and how you must fix it.

The young man was going to the tavern. There, a show would entertain him

enough to make him forget his problems. He has now missed it, and he is

asleep. Tommorrow, he will perform exercises with his small group of

hunter/warriors. One who is lower in position than him will displease him

by performing poorly. The young man will use his fists several times to

strike the warrior. This warrior will be made to feel ashamed instead of

assured that he can improve. The young man who has been put into a sleep

will grow to become the mightiest of the hunter/warriors as he was always

meant to do. He will institute policies that will be the basis for tactics

for millenia, but he will never teach compassion. The history books will

fail to record that he was a just and merciful person. Man-At-Arms will

never come to believe that the military is anything more than a place for

power hungry fiends to conquer others. Teela will be killed as an infant

by Merman. Many royal guard lives will be lost fighting the Horde since

they were without the leadership of Man-At-Arms. By the present, Skeletor

will gradually weaken the palace's defenses, but I do not know exactly how


Fortunately, there is an easy way to correct the problems, but it will

probably take a bit of time. There is still time today for you to

entertain him enough to forget his troubles and be in a peaceful mood


All town people: You move away from the young man. Even though you are in

a large circle around the well, you are not close enough to be called a group.

Orko, you want to leave the town, but He-Man stares you straight in the

eyes. He gives you the "you know what you must do" look. You are glad

Duncan is not here. You shake the young man awake. You pull out the

equipment for your famous egg trick and begin to perform magic. It

actually works this time. He seems amused, and his attention is off the

rest of the group. He does not seem happy enough yet. Queen Marlena

begins to sing a song. She has a beautiful voice, but the young man is not

impressed. He threatens to leave. What do you do? You know that if

morning comes and he is not happy, your world will never be the same. This

might also be a good time to suggest entertainment!!

Fisto: The young man denies your request to be taken to see an elder. He

liked Orko's trick too much to bother with you. You proceed to the

governmental building yourself. Queen Marlena comes with you. Inside the

governmental building you see three two middle-aged men and two middle-aged

women. They do not seem to care that you are about 2 feet taller than the

average villager. They care not for physical appearance of any kind. They

ask what brings you here. It is their job to provide statutes, keep the

peace, be informed and give advice. They are ready to listen and look to

be ready to hear you out. Fisto and Marlena have the option of speaking or

not speaking with the 4 people or performing some action. I would prefer

specific questions.

Queen Angella: You walk into the religious building. Being a priest

yourself, you hope to be able to communicate effectively with whomeever you

might find there. Inside, you find an elderly cleric. He asks if he can

help you in any way. Do you need absolution? Do you need relgious advice?

Perhaps I could help you in more temporal matters? A contribution to our

church is always appreciated.

He-Man: You remain with Orko. Your options are wide open. You are in the

presence of the young man and Orko. What do you do?

Since the group has disperesed, people have stopped looking at you which is

promising especially since you have not recieved a message from The

Sorceress telling you that you messed up time again.



Receiving of this message does not necessarially mean that I do or don't

consider you to be in the trail party. I simply made a separate message

since it is so long.

Mermista: you detect magic on the water in the natural spring with a

"Detect Magic" spell. While preparing to do so, you observed the water

even more carefully. The direction it is coming from is consistent with

that of water flowing downhill roughly along the direction of the trail

that you are able to see. You find that the water does seem to possess a

very faint magic. The magic also seems to increase slightly the farther

underground it is.

Ram Man: you attempt to speak with some of the natives you see working on

the trail. Unfortunately, Orko's translating spell is not effective on

these people, but fortuanately, you are dumber than a box of rocks. You

read my post about the inherent meanings found in the signs and symbols of

buildings in town. The same type of thing is helping for you to understand

the men's speach. Because you are so dumb, your brain is in tune with the

most primal ands basic aspects of language. You understand almost

perfectly. Everyone else in your group is amazed at how you are able to

speak with the people. They think it is all gibberish because they have

cluttered their minds with modern education. One middle-aged man speaks

for his people. He tells you that it is a good thing that you are not in

the town out of doors as you are. Being in a group larger than three

people would probably be considered a hostile show of force. Out on the

trail, though, no one seems to mind the fact that there are several people

in your group. Hoping for more workers, he explains that a source of magic

has recently been detected roughly seven miles from town. The chief priest

of the town has requested that a trail suitable for foot travel be cleared

so that he being elderly may make it to the spot and experiment with it.

They explain that at the current rate, the trail should be usable in a day

or two. He does not know of your magical powers or your physical

appearance since you are clothed in plain hooded robes. He does observe

that you are about 1 and 1/2 feet taller than the average person except for

Ram Man who is only a little taller. He concludes that you are not from

around here. He asks if you would like to help clear the trail through the

dense forest. He makes it clear that it is your choice since you probably

have no special loyalties to his village. He also tells you that the trail

was only started two days ago and that progress has been remarkable.

Stratos: you are still observing the terrain. You fly down to observe the

people with whom the rest of your group is speaking. You tell them that

you saw many more workers towards the end of the trail. The people here at

the beginning of the trail explain that they are only making it wider while

the others are increasing its length.

Sy-Klone: You are a little displeased that most people seem to be doing

something other than going towards your final goal, but you do not choose

to proceed alone. You make mild suggestions that your comrades hurry up a

little. You are the first to notice that a star is visible now even though

the sky is still light. It must be mid-evening. You go a little ways

into the trees to get a chance to fly above the trees for a brief time.

All you see is the trail continues into nothing but forest, and the only

way to continue in the same direction as the trail would be to hike through

the dense forest.



Priest spells are used mainly for helping people by healing, blessing,

purifying things, befriending animals, and other nice things. If you can

describe it, I can probably find something for you to use. There are also

many ways to control nature and matter. Here are a few combat spells

though. As you can see, direct offense such as the wizard's "Fireball" are

not the chief strength of the priest, though some spells may be

approximated such as the similarity between (Lightning bolt (wizard) and

Call Lightning (priest)).

Magical Stones (level 1): allows up to 3 small pebbles to be enchanted.

Allows proficiency in rock throwing attack. used as a projectile to attack.

Shillelagh: (level 1): enchants your staff with damage bonuses. Assumes

you will be using your staff as a physical weapon.

Chant: (level 2): gives damages bonuses to those in your party.

Spiritual Hammer: (level 2): produces a hammer-shaped force field that

strikes one's enemy.

Prayer: brings a special favor upon your party, provide damage bonuses.

Flame Strike (level 5): a vertical column of flame is created down causing

damage to those it hits.

Insect Plague (level 5): a swarm of insects does damage, prevents spells,

and lowers morale.

Holy Word: (level 7): Depending upon hit dice may kill, paralyze, slow,

or deafen.

Creeping Doom: (level 7) : produces from 500 to 1000 insects that do major

damage to the enemy.

Many spells can be used to turn nature against the enemy.



I walk up to the man who looks most in charge and try to speak with him. I

tell him, "I am Fisto, mighty warrior. I am on a quest to find a castle that

is being build around here. Do you know of such a place?"



He looks bewildered. He does not seem to understand the word "castle".

Indeed, such fortifications created by the Zodiakians were destroyed long

ago, and these people are still too primitive to have developed castles.

He tells you, "the only project going on around here is a trail that the

chief priest ordered built so he could go to see a strange place that was

discovered recently. He seems to think that there is a strange magic out

there. Since he is elderly, he cannot easily make his way through the

dense forest. He needs the trail built so he can examine the magic.

Perhaps the priest can tell you more."



DM, do we have any money on us? Is it the right currency for this village?



Ok, can I bless this man to make him happy?



Gold has been treasured throughout Eternia's history. You are wearing two

gold earings. You promptly hand them over. He is surprised that you have

given so much. The gold in your earings was of the highest quality. He

remarks that you truly need some important advice. For some reason he

remarks that your incredible generosity is reminiscent of a legend he knew.

He starts to mumble something to himself about a legend. The only word

you hear clearly is "Zodiakians". He then snaps to his senses and asks if

he can help you. He apologizes for going into a daze for a second and

thinking about such silly things.

What do you say to him? He has your undivided attention.

If when you are done here, you would like to cast the "Bless" spell on the

young man as you had considered, that is your choice. One effect of a

"Bless" spell is a raising of morale, so you may be on to something.



>Sk-Klone decides that there is a time for diplomats and a time for heros.

>Now is a time for heros. Noticing that the stars are visable, he remembers

>that Fisto said he could find Grey Skull by the stars. If we alter the time

>line, it won't matter if Skeletor controls it, or if we have fresh water.

That is right, and you know that if you fail to cheer up the young man, the

future will be pretty messed up anyways. The Sorceress told you about some

bad things in the future that will occur, but it is probably worse than she

said since she must now not only keep up with the future, but the past,

present, and future of 3 distinct timelines. Fortunately, neither of the

other two time lines have reached her present yet.

It is still pretty light out. You only see one star, but you back to town

to report it to Fisto anyways. When you enter the town, you see He-Man,

Orko, and the young man. You know not to get too close since Ram Man's

encounter with the person on the trail tells you that they despise groups

of people.

Since you were on the trail, you do not know where Fisto, Marlena, or Queen

Angella are. That places you at the well but not too near the others. You

ask He-Man where Fisto and the others are. He tells you that Fisto and

Marlena went to the government building and Angella went to the religious

building. You go to the government building, and no one cares that you

join them since you are inside a building. You tell Fisto that some stars

are visible since several more have become visible since you left to find him.

>I go backtwards the town in a attemp to find Fisto and maybe some other

>HEROS, so we can set off for Grey Skull and prepare a successfuloffensive

>for whatever Skeletor brings.

You do not know that Fisto will be able to find Greyskull. You only know

that he has the greatest chance.

>*Question Are we actually playing against other people, or just running

>through a campaign?*

You are definately playing against other people. There are both evil PCs

and NPCs. You do not know if they are in the past with you. You do not

know if they are geographically close to you. I am in no way trying to

prevent you from finding them, you have just not done so yet. The only one

you know for sure that you will have to defeat is Skeletor. You also know

that The Sorceress tried to get you close to where you need to be.

>Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)



I think that the flying 'creature' was probably Stratos. I say we

start walking in the direction the he was flying. We have Evil Lyn

cast a 'detect heat' spell so that we can locate them in the darkness

by their body heat. (like the Predator's heat vision)

Once we are close to them, we will make further plans.

<Tri-Klops's Player>


I will ask Tri-Clops in which direction the flying object went and I

shall then begin to follow it. Whether the others follow me is up to them. As

it is dark, I will cast a Continual Light spell on the head of my staff ( if

clerics have that spell, I don't remember.)

Shadow Weaver


I will continue to walk towards where the flying object went oof to. I

will also aske Tri-Clops to keep a couple of eyes out for any kind of ambushes

or enemies that we might come across.

Shadow Weaver


Both wizards and clerics have "Continual Light", so you use it, Shadow

Weaver. Tri-Klops was able to see through the trees that the flying thing

was heading in an easterly direction. There is not a spell called

specificall "Detect Heat", but I will assume that you mean infravision.

You see nothing but your companious. Tri-Klops orders you to cast it on

him. You do so. Normally, Tri-Klops should only be able to see only 60'

feet with infravision, but I am allowing the strange combination of his

distance eye and "Infravision" to allow vision for 5 miles for 10 seconds.

Shadow Weaver tells you that it is highly unstable so the same effect might

never happen again.

The flying thing continues going east and vanishes from your view. In the

seconds you have left, you look along the ground. What you believe to be

four miles away, you see warm spots on the ground indicating that someone

was there recently. You can make out four distinct spots before the

duration of your vision expires. It is night now. Assume that daylight

just finished subsiding before you used the infravision. With Shadow

Weaver's light as bright as day, you begin going to where Tri-Klops thought

he saw heat roughly 4 miles east.

Do you wish to continue going?



Do you wish to continue going?

Yes, I want to lead my evil warriors to where I saw the heat.

TriKlops with TrapJaw, Whiplash, Evil Lyn, Shadow Weaver


I walk up to the man who looks most in charge and try to speak with him. I

tell him, "I am Fisto, mighty warrior. I am on a quest to find a castle that

is being build around here. Do you know of such a place?"



He looks bewildered. He does not seem to understand the word "castle".

Indeed, such fortifications created by the Zodiakians were destroyed long

ago, and these people are still too primitive to have developed castles.

He tells you, "the only project going on around here is a trail that the

chief priest ordered built so he could go to see a strange place that was

discovered recently. He seems to think that there is a strange magic out

there. Since he is elderly, he cannot easily make his way through the

dense forest. He needs the trail built so he can examine the magic.

Perhaps the priest can tell you more."



Oh cool, I'm gonna go outside and try to find the priest. When I find him,

I'm gonna ask him if he would like help clearing the trail to the recently

discovered fortification.

I will tell him of my super-human strength showing him that I can clear a

trail faster than 10 men. While out, I'm gonna look at the stars and try and

see if I can tell our position by the stars.



There was no recently discovered fortification. What they discovered was

an area of magic. There is no physical difference between the location and

the rest of the forest.

Leaving the government office leaves Marlena in there with the officials.

You decide that the best place to look for a priest would be in the

religious building. You go there, and you see Angella already inside.

Angella has yet to ask the priest anything after having given him her

earrings. You ask the priest about the area of magic that was discovered.

He tells you that it is about seven miles west of the town. He tells you

that the trail is being made to allow him an easier time of getting to the

site. He then starts telling you things you do not know. He says the area

was discovered only about 3 days ago. Before then, people had been to that

region of the forest many times and never sensed anything. Reports from

his lower priests indicated that the magic was there, yet it wasn't there.

It seems beyond space and time. The exact word they used was

trans-temporal. He tells you that he would be happy to have you help him

on the trail. He then asks you, Fisto, to spend the night at his abode

behind the church so you can get a good sleep and breakfast before starting

work in the morning if that is what you would like to do. You tell him

that you will give it careful consideration, but you have something else

you need to attend to right now.

You go outside and look at the stars. The first thing you notice is that

the stars are not the same 100000 years in the past as they are in the

present. You are only able to see that you are in the same hemisphere as

the future Greyskull. The stars are in reasonably similar locations to

what you are used to, but you are sure that if you try to follow them, the

best you could do is be sure to come within 2000 miles of Greyskull. You

can try to go where you think it will be if you want, but I will roll dice

to see your error, and you will not know how far you are off.

This leaves you outside the church with several decisions to make.



I am back and ready to resume my position.

Anyway I need and update on where I am and what is happening with our group. I

have read the collectiver emails and just nmeed a quick who os where and doing

what thing.



Castaspella left town as requested. She has joined the trail party 100'

feet from the beginning of the trail. Mermista discovered a natural

spring with magical properties. Stratos flew over the forest and returned.

Ram Man talked with a native. Sy-Klone left to tell Fisto that stars were

beginning to appear.

Orko and He-Man must cheer up the young man in the town or your future

will be ruined. Fisto has done several things. Marlena is in a

governmental building. Angella gave her earrings to the church and has the

priest's full attention though she had not yet asked anything.

Everyone else not mentioned is observing the actions of others in their

groups. They have the options of doing whatever they want as does everyone.



Is Fisto in the town party or no..? If he is my party I desperatly

try to get him NOT to help with the path! We have no idea how much that

would effect history! It could seriously alter things... These people don't

know much about superhuman abilities... They need to finish this path on

their own!


Kodachi Batchix



What happened? Last time I emailed you I said that I would take the

entire party of evil warriors to where TriKlops saw the body heat left

behind. Has the good guys team caught up to us yet as far as emails

and responses?



All the good people are caught up to you in time. It is now dark; night is

now in full force. All of you make it to the place where Tri--Klops saw

the heat. Shadow Weaver, you cannot go where you saw Stratos go because

Tri-Klops never saw him land, so you are there too. As you approach the

area, you stop before you get there. You see that there is a trail only a

few more feet away. The reason you stopped is because you hear a sound

like a tornado and another one like a robot. Then they make their way to

the end of the trail. They appear to be resting for a few minutes. You

all realize that they are helping to clear the trail and maybe go even

farther. Upon closer observation, you see that the noises you heard were

made by Sy-Klone and Man-E-Faces! They are here in the past with you.

Shadow Weaver, you put you hand over your wand so that they do not see you.

You must have done so just in time since they do not appear to be doing

anything but resting. You are 20' from the end of the trail and also the

two good characters. You notice that the trail goes in an easterly

direction. All evil characters, What do you do?



> Is there anyway I can get someone to tell Fisto he should not help

>with the trail? I'm pretty well sure it's not a very good idea... If no one

>does, I guess I'll run after him!


>Kodachi Batchix



Being a mage, you can use telepathy.



Angella gave her earrings to the church and has the

> priest's full attention though she had not yet asked anything.

err, yes i did, actually. I asked him if there were any other routes out of

the village apart from the trail, and if so, where they go. I will also ask

him if he can reccommend somewhere we can get food (because, if i remember

rightly, our food is tasteless.)



I use telepathy to try to warn Fisto that his helping the villagers

could damage our future! "Fisto! If you help them finish the road, it may

alter reality! These things need to be done by the villagers, no telling

how they'll react if you bash out a path by yerself! I have a feeling that

it would be a _very_ bad idea! Please come back!!!!"


Kodachi Batchix



Is the young man still asleep? I know I am with orko, but I have been

out of town this weekend on unexpected bussiness. I didn't have time

to tell anyone and it happend kind of suddenly could you update on

the condition of everything.

James Wallen



Oh stupid me! I slap my forehead, forgetting I have an iron fist and crushing

my skull. Oops, just kidding. I forgot that some planets wobble, like Earth,

putting them at complete odds after 26,000 years from the point they had

been, off setting the stars quite a bit.

I don't think it wise to go looking for Greyskull this way, even 2000 miles

off it would take forever to find it. This priest seems to know what he is

doing. I like good hospitality, so I will stay with him in his abode. He

better make good breakfast!



I agree with mermista, we should let them finish the path on their own.

Anyway, I suggest we offer to hike to the site of the magic - temporal - thing

and check it out before the priest goes there. I use the standard "A person of

your place in society shouldn't be exposed to danger" speech in order to try

and convince him that we are sincere in our efforts. Marlena, you seem to be

the scientist. How should we go about this so as not to disrupt future events.

A;so we do need to cheer the man up. Any ideas??

I am going back into town to collect the rest of the party, talk to the priest

and accomplish all of this.



I think that that spot is the future spot of Grey Skull. How many spots in

this hemisphere of Eternia are a focal point of trans-tempral magic.

I talk to Fisto and tell him I plan to help him clearing the path. I will

knock trees down with cyclones and ruff out the path. I assume that we here

about the mental message. I simply respond by saying that if we second

guess every action we think of making we will never to anything and die of

inaction. As soon as I can I start of for the magic spot with Fisto.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


Sk-Klone"Why do you worry more about your stomach than the fate of our home


Not even waiting for people to follow him creates a cyclone and takes off

full bore flying through the forest not caring what he knocks down, but

knows he must reach the spot and defend it for Skeletor.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


I would like all people with psychic abilities to scan the area for any

people that would stand out as evil.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


Man-E-Faces, you are a true hero and a formible fighter, I suggest we set

off for the tempralspot imediately, and if anyone else would like to come

feel free.


The man said Zodakians when he say us. They returned to oversee Grey Skull.

The Soceress said we would be close. Lets go....

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


I like Cyclone am begining to be fed up with the others actions. Once he

gets back I will tell him that we and anyone else who wants to should go off

and try to find greyskull.



I am going towards the tempralspot following Cyclone. I hope the others

follow our lead.



Orko: You already performed you egg trick for the grumpy young man. He was

somewhat pleased. You then proceeded to try an enchanted chess board. He

was a bit bored by that one. Moving chess pieces was not his thing. You

try several other things including singing, magic, joke telling. All of

them go off without a hitch, but the young man is not much happier. Orko,

you are extremely excited that all of your magic has been working properly,

and that excitement has taken a lot out of you. You know you must continue

though so for your next trick you attempt to juggle 5 pies that you pull

from your hat. You go well for a while, but then your drowsiness takes

control, and 4 pies hit the young man, and 1 hits He-Man--all square in the

face. The young man jumps, and he looks more displeased than ever.

Suddenly, he settles down and starts laughing hysterically. He finds this

very amusing especially since he sees He-Man with pie on his face too. He

licks some of the pie off his face. He thanks for a joyful evening. He

takes you to the priest, suggesting that he might be willing to take in

strangers for the night.

You thought you destroyed the time line, but in the original history, this

person was hit in the face by a slab of meat by someone juggling. It seems

that pie gags are the funniest thing in the world with him. Since no one

else, was hit with meat in that history, he is more happy now than he would

have been. Since it took you longer, the time line balances out.

He-Man and Orko: By the time you make it to the priest, much of the pie

has been eaten by you and Battlecat. The priest does invite you in. You

see Fisto and Queen Angella.

Angella: You ask if there are any other routes to the village. The priest

tells you that there are none. All able-bodied people have been able to go

where they need just by walking through the trees. He tells you that he is

old and weak. He needs the current trail to examine the area of magic

better. By this time, you have also told the priest a few minor things

about your having a quest. The details are pretty ambiguous, but you did

not want to be specific since a chief priest with future knowledge might

alter the time line in such a way that you could not repair it. He knows

you are good. You all worship the same way he does. He is actually

honored to have you here, so he invites you all to stay the night and eat

breakfast in the morning. This applies to people actually in the town at

this time including Marlena and now Castaspella.

Mermista: You use telepathy to request that Fisto not help in the trail

project. You cite the importance of temporal integrity. Since you chose

to use telepathy, you are still on the trail and have not been invited to

stay with the priest.

Angella: You ask the priest about food. He has already asked you to

breakfast, so that is a meal. He tells you that there are not large

storages of food available, since people mainly hunt, gather, and fish.

The best you could do is go to the tavern and buy a meal, but you have no

currency unless someone else wants to give up golden jewelry for a meal.

He tells you that he himself lives on the generosity of hunters who bring

him food for himself and for the use of the church. That is why he has

enough for you.

Fisto: You have promised the priest to stay the night. You are glad to

see that the others have found you and that the priest is such a friendly


Castaspella: You return to town to speak with the priest. You also get an

invitation to stay the night. It seems he likes good company. You ask

Fisto not to help with the trail, warning him of potential time effects.

You ask the priest not to go. He is unmoved in his plan. He states that

it is his duty to explore new magic for the good of his people. Besides,

he is unwilling to miss exploring trans-temporal magic for anything in the

world. He wonders aloud how a magic can exist at one time as any magic

does concentrated on a single entity, but have its effects stretch to other

times where the magical entity does not exist. You see by the look in his

eyes that you cannot change his mind.

Mermista: After using a psychic message to contact Fisto, you are still

standing beside the natural spring.

Ram Man: After telling the group what the workers on the trail said, you

are standing near Mermista. The workers have long since left.

Stratos: You flew around scouting out the area again. The last time you

did so it was getting pretty dark. You have returned to Mermista and Ram Man.

By this time, it is very dark. Night has fallen upon you. All of you grow

weary except Sy-Klone and Man-E-Faces who seem full enough of energy to do

what they are about to do....

Sy-Klone and Man-E-Faces think that helping to clear the trail will help in

the process of defeating Skeletor. Their minds are unchanged about

potential implications. Sy-Klone goes forward on the trail about 20' and

begins to spin. Man-E-Faces, you are close behind. You have turned into

your robot for to do the work most effectively. You soon realize that it

is hard to see since it is so dark, but you consider in the general

direction along the trail doing much to widen it. Man-E-Faces makes it

much cleaner and smoother because since when have we ever seen an organized


From this point, Sy-Klone and Man-E-Faces will be on a separate list of

names. If they tell what they are doing or such, the rest of you are to

ignore it since this action puts them no less than three miles along the


Ram Man, Stratos, and Mermista, this leaves you alone on the beginning of

the trail. You are weary.

It is definitely night though none of you could even guess at an exact time

since you have been so busy.



You work on the trail for about an hour before you get to the end of the portion that was already started. You think this is a good time to rest for a few minutes. You also realize that you have no idea when to stop making new trail since neither of you are a mage and cannot cast "detect magic". You need to decide what to do next.



One other thing I forgot to mention

Marlena: Castaspella has asked you if you can think of a way to avoid

further disruptions of the time line.



Talk to people only when you need to.

Even knocking down trees could have serious repercussions on future events.

Basically try to blend in, don't be conspicuous.

We don't know if we were actually supposed to go into the past--this business

with circular time. So let's be careful!

Queen Marlena <-----has watched the Back to the Future trilogy at least



I agree we should take the opportunity to rest and recoverm get a good meal

inot us, and then continuer and catch up with our comrades as soon as we can.



I am NOT helping with the trail! And besides, I'm hungry. A true warrior

can't fight on an empty stomach! I'm sure Ram Man would agree with me on that

one. I'm gonna eat something and go to bed. I hope the priest doesn't mind my

leaving my long sword leaning against my bedroom door. Hey, alliteration!

Let's eat!"



Duh, deez guys are fun (refering to the trail makers). Anyway guys

(refering to the party) I think we have ta stop worryin so much about

destroying time. Maybe what we do here results in our futures.... hmm.

Anyway why don't we just get on with this instead of arguing over doing

things. I want to stop Skeletor, lets do it.

~~~Ram Man's words of inspiration.


I listen to Man-E-Faces and decide to rest for a couple hours. I have no

spells to memorize, so I just eat some of those taseless rations I got from

GreySkull, afterall a soldier doesn't need worry about taste. I sleep for a

couple hours until I am fully rested and go back to my goal of reaching the

spot it is all that matters.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


Agreed we need to stop. I decide to wonder into the village and see

where Fisto went. Perhaps I can figure out a good, safe, place to stay...


Kodachi Batchix



I was wondering how long it takes to get to the spot. The old guy said it

wasn't that far. And if a cyclone who is primarily busting his way through

a forest can't get there quickly something is wrong.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


(To Mermista) "I don't think that's such a good idea. We should

probably find suitable sleeping arrangements in the forest. We split

into two parties for a reason; let's do our job and let them do theirs.

Besides, if you leave, our party will be without a magic user, and who

knows what can come up in the dead of the night that cannot be countered

with scientific means?"



> First of all, I have a wand? I didn't know that!What does it do? I'll

>need to know exactly what equipment I have before I can make any decisions

>about what to do.


Shadow Weaver


Your wand can be used as a physical weapon for 1d6 points damage. It also

has unlimited charges of "Meld into Stone" spell. Basically it lets you

turn into a block of stone for a time for defensive purposes. Your primary

thing, though is the fact that you have all of the cleric spells as listed

in the AD&D Players Handbook. I believe that these are your only weapons.



I like my counterpart Ky-clone get a little rest and then start working again.



Because it is getting darker and later into the night, I think we should

stop for the night and pick up before sunrise. A little rest won't hurt

much. Plus it would be nice to actually see what we are doing and where we

are going.



Have Shadow Weaver cast stoneskin on TriKlops and Evil Lyn cast

stoneskin on Whiplash. TriKlops and Whiplash will ambush Syclone and

Man-E-Faces and Trap Jaw will fire from a distance with his stasus ray.

The stasus ray will freeze an enemy for 2 rounds.

Awaiting enemy movements before I fight the 2nd round.

<Tri-Klops's Player> (TriKlops)


OK, Have Evil-Lyn cast Stoneskin on TriKlops and have Shadow Weaver

cast a good offensive spell(fireball etc...? I am not familiar with

AD&D wizardry) at Syclone. TriKlops and Whiplash will attack

Man-E-Faces and TrapJaw will use his stasus ray on Syclone.

<Tri-Klops's Player>

Only wizards have "Stoneskin". Since Shadow Weaver is a cleric, she

may not use it. Knowing this, who would you like Evil-Lyn to

"Stoneskin" ?


It is combat time! Sy-Klone, Man-E-Faces, you have been improving the

trail for a while. Since you wondered about your time frame, it took you

30 minutes to get where you are since you were working the whole time.

Since you did so much work, you thought you should rest or make plans for a

minute at the end of the original trail. Even powerful people need a rest

after a full day's work and then doing the job of a crew of men, so you are

sitting, unprepared for anything. When you are attacked, you notice that

the fighters are in the front, and the mages are in the rear.

Shadow Weaver, Tri-Klops, Evil-Lyn, Whiplash, Trap Jaw, Your timing was

perfect, I keep track of actual time passage, and my records show that you

have arrived at just the perfect time to catch the good characters unaware.

Bad characters, thus get full initiative this round. I will roll

initiative for the next round.

Round 1:

Evil-Lyn, you will get a different post, but you cast a certain spell and

remain behind the fighters.

Trap Jaw, I have decided to treat your stasis ray as a modified "Hold

Monster" spell. For use of this spell, considering you are a level 14

fighter, and assuming you have mastered your weapon, you will be considered

as a level 14 wizard, thus you will have four uses of this weapon left.

You may only attack one person at a time, and 1d3 will determine rounds of


You roll a 3 on 1d4, and Sy-Klone rolls 20 on 1d20, so he is not frozen,

and your round is over. If you choose to do so, changing weapons will take

you 3/2 rounds. Three changes in 2 rounds, meaning 1 change takes 1 round,

but the next takes 1 round, but the next takes 0 rounds, then repeat.

Shadow Weaver, you cast Flame strike on Sy-Klone while Trap Jaw is trying

to freeze him, so at best, he will save for half. He rolls 11 which saves

for half, so you attack and take off 14 of his hit points. He is down to 87.

Your round is over.

Man-E-Faces is attacked next. I assume he is a robot to get maximum

efficiency while clearing the trail.

Tri-Klops attacks. rolls a 7 and hits. Swings his sword, hits taking off

13 of Man-E's hit points, and making a bloody gash in his right leg, taking

off 1 constitution point.

Tri-Klops gets a second attack. rolls a 12 and hits. Makes a might attack

with his long sword and takes of 21 hit points making a bloody gash in the

left arm and depleting 1 point of strength.

Man-E-Faces is down to 68 points of strength, but he can still maintain his

robot form if he chooses.

Whiplash, you make both of your attacks with your spear rather than with

your tail. roll a 13 and hit. Whiplash thrusts with his spear twice

taking off 16 and 17 hit points, making a cut on the left and right shins,

and depleting Man-E-Faces to 35 Hit points. He may only exist in his human

or monster form. For now it is assumed he automatically changes to monster


Good guys roll a 4, Bad rolls a 7 (on 1d20); good guys play first in round 2.

RESULTS: All bad guys are unharmed since they got to attack first.

Sy-Klone: lost 27 hit points

Man-E-Faces: lost 67 hit points

If the good characters wish to attack the mages, they will have to run past

the 3 evil fighters and into the forest. Keep that in mind when thinking

about the next round.



Tri-Klops, Evil-Lyn, Evil-Lyn has rolled a 4 on a 1d4, so you get 13


Tri-Klops has all 13 Stonskins" left.

Good characters have rolled initiative for round 2.



Marlena: you have warned that the best action to avoid temporal

complications is to avoid contact with things whenever possible. You are

aware that you can predict that certain things are likely to have major

effects, while some are not. You also realize that even minor things can

have major effects. One other thing you realize is that The Sorceress told

you the last time you changed history, but she might not always be

available since she is busy trying to stabilize the present.

Mermista: You were easily able to find the others in town. The religious

building was obvious as you could hear the voices of your comrades.

Fisto, He-Man (and Battlecat), Marlena, Angella, Orko, Castaspella,

Mermista: The priest has gotten all of you to promise to stay through

breakfast tomorrow. You could talk, make plans, or do other things. The

priest speaks with you, saying nothing of consequence until nearly 1 AM,

and you do not know when breakfast is.

Ram Man, Stratos, you have decided to find a nice place to sleep for the

night, but you did not say that you went to town, so you didn't. Stratos

sleeps in a tree. You get to sleep by 10 PM.



If there is a relatively long time between my messages, it is because a

different group may be doing something that you do not know about that may

be more intricate.

None of you know about evil people.

Stratos and Ram Man have no magic users, so can no longer communicate with

anyone else.

Man-E-Faces and Sy-Klone have no magic users and cannot communicate with

anyone else.



id really like to be clampchamp but if thats not possible... could i be.. um

i forget his name the hairy guy from the Horde? if not just make me Kobra

Khan.. thanks!



First of all I didn't get the message that said who we were figthing or

what got us here. But if I am forced to act I will sandstorm. I assume

there are several broken limbs lying around. I will not leave a comrade

behind. I will do my best to direct the projectiles away from MaeFaces. If

one of the baddies is in the open I will hit him with a ball lightning,

(Dragon Lance). The Sy-Klone sats you sent me said I could cast anynuber of

weather spells and make two special attacks per turn ie spells. The ball

lighting does 1d8 per level of castor. The sheet says I am level 20 please

tell me what is going on thanks.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


As soon as I have the opertunity I will cast sunspot, which is a weather

allteration speel from Grey Hawk. It creates a large burst of light visible

for 1 mile in the day and at least ten miles at night. You are able to see

where it originates from as a source. A characotrs around the caster

(excluding him) must make a saving throw against bindness or be blind for

1d6 rounds from the initial burst. After the blindness is past there is no

residual effects

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


I plan to do 1 sandstorm and 3 punches execpt I plan to use my sheild as a

blunt weapon in the attack. I yell to Man-E-Faces to shoot some trees and

tree to start a fire to attarcat the attention of the others. I am under

the assumption that if The mages are damage by the sand storm they will be

unable to cast spells,

-Creates cyclone when in combat or flight blowing away all

gas and

projectile attacks

doesn't this protect me from some of the fire and how did they hit me with

it if they had to go throught their fighters.

If at any time I have the ability to and it looks like we are able to make

a run for it I will pick up Man-E-Faces and creat the biggest damn cyclone

I can and Hall as back to town. This before anything else!!!!!!!!


Round 2: Having been attacked first, the good characters are conscious enough to be ready to fight. Both sides roll incentive, and the good guys (Sy-Klone and Man-E-Faces) get to attack first this round. They have both taken a good beating until this point, but they are still in good enough shape to attack effectively.

Sy-Klone: will make use of his special "Sandstorm Ability" and three punches.

1d6, the sandstorm will last 4 rounds unless Sy-Klone commands it stopped or he dies. Man-E-Faces will not be hit as long as he stays with Sy-Klone in front of the storm. There are 4 one-hundred pound tree remnants on the ground. Since the mages are in the forest, the only ones who you can hope to damage are Tri-Klops, Whiplash, and Trap Jaw. In each case, 1d3 decides where a random tree will try to hit. Tri-Klops cannot dodge the tree because they are about the size of a person. The first one hits him, bruises his left leg, and takes off 2 HP damage. The second one also bruises his left leg but takes off 4 hit points. Trap Jaw fails to dodge the third and suffers 5 HP damage. Trap Jaw takes the fourth directly in the chest suffering a bruise and 2 HP damage.

Knowing the sandstorm will continue for 3 additional rounds, Sy-Klone attempts to box his opponents. He throws a jab that looks good and clean, and yes Whiplash fails to block and suffers 7 Hit points of damage and feels his teeth beginning to loosen.

Gaining a little confidence against Whiplash, Sy-Klone tries to hit Tri-Klops. Tri-Klops raises his left arm and deflects the punch completely and loses no hit points.

That must be disappointing. For his final attack this round, Sy-Klone raises both fists hoping he can give Whiplash a little more to think about. Sy-Klone strikes, and Whiplash jerks, but Sy-Klone's right cross follows through landing with full force and depleting Whiplash by another 11 hit points.

Your round is over. Remember, the flying trees will remain for 3 more rounds unless you tell them to stop.

Man-E-Faces: You have had enough of the boxing match before you, so you draw your laser gun. Remember, laser guns function like spells. You will get two chances to cause damage. You told me that you wanted to attack Tri-Klops, so you do both times. The first time you attack, Tri-Klops is busy dodging trees, but he is still able to save for half, and you do a whopping 27 HP damage.

Next time, you attack again. He saves with a twenty! Not only does he not get hit by you, but he looks at you as if saying "why did you even try?".

Your round is over.

Status, the sandstorm will last another 3 rounds.

Tri-Klops: lost 33 HP

Trap Jaw: lost 7 HP

Whiplash: lost 18 HP

It is now the turn of the evil characters.



Suddenly, Grizzlor and Two Bad appear from out of nowhere. It seems that

they were hiding behind trees the who time napping.

The good characters are in close proximity to Tri-Klops, Whiplash, and Trap


You Sy-Klone and Man-E-Faces prepare to leave by means of Sy-Klone's speed.

You prepare to start a fire, but the trees and ground are too moist to

catch fire. If it weren't for your speed, you would not be able to escape

before being attacked. In fact, Tri-Klops future vision allows him another

round of attack on you. The attack will be random. It does not look good.

Tri-Klops just rolled two attacks on Man-E-Faces. He hits both times.

Since All Man-E-Faces has is a hand gun, he cannot block effectively. All

together, Tri-Klops takes off 33 HP from Man-E-Faces. You know that it was

really damaging because Man-E-Faces is now in his Human form.

Sy-Klone carries Man-E-Faces toward the town. You know you must be gentle

because you see that Man-E can barely keep his eyes open. You are able to

get great speed though. Your initial whirlwind is sufficient to give you a

clean start. ETA at the perimeter of the town is 9 minutes. Keep in mind

that the remaining people on the trail believe their position to be safe.

Assuming they are where you think they might be, you will not be able to

see them. It is dark, and they are hiding.

You take off along the trail. What do you do?

Evil characters: do you pursue or do something else? You only know that

you cannot possibly keep up with Sy-Klone.



Tri-Klops: you have 85 HP

Trap Jaw: 110 HP

Whiplash: 93 HP

the rest of you have not been damaged.



Sy-Klone: you have 74 hit points

Man-E-Faces: you have 2 hit points



You may be Two Bad. It may take a few days to let you in the game, but it

should happen. Until then, here are your stats.

Two Bad

Strength: 19 +3 +7

Intelligence: 12 / 3

Wisdom: 17 / 13

Dexterity: 12

Constitution: 10

Charisma: 12 / 11

Class: Fighter

Race: Mutant

Level: 17

Hit Points: 117

Armor Class: -2

THAC0: 1

BLOCK: 3 / 12

Attacks/Round: 2

Damage: 1d10 +7 (punch)

Alignment: Chaotic evil

Size: 7'

PLANE/WORLD: Miaplacidus

Special: Nil

Life was discovered on Miaplacidus by a mad scientist, also known as the

Black Biologist, Dr.

Jaseline Zbigniew, who had been practicing forbidden sciences such as:

cloning, creating new life

forms out of protoplasmic matter, mixing different species to create new

species, bringing dead

organic tissue back to life, and dabbling in disease and virus making. When

Zbigniew learned of the

planet, Miaplacidus, he ignored the warnings and raced there immediately.

The amino acids and

protoplasmic matter available there would allow him to perform experiments

never before imagined.

The opportunity was just too tempting.

Upon reaching the planet, Zbigniew went to work collecting tissue samples

and testing the organic

matter. Quickly, he began experiments using the new matter and developed


monstrosities that could not survive. The few beings that did live,

however, Zbigniew kept locked in

a cage, performing cruel and unusual tests on them. Only one of these

beings, a two-headed cross

breed of two independent races, escaped from Zbigniew's laboratory and into

space with

Zbigniew's space craft.



Stratos contacted me, but no one else to tell me to stay with him

and Ram Man so they will have magic users! So I stayed with them, out of

fear something might happen to them. I suggest to them that we should rest

for the night, then try to find the others in the morning. I agree to take

first watch.


Kodachi Batchix



Mermista, Ram Man, Stratos: do any of you choose to be awake. Right now I

believe you are all sleeping, but tell me if I missed something.



I shall take first watch, then wake up Ram Man, then he will wake up

Stratos, who will take last watch.



Mermista being on the trail allows communication between Stratos, Ram Man,

and her and the town people freely as long as a mage is awake in each

group. Sy-Klone and Man-E-Faces are still excluded.



Uhhh...1 AM? 10 PM? Does time work the same on Eternia as it does on Earth?

I've always wondered if Eternia has 24-hour days the same as we do.



Marlena, you are at the priest. There is little chance of your sleeping

before 1aM. I am assuming time to function the same way as earth time.



Another thought--this could be an example of circular time. Whatever actions

we take, we could have been MEANT to take them. There's really no way of


Queen Marlena


I assume that we enjoy a good night's sleep and meal and laugh at.....I mean

feel sorry for (became <Angella's Player> instead of Angella for a sec there!) those who

are on the trail. I/We thank the priest for his kindness and generosity and

promise that if we should pass this way again we will visit him. We should

probably leave the town now, there doesn't seem much point in staying, unless

there's anyone volunteering to go to the tavern - or do you want to find food

in the woods - or eat our tasteless rations?



You may not yet assume that it is day time or leave for the trail yet.

That would put you several hours ahead of other people. Hopefully, you

will be able to continue by tomorrow. I will log this message until then

unless you have a change of action.



Those of you who are awake have a vision, asleep, you have a dream. The

Sorceress tells you that her present is starting to destabilize more

rapidly. She does not know why, but it is faster than it should be. Your

Star Stones now only have one charge per day. Remember, this is 1 charge

for the entire group.




Fisto, He-Man (and Battlecat), Marlena, Angella, Orko, Castaspella,

Mermista: The priest has gotten all of you to promise to stay through

breakfast tomorrow. You could talk, make plans, or do other things. The

priest speaks with you, saying nothing of consequence until nearly 1 AM,

and you do not know when breakfast is. >>



Hmm . . . Castaspella is kinda looking good to me right now.

I wonder if she finds me attractive? Well, after dinner, I am going into my

room, taking off my breast plate armor, my boots, my iron fist (which I leave

close to my bed), leaving my furry underwear, and hop into bed. Where is

Castaspella sleeping? And if she's not available, perhaps I could speak with

Mermista. A man like myself has needs to fulfill before going into battle . .




Basically, all of you in the town and the priest are in a single open room,

the religious building. When it is time to sleep, the priest puts you all

in a circle with him in the center. The priest would not like to think

anything would be going on in his church, so he has placed Fisto and Casta

diametrically opposed on the circle. The circle goes like this

(clockwise): Fisto, He-Man, Marlena, Castaspella, Angella, Orko. Your

heads are pointing into the center.




No Castaspella is not attracted to Fisto. Sorry. I have a mission to complete

anfd then go back to etheria to the ruling of Mysticor.

Anyway I go to bed, and I ask if I can be woken up at sunrise to get an early

start on the quest.


I advise the others to do the same.


Damn mage women! I slam my fist on the ground. They're no fun! Oh well, I

guess I'll have to do without for now. It would help me sleep though . . .



I have some questions that may have been answered, but I would like them

cleared up. I missed a couple of emails on the RPG so keep that in


1.) Does Ram Man know where he is on Eternia. Can common sense, land

marks etc... help him find his way to the site of Grayskull?

2.) I appreciate Mermista wishing to stay with us to protect me and

Stratos. But for heavens sake, this game is going so slowly. We have

so many players that I think we have to stay split up into smaller

groups, and make our own decisions. We are getting bogged down with all

this talk, and Castaspella has too big a job handling all of us. I may

sound impatient, thats because I am. This overly cautious attitude is

gonna be the death of our characters. We have to take things as they

come. We are on a tight schedule to find Grayskull (I beleive), we

don't have time to worry about monsters attacking us at night. We seem

to be preparing for what may happen all the time, lets just take it as

it comes, because its getting tedious. We don't need magic users, what

I mean is they are not essential. Ram Man and Stratos (the latter being

the leader of a civilisation of bird men) can do pretty well on


So my question is... well it isn't a question. It is more of a

statement. I will wait to see what you others have to say. But in my

present mind I feel like going off alone, and to hell with what happens

to me. I'll do what I'll do in order to complete this mission

successfully. I'm not going to crap myself over interefering with

time. We don't know whether what we do here was supposed to happen or

not, time is so confusing that it would take us forever to fully

comprehend it. To Grayskull I will go, unless someone can give me a

good reason not to. I will go alone if necessary. I also think we

SHOULD split up into self governed teams.

I also can't see the point in acting within my character. Why you ask?

well, look at the guy who is playing He-man. He-man should be the

natural leader, but we have Castaspella in charge... which is fair

enough, but as we know, He-man would be the logical choice because of

his wisdom. So I guess Casta is acting out of character, or that others

are. The guy who chose to play he-man should not have done so if he

can't accept leadership, and act like the mighty champion he-man. So

maybe I should be allowed to act a little out of character and show some


Well. As you can see, the above is a mix of my characters in a this

strange world, and mine as a player in a Role playing game.


~~~~~~Ram Man


No one is required to stay completely in character. For one thing, this is not exactly your standard cartoon episode. Secondly, your character is yours. You play it any way you want. Castaspella is a veteran of one campaign already, and most people respect her. There are a few exceptions to the non-necessity of staying in character. If a good character were to suddenly start killing his/her comrades for instance, there might be serious consequences exacted by the good god, Zodak.

Splitting up into groups will not necessarily speed things up. It is difficult to keep multiple groups in sync. None of you knew it, but at one point certain people were as many as three hours behind because it took longer in real time to play those moves. You know that there are currently at least 3 distinct groups, and you have no idea how intricate one group's task might be.

I don't think the game is too slow. In the original modified history, you were sent back 76 hour ahead of time, but that number has been fluctuating due to certain actions. You have been here for what some of you believe to be between 7 and 12 hours and will be sleeping through some more.



TriKlops had Stone Skin how could he get hurt? Anyway, have Evil Lyn

cast Stoneskin on Whiplash. Shadow Weaver use flame strike on SyClone.

TriKlops attacks Syclone with his sword. TrapJaw uses his laser gun

attachment and fires at Man-E-Faces. Whiplash attacks SyClone with his


TriKlops and co.




I thoink we should get ourselves in gear. As soon as humanly possible we take

our leave of the priest and head down the trail I am now quite convinced that

wehave found the site of greyskull and that the area of trans-temporal magic id

the focus that we are looking for.

I for one an going to head down the trail and find the spot of trans temporal

magic in order to determine -- something



Leaving would be hard considering you are asleep. Nothing has awakened

you, and I do not know of a spell that allows one to awaken on command.

Had something awakened you, it would be about 2 AM, you would have gotten

one hour of sleep. In that case, I would probably add some penalties to

several of your attributes.



Is there a spell that can slow someone down. Or even a spell (such as

a fireball that could catch up to them?)

TriKlops and co.


Alright, now that they are slow again, I want all of my evil warriors

to run after them. Shadow Weaver can cast Flame Strike on Syclone and

Evil Lyn can use her wand. If my evil warriors catch up,

Triklops=sword attck, Whiplash=spear attack, trapjaw=laser gun attack

blah, blah, blah

TriKlops and co.


Have Shadow Weaver keep flinging those fireballs at Syclone and Evil

Lyn use her lighting wand. Have All my evil warriors stop running.

TrapJaw will fire at them with his laser gun. TriKlops and Whiplash

will just stand and be on guard against any other threats. Grizzlor

and 2-bad, I dont know if the owners have given you any commands for

them but if they havent just have them stay back and guard the 2 mages.

TriKlops and co.

ps I read Grizzlors bio and stat sheet. Impressive!! He is definatley

a force to be reckoned with. I tried to be him in the first RPG but

<DM of "The Demon Gem"> said it would be unfair to the good guys :)


I would like to cast "Blade Barrier" in the good PC's path of flight if

it is possible, if not then I would like to cast Flamestrike on Sy-Klone ( if I

am right, it would also hit Man-E-Faces as well). Once the good Pc's have

eluded us, I would like to cast Protection from evil on myself and then cast

Aerial servant, ordering it to retrieve Castaspella's wand for me.

Shadow weaver


A "Slow" spell is a great idea. Evil-Lyn does so rather than using

"Stoneskin" on Whiplash. That will reduce his rate of travel considerably.

Not only would a "Fireball" take a small amount of time to get to its

opponent, but it would require reaction time on your part. A "Slow" spell

is instantaneous, and it keeps them in range of the spell for sure. It

seems to me that they are running on the trail. This basically means that

as long as you all are running too, you can continue to cast spells and use

laser guns, but you will never physically catch up. I will assume 1 minute

per round. All of you evil people now have a choice of potential attacks

now. The farther they get away from you, the more penalty I will add to

your spells since you will be running, and it is hard to cast spells while

running. Evil-Lyn has a 16d6 wand of "Lightning". Evil-Lyn will use

"Fireball" on a random person, and Shadow Weaver has the option of casting

a spell. The other evil characters have decisions to make as well. I am

assuming you are all pursuing the good guys until you tell me otherwise.



One thing you should note is that the more you fight without sleep, the

more penalties will be added to your attributes until you do sleep.

Fortunately for you, the 2 good characters have obviously been without

sleep as well, so I have not made any adjustments.

I am aware of Grizzlor's stats. I will probably forget about the 20 on a

to hit kills someone instantly thing.



Fleeing from the bad characters left them open to attack you if they could

catch you. Unfortunately for you, Sy-Klone has just felt the effect of a

"Slow" spell. The evil characters still cannot physically catch you, but

you are in range longer for more spells. Sy-Klone has a bad sensation. He

feels a massive "Fireball crash into his back. He saves for half and

suffers 21 Hit points of damage.



You should not talk about the impending battle to with the rest of the group. The last message you sent was sent to them all. They have no way of knowing that you are fighting. You can only talk to Man-E-Faces and the evil PCs until you find some of your comrades.

>1.What about the fire ball?

> It must of started a fire in the forest. You said the sandstorm

>couldn't hit the mages since they were in the forest. So the fireball must

>of hit some trees and setting them a blaze. If you said we had to go

>through several baddies to get to them. Why didn't they get hit?

The fire is a possibility. I cannot tell you much about it since even though you know the fireball will start a fire, it will not be very large by the time

the evil PCs finish their round. I am taking into account various things about the forest. I have not mentioned a fire because not all of the evil PCs have attacked yet. This is all simultaneous, so I needed to know if you were still running. Expect a fire of some magnitude.

Why did the mages not get hit? A sandstorm does not do damage itself. The damage comes from flying material. They were not damaged because the flying fragments could not go through the dense forest. Since you had cleared the trail with your cyclone, I only believe there to have been 4 acceptable remnants available. Two of them did damage. Two of them were blocked.

>2.Running away?

> Thank you for allowing me to run. First of al. Am I magically

>speeded? If I am the spell doesn't affect me acording to the description in

>the players handbook. If I am still slow I am at 1/2 movement rate which

>would be 18 and still flying. The spell doesn't say I cannot fly when


Your speed is not magical. Your normal rate of flying is 36. The evil PCs are aware that they cannot run fast enough to catch you, but they are still in pursuit, and since they are essentially human, they can keep up well enough to cast spells and lasers for a time, but you are already aware that anyone using magic will be hindered by the running.

It also doesn't affect the strength of my cyclone. I am still strong

>enough to carry Man-E-Faces just slow.

You are still carrying Man-E-Faces. He does not hinder you.

I think I should be out of range of

>the evil spells.

Since you are not attacking, this is a little different than normal rounds, and the time is not necessarily a minute since you are not hindering the evil PCs by attacking them. Even though you are distancing them, they are still trying to catch up. As I said, since this is truly simultaneous, the evil PCs might still have some bad stuff for you in this round. I am not too worried about the difference in flying rather than running. You are distancing the enemy, but spells work in certain ranges regardless of whether or not it is horizontal or vertical. You will be given your best speed in my figuring since you want it and I can justify it by assuming you could be flying only inches above the ground unless you tell me otherwise.

According to the players hand book a character with a mr

>of 12(peak human) can run 240 yards a round especialy when motivated by

>whatever. This being the second round I am running I would say I am well

>out of the way. If I am scaerd bad I woud force march making a con check to

>push 2 1/2 half times my movment rate. I am at mr of 18 now.

The fact that you are able to run away even against 7 opponents is due more to decisions about Sy-Klone as seen on TV than rigorous computation of stats--a character decision on my part.

Here is basically what has happened. After attacking the evil PCs, a move which was necessary for you to have even a chance of escaping, you grabbed Man-E-Faces and took off for town. This would already be their round, so Tri-Klops got to attack you regardless of your speed due to his future vision. He caused damage. You then began to fly, and Evil-Lyn cast slow, so your whole journey has been at a slower speed. You couldn't have been more than a few feet away when they started pursuing you. You flew for a bit, and then you felt damage from a "Fireball". Other moves have been made against you, but I have not computed the damage since I needed to know if you were still following the trail. Once the other moves are figured, about a minute will have gone by. After that, you never know what the evil PCs will do. You know about things such as spell ranges, but one of the good NPCs in the last campaign had a heat seeking missile, so do not let your guard down. Fire effects and evil spell effects will be a part of a future message.


>Thanks for reading this please don't take offense at these interruptations,

>I am just trying to save my ass.

I will not take offense; it is my job to explain the game. I hope the above has cleared up your conceptions of your situation.

>I am going back to the town via the trail, and yelling to Faces to fire his

>laser twards town in a attempt to ready the others for the coming battle.


Noted. If he chooses to fire, he may do so after the current attack by the evil PCs. You, Sy-Klone are still able to initiate weather, but it will be penalized since you are running, tired, and about to increase speed.



The width of the trail is about 10' wide since Sy-Klone used his cyclone to help clear it.

Shadow Weaver: You requested a blade barrier be put in the path of Sy-Klone. Since this is the first half of the round, and you are the second to attack, I think the thirty yard limit will be met. Since you wanted it in the path, and they are on the trail, the only way you can be sure is to have the area be the maximum of 60 square feet. That translates to 7 feet on each side of a square. I look at the elapsed time, and it seems the best you can do is cast it directly on them meaning that they will try to escape by the shortest possible path, and they get a saving throw v spell. Man-E-Faces fails his saving throw and suffers 45 Hit Points of damage. He collapses dead in Sy-Klone's arms. He has bloody gashes and his arms, legs, and abdomen.

By the way, I am playing death occurs at -10 HP or less. All 0 through -9 have coma effects. Now, Sy-Klone gets a chance to save. Sy-Klone, I thought you wanted to live. You failed to save by rolling a 1! You too will suffer 8d8 points of damage. You have just suffered 42 HP of damage. You are bleed in moderately from both arms. Your still alive and running for help with Man-E-Faces (dead) in your arms. You are now at a range in which you would expect most spells to fail. You, Sy-Klone look back quickly and see Trap Jaw taking aim with his laser gun. You try to use the last bit of strength boost your running speed to a higher level. Sy-Klone is using some constitution here, but he is really putting on the speed here at a rate of no less than 540 yards/ minute. Trap Jaw takes careful aim and fires twice. He misses twice, and Sy-Klone is out of range for more attacks.

Trap Jaws lasers did not hit you, so they kept in the general path of this relatively straight trail. Sy-Klone, you keep on running down the trail. You must tell me if you wish to keep going at this rate. Unless I am told otherwise, you keep going at this faster speed.

Evil PCs you have some things to worry about. Evil-Lyn's fireball caught some trees on fire, and it is spreading. The entire path up to about 10 yards from the blades has burning trees on the sides. It is starting to be hot enough that unless you do something, you will all suffer heat damage. You also cannot keep running straight since the "Blade Barrier" is still active, but it does not cover the entire trail. There is still 1 foot on either side of free space, but the fire is spreading to that point. Your options. stand there and take heat damage, eventually dying. 2. Keep running, taking moderate heat damage and eventually running into the blade barrier or running directly into the fire. 3. Run back and take a bit more heat damage. 4. Do something about the obstacles which will take about 1 round (1 minute). The fire is incredibly hot. The original fireball was able to melt metals.



I wake up Ram Man for the next watch... I have to sleep sometime! I

nudge Ram Man... And if he doesn't wake up, I'll wake up Stratos...



Ram Man, you are awakened by Mermista, so at this time you are both awake,

and Stratos is asleep. You both see and hear things. You hear what you

believe to be the crackling of a fire. The strange thing is that it is

very loud. The backs of your heads are feeling warm. Through the trees,

you see that there is a forest fire about two miles back, and it is

growing. You both see two laser beams race across the sky. You finally

hear what you think to be a faint wind tunnel sound, and it is gradually

increasing in volume. Until now, your night was pretty uneventful, now the

forest is alive with terror.

What do you do?



You are right about the "Stoneskin" thing. Tri-Klops does not take the 6

points of damage from the flying trees, but he does take 27 points from the

lasers since their effects are considered as spells. You are fortunate to

have saved for half.

Tri-Klops has 91 not 85 Hit points.



Below are Mermista's stats. I offer her author first chance to write a description/origin paragraph of not greater than 350 words.


Strength 10

Intelligence 15

Wisdom 15

Dexterity 12

Constitution 15 +1

Charisma 15

Class Mage

Race Mermaid

Level 12

Hit Points 36

Armor Class 10

THAC0 17

Blocks 12/15

Attacks/rnd 1

Damage 1d6 by staff*, or by spells

Alignment chaotic good

Size 5'5"

Plane/World Etheria

Special: *Staff is charged with "Lightning Bolt" 12d6. On land, Mermista will have an anatomy identical to that of a human including two legs. In water, Mermista's legs will transform into a fish's tail, and she will gain the ability to breath both air and water.


Mermista was born at crystal falls, her father a human, her mother a

Mermaid. Because of this anscestory, she is able to turn back and forth

from Mermaid to human at will.

All though single for the moment, Mermista fears relationships more

than anything else. She was engaged at one time, only to find out her

intended mate was out to kill her! So the legend goes... Those who eat

Mermaid flesh will become immortal! Mermista is saved when She-ra arrives

and sends her ex-fiance into a deep coma.

Mermista still loves him deeply, but doesn't realize it. She is

easily taken by a handsome face, and seems to fight more valiantly for any

man in trouble. In her mind she is winning back her lost love... For she

has blocked out most of the memories of the near fatal incident! She-ra

used her powers to do so, for if Mermista were to ever remember.. Her

vengance on the man would be deadly!


Below are Queen Angella's stats. I offer her author first chance to write a description/origin paragraph of not greater than 350 words.

Queen Angella

Strength 11

Intelligence 14

Wisdom 15

Dexterity 18 +4 +2

Constitution 13

Charisma 18

Class Cleric

Race Etherian

Level 18

Hit Points 66

Armor Class 6

THAC0 10

Blocks 3/12

Attacks/rnd 1

Damage 1d6 by staff*, or by spells

Alignment lawful good

Size 5'10"

Plane/World Etheria

Special: *Staff is charged with "Heal Minor Wounds" spell. Queen Angella's wings give her the natural ability to fly.



Below are Queen Marlena's stats. I offer her author first chance to write a description/origin paragraph of not greater than 350 words.

Queen Marlena

Strength 16 +1

Intelligence 15

Wisdom 14

Dexterity 17 +3 +2

Constitution 15 +1

Charisma 18

Class fighter

Race Earthling (Human)

Level 13

Hit Points 57

Armor Class 7


Blocks 5/14

Attacks/rnd 2

Damage 2d6+1 /bullet

Alignment lawful good

Size 5'9"

Plane/World Eternia

Special: Queen Marlena is almost guaranteed to be able to fly any sort of flying vehicle she may happen to find.



Man-E-Faces: You have lacerations on your arms, legs, and abdomen. You

are at

-43 Hit Points and are dead.

Sy-Klone: You are running at 3x speed, bleeding from lacerations on both

arms and you are down to 11 hit points.



Remember, you are a mage, and therefore psychic.



Is there anykind of transportation spell that Evil Lyn or Shadow Weaver

could cast? If not, is there a douse fire spell or anything that could

have a similar effect?

Triklops and co.


Evil-Lyn uses two "Cone of Cold" spells to put out the fire, and Trap Jaw

uses his freeze ray to help neutralize the fire. Together, they are

successful, and you lose not hit points due to heat damage. Trap Jaw made

a modification to his stasis ray to make it cold. It does not act as a

cone of cold in battle. In battle, the victim also would not suffer

additional cold damage. I just thought that since Trap Jaw knows weapons,

he would do such a thing. Shadow Weaver retracts her "Blade Barrier". All

7 of you evil PCs are gathered at the spot where the blade barrier was. It

is dark, 2 AM, and you are tired. You killed Man-E-Faces, and wounded

Sy-Klone. You have put out the forest fire, but the trees affected have a

good chance of dying of freezing. This will apply 10' on both sides of the

trail for a 60 yard area originally affected by the fire. Tri-Klops is

down to 11 "Stoneskins" from the flying trees. Keep in mind that

"Stoneskin" does not protect against wrestling.

What do you do?

Grizzlor, Two Bad, now you can really participate in this thing

effectively. If you do not respond, I will be forced to take the move

given to me by someone else or control you myself, but I will always take

you move ahead of someone else's.



Sk-Klone swears vengence on them all for the death of a fallen comrade. I

drop Man-E-Faces for it is more honorable to live so that I can avenge him

another day. I keep running until I get to town. I use my mental control

over the air, if I can to push strong against my back, so I may run faster.

I will get to town and avenge my friend. That bitch shadow weaver will


Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


As I understand it we were fighting two mages, Shadow Weaver and Evil

Lynn.We were hit by a wizard speel slow, a wizard spell fireball, and a

priest spell balde barrier. How could mages use priest spells. When I

signed on I wa stold we were playing by ADD rules. please tell me are they

dual class, or are they bending the rules. I lost a comrade and if it was

because someone bent the rules I am going to be pissed.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


There are only two magicians (at least as far as you can tell). Evil-Lyn

gave you "Slow" and "Fireball". Shadow Weaver performed "Blade Barrier".

Evil-Lyn got to use two spells due to the amount of time taking place. The

most logical way to classify it is that Evil-Lyn got to use "Slow" because

when you left it was actually the evil PCs round. You escaped from them.

Had you been unable to make it out that quickly, you would have been

subject to attacks from even the swords of others. Consider it to be a

time zero, and you would have been about 1 yard from the battle site.

After that, you were unable to hinder the evil PCs by attacking, and

Evil-Lyn and Shadow Weaver cast "Fireball" and "Blade Barrier"

respectively. That is probably them most logical way. Since you were not

actively attacking, Evil-Lyn might theoretically have been able to cast two

spells in a round since she was uninhibited. In that case "Fireball"

probably would have come after "Blade Barrier". The former is the correct

way, but the latter is just to show that not only did the characters stay

within the rules, but they could theoretically have done so in a different

configuration. As for whether or not you are dealing with dual classes, I

cannot tell you that.



I wake up Stratos as Ram Man and I prepare to defend ourselves... I

try to send to the town group to see if anyone's awake... What all do we see?



You are all standing by a tree about 30' in the forest from the trail at

the point of the natural spring. The only new thing you see is the forest

fire vanish.



I send a desperate message to the town party... Hoping that the

ability to wake some one up telepathically works here... My Message is...

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP!!! SOS!!! This is Mermista, Ram Man, Stratos and I can

see a Forest Fire about two miles back! The woods are on fire, and there is

a sound like a wind tunnel rising...There have been two lazer beams break

across the sky! I think we made need help... And definatly some advice!!"



Mermista physically wakes up Stratos and Ram Man who have been sleeping

since 10 PM. It is now 2:30 AM. She wakes the rest of you up via

telepathy. You all wake up gently since psychic powers are seldom able to

interrupt deep sleep. You are all a little groggy having just awakened

from a nice sleep. You have been sleeping since 1 AM giving you 1.5 hours

sleep. At least it was a very good nap. This is what she tells you.

There is obvious urgency in her message.

I send a desperate message to the town party... Hoping that the

ability to wake some one up telepathically works here... My Message is...

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP!!! SOS!!! This is Mermista, Ram Man, Stratos and I can

see a Forest Fire about two miles back! The woods are on fire, and there is

a sound like a wind tunnel rising...There have been two lazer beams break

across the sky! I think we made need help... And defiantly some advice!!"

Suddenly, she also tells you that the fire has suddenly vanished. She

tells you that it was not happening in her immediate vicinity, but up the

trail a bit. She cannot be sure how far up the trail.

What do you do?



Your ability is like the "Conjure Elemental" wizard spell. This includes the restrictions that you can only control the elementals at an upper limit of 600 yards since you are level 20. You must be able to concentrate to control the elementals, a simple command is not enough. There is always a small chance that the elemental will turn against you--5% chance each round. Your elemental(s) would have between 8 and 16 hit dice. If the elemental goes out of range of your control, it will simply vanish and return to its plane.

Do you still wish to air elementals?



Where will you be sleeping exactly?



Off to the side of the trail into the trees a bit in order to avoid

being seen.

TriKlops and co.


Where will you be sleeping exactly?


ALl evil characters under my control need to get some sleep. We will

keep a watch however. We will take turns on watch,at least one person

will stay awake at all times in 2 hour shifts. We will sleep until


TriKlops and co.


ps Of course, if noone else responds to control their character, they

will sleep also.


i really dont like two there any way i could attack him? if not, ill

start chasing sy-klone at a slow pace.



i dont want to say anything, i would like to sneak up on him and bite him. i

want it to be unnoticed until it happens



Being evil, your attacking Two Bad is not a problem. How do you wish to

attack him. You are currently in the group with the rest of the evil PCs.

Do you wish to say anything to Two Bad before/during your attack. Here are

your normal attacks: 1d8 +14 x2 (bone), 1d12 +14 (bite)



Yes I would. Being that Casta is the queen of Eternia, I would know

that she would have acess to a wand and would most likely bring it along with

her on such a mission. I would therefore like to get rid of another obstacle of

ours by putting that wand to work for us.

Shadow Weaver.


Putting out the fire and such has taken the evil PCs several minutes. The

actual time is not 2 AM as I said earlier, but you know it to be closer to

2:30 AM. Shadow Weaver, I have not yet activated the "Aerial Servant" you

wanted because you had to get out of the area of the fire first, and you

now have more options. Would you still like the aerial servant?



You are still only a few hundred yards from the end of the trail, the

place in which you first met Sy-Klone and Man-E-Faces. You also know that

this is about 4 miles east of the site of the future Greyskull.

The area alongside the trail is decimated. 50 yards on each side have

been turned to dust by the fire ball, cones of cold, and stasis ray.

Tri-Klops leads all the evil PCs through the ash into the dense forest

where you hope to have a good and safe sleep. About 70 yards off the

trail, which is 20 yards away from the barren ash, you prepare to sleep

around 3 separate trees in close proximity to one another. A few of you

take a few minutes to take care of a few things before retiring for the


Tri-Klops: You take the first two hour watch. You lean against a tree and

look in the direction of the trail. This places you 10 feet closer to the

trail than your sleeping comrades.

Shadow Weaver: Your light spell is extinguished by now. You decide to use

an "Aerial Servant" to attempt to retrieve Cataspella's wand. You also

cast "Protection from Evil" on yourself since you do not wish to be

attacked by your servant. It is definitely protection from evil rather

than good because the aerial servant created by you will be considered to

be an evilly enchanted creature.

Grizzlor: You walk over to the tree under which you will sleep, and you

see that Two Bad is going towards the same place. How dare he take your

spot! You attack, biting him three times. The first time, you try to take

a piece of his left shoulder, but even with a -2 penalty he manages to

block your hairy face with his arms. Next you use your mighty jaws to rip

a chunk from his left biceps and depleting another 20 hit points. Finally,

your appetite for revenge is almost quenched when you take a third bite,

this time from his left neck. His strange biological makeup allows him to

suffer only minor bleeding, but he will lose 1 CON point every 2 rounds

unless treated. This rips off 26 more hit points.

Grizzlor: You could not help making a great growl while ripping the flesh

from Two Bad.

Two Bad: you have just lost 48 of 117 hit points and will continue to lose

1 CON/2 rounds until helped or dead. What do you do?

Everyone: you all have just witnessed this attack. Now what?



Did any one tell me how high I can jump? I can't remember if they did,

and my apologies for missing it if that is the case. any way...

~~~Ram Man


Ram Man heads off up the trail as quickly as he can, in leaps and

bounds. It is Ram Mans intention to find out what the hell is going on

up there, and he thinks it should be done as soon as possible. His

impatience getting the better of him.

~~~Ram Man


I jump out of bed, put my armor on, my fist on, my sword in hand, and run out

of the temple heading for the forest! Who is with me?



as soonas I recieve the message from mermista I rouse the wwtch forward and

jhasten off to help the villagers combat the forest fire and investigate the

lazer blasts, etc. I tell the priest to try and keep the villagers calm and to

stay inside while we handle this.



I propose we dispense with the plesantries and get moviing!! I am not tring

to be rude but "I have a bad feeling about this" and I have a bad feeling about

what or WHO we are about to encounter in the forest.

I bid a hasty farewell and thank you to the priest and ask that the others do

the same. I would likethe wariiors especially to come with me and haste to the

place where Mermista saw what she saw and such.



I suggest that Stratos and I fly ahead first and see what is going on, so we

can tell the others whether they should advance, if they need to put the fire

out, how far it spreads etc. Maybe a couple of people could stay in the town

to thank the priest, after all, it's only the very least, we

need some way of giving him an explanation.



I will just keep running twards town



Ram Man: not only will you be able to jump 20' in any direction, but in

running that way, you will have a bit faster base movement rate of 14

rather than the normal 12.

Ram Man: you start on the trail alone. After 5 minutes, you see a shadowy

figure coming at you. It sounds like a wind tunnel, and you are almost hit

by Sy-Klone. He tells you that he and Man-E-Faces have just fought seven

evil PCs. He is down to 12 hit points, and Man-E-Faces died. He tells you

he left the body on the trail about a mile from the battle hoping he could

get more running speed and be able to warn you about the dangers. He does

not seem to know too much about the fires except it was started by

Evil-Lyn's fireball. He doesn't know why the place is no longer ablaze.

You are now 700 yards from Stratos and Mermista. He is able to tell you

that the enemy seemed to consist of Evil-Lyn, Tri-Klops, Whiplash, Shadow

Weaver, Grizzlor, Two Bad, and Trap Jaw. He must keep going if he wishes

to make it back to town. He must rest for three rounds since had to run

for a while.

Sy-Klone, Ram Man: what are your next moves?

The people of the town are still asleep. At this time of night no one

appears to around. The fire Mermista saw did look to be at some distance;

it did not put the town in immediate jeopardy.

Fisto, He-Man, and Castaspella, you jump into action immediately willing

yourselves further awake and donning your battle gear. You wake the other

people up making sure no one thinks it is only a dream. All of you are now

awake including the priest.

Queen Angella tells him what is happening and what you are to be looking

for. He does not know words such as "laser", so he thinks he is dreaming

and goes back to sleep even as you all leave the room. Before he goes back

to sleep, you only have enough time to thank him for his hospitality.

All of you race out of town, but you do so as quietly as possible as not to

alert the townspeople of any problems.

You all arrive at the place where Mermista and Stratos are. I await Ram

Man's action to see where he is. Sy-Klone is also with Mermista and

Stratos. He has been resting for one of the necessary three rounds.

Mermista tells you that Ram Man has already started up the trail alone.

That puts all of the good PCs except Ram Man and Man-E-Faces by the natural

spring. Sy-Klone tells you what happened in the battle.

Queen Angella: you leave the group and fly overhead towards the end of the

trail. All you see is that the fire is out, but it did exist towards the

end of the trail. The one of the moons is half full, so you are able to

see that for almost 250 yards along the trail and 50 yards into the trail

on each side is burned to ashes and flattened. You find it strange that

not even burned trees are left standing. You hear the faintest growl in

the forest below. You doubt you could hear anything too much fainter.

What do you do?

You know where you are. It is nearly 3 AM. Sy-Klone is down to 12 hit

points, and his bleeding has increased again. He will now lose one

CONstitution point per two rounds until treated or dead.



I suggest that we try healing Sy-clone's wounds with the water from

the spring. If it works, even to a slight degree, we should try to take

some with us. And I try to telepathically call Ram Man back to us, and hope

maybe we find some sort of thing to bring Man-E-faces back to life. Perhaps

the magic spring... After all, raw magic does strange things.



You try pouring water on Sy-Klone's wounds, and you have him drink some.

Drinking does not seem to have any effect other than refreshing him.

Although, when one is injured badly, he usually goes into shock, and

liquids are part of the recommended first aid. Pouring it on his wounds

does not seem to help either. What it does do is wash away a little of the

blood that hardened and cause him to bleed slightly more. It will not

increase his loss of constitution though since it only washed away a

little. Nice try though. There are certainly ways to heal him though....



Does Two-Bad have any weapons in the RPG? As much as I remembered, the

figure only came with a shield.


Two Bad


Correct, most of the stats are based at least partially on the action

figures. He has no weapon, but with his fists he has the following damage:

Damage: 1d10 +7 (punch)



Ram Man will continue towards the scene of the battle. Hoping to find

Man-E-Faces. Once he gets close to the area Sy-Klone indicated as the

site of the battle, he will proceed with caution and more slowly. Going

off from the trail somewhat to avoid being seen by anyone.

He will not acknowledge any telepathic calls. He is angered at

Man-E-Faces death.

~~~~Ram Man


In twenty five minutes and 2 miles, you find the body of your friend Man-E-Faces lying on the trail. It is dark, but the half-moon allows you to see that up ahead, the land is flat and barren where is appears there used to be trees.



Those of you in the main group are standing close together. Marlena and

Fisto feel a force come between them almost as if a material object came

between them. Castaspella suddenly falls to the ground. What is going on


What do you do?


I imeadiatly put up my defences, and try to get the others to come

around me. I cast "Heal Light Wounds" or something of the like on Sy-clone.

Hopefully he'll make it like this. Then I turn to face whatever is

attacking us.


Kodachi Batchix



Since you are a mage, you may not cast a healing spell. Those are reserved

for clerics (priests, paladins) Angella is a priest. He-Man is a paladin.

There is also one more obvious way to heal--your starstones. If there is

a mage present, then once per day, any or all of the group may teleport

into the stones you carry, only one needs to be available. Once any of the

starstones is used in a day, it cannot be used again regardless of how many

or few people used it. The starstone cures hit points, wounds, death,

injury, other evil effects. The limit used to be at twice per day before

The Sorceress started to have more difficulty stabilizing space-time in the

present. Remember, the more time it takes, the higher probability of

failure. Also, "Cure Light Wounds" can only heal from 1 to 8 (1d8) hit

points. Sy-Klone is down to 12 hit points and has bloody gashes on both

arms. He maxes out at 101 hit points.



Woh, slow down, Casta, let me and Startos fly over first. You don't want to

rush straight into a fire when we can tell you how far it spreads, so you?

Thanks for your courtesy to the priest, BTW. Stratos, are you with me?



Maybe Queen Angella can use her magic to find out what the hell's going on.

I definitely felt something!

Queen Marlena


Whoever tries to find out what is going on, here is a hint, you must work

very quickly.



I draw my sword and wait to see if the presence that knocked down

casta will reveal itself to us. I slowly back towoard the group.

"make a circle." I tell them. "That way it can't attack us from

behind and we are all prepared."



As a Paladin I will attempt to "lay hands on Sy-Klone to try and

treat his wounds. I will stay with Sy-Klone for the next two rounds

for him to heal. However I will send Battle Cat with Fisto and the

others into the forest as a scout to warn them of danger they may run




I agree we should make a circle in order to protect ourselves from this evil

presence. I call out "I know you are here weaver, come out form your

dishonorable hiding. YOu have wounded our warrior and we mean to make you


I look around in the trees for any sign of an ambush and around the path. I

sugget we wait and use the star stones when we all need to as I have a feeling

we willl need to use them very soon.

I ready my wand and lwait, I try to telepathically sense where the evil ones

are hiding, especially Shadow Weaver



I care not for myself if you can heal me fine(please do), but as soon as I

can I am going to kill that evil witch Shadow Weaver. She attacks from the

shadows and without honor, she must be put down like the rapid dog she is.

I swore this to our fallen friend, I will avenge them.

With that Sy-Klone trys to get up but probaly fails. He looks around at the

group. Help me please.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


Watch out. There is some more things you should be aware of.

Of the mages there is aleast one mage and one cleric.

They have cast fireball, slow, and blade barrier tonight

They are of atleast level 15 this can guess at by the ranges they have exibited.

I think that they are the ony two mages the other group has. They hid in

the trees when more damage could of been done by fighting in the open.

The othe fighters are hurt but watch out for Tri-Klops and his ability to

see the imediate future.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


Please someone go get Man-E-Faces and place both of us in the stone, if not

me atleast get him in there...

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


If I have the ability to I cast affect weather so that it is a medium rain.

This way any invisible person could be seen by their outline in the rain

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


You are in luck, the partly cloudy, cool, calm weather allows you to cast a

medium rain. Since we are ignoring casting time, you only have to wait 1d4

turns for the conditions to occur. You have rested your three rounds and

have lost 1 point of CON due to bleeding. It will take 3 rounds for the

rain to start, and affect 9 square miles centered on you. It will affect

the weather for 15 hours. Note that I do not interpret the word affect to

mean that it must rain for all 15 hours, but it would mean that the skies

could not suddenly become clear.



I will, if possible, carry Man-E-Faces back to the others.

Immediately. I have an eerie feeling of dread.

~~~~Ram Man


"Oh shit!" I boldly run to Castaspella's aid. "Are you all right my dear?

Quick, someone (mage preferably) detect magic in the area, then detect for


Mighty Fisto



I wonder if I can be of any service here. Being from Earth, I know all

sorts of neat little first-aid tricks. No, Fisto, I will NOT practice

mouth-to-mouth on you! :)

Queen Marlena >>


Don't flatter yourself, your too old for me and your married! Perhaps you

could use your techno-know how to repair Man-E-Faces!

Mighty Fisto


Just joking, Fisto, since you seem to want to do the wild thing so badly! :)

Where the hell is Man-at-Arms when you need him? He'd be able to restore


Queen Marlena


"Those foul fiends!" I cry, "ambushing both Sy-Klone and Man-E-Faces and in

such greater numbers! For this they shall pay!" I slam my fist to the ground,

making a slight earth-tremor. Then I examine Sy-Klone. I shall find a cloth,

any cloth, perhaps tear some from one woman's dress, to make a bandage. If he

is bleeding from the neck I shall wrap it around there, if he is bleeding

from the gut I shall wrap it around there, tight to hold the blood in. If

that doesn't work, I shall ask Queen Angella who is a cleric or He-Man who is

a paladin to cast healing spells on the open wound to close it.

I will examine Man-E-Faces to see if he is a dead robot or human. If still

machine, someone mechanically inclined may be able to repair him back to

life. Or perhaps Queen Angella may be able to resurrect him with a spell.

I will ask Sy-Klone if he can summon a rain storm to put out the fires.

When this is done, I suggest we amass in great numbers so that this never

happens again, and so that we may go beat up those evil villains!



Remember, if anyone uses the stone, even one person, no one else can use it

for the remainder of the day. The last time you were sure of the time, it

was about 2:30 AM. You cannot be sure what it is now.



DO Evil Lyn or Shadow Weaver know any healing spells?

TriKlops and co.



Shadow Weaver, a level 18 cleric, knows just about any healing, curing, or

resurrecting spell you could possibly want.



Angella: after observing the flat, barren land towards the end of the trail

and hearing a faint growl below, you hear nothing of interest. The

half-moon is beginning to become obscured by clouds, and you take the next

few minutes to fly along the rest of the trail observing the trails structure.

Here is what you see. From the town, the trail extends 3 miles west in a

basically straight path. After Sy-Klone and Man-E-Faces' work, it is now a

full 10 feet wide. The last 240 yards of the is now an open field

extending 50 yards on each side of the trail and is flat and barren. You

begin to feel traces of rain and you can no longer see the land below. You

fly back to the natural spring. You remember talking about the

trans-temporal magic place being seven miles from the town. You have an

image in your mind that that would make it 4 more miles along the length of

the trail. You wonder why Stratos did not come to help scout the area.

He-Man: you have drawn your sword, and it has shown you things. There is

an evil presence centered near Castaspella. Castaspella was knocked on the

ground, and she tried to ready her wand, but it was pulled from her hands.

She describes it as a jerking sensation. The wand hovers for a second and

starts to fly towards the outside of your circle. Orko is almost knocked

out of the air. Since you have drawn your sword, and it dispels all magic

to the 30th level, the wand drops to the ground. You examine the wand and

ask Orko what he felt. He says that it seemed to be a physical object that

disappeared when you drew your sword. You do not know what the presence

was now that it seems to be gone. You give Castaspella her wand back. She

wonders why her wand was taken or why it flew on its own. You replace your

sword in its scabbard to try to heal Sy-Klone.

One of your special abilities is the ability to heal 60 hit points once per

day. You perform your laying on of hands for Sy-Klone. This heals his

wounds, constitution, and takes him from 12 to 72 hit points out of 101.

Your sword does not detect any other evil magic at this time.

Castaspella: The first thing you wanted to do is use telepathy to find the

evil PCs. I am using a type of telepathy more related to the show. Since

I am allowing that any mage in a group can relay messages to others in a

different group, I have restricted that to same general alignment ie you

could only penetrate the mind of a good or neutral character. So

attempting to locate the evil PCs via telepathy will not be allowed.

Next, you try looking around in the trees for signs of the enemy. You see

nothing in the forest but trees.

You ready your magic wand, and you are holding it very tightly.

You request that no one utilize the starstone yet. Sy-Klone has 70% of his

hit points , and only Man-E-Faces is down.

Queen Marlena: You think that it might be a good idea for Angella to try

to detect magic or invisibility or something. By the time she gets back,

He-Man has already taken care of the problem.

Fisto: You give your advice about detecting invisibility and amassing a

large group just before you leave. Riding the swift Battlecat, you race

along the trail hoping to find Man-E-Faces. In 17 minutes, you meet with

Ram Man who has already placed Man-E-Faces on his shoulders. You examine

him and discover that he is in human form.

Ram Man: you point out to fist the area up ahead that is flat and barren.

Fisto only catches a glimpse before the rain begins.

It is now very dark. The clouds cover the sky and it is raining

moderately. You can see very little. You are not sure that you could make

it back without the keen senses of Battlecat to guide you. You do have one

good observation. The rain seems to be kicking up ashes. Yes, wet ash is

in the air. You can smell it, and you can taste it. You have recovered


This places everyone together in the group except Battlecat, Fisto, Ram

Man, and Man-E-Faces who are on the trail.

It is dark and raining.

What do you do?



Last messages I got was that of Grizzlor attacking Two Bad. Does anyone

care to do something, or must I assume that that is all that happens before

you finally sleep.

It is now almost pitch dark. It has started to rain moderately. The rain

kicks up ashes into the air. You can smell and taste the ashes from the

burnt trees.

Shadow Weaver, all I can tell you about your "Aerial Servant" is that you

activated it successfully.



Ok, I fly back and tell the others what I have heard and seen. Then I see

the injuries. Can I heal SkyKlone? I would like to try, but will this

affect my strength or anything? I tell them that I thought the trees

disappearing was weird and I heard those noises. I am not sure if it is a

good idea for us to go through that way or not. ?I do not want to make a

decision on behalf of the whole party, so I ask everyone to discuss it.



Healing Sy-Klone will not deplete your strength. As a level 18 cleric, you

have just about any type of healing, curing, or resurrecting spell you

could possibly want. His wounds are healed but he does not have full hit

points. He has 72 of 101. Would you like to heal him?



I was about to go to sleep, but if I'm going to be attacked by Grizzlor,

sleeping can wait. I step up to his challenge.

Two Bad


Two Bad, surprise was just one of the factors Grizzlor got the first strike

in round 1. Now you are both prepared and on equal footing, so I will roll

a new initiative to determine who gets to begin round 2.

Two Bad must really be angry because he made a perfect initiative roll of

0, so he goes first. Of course, if Grizzlor chooses not to attack again,

first is really irrelevant.

Two Bad: You get 2 attacks per round, and it looks like you will be using

your fists. Remember, you are still bleeding from your left neck and

losing 1 point of CON every two rounds.

Attack 1: You rev back your left arm looking for the jab to the face. You

fire your arm in, and make a direct hit. You break his nose and take off

15 hit points taking him down to 177 of 192.

Attack 2: You use your left arm again and go for the stomach shot. I

guess you should have gone for a cross since he was able to dodge this by

jumping back a foot.

Your round is over.



What exactly are you going to let me do with my power of absolute power

over air. Because with knowing some basic chemistrry I can do a lot of mean


Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


I relize that I was unprepared. That will never happen again. I need some

blades. Does anyone have two daggers or small dirks I can use.

I say we locate the enemy and go hunting. We are equals in numbers but are

superior in strengh. If we rush head on they will not be able to defend

since much of their tactics are based on long range, and subterfuge

attacks. Plus I can summon some elementals and really kick some ass.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


Although I am not the DM, as author of the compendium, I believe that you

should not be able to change the basic characteristics of your character. If

Sy-Klone could use a dagger, he would have come with one in the first place.

Sy-Klone, you have mastered combat with your fists. With blades your attack

rate should be normal as any AD&D 20th level fighter at 2 per round, but with

your fists you can do 6, which is a lot better!

<DM of "The Demon Gem"> (Fisto)


Seeing how it is raining, I ask casta if she can possibly create a shelter

large enough for all of us for the evening. I will try to go down the path

to look for Fisto and Ram Man. To Caspa: Do you want to come with me? A mage

and warrior would make a good combination if someone were to attack or do

you think we should stay here and wait for them?

To Orko: Can you use your magic to detect if they are in the immediate area?



upon reaching Ram Man and the rest, will attempt to unite the group into one.

Then I think we should go down the trail where Sy-Klone and Man-E-Faces had

been and try to find out why Skeletor sent his henchmen there. Obviously,

they were there for some evil purpose we must abort!

Mighty Fisto


I cast detect magic on the area looking ofr shjadow weaver. is there a see the

invisible spell?? if so I cast that instead looking for the heartless bitch.

I am ready with a fireball and lightening to stop her, she has gone far




I crtainly do wonder why Startos did not come with me. what is he doing? I

could have got into some danger over there on my own, but I am more concerned

that something is wrong with him. I understand he may have wanted to stay

with his friend, but I sense that there might be something else.



Sy-Klone: Yes, <DM of "The Demon Gem"> summarized what I would have said about borrowing

weapons very well. The only addition is that the other PCs did not pack

loads of extra weapons. Extra weapons add weight and decrease movement rate.

Fisto, Ram Man, Battlecat, body of Man-E-Faces: You are on the trail about

two miles from your origin, it is almost pitch dark, and it is raining a

medium rain. Since you know it came from Sy-Klone's spell, you are sure

the rain will continue for several more hours unless he stops it. You have

recovered the body of Man-E-Faces and discovered him to be in human form.

You have requested to abort your current trek and get the group together.

Battlecat, being of the keenest senses is able to take you back to the

others in this darkness, the three of you mount up, and he takes you back

to the others where you begin discussion of your plan.

Angella: The faint growl you heard while flying over the barren

area--after returning to the group due to the almost pitch darkness and the

rain, you realize that the growl did not seem to be truly an animals growl.

You are even starting to think that it sounded a bit familiar.

Orko: He-Man asked if you could detect the evil PCs. You could utilize a

detect magic or a detect evil, but you simply remind He-Man of the fact

that he already did so with his magic sword while Castaspella was being


ATTENTION: ORKO, STRATOS, CASTASPELLA: I have not been receiving messages

from Orko or Stratos recently. Castaspella, unless they choose to

participate, you may control the characters directly unless you would

rather someone else do so.

Sy-Klone: actually, you contain absolute control over air elementals and

air based creatures, not air itself. This means you can so such things as

command an air elemental to commit suicide.

He-Man: You try to go down the path, but you cannot see due to the

darkness. You walk off the trail, bump into a tree, bruise your nose, and

go back with the others. A few minutes later, Battlecat, Fisto, and Ram

Man return on their own. You ask the mages about a sheeter. As long as

you are in the forest, not on the trail, you stay dry. The trees are dense

enough and tall enough to block most rain.

Castaspella: You want to use a detect invisibility spell to find Shadow

Weaver. You do so, but you see nothing since the forest is dense, and it

is very dark.

Angella: Regardless of any reason Stratos could have had for not coming

with you, he was not responding during that time. Castaspella controls him

now, though.

Mermista: You love the rain. You walk out on the trail to feel it against

your skin. You do not turn into a mermaid because drops of water are

hardly bodies of water. You love the way it feels all over you. You have

a special ability it seems. You can determine whether or not your clothes

will absorb water if you are in it for no more than 3 minutes at which time

your clothing acts like normal clothing.

All of you are back at the natural spring but a little farther to gain

shelter from the rain. The dead Man-E-Faces has been brought there as well

by Fisto, Ram Man and Battlecat.

Note to all: Mages have various light spells.

What next?



Well then I think Shadow Weaver should fully restore Two-Bads Health.

and then we all need to get some sleep

TriKlops and co.



Have Evil-Lyn cast a force field between these 2 goons. Heal all their

wounds with Shadow Weavers Magic.

Have TriKlops say to both of them

"Listen you two. We dont have time for this. We need to be united

against a common enemy. If we fight amongst ourselves we will surely

parish. " For added effect have him take out his sword and hold it up

as a symbol of authority. "If you two decide to carry out this

ridiculous fight, TrapJaw, Whiplash, Evil-Lyn, Shadow Weaver, and I

will have no choice but to kill you ourselves so you dont draw

attention to our hiding spot. Now shut up and get some sleep you


TriKlops and co.


I shall find a well secluded spot about 100 feet off the trail and away

from the site of the battle before going to sleep, before doing so, I would

also like to cast "Aerial servant" again and try again for the wand if the

original one would not have to attempt it again. If my first "prot. from evil"

has worn off, then I would cast it again so as to keep myself from bering

attacked by the Haoou. If Grizzlor and Two-Bad continue thier fracas any longer

than one more round, cast "hold person" on each and place them in the spot

where I will be sleeping. If this is necessary, then please tell me so that I

can speak to them while they are held.

Shadow Weaver


I just found out that the Aerial servant I summoned sucessfully

acquired the wand, but then dropped it? HOW? The only way I could think of that

it could have been retreived would be if Sy-Klone were able to catch the Aerial

Servant and get it from him, but that would not entale the creature dropping it

as soon as he grabbed it! Please tell me what happened, as this perplexes me


Shadow weaver


I have not received word from Grizzlor or Two Bad about their next moves,

so no one knows if they wish to continue hostilities. Not wanting the team

to kill itself with petty bickering, Shadow Weaver intervenes casting "Hold

Person" both Grizzlor and Two Bad. Neither of them is affected unless I

get a message from one of them saying that they voluntarily fail their

saving throws. They both look at you seeming to wonder why you interfered.

You Shadow Weaver move another 30 yards away from where you are and away

from the trail. This puts you a full 100 yards away from the trail.

Tri-Klops: You warn Grizzlor and Two Bad that some of you might have to

kill them both if they cannot stop attacking each other.

It is very hard to see now. With the clouds and the medium rain, it is

almost pitch black.

Assuming the combatants either stop their battle or don't respond, you will

begin a peaceful sleep except for Tri-Klops who still has another hour of

night watch.

Two Bad: You have lost a constitution point by now. You are still

bleeding moderately from your left neck. If your constitution hits zero,

you will die. You need help.



I stand out in the rain a few moments... Just cleaning off the

dirty, oppressed feeling of the day. Then crawl back inside, and look at

Man-E-Faces's dead body... In a few moments I begin to cry, but can't

exactly explain why... I'm just hurting. I turn and ask Angella if she has

any resurection spells at all, still crying...




Sy-Klone: Yes, <DM of "The Demon Gem"> summarized what I would have said about borrowing

weapons very well. The only addition is that the other PCs did not pack

loads of extra weapons. Extra weapons add weight and decrease movement rate.

Fisto, Ram Man, Battlecat, body of Man-E-Faces: You are on the trail about

two miles from your origin, it is almost pitch dark, and it is raining a

medium rain. Since you know it came from Sy-Klone's spell, you are sure

the rain will continue for several more hours unless he stops it. You have

recovered the body of Man-E-Faces and discovered him to be in human form.

You have requested to abort your current trek and get the group together.

Battlecat, being of the keenest senses is able to take you back to the

others in this darkness, the three of you mount up, and he takes you back

to the others where you begin discussion of your plan.

Angella: The faint growl you heard while flying over the barren

area--after returning to the group due to the almost pitch darkness and the

rain, you realize that the growl did not seem to be truly an animals growl.

You are even starting to think that it sounded a bit familiar.

Orko: He-Man asked if you could detect the evil PCs. You could utilize a

detect magic or a detect evil, but you simply remind He-Man of the fact

that he already did so with his magic sword while Castaspella was being


ATTENTION: ORKO, STRATOS, CASTASPELLA: I have not been receiving messages

from Orko or Stratos recently. Castaspella, unless they choose to

participate, you may control the characters directly unless you would

rather someone else do so.

Sy-Klone: actually, you contain absolute control over air elementals and

air based creatures, not air itself. This means you can so such things as

command an air elemental to commit suicide.

He-Man: You try to go down the path, but you cannot see due to the

darkness. You walk off the trail, bump into a tree, bruise your nose, and

go back with the others. A few minutes later, Battlecat, Fisto, and Ram

Man return on their own. You ask the mages about a sheeter. As long as

you are in the forest, not on the trail, you stay dry. The trees are dense

enough and tall enough to block most rain.

Castaspella: You want to use a detect invisibility spell to find Shadow

Weaver. You do so, but you see nothing since the forest is dense, and it

is very dark.

Angella: Regardless of any reason Stratos could have had for not coming

with you, he was not responding during that time. Castaspella controls him

now, though.

Mermista: You love the rain. You walk out on the trail to feel it against

your skin. You do not turn into a mermaid because drops of water are

hardly bodies of water. You love the way it feels all over you. You have

a special ability it seems. You can determine whether or not your clothes

will absorb water if you are in it for no more than 3 minutes at which time

your clothing acts like normal clothing.

All of you are back at the natural spring but a little farther to gain

shelter from the rain. The dead Man-E-Faces has been brought there as well

by Fisto, Ram Man and Battlecat.

Note to all: Mages have various light spells.

What next?



Oh no! I am afraid that Skeletor may have cast an evil spell on us, a spell

known as "endless contemplation" where we think so much we can't act!

Fortunately, I am immune to this spell (for some odd reason) and so I take

charge. I agree with

He-Man, we need to form into a group with the fighters on the outer edge and

the mages in the center. Don't worry about the storm, it was summoned by our

good friend Sy-Klone to put out the fires. And by the way, He-Man healed

Sy-Klone enough and his bleeding has stopped. Man-E-Faces is alive since

Queen Angella resurrected him. I have just returned with Ram Man and

Mermista. Now that we are one big group, LET'S GO down the trail! I believe I

speak for all of us when I say this.

Tell us Sorceress, what do we see?

Mighty Fisto


I realize that I am dwelling on revenge, but I feel that the theory was

sound. As He-Man and Fisto said we are strong in fighters. I think we must

quit worrying about disrupting the time line. As Man-E-Faces and I found

out hesitation is deadly. I think we should place guards rest the night

here. DM(I cast a spell to stop the rain). Since we know one of the evils

PC's has infravision (Probaly Sy-Klops) we should not go out at night. But

on the other hand their mages used some of there most powerful spells

against us. Another thing to remember is that He-Man's sword is our most

powerful weapon. It can dispel magic up to level 30. And we hold the edge

in brute force.

Another thing we have to assume is that any element of suprise we had is

lost. Our confrontation with the evil pcs gain us the intelligence

advantage, but we must assume that we were scouted by an invisable enemy.

We need Man-E-Facs back, but we also need to hold the stone in reserve. So

protected his body and restore him to his former glory..

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


I agree to accompany He-Man farther along the path. I also cast a create light

spell so we can see where we are going.



thank you fisto, for bringing us back to the presesnt!!

I do think that with a group this large it is hard to coordinate our attacks

and such, I agree that we should head down the path and try to find the evil

ones and stop them, then we must save our future to retun to it.

I agree to let the fighters lead, with myself, angelle and mermista behind them

,abd anyone else behind us, in order of strength or some such. I ask angella

and stratos to fly up and tell us what they see.



Angella: If you choose to bring back Man-E-Faces, there are things you

should know.

Raise the dead is a 5th level spell. It brings him back to life with 1 hit

point. He would be weak and helpless and need 1 full day of bed rest. The

remainder of hit points could be returned by a healing spell(s). He would

lose one constitution point as well. 85% chance of success

Resurrection is a 7th level spell. You can only use 2 7th level

spells/day. You would need 1 day of bed rest with no other spells for each

of Man-E-Face's levels. You would age 3 years. He would have all of his

hit points restored. His constitution would be unaffected. 100% chance of




We have a new player. Someone has specifically chosen to play

Cringer/Battlecat. Please add ().com to your list of

recipients. From this point, he will have an individual personality.

Would anybody like to take control of Stratos and/or Orko. I am

controlling them right now, but it is rather like playing chess with

myself. Yes, you would keep your character as well. You would simply be

controlling more than one.

Angella: You have an important decision to make about what type (if any)

resurrection you wish to use on Man-E-Faces.

Man-E-Faces: You are dead hoping to be resurrected. You may imagine that

your spirit is somehow present, but you cannot observe the actions of the

evil PCs since you were not part of them. You can communicate with no one.

What both of you do next is based on the resurrection decision. The others

will be moving on, but once I receive your decision, I will place you in

sync where you should be.

Sy-Klone: stopping the rain and removing the clouds takes you a total of 5


The half moon is now visible and lights the trail sufficiently for your


Castaspella: You cast a light spell on your wand. It is as bright as a

torch and provideds additional light for your trek. You organize the group

into a line and head off along the trail.


Battlecat(walks beside He-Man)






Ram Man


The time is about 4 AM.

You are all walking along the trail which as you know is now about 10' wide

after Sy-Klone and Man-E-Faces fine work. You see nothing out of the

ordinary, the dense forest forms a 100' wall on each side of the trail.

You make it to the spot where Man-E-Faces' body was found. Farther up the

trail, you see the flat regions some of you had seen before. This time you

go along the trail farther to see more. 50 yards on each side of the trail

for about 240 yards of length the ground is flat and dusty. There are no

trees in the flat region. After 50 yards, there are some burnt trees, but

then the forest returns to normal past that distance.

Battlecat: You smell the air. At first you only smell ashes kicked up by

the rain, but then you smell people...or animals. Some odors are familiar

to you.

Marlena: Your years as queen has taught you to be a good listener. As

such, your physical hearing has improved. In the distance, somewhere to

the right, you hear sounds. Speech, growling, yelling, you are unsure. In

the heat of battle ones ears can play tricks on her. You are a little

unsure whether or not the sounds are real.

Sy-Klone: You tell the others that this is the approximate location of

your last battle.

You look around for other clues; it appears the rain has washed away any

possible visual evidence of further activity.

Stratos: You are flying above the trees. You hear faint sounds below, but

you have no idea what they are. You see nothing that the others have not

already seen.

What do you do?



>I don't know if I can patch it up myself, but if I can, I do.

Two Bad


Can I tell where the good PC's are? I realized something, I work for

Hordak, and he and Skeletor are enemies. I figure helping Skull-head would go

over well with my boss, and am considering defecting for the duration of this

adventure. If there is any way for me to find them, please tell me, so that I

can properly effect my desertion from Skeletors flunkie-group. If I can find

them, I will slip away during the night and try to convince them that I wish to

aid them in thier endeavours.

Shadow Weaver


i would like tto attack tri-klops for getting into our situation. i would

like to ask two bad to team up so we could take him.



There are probably creative ways for you to find the good PCs. The "Aerial

Servant", as you know, was able to find them. All you know is that it has

not yet returned. You requested to cast a new one. I have not yet

activated it because that requires its interaction with the good PCs which

means you must all be in sync. If you wish, you may cast an "Aerial

Servant" with the sole purpose of reporting the good PCs position. Of

course, the first one might have just been lucky.



If you want to be healed, you have three basic choices.

1. Apply direct pressure. This will work for a while, but you will

eventually pass out from essentially strangling yourself.

2. Borrow a laser from Trap Jaw. Your strange semi-open circulatory

system could be sutured in the bleeding area. You will lose an additional

10 hit points unless you roll a 1 on a d20 in which case you will probably

kill yourself.

3. You need a cleric to heal you.

Grizzlor has just asked if you would like to join him in attacking

Tri-Klops since he interfered in your battle.



Two Bad just told Trap Jaw that he was going to attack Tri-Klops. He also

cannot see in the dark. Both Two Bad and Grizzlor are walking towards you

preparing to attack. They are having a difficult time.



Your future vision shows that if he gets to you he

will attack. Knowing this, what would you have your characters do?

Well, If he is going to attack me and cause this much trouble, I am

just going to have to kill him and be rid of this nuisance.

Evil Lyn casts a paralysis spell on Grizzlor. If she doesnt have a

paralysis spell have her cast slow. If she doesnt know either of those

2 spells have her cast any offensive spell such as a fireball.

Whiplash stands and hit Grizzlor with his tail. TrapJaw uses his laser

gun and fires at Grizzlor. TriKlops takes out his sword and slashes

away at the beast.

TriKlops and co.



I believe that all the evil characters would have a good idea of the others' stats since they have often fought side by side. I also already sent out Grizzlor's stats to the entire evil PC list. I think that you deserve to know that he has 100% magical resistance. You are the only one who can see in the dark right now, so Evil-Lyn could not cast a spell on him even if she tried. I have not yet processed your moves since this might cause you to think differently. You also know that you still have 11 layers of "Stoneskin" remaining.



I ask Trap Jaw to seal my wound with a laser, and tell Trap Jaw I agree

to beating

up Tri-Clops.


Two Bad


Both of you, Grizzlor and Two Bad have decided to attack Tri-Klops. Unfortunately, since it is almost pitch dark, you are having difficulty finding him. You are bumping into trees and making noise by groaning after hitting your heads against them. If you are lucky, you will make it to him. You are both walking straight into trees, and the full force of your strides is causing you to bruise your noses. Grizzlor, you bruise your nose and lose 1 hit point. Two Bad, you band your right ear of your right head and lose 1 hit point.

Two Bad: Fortunately for you, you were close enough to Trap Jaw to allow the use of his laser on your neck. You roll a 17. You seal the wound, lose 10 hit points, and stop losing constitution after having lost 2 points CON.



Uh-oh. I forget about attacking Tri-Klops and prepare for a possible



Two Bad


Your "Aerial Servant" has just returned to you. This is your second

"Aerial Servant". It tells you that the good PCs are on the trail centered

along the burnt area. The theme of the message is that if you were to walk

50 yards to the flat area and 50 yards to the trail all perpendicular to

the trail, you be in the center of them. You said you wanted to meet with

the good PCs. How do you wish to go about this? Do you still wish to do so?



In that case, I will wait for the return of the first Aerial Servant

and begin My search for then from there. Is it possible for me to give it a new

command while it is not here? If so, I would like for it to find the good PC's

and report thier location to me. That way, I could find them almost


Shadow Weaver


Yes, I will make my approach apparent to them so that they can feel

secure in my sincerity and explain to them that I do not wish to aid Skeletor

as this would weaken Hordaks power in the future. I will offer them my aid for

the duration of this adventure and when we are done we shall go our separate

ways. I will keep my word not to attempt to harm them in any way during this

adventure. I will explain that my attacks on Sy-Klone and Man-E-Faces were

merely to affect the illusion of my wanting to help the evil PC's and I will

apologize to them and offer them healing.

Shadow Weaver


OY ouch

Never quite thought of it that way.


It is a good idea to press on to Greyskull and see what is to be seen and felt

there, and hopefully we can find and stop the evil PC's on the way.



i don't know. DM, if I can, I want to ressurect him...



My spirit is floating around the other warriors. I want them to kick some

serious ass and maybe even bring me back to life. That is there choice and

I know I can do nothing but just float around in spirit form. Its so

peaceful, I can see my battered body and thank the heavens that I am not

feeling the pain which was imposed on my body.



I don't care what happens to the game. We can go and then stop or go even

faster. I don't really care, I am dead right now. It makes not difference

to me.



well, seeing as this has a good chance and it doesn't affect me, I'll try it.

If it doesn't work, then.....well, let's see if it does first.



Sorceress, have I healed Man-E-F? I tell the others of the sound I heard and

warn them to be careful. I describe it to them, hoping someone else

recognises it, and hoping they can remeber who or what it is.



I tell the others that one mage and one warrior should stay with

Man-E-Faces. I volunteer to be the mage.



I am going to use my sword to break off a tree branch and then tell Orko to

produce a cloth out of his hat. I wrap the cloth around the branch and then

then have Orko cast a 1st level burning hands on it to set on fire. I will

repeat the process several times so that all the fighters have torches. Then

I will walk under the trees being careful not to set them on fire, and

ducking under the rain so they aren't extinguished. I keep on the path as

long as the rest follow me. I also ask Orko to cast a detect magic spell in

front of me to draw us to the point where the priest said there was magic.

<DM of "The Demon Gem"> (Fisto)


The vast majority of people seem to want to end the game by the end of the

semester. There are some parts of the campaign that must stay intact, but

this pop quiz might help you understand a little better some of your

ultimate purpose.


1. Failing to stop Skeletor from placing the wheel of infinity will result

in a desolate Eternia and Etheria with no Greyskull, possibly affecting

several other words.

2. This means that the good PCs will never be born in most cases.

3. Skeletor, originally a member of the Horde will be made very well off

by your failure (if you fail).

4. The evil PCs know how they are to get back to the future.

5. Skeletor probably gave the evil PCs a great deal of knowledge about

time, like The Sorceress gave the good PCs.


Knowing all of this, what would most likely happen to most of the evil PCs

if they succeeded in their mission to stop you.



Angella: you successfully raised Man-E-Faces, and you restored him to full

hit points with a "Heal" spell.

Man-E-Faces: You must now bed rest for a full day. You may decide how you

wish to go about doing this.

Yes, it has been quiet in the RPG. Since I have not received messages from

the majority of people, I must improvise.

Those who have responded generally wish to follow the noises. Stratos and

Angella, you are back with the rest of the group. It was you who heard the

original noises.

Everyone (except Man-E-Faces): The noises are not up ahead. They are to

the right beyond the barren area. You walk across the area and into the

forest with the torches Fisto helped you make. Castaspella, your wand

still has the "Light" spell; that is the equivalent of a torch for you.

You walk into the forest and hear more and more noise. There is growling,

speech, and other fighting noise. You see Tri-Klops, Whiplash, Trap Jaw,

Two Bad, and Grizzlor almost immediately.

Tri-Klops, Grizzlor, and Two Bad seem to be preoccupied.

What do you do?



I need information about your moves. I have not heard from most of you in

a while. Remember, some of you have decisions to make about fighting.

While you are quarreling among yourselves, the area becomes lighter. You

realize that it is still night, and you see torches coming toward you. You

see He-Man, Battlecat, Sy-Klone, and Castaspella immediately. You hear

others talking.



<< The vast majority of people seem to want to end the game by the end of the

semester. There are some parts of the campaign that must stay intact, but

this pop quiz might help you understand a little better some of your

ultimate purpose.

This is definately odd but I'll give it a shot!


1. Failing to stop Skeletor from placing the wheel of infinity will result

in a desolate Eternia and Etheria with no Greyskull, possibly affecting

several other words. True

2. This means that the good PCs will never be born in most cases. True

3. Skeletor, originally a member of the Horde will be made very well off

by your failure (if you fail). True

4. The evil PCs know how they are to get back to the future. False

5. Skeletor probably gave the evil PCs a great deal of knowledge about

time, like The Sorceress gave the good PCs. True

ESSAY: Maybe they would end up on other worlds never having been needed to

be summoned by Skeletor in the first place to defeat us, since we would never

be born (perhaps Skeletor's domination of Eternia would prevent a Royal Guard

from ever banning together). However, the possibilities of the future are

endless, so who knows what might happen. Maybe Skeletor will be in the same

poisition as Hordak is on Etheria???

Knowing all of this, what would most likely happen to most of the evil PCs

if they succeeded in their mission to stop you. >>

Ooh, I hope I get an A+!

<DM of "The Demon Gem">


Have Evil Lyn cast Slow on He-Man. Whiplash attacks TwoBad with his

tail. TriKlops attacks Grizzlor with his sword. TrapJaw attacks

Grizzlor with his gun. Shadow Weaver cast Slow on She-Ra.

TriKlops and co.


I draw my sword and place it in front of me while carrying my torch in

the other hand. If there is any evil magic around here, my sword should

give us some sort of warning to give us enough time to get ready.



Please! Everyone listen to me! Since I am the "Master of Hand-to-Hand Combat"

I take it upon myself as leader in all combat situations. First of all, if

the evil PC's haven't seen us, we must fall back. All the mages need to

enchant the fighter's with "stoneskin."

I suggest that I, Fisto, He-Man, Ram Man, Cyclone, and Battle Cat all be

stoneskinned. We will go in front and shield all the mages who will be

standing behind us and cast mage spells (since the mages have the fewest hp

and worst AC).

I say that I (Fisto) take Tri-Klops (because we are most evenly matched).

Cyclone take Trap Jaw. Ram Man take Whiplash (since Ram Man is least

vulnerable to Whiplash bludgeoning tail). Battle Cat take Two-Bad (they are

both wimpy). He-Man take Grizzlor (because they are the two toughest). Once

those villains are taken out, we should proceed to destroy Grizzlor. Are ye

all with me?




I zap the villians with a lightening bolt to get their attention and ask:

Evil minions why do you come to this place??



I agree with Fisto, I will take care of Grizzlor while the others

take care of their oppents respecivly. I have in my deep pockets, a

relflective mirror. At this time I want to use it to show Grizzlor

his relfection since it is supposed to be one of the things he fears.



I simply follow the group keeping my eyes open for EPCs and the summon

elementals on the tip of my tounge.

Mr. Punch (Sy-Klone)


First of all I failed to get some posts from the DM

I agree with Fisto. All the ways. I will cast Summon Air Elementals. Once

we are ready the air elementals and I will charge in. I will be at full

bore cyclone. The elementals and I will take Trap Jaw and move on to

onother person.



Mermista: You have volunteered to stay with Man-E-Faces. That places both of you by the natural spring near the town. You are tired because you have not even had a single hour of sleep all night.

Man-E-Faces: You are resurrected with full hit points. You are weak and helpless, and you still need a day of bed rest. This does not require an actual bed. It simply means you must do nothing. You are not at all tired since you have been dead for several hours, and death is sometimes referred to as "the big sleep".

Fisto: Fisto slows the groups progress before you are on top of the enemy. Some evil PCs are approaching you to attack, but Fisto has bought you enough time for 2 "Stoneskins" and 3 "Barkskins" before you must defend yourselves.

Stoneskin goes to He-Man (9 layers) and Fisto (10 layers)

Barkskin and AC 2 goes to Castaspella, Angella, Stratos.

While you are busy protecting yourselves, Shadow Weaver appears before the others get to you but after you have put on your skins. Here is a quotation of what she sent me.

Yes, I will make my approach apparent to them so that they can feel

secure in my sincerity and explain to them that I do not wish to aid Skeletor

as this would weaken Hordaks power in the future. I will offer them my aid for

the duration of this adventure and when we are done we shall go our separate

ways. I will keep my word not to attempt to harm them in any way during this

adventure. I will explain that my attacks on Sy-Klone and Man-E-Faces were

merely to affect the illusion of my wanting to help the evil PC's and I will

apologize to them and offer them healing.

Shadow Weaver

I await your reactions to this. After she tells you this, the other evil PCs make it to you. Your contemplation of Shadow Weaver's offer makes you a little slower in reacting to the battle, and evil PCs roll initiative. They are doing some strange things.

Shadow Weaver is asking for your trust, forgiveness, and to join you.

Whiplash attacks Two Bad, he does a fair job of blocking.

Tri-Klops attacks Grizzlor actually manages to get through and takes off 16 points of damage.

Trap Jaw attacks Grizzlor. Grizzlor resists the laser fire.

He-man, you feel tingle on your face. You look in the distance and see Evil-Lyn. You think that taking a slower pace in your motions might be nice, but you decide "Slow" spell, I don't think so. You are unaffected.

This means that it is now the good PCs round.

Castaspella: You want to cast lightning to get **their** attention, so I assume "chain lightning". You hit Tri-Klops, Trap Jaw, Grizzlor, Whiplash, Two Bad, Whiplash, tree which falls on nobody, Grizzlor, Trap Jaw, tree remains upright, tree falls hits Trap Jaw doing bludgeoning damage.

Tri-Klops saves for half takes 17 hit points damage

Trap Jaw saves for half takes 19 hit points damage

Grizzlor lets the bolt hit him square in the chest but takes no damage

Whiplash saves for half takes 6 points damage

Two Bad fails his saving throw and takes 25 points of damage.

Whiplash saves for half, is knocked into a tree and takes 8 points damage

the tree that Whiplash hit is hit by lightning, falls, and leaves Whiplash on his butt.

Grizzlor is hit again. He flinches a bit and then grins evilly at Castaspella

Trap Jaw fails his saving throw takes 10 points of damage.


hits Trap Jaw takes off an additional 3 hit points.

grounded by Trap Jaws cybernetic arm when he hits the ground.

He-Man: You use the might of your power sword to attack Grizzlor. You swing once aiming for his right arm. He uses the bone in his left hand to block your attack. You still have another chance. You swing again, and he blocks again. You have not been able to hurt him.

Fisto: You attack Tri-Klops since he already used his round to fight some of the evil PCs for you. You do so twice with your sword. You take a whack with your sword, and he is too slow to block. You make a bloody gash across his left leg taking off 1 strength and 18 hit points. Your next attack is also good. He fails to block, and you make a scar across his face depleting 1 point of charisma and 15 hit points.

Ram Man attacks Whiplash. He attacks twice with his axe. You make a powerful swing with your axe. It seems to be a little off target, and he blocks with a 20 with his spear. You try again. This time he fails to block. You make a blood gash across his right leg taking off 1 point of dexterity and 14 hit points.

Sy-Klone: If you choose to summon elementals, you must concentrate on what you want them to do while they are doing it. For now, you use 6 punches against Trap Jaw.

1. You strike his left hand taking off 8 points of damage.

2. You roll a 1 on your attack roll. You manage to remain standing, but you miss your target completely.

3. He gains confidence by seeing your error and blocks your next attack easily.

4. You make a sharp jab to his face giving him a black left eye, giving a THAC0 penalty of 3 and taking off 8 more points of damage.

5. That last move hurt, and he has decided he wants no more and barely blocks with his left arm.

6. Another block by Trap Jaw.

Battlecat: You take on Two Bad with 2 claws and a bite.

Your first claw attack misses him completely.

With your second attack, you roll a 1; You slip, strike He-Man, and fall to the ground. Fortunately, You do not harm He-Man.

For your third attack, you stumble back onto all fours and try to bite your opponent. You manage to bite him in the chest taking off 20 hit points.

Angella: You cast "Barkskin on Orko"

Orko: You try not to get killed

Stratos: You attack Two Bad with your lasers. He takes the full force the first time. He suffers 36 points of damage. He is looking pretty weak now. He looks as though he could fall at any moment. Next time, he manages to save for half and loses 17 hit points. He falls down dead.

Marlena: You try twice to shoot Grizzlor with you handgun. You miss twice.

It is now time for the evil PCs to attack.



Do not tell the others how you got this information. Had we had more time, I would have subtly tried to have you come up with certain pieces of information on your own, but since we are running short on time, I have chosen to help the five of you understand. You can try to convince the others if you wish.

If the evil PCs win, many of them will never have been born. Others will be dead or imprisoned on other worlds. They do not understand this because Skeletor has everything to gain by success. He,therefore has told them practically nothing about time. If they win they still lose, and the good PCs do too.



He-Man: Showing Grizzlor his reflection did nothing since he was too busy

laughing at your attacks.



As my next actions, I would like to cast "Flame Stike" on the evil

PC's. Then I will cast blade barrier behind them to cut off any retreat and I

will then use my spells to heal any good PC's who are injured.

Shadow Weaver


Shadow Weaver has just cast "Flamestrike" on Tri-Klops. Though surprised,

he manages to save for half. He jumps, but loses 16 hit points. It seems

Shadow Weaver means business. She has also just healed Sy-Klone back to

full hit points. That places her near the rear of the good PC group,

though it is now a loose group.

Several trees are now on fire, and it is spreading. It is roughly between

the good and evil PCs, so many will take heat/fire damage if it is not

extinguished quickly.



i would like to attack marlena. a punch to the face will do nicely.



In reference to the fire which is spreading, is there a water source

nearby? Are we still near that lake?

Can I fly in a circle fast enough to create a sort of typboon and

'guide' it to the trouble area in order to douse it?

I would like to try.




I want TriKlops to try and appeal to Grizzlors limited intellect and

tell him that He-Man is the enemy. I want TriKlops to attack Syclone.

TrapJaw to fire at He-Man. Whiplash to attack HeMan. And Evil Lyn to

fire chain lighting at the good guys.

TriKlops and co.


I will attack Whiplash, intending to ram him. I will fight to the death

to avenge what could have been Man-E-Faces permanent death. :)

~~~Ram Man


Seeing the fire I turn to shadow weaver: "Witch if you are truly with us,

then help the other mages cast water spells or ice elemental spells to help

put out the fire. To Fisto: There may be some rain left up in the trees from

when it rained. Perhaps we can knock them around a little and possibly get

some of the water to fall from them.



Since I have been unable to hit him, I will use my fists and strength to

shake the ground beneath his feet in an attemp to knock him down. Like an

earthquake effect.



Fisto, I was going to try and knock him down and then possibly hold him as a

prisoner but you are right, it is the most powerful weapon in the universe,

I just figured that if we had a prisioner it would help us get some

information about their intentions instead of just killing everyone. But

alright, when in rome....DM: for my next attack I want to strike Grizzlor in

the chest and then once near the throat.



You've got my attention. And what kind of gun am I carrying? I hope it's a

.357 Magnum! :)

Queen Marlena


Heres what were gonna do, I will attemp one punch on the evil PC closest to

me. I will then attemp to use the other two hand attacks to grab in some

sort of body lock and fly straight up and as soon as I am as high as I can

go I will drop them. If at all possible I will try to put in a full nelson

from the bak, taking into account my speed. If success ful I will drop them

in a open area so trees can't break their fall.



There must be some kind of storm for "Call Lightning". There are not even

any clouds in the sky after you controlled the weather to make them go away.



The natural spring is between 2 and 3 miles away. It was basically a hole

in the ground out of which poured a stream. You try to fly above the fire

to move or douse it, but it seems you just do not have the speed. With a

faster rotation, you think it just might work however. If you need a place

to put the fire, there is the barren are near where you presently are.

There is nothing there but ash.



1. I continue to press the attack leaving the elementals for a more crucial


2. Something is not right this is to easy. One of t5he mages do some kind

of scan and find out if theses are the real evil PCs

3. I will call lightning on Trap Jaw

4. Shadow Weaver is a liability. As soon as we can. Kill the bitch. How

many times do people think this trick will work.

5. No Mercy, no evil PC gets out alive..



Can I start my cyclone up and try to pick on of the evil PC's up fly up and

drop them?



You can grab an evil PC, hold onto him, use your cyclone to fly and then drop him. You cannot just catch one in a cyclone. Of course, the PC would have a chance to escape your hold.



Even though I'm not the DM, I am willing to help the Sorceress' out with some


According to AD&D rules, if you attempt a wrestling move, you CANNOT make any

other attacks during that round. Your 6 attacks per round is ONLY for your

fists! Got it? It doesn't mean you can do 6 of any thing, it just means you

can punch 6 times.

<DM of "The Demon Gem">


Ok ok, I decide not to attack Shadow Weaver at the moment. But next chance I

get, I would like to make one attack with my sword and one with my FIST


Then I can say my famous line, "FEEL THE FORCE OF MY FIST FOUL FIEND!"

Fisto, One Handed One





Dude, you CAN harm Grizzlor with your sword, after all it is the most

powerful sword in the universe! Remember Tri-Klops hurt him. It's just that

he blocked, that's all! You have to try again, if your lucky he won't block

next time. I dunno if the DM will allow you to shake the ground with your

punch, and I dunno what good it would do anyhow.



Scott, here are the stats for Battlecat. Yours are different from the other peoples' because Battlecat is considered to be a monster rather than a normal person. The Battle technique is basically the same. Remember in playing the game, you tell me what you do, what you say, who you attack. If you want to do something other than what another player wants you to do, I always take you move. Finally, the more often you write in, the more control you have.









>DIET: Carnivore






>ARMOR CLASS: 0 (with armor)


>HIT DICE: 8 (112 hit points)

>THAC0: 9


>DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1d6 +9 x2 (claw), 1d12 +9 (bite)


>SPECIAL DEFENSES: Surprised only on a 1


>SIZE: L (12' long)

>MORALE: Champion (15-16)

>XP VALUE: 1400



Nobody really wants to take fire damage or burn down the forest, and Shadow

Weaver being close to blaze herself uses "Control Temperature" on areas

surrounding the fire to drop the temperature by 180 degrees F. Then she

uses a gigantic wind to blow the fire onto the cold areas where it is not

powerful enough to ignite more material. Shadow Weaver's round is over

even though I did not play that as a technical round.

The magical effects used to combat the fire do havoc to the effected trees.

They disintegrate into ash and fall on the ground. At least you now have

some idea of what caused the large barren areas. The ash circle leaves

Evil-Lyn out in the open. In fact, all of the warriors are either at its

perimeter or have migrated to the interior. The circle is of 40' diameter.

Shadow Weaver is now at the center. Evil-Lyn is on the opposite side.

Everyone else is basically together on the edge farthest away from Evil-Lyn.

Evil PCs now get to attack.

Grizzlor: You make your way to Queen Marlena, and you punch her once in

the face. Since punching is not your specialty, an you only specified one

punch, you hit her in the face with (I say) 1d6. You punch her it the

shoulder, but you do so like a light weight amateur boxer. You barely take

off 2 hit points. You are standing around wondering how difficult it would

be to count the number of hairs on your arm.

Trap Jaw: You fire at He-Man with your laser. For some unknown reason, he

is a little preoccupied being appalled by the attack on Queen Marlena.

This will give you a slight advantage on your to hit. Even with this, both

of your attacks are deflected off of his thick plate mail.

Tri-Klops: attacks Sy-Klone. Tri-Klops pulls back his sword for the

attack, and having no weapons you cannot block, Sy-Klone. Tri-Klops seems

to be taking careful aim. He only manages to take off 16 points with his

first attack, but he also removes your right leg at the hip! Sy-Klone is

on the ground, but Tri-Klops shows no mercy. He takes another attack this

time taking off 14 hit points and making a bloody gash across your chest.

Sy-Klone easily passes his system shock check and does not die instantly.

He is now trying to hold his wound shut with his mighty hands. He will be

unable to attack this round unless treated. He will lose 2 Constitution

points per round due to bleeding.

Whiplash: You attack He-Man twice with your spear. You are a little

smarter than Trap Jaw, and you see that you must aim at open flesh or weak

places in the armor. You run in with the point of your spear, but He-Man

uses his sword to deflect your attack into the ground. You pull it out,

try again, and he blocks again. You knew what you had to do, but He-Man

knew better. You have failed to do damage.

You hear a crackle in the air and see lightning coming from Evil-Lyn. She

aims at the good guys, but you should always keep in mind that the

lightning bounces to the next closest objects after that. You aim form

Sy-Klone and hit. The progression is Sy-Klone, Tri-Klops, Sy-Klone,

Tri-Klops, Sy-Klone, (Tri-Klops falls out of the way) Orko, Fisto, Marlena,

Grizzlor, He-Man whose sword aims the lightning at the ground.

Sy-Klone: barely appears to notice the attack. Does not appear hurt.

Tri-Klops: fails his saving throw with a 3. Even future vision is not fast

enough to conquer the speed of lightning. -42 HP

Sy-Klone: is hit again, raises an eyebrow at Evil-Lyn and concentrates on

his injury some more. No damage

Tri-Klops: saves for half. -24 HP

Sy-Klone: no damage

Orko: hovering over the ground when you are knocked out of flight. -12 HP

Fisto: Is hit in his metallic fist which relays 7 HP damage to his body.

Marlena: -7HP

Grizzlor: no effect

He-Man: -2 HP

It is now the good PC round.

Ram Man: You jump at Whiplash with you head. He doesn't even consider

trying to block 600 pounds of flesh and steel coming at him. With your one

attack you do 29 HP damage, a black eye and a THACO penalty of 3.

Fisto: Tri-Klops is dead, you decide to attack Grizzlor. You hope to do

damage with you weighty metallic fist. You swing back and release to his

face, but he blocks with his bone. Disappointed, you try again. You did

it! He was unable to block your fist. He is now unable to block for the

remainder of the round. You do 21 HP damage. Unbelievable! you gave him a

perfect uppercut stunning him, and causing him to lose 1 of his three

attacks in the next round.

He-Man: You see that Grizzlor was hurt. You bring in the Sword of Power

on him. You hit once with 36 HP damage. Next time you take off 29 damage.

Your first swing made a bloody gash over his intestines. He will lose 1

CON/round. Your second attack gave him a bloody gash across the chest.

Marlena: Your gun can be any type of hand gun you want as long as it is

somewhat consistent with 2 attacks /round and 2d6+1/bullet. After the

success of the others, You fire twice at Grizzlor. Your aim is just not

good enough to get through his thick armor. I can not believe this. On

your second shot, you roll the necessary 20 on a 1d20 and hit Grizzlor.

You deplete 7 hit points. The bullet goes straight through his right arm

and only causes minor bleeding.

Sy-Klone: On the ground, you cannot effectively use punching attacks. If

you tell me so, I can allow you to summon some elementals. With your leg

cut off, you cannot use your cyclone to blow away projectile attacks.

Castaspella: Is too busy using her spells to get people's attention to use

her spells for attacking.

Stratos: Uses his blasters against Whiplash. Whiplash fails his saving

throw and suffers 30 HP damage. Any hair on Whiplash's body has just been

burned to ashes and is on the ground. Perhaps you could borrow some from

Grizzlor. Whiplash fails again. -24 HP more.

Battlecat: You try two claws and a bit against Trap Jaw.

1. You are unable to penetrate his defenses.

2. You make a bloody gash across his left leg and take off 1 DEX

3. You do not penetrate his armor.


Tri-Klops: dead

Orko: unconscious



Sy-Klone: 42 HP lost right leg -2 CON/ round

Marlena: 48 HP

Orko: -6 HP unconscious

Fisto: 116 HP

He-Man: 198 HP

everyone else: unharmed



Tri-Klops and Whiplash are dead.




Grizzlor: 67 HP, -1 CON/rnd

Tri-Klops: dead

Whiplash -1 DEX -3 THACO dead

Trap Jaw -3 THACO 48 HP

Orko: unconscious



That last round of combat was pretty chaotic and exciting! So far I think

you're doing a wonderful job! A couple of minor notes though: agreed, it is

realistic that Sy-Klone should be losing blood from the severed leg (in real

life die) but putting him out of the game is kinda unfair. It places too much

emphasis on attack effects. I would possibly let him fly, maybe keep

attacking. Remember, this is a game, so you have to balance realism and fun.

Then again the DM calls the shots (like a referee). In this case, and in this

battle, it was a good call. But imagine a battle where Sy-Klone was being

surrounded by 6 guys with long swords, fighting all by himself. In that

scenario a leg would come off quickly and without any backup he would have no

hope of survival.

Second thing, remember that these players most likely don't know what options

are available to them, like the person controlling Grizzlor probably had no

idea he had a bone and a bite, so you should assume that he would know and

would fight to the best of his ability. Besides, even with a punch Sy-Klone

does +5 points of damage with his fist, and though its not his specialty, a

punch by Grizzlor who has the same strength as He-Man (25) should hurt more

than a punch by, say, the Sorceress, who has a strength of 9.

Thirdly, I (Fisto) can only either make one punch with my fist and my sword,

or twice with my sword, if I could use my fist twice I would every time since

that does more damage.

Well that's all for now. I hope you don't feel that I'm trying to usurp

control from you. So far as a first time DM you are doing excellent! I'm just

trying to help you out a little. But if you don't want any more feedback just

let me know and I'll back off.


<DM of "The Demon Gem">



If/When you decide to talk about what I told you earlier, you may want to "jazz it up" a bit. I'm assuming you have your own views on the subject, and this is an excellent time to show off your character's wisdom if indeed you want wisdom to one of her prime characteristics.



I call out in my loudest voice - or if I have a spell or way to amplify my

voice I call for a cessation of action and a truce to talk there are some

things we all good and evil must discuss and we must trust long enough to sit

down and talk about certain things.

Let me know when I have everyone's full attention.



I again try to get everyone's attention . Is there a stop spell I can Cast on

everyone in order to make them pay some semblance of attention to me??



I am going to try and get everyone's (and I mean EVERYONE!! GOOD AND BAD!!)

attention in order to talk to them. I am going to create a large fireball that

will drop in the middle of the group of fighters and not hurt them but make

them turn and look at me and realize I am trying to tell them all something.



Battlecat makes a bloody gash across his left leg and take off 1 DEX.


won't that just spread the fire? Mermista, can you put out the main fire?



You do not know what Castaspella may try next to get your attention. She

walks out into the new burned area and prepares to speak since the

"Fireball" got at least some attention. The other good PCs support here

and are gathered around her. Battlecat carries Sy-Klone and his leg to

where Castaspella is. Sy-Klone needs help. Castaspella is now ready to


In terms of rounds, it would be the evil PCs' turn, but I am assuming at

least some of you would like to listen. Any attacking that will happen

will be based on individual initiative. There is no longer a full evil PC


It is up to you, Casta.



O am going to post this to anyone who will listen -- OOC <DM> can you forward

this to the evil PC's as well?

We must think things through. I realize that We are on opposite sides in our

own time But in this time we must work togetbner. Do you realize that even if

you suceed you will not be as well off as you are now. Even if you do what

skeletor has asked of youonly he will benefit ypou will not, you will be more

than likely imprisoned or actually deaf. We of course will be in the same

pickle. If we work together we can restore the future as it was when we left

it and we will all be where we were when we left the timeline.

We can qwork together and gain our future or we can be as we are and all lose

everything. Think on this



Guys I kinda got the shit knocked out of me again, could some nice peron

please put me back together again.

Ah Dm, sorry to keep challengeing rules but I have a AC of -6. Even

assuming that Tri-Klops was a level 20 fighter he would have to roll a

seven or over just to knick me. And being that I am again at full speed I

wouldn't of blocked I would of dodged and even though he has future vison I

think I would of at least managed not to get my leg cut off. I have a dex

of 24 that has to atleast let me dodge alittle. It says specifically that

it imprves dodging bility. How about atleast a dex check to see if I keep

my leg. All of those factors match if not better the advantage Tri-Klops

future vison gave him.



Everyone: What Casta has said is very important. I need responses from

you by the time I write tomorrow's scenario. The only response I have are

from Castaspella (obviously) and Fisto. If I do not hear from you, I will

have to move you to the next scenario myself.

Sy-Klone: Not allowing you to fight would put too much weight on attack

effects. Everything about the battle and you will remain the same

including your bleeding, but you may have 4 attacks/round (not 6 due to the

necessity that you try to restrain the bleeding) and move via a one-legged

cyclone at movement rate 12. You will still be unable to fly. All of

<DM of "The Demon Gem">'s reasonings he said are correct. Whether you block or dodge is not

really up to you. Using your THACO determines whether or not the enemy can

hit you in a vulnerable place. When writing the results, I imagine this to

take into account your dodging and armor strength. Blocking is a last

resort. If the enemy successfully targets a vulnerable are, you have one

last chance not to take damage via a block. In essence, everyone always

tries to dodge and to block.



For your info, Tri-Klops is 18th level fighter giving him a THAC0 of 3, with

a 23 strength giving him a +5 to hit bonus, and a +2 sword giving him a THAC0

of -4, thus he would only need a 2 to hit you. He chopped off your leg due to

a very lucky roll on an attack effect table. The table was designed by me,

but its effects are optional, and I suggested to the DM that she/he allow you

to continue fighting (though unrealistic) with only one leg. You wouldn't get

a DEX check since DEX bonus is already included in your AC. Though you're

extremely fast, your armor sucks and you have no shield or weapons to block.

<DM of "The Demon Gem"> (DM's assistant?)


Let's pay a visit to Castle Grayskull.



(Just reaffirming my actions)


I heal SkyKlone and Orko and any other injuries if it is not too late.

Otherwise, I will try that raise the dead spell or whatever it is called

that I used on Man E Faces on all the dead people (good and bad). (The one

with an 85% chance that doesn't affect me, etc.)

What Casta says is very important and I was going to say this myself. I am

with her all the way on this one.



>>Battlecat makes a bloody gash across his left leg and take off 1 DEX.


>You are Battlecat.

I thought the 3 possible selections were am example for me to choose from.


<Battlecat's Player>


Now I understand. I had to perform your character's move since we are short on time and I had not heard from you. Now you can perform actions, say things, whatever in the current round. You actually did all three things. Battlecat gets three attacks. Those were the results of your moves. The current round is the one in which Castaspella has your attention and individual initiatives would be rolled in cases of attack.



If I have any wits about my I cast affect weather so it rains to deal with

the fire. I look at the mages and quietly and calmly ask for help.



As soon as it is possible, I would like to rejoin the group and help kick

some butt.



I will use my sword to see if the evil PC's are intent on helping us.

If not, I am ready to defend the group and myself.



Ok, I'll stop my fighting and listen to Castaspella. But I'm keeping an eye

on Grizzlor, if he makes one move against us I am going to attempt a

wrestling maneuver.



will bandage Sy-Klone's leg with any piece of cloth I can find and carry him

to Angella the priest. I will ask her if she can do something to restore his

lost limb. If not, I will attempt to use the Star Stones to repair the leg. I

will ask He-Man to use his Power Sword to detect whether or not the evil PC's

are intent on helping us. I still don't fully trust any of them, but I will

go along with them for now. Besides, I think they were losing the battle, its

no wonder they turned sides, what with losing Tri-Klops and Two-Bad.



I use the star stones to heal the entire party, both good and bad if there are

no objections. We will be at full strentght to try and stop skeletor from

doing what he wants, and stopping him from activating the WHeel of infinity.

we make haste to the site of the castle and see what is to be seen there.



Ok, you have all listened to Castaspella talking about the very good

chance that most of you be much worse off if the good PCs are defeated.

This helps explain why Skeletor did not give you evil PCs much information

about time or your quest. None of you have been attacking, but Evil-Lyn

has moved to the rest of the group in the middle of the burned circle.

Orko is unconscious, others are dead, Shadow Weaver has made the most

sincere attempt to join the good PCs, and Sy-Klone will die if he is not

helped. Most everyone else has taken damage of some sort. If damage is to

be repaired, I can still accept those moves.

You all decide to get some sleep since you have been up most of the night.

You will all sleep until 10 AM this morning. It is currently about 4:30

AM. After you wake up, you eat some of your stale rations. You hear some

villagers coming up the trail to work on the trail. Though Orko is

unconscious (unless healed by this time), his presence allows you to

understand their speech. They do not understand how so much of the trail

has been cleared. They are preparing to build the last 4 miles. Some of

you volunteer to help. If Sy-Klone is not healed by now, he is dead.

Unless told otherwise, I assume you are now working together for the good

of time. You are still her though, so that means you must still do

something. None of you know of any other evil PCs.

What do you do?



I agreee to help the villagers clear a path to what we now know is the future

site of castle greyskull. I think that once there we may find ourselves closer

to the answers that we seek. I will also keep an eye on the evil pc and attempt

to answer ant questions from anyone that are asked. I agee that now is the

time to use the star stones and heal and regenerate for today and I cast the

neccessary speel to do so on the good pc' only as I do not know how the pure

magic of Greyskull will be affected by the evil ones and I am hoping that they

have been given something akin to this to heal themsevles with.



The Sorceress manages to appear before all of you as an image. She says

that attempting to stabilize is becoming impossible.

"There is now an 80% chance that the evil universe will overtake the

natural universe. The natural universe is already destroyed beyond 12 days

into my future. If evil PCs use the Starstone, it will have the same

effect as anyone else, but if they attack anyone of good alignment, they

will suffer three times the damage they cause for a full day. That which

Castaspella told you about time is true. When you find Skeletor and his

minions, you must prevent him from ever activating the wheel of infinity.

Farewell, children of the natural continuum."

Sorceress of Greyskull


The StarStones have now been used. As far as you know, this is your only

charge for the day.

Everyone is healed, full health, no injuries, no weariness, no ill effects,

no weakness, no other ill effects.

You all vanish from your current location. You reappear in what appears to

be a copy of Greyskull's Star Chamber. Actually, you are in a

meta-representation of it accessible only for healing and through the Star

Stones. Think of it as a pocket dimension.

You are at the end of the trail. He-Man, you cannot tell for sure if the

evil PCs are with you or against you, but you sword does hum with the

harmony of the same type of magic that is Greyskull. Castaspella tells you

that it only seems to be independent of time.

Skeletor and Hordak appear through a portal.

Skeletor: "Well, your actions have put me well ahead of schedule. The

trail was not to be completed for another day, and I myself would have had

to increase its width with a laser. I no longer even need to make slaves

of the villagers to build a fortress. Skeletor only needs to start the

wheel, and I..err he will be here shortly."

Hordak: "You fools, my minions, how dare you serve the side of good. You

will ruin everything if you help them. General Skeletor is sure to put you

in your place."

Skeletor: Yes, it will not be easy. I summon a squadron of robotic

Hordesmen. Come through the portal immediately.

[20 Horde troopers come immediately. ]

Skeletor: And some of you remember my little friend (also specially

requested for an appearance in this campaign) Urthquake.

Skeletor 2 comes through the portal. He is carrying a box that has the

marking of the wheel of infinity. He takes out his laser blaster to

complete the trail until he realizes that it is already done.

Skeletor 1 tells him that his success will alter the timeline is such a way

as to make him among the most powerful Horde generals of all time. Hordak

will also be greatly elevated, but he will be below Skeletor.

Skeletor 2 understands that his conscious will be that of Skeletor 1. He

will never of lost so many battles to He-Man or Greyskull--they will never


Skeletor 3 comes from a portal: I have arrived to help secure victory. I

am from your Sorceress' present. I wish to help ensure our victory.

The Sorceress appears (image). When at the instant Skeletor left, I was

able to muster enough energy to tell you that both universes gained equal

probability of existing for about an hour. General Skeletor (1) was able

to bring him, Brigadier General Hordak, horde robots, and Urthquake to our

universe. With him present again in our timeline, there is a 97% chance of

the death of our universe if you fail. I was able to stabilize a half

charge to the Starstones when Skeletor 3 was going through the portal. You

can be resurrected, but only half of lost hit points can be restored. My

resisting time itself is putting a strain on Greyskull. It may physically

collapse. When/if that happens, probability will go to 100%.

Think the image might actually have been The Sorceress herself, Skeletors 1

and 3 raise their havok staves and shoot a magic projectile at her. The

projectiles pass harmlessly through the image and into the sky.

Sorceress: "Goodbye all"

Skeletors and Hordak: Skeletor 2, snap out of it, prepare the Wheel of

infinity. Don't even try to stop us.



By the way, you were all healed by the Star Stones before you went to sleep.

Mermista and Man-E-Faces have the option of instantly joining the group.

Both can fight perfectly well.

Unless, some of you choose not to act as a group, all messages will be sent

to the whole group. You will know all tactical information that you would

know if you were natural aligned with them. Here is everyone's email:

(Trap-Jaw, Tri-Klops, Whiplash, Evil-Lyn)<()>

(Shadow Weaver)<()>



(Two Bad)<()>








(Ram Man)<()>

(Queen Marlena)<()>


(Queen Angella)<()>




When you give me your moves, please give me as many in advance as possible.

Running short on time, I must play several rounds at a time, and I may

have to resort to statistical probabilities in some cases.



Oh and we need to dispenjse with the horde troopers IMMIDIATELY but they are

not as great a threat. I will use a chain lightening to try and knock out as

many of them as I can and suggest fireball and metoeor swarm to the other




I cast stoneskin on the fighters and an antimagic spell on myself and ZI

encourage the other mages to do the same as Fisto has suggested. We should try

and destroy the wheel first becausewithout it there will be less danger to the




I am goin to try and teleport skeletor who is holding the wheel of infinity to

the outer limits if the universe or if that is to far, well, as far away from

the planet into outer space as I possible can. If I can't do this I am going

to cast a fireball at said skeletor who is holding the wheel. destroying the

wheel must be our primary concern as that is the key to this whole big mess.

If the wheel cannot be activated we are done with one problem, the large one of

Skeletor becoming very powerful and taking over the world (they're dinky. . .

thre're pinky and the brain brain brain . . . )



sorry for the multiple posting. .

If It is easier and I can get more range can I just teleport both box and wheel

away instead of the skeletor?



Time to summon those elementals



OK, Grizzlor will be "Hastened" rather than "Stoneskinned", my mistake, but

He-Man really cannot be Hastened yet. The stoneskins he has are left over

from the previous battle. This is the same reason Fisto is stoneskinned.

I considered describing Urthquake, but I know several of you have already

met him in the previous campaign. I want to see whether or not you really

trust each other and how your trust or lack thereof effects your decisions.

Those of you who have no idea what an Urthquake is, might want to listen

to the other characters. Conceivably, some could be exaggerating or lying.

Now that Fisto pointed them out, you see the tubes running to the giant's


You also remember seeing him enlarge from 9' to 50'.

Here goes the battle.

Round 1: PCs roll initiative.

Sy-Klone: Seeing that Skeletor was behind your beatings, you are starting

to view this as more than a quest; you are starting to take this

personally. Your empowered will now allows you to conjure a full four air


They have 10, 11, 13, and 16 levels respectively. You cannot simply order

the elementals to do something; you must concentrate, so having them attack

disallows any other attacks you might have done. These elementals will be

considered as miniature tornadoes.

Castaspella: You see the elementals come into existence. You must drop

you "Anti-Magic Shell" to cast other spells. You do so and concentrate on

Skeletor's box. You are waiting for your chance. You are now coordinated

with Sy-Klone.

Air is fluid and chaotic. The elementals are only 20 hitpoints each

because I will allow them to form directly at Skeletor rather than travel

to him. All four of them converge upon Skeletor. The obnoxious sound

annoys him, and he immediately starts swinging his arms. The elementals

pick him 2" off the ground and start spinning him like a top. His hold on

the box loosens slightly, and the box might be available. Castaspella make

one big thrust on the box with her "Telekinetic" powers. Mermista casts an

Anti-Magic Shell around Castaspella, herself, and the box. I am aware

Mermista already used her 6th level spell, but I want her to be able to use

another one.

Castaspella and everyone else. As long as you are inside the shell, the

wheel cannot do harm to time. You must decide what to do with it.

Physical bodies can still penetrate the shell to take it away from you. If

you destroy the device yourself, you do not know what might happen. The

Sorceress cannot possibly give you any advice now. You do not even know if

Greyskull still exists!

You cannot just teleport the box away. Telekinesis transports objects a

very limited distance in a coherent path. Teleportation requires that you

go with the object. Transporting the box to the edge of the universe would

mean instant death for you. There is also the problem that you would need

to know where the edge of the universe.

Until told otherwise, I assume that the rest of you accept the idea of

attacking Urthquake.

Angella: you pick up Fisto and set him upon Urthquake's shoulder. You stay

in the air afterwards in case Urthquake should free himself of Fisto.

Stratos: You do the same, but with Tri-Klops.

Man-E-Faces: You shoot your laser at Urthquake's head. You have changed

to robot form to gain a better THAC0. You completely miss with your first

shot. You aim your second shot more carefully between his eyes. You fire,

but you only manage to hit in front of his left ear. The ear is now only

hanging by one strand of flesh. You take off only 39 Hit Points since you

did not make a direct hit.

Grizzlor: You have never tasted intermediate demon flesh before. You

cannot quite reach one of the fluid tubes. You bite his left cheek. You

savor the taste and decide to make your remaining 5 attacks the same way.

Contrary to popular belief, demon does not taste like chicken. Urthquake

is rather salty though. He does not like being eaten, so he swings his

head in an attempt to throw you away from him.

Stratos and Angella: You are busily attacking Urthquake's hands and arms.

Your lasers and spells fail to harm him, but you do prevent him from

stopping Grizzlor.

Grizzlor: You bite into the following locations

Cheek -15HP

Neck -21 HP

Neck(extra tasty) -19HP

Neck -18HP

You jump up and bite through the rest of his ear which falls to the ground


Cheek -25 HP

Fisto: You use your mighty fist to jump up and give Urthquake a nasty

black eye. You deplete 20 HP. There will be no special effects from your

fist since he is so big.

Your next attack is made with your sword. Your cut off his other ear and

deplete 21 Hit Points.

Urthquake finally manages to shake off Stratos and Angella. He grabs Fisto

in his hand and gives a good squeeze. He crushes you for 18 before you can

escape into the arms of Stratos who escorts you back to the ground.

Urthquake swats at Grizzlor like he was a mosquito. He slams him again his

neck. Grizzlor is flattened, and he loses 30 HP.

Consider Grizzlor's attacks to be normal activities rather than blocks or

attacks. Think of how many mosquitoes one of us could kill in a minute.

Orko: attempts to cast light on Urthquake's eyes. Urthquake blinks and is

not affected.

Ram Man: You attack Urthquake's feet with the full force of your head.

You jump and bounce off. When you regain your senses from this attack you

see that he has been unaffected.

He-Man: You see that Ram Man failed to damage Urthquake, and you go for

Skeletor 2. You are very familiar with Skeletor battle, and you use the

sword of power hit Skeletor both times. He was unable to block, yet he

appears unharmed.

Battlecat: Using you claws, you manage to get clean blows for two of your

three attacks, but he is still unharmed.

Whiplash and Tri-Klops refuse to head Fisto's warning that they attack

Urthquake's head. They attack Skeletor 2.

By the time both of you are finished with your attacks, you see that you

got two clean blows through, but he is still standing their with a smug

attempt at a grin on his bony face.

Two Bad attacks Skeletor 1. Skeletor successfully blocks all attempts.

Shadow Weaver: You "Flamestrike" Skeletor 2. He rolls on the ground to

dodge part of the attack. You take off 15HP. He can be harmed!

Evil-Lyn: She laughs at Angella's assertion that being a priest prevents

her from lying. Shadow Weaver is a priest, and she is down right evil.

She chooses to ignore Fisto as well. Skeletor is hit with a lightning bolt

from her staff. You manage to annihilate 36 of his HP.

Marlena: with your .357, you manage to hit Urthquake's head once. You

shoot out his right eye and take off 13 HitPoints. You could not possibly

hope for better from a single bullet.

It is now the NPCs turn.

Urthquake is staggering a little, but that does not deplete any of his

mass. He takes a few steps forward, stumbles a little, and smashes

Castaspella by stepping on her.

Castaspella: You are dead at -10 hitpoints.

Mermista: You are now the guardian of the wheel of infinity.

Hordak: You prepare to fight He-Man until General Skeletor orders you to

save him for him. You attack Whiplash with "Lightning Bolt". He saves for

half and loses 24 HP.

Two Skeletor: both tell Evil-Lyn that she was always their favorite. They

are angered and disappointed that she attacked them. They simultaneously

cast fireballs at her. She is unable to dodge both fireballs. They each

use their second attack to launch two more at her. The combined might of

the four rendered her dead--definite overkill.

General Skeletor did not participate in the overkill. He did not like

watching the eye of his greatest minion destroyed by Marlena. Marlena is

not quick enough to resist General Skeletor's fireball. She loses 41 Hit

points from the fireball. She is decapitated (lost 20 more HP) by

Skeletor's half of the sword. Since they were never created in his

universe, his sword is not half of the sword of power. This wiser Skeletor

was able to kill Marlena effectively rather than wasting his power on revenge.



Fisto, Skeletor 1 is not from the time in which he was part of the Horde,

at least not in your time line. He is from the alternate universe where he

has been a Horde leader for much of his life. He was able to make a portal

at such a time when both universe existed with equal probability for about

an hour. He has never experienced defeat by He-Man among other things.



Once they ae summoned I will command them to go after the wheel and destroy it,

Take out Skeletor1, If he dies the others cannot exist....



Killing the first Skeletor will not destroy the others. Your actions are

already a third writing of history, and Skeletor 1's universe is also a

distinct existence. There would be a lot of stuff to go through, but in

the end, the assumption of multiple kills in one will simply violate

conservation of energy. Rest assured, the others will remain after you

kill one.



I will respond to whatever is suggested by Casta Spella, seeing as

she is more experienced at this. I however suggest all of us Mages see if

we can work as one and teleport the Wheel to the Valley of the Lost or

somewhere like that. I believe that this may work. Mermaid's typically

keep a cool head, so I will remain calm...

Perhaps someone should stay handy and ready to heal the injured, ne?

(ne = no)



I wish to do my best to sneak around the back of Urthquake while he is

busy with the others and Ram him taking him by surprise if possible. If

these actions are not possible, then I will wait till skeletor (holding

wheel thing) is not looking and ram him, full force.

Either one is fine by me.

~~Ram Man


Evil PCs (and good!) I know I am not "on your side" but I do not wish to harm

you, indeed f you listen to me your lives will be saved. As Casta told you

before, we need to work together. Do not trust Skeletor. I do not lie, I am

a priest. So will you join with us?



I'm going to try and fly up and around Urthquake's head in an effort to

distract him and give my friends an opening for an attack.



I want to aim my lazer at The Box Skeletor is holding. Maybe I can blast it

out of his hands and then Casta can get a hold of it.



OH shit!!! Ok, let me get this straight, we have Skeletor 1 from the time

when he was part of the Horde, we have Skeletor 2 who was defeated by He-Man

when he tried to use the Wheel of Infinity to destroy Greyskull, and we have

Skeletor 3 from our present time.

If we have to take on 3 Skeletors, a Hordak, and Urthquake, we're gonna need

ALL the help we can get! We all have to pool our strengths together.

Fortunately we have He-Man and Grizzlor on our side. I say we get all our

mages to cast protective spells on all the fighters, stoneskin on half and

anti-magic shell on the other half. I also suggest that some mages cast haste

on Grizzlor and He-Man, since they are the most invulnerable they don't need

protective spells, but with doubled attacking speed they can cause tremendous

damage! Then we rush in and stop Skeletor 2 and everything he can possibly

throw at us! Let's go men (and women)!!

Fearless Fisto


All right, our main concern here is Urthquake. It looks to me as if Queen

Marlena was lucky to have survived being stepped on by him, considering he is

50' tall and solid muscle. If he steps on anyone else there is a good chance

that the person will be killed, and by the time we take out all the

Skeletors, Urthquake might just take all of us out too! So I say we take care

of whatever is attacking us NOW. The obvious, most vulnerable place to hit a

giant I think would be his head, so I tell the mages and everyone with a gun

to aim for the head. Also, I wonder as to those large tubes of fluid running

through his body. Hmm . . . what could they be for? Too bad I can't reach

them to find out.



I am going to concentrate my battle on the skeletor holding the box with the

wheel. I am going to use fireballtop try and knock the box out of his hand

doing as much damage as I can in the process and then try and get the box, do I

have a telekinesis spell? IF so I want to try and knock the box out of his

hand and then telkineissis or teleport it to me first and then teleport it out

of exisitence!!



Skeletor 3 says:

Remember evil PCs, it is me who created the portal to send you back in

time. It is me who can open a portal to send you back to The Sorceress'


Skeletor 3


The Wheel of Infinity is still in the box. Skeletor is just preparing it

for use.

None of the Skeletor seem to want to disturb Skeletor 2, so you have had

the time through the work of various mages to achieve the following

effects, He-Man and Fisto's of which were active before.

He-man: 9 "Stoneskins"

Fisto: 10 SS

Sy-Klone: 10 SS

Man-E-Faces: 10 SS

Mermista: 8 SS

Marlena: 9 SS

Tri-Klops: 12 SS

Evil-Lyn: 13 SS

Castaspella: "Anti-Magic Shell"

Now you have started to attack, and your opponents are choosing to respond.

Castaspella: You cast "Chain Lightning" on one of the Horde Robots.

Fortunately, he is not close enough to your new team to cause any of you to

be hit by lightning. It seems the robots are short circuiting. Six of

them have electrical explosions which puts two others out of commission.

Another six robots had electrical effects, but their charge dissipators

held, and they grounded it to the earth. The remaining 12 robots are

aiming their 9d6 lasers at you!

They are now flying in a rectangular formation of 4x3. They do not intend

on letting any of you get to one of the Skeletors. Many of you try to run

towards Skeletor. Stratos and Angella even prepare an aerial assault, but

12 9d6 laser pointing at you is not something you wish to risk. Mermista

uses her one 6th level spell for the day to "Chain Lightning" 8 of the

remaining 12 robots to the scrap heap. By this time, most of you are to

close to the last 4 robots to risk another chain lightning, so Evil-Lyn

does not.

Four of the robots were able to switch from their exploded power units to

backup. There are now 8 able-bodied Horde Robots. Using your primary

attacks, it takes all of you to send them to the scrap heap in this round.

By the end of the round, all the robots are destroyed, He-Man and Mermista

have each lost 2 layers stoneskin being too close to the robots.

The Skeletors and Hordak do not seem to do anything, but they each put

their hands to their foreheads. Hordak touches the arm of Urthquake.

Urthquake enlarges to 50' tall. He steps on Marlena taking off 24 points

of damage, but leaving her stoneskins intact since this was crushing rather

than a blow.

The robots are all down. What do you wish to do now?




I take a potshot at the wheel of infinity box in the time that it takes

skeletors to realize that their firing on the sorceress is a waste om magic.

I want to destroy it if at all possible and if not can I knock it away from

them to give us some time. Actuallly can I teleport it FAR FAR OUT INTO SPACE


Bawsically trasport it on a wide beam for you trekkies out there

But then I think we need to all gang up on the multiple skeletors, fighters

mages and clerics distrbuted equally among 3 or 4 fighting parties repective to

the numberof enemies we have.



Castaspella, you can try to teleport the wheel and box away, but to do so

you must have control of them. You could teleport away the Skeletor, but I

believe he would get a saving throw vs teleportation.




Some one at least revive me!! so I can crawl away and at least give advice to

the rest of the party!!

"Mermista -- DESTROY THAT BOX!!" I cousgh out in my dying breath "You are our

only hope! Destroy that box and you destroy Skeletor's plan!"





I would do it but I can't reach him, perhaps someone (Stratos) could carry me

up there so I can wallop him!



I want to try and fly into Urthquake's face and punch with all my

strength (or maybe fire a laser blast) into his remaining eye; this, if

successful, could well damage and significantly affect him.



Battlecat then pounces on Skeletor 2, attempting to knock him unconscious.



Holy CRAP!!! Ok guys, EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE who has spells or

projectiles BLAST Urthquake! He already stepped on and killed poor

Castaspella (which I thought was pretty funny actually) but anyhow . . . the

rest of you get Skeletors! Since I can't reach Urthquake, I attack the

weakest looking Skeletor.



After healing the injuries I am going to ressurect Casta with that 100

percent guarantee spell. I know it means I need to rest for a day but I want

her back for when we get to the end of the campaign. She should be around to

see it.



I am going to cast " Raise Dead Fully" ( If that Spell exists) on

Casta, If it doesn't, Then I'll use Raise Dead and then heal on her.

Shadow Weaver


I take a deeeeeeep breath and decide the best way for me to go about

destroying the box is to try ad teleport with it to the ends of whatever...

Or perhaps someplace where it can never be found. I decide if that means

death for me... Then perhaps the rest of the universe can live. I wonder if

perhaps I can get everyone to use the star stones to teleport us back to

Greyskull the moment the time box thing is gone. This way I have a cnahce

of serviving...

If not... I give my stone to one of the evil PC's hoping they'll remember my

sacrifice and turn from their evil ways...


How glares and goes :Þ to Fisto... Yer glad Casta's dead just cuz she wasn't

interested in ya! ^_-


Do you think my .357 Magnum might faze him?

Queen Marlena


Shadow Weaver: You "Raise Dead" Castaspella and then heal her to full hit


Angella: Had you "Resurrected" Castaspella, you would actually have been

forced to rest for 16 days rather than 1. Just for fun however, I will

allow an extra "Raise Dead" on your part to negate the necessity that

Castaspella rest.

Shadow Weaver and Angella's rounds are over.

Castaspella: You want to destroy the Wheel of Infinity. You you take it

outside your anti-magic shell and cast a 16d6 "Lightning Bolt" with your

wand. The lightning is channeled through the wheel and into the ground.

There does not seem to be any damage to it. You take it and go back inside

the shell. You had not counted on the fact that your spell would be


Mermista: You fire at Urthquake. You launch a lightning bolt at

Urthquake's head. He saves for half, you hit the tubes running to his

head. The shock travels in both directions and shorts out his enlargements

system. Besides this, he falls unconscious on the ground at -6 HP. He

falls down and the shrinks to 9' before turning unconscious.

Fisto: You have been directing the attacks on Urthquake. You mean to see

that people attacking continue to aim at the head rather than some other

location. In leading the attempts, it takes you a few extra seconds to

realize that your team has been successful. You try to roll out of the way,

but you fail your dexterity check. I will regard this as part crushing,

part blow. So you will suffer the same 1d100 that he gives from stepping

on someone, but losing 4 "Stoneskins" will prevent you from losing more.

You have broken three ribs, and your sword arm. You will be reduced to 1

punch per round. You barely avoid death by rolling, but you have lost 70

hit points taking you down to 35HP.

Castaspella, your time travel expert warns you that you do not know what

General Skeletor might be able to do. She warns that you should finish

Urthquake while you can. You walk up to his collapsed body and provide the

finishing blow by cracking his cranium with you fist. Urthquake is

shrunken and dead.

He-Man: You use the Power Sword to attack Hordak. He fails to block both

times, but he is undamaged.

Whiplash: attacks Hordak. The first time, he slips, drops his weapon and

lands on his butt. The second time, you hit Hordak, but he is not damaged.

Ram Man: You attack Hordak. Seeing no one has been able to damage Hordak,

you want to get two chances to do so. You use your axe to attack twice,

you make clean hit to his neck, but he is still unharmed.

Orko: you try another light spell on Hordak. He blinks again, causing

your spell to be ineffective.

Grizzlor: You are hastened still which caused you to feel a slight pain in

every part of your body as you aged a year. You walk up to Hordak, the

Hordak who has mistreated you all of these years. You pull out your bone

that you use to pound people to bloody pulps and take 6 swings at him. You

hit him all six times, but he just stands there and takes it. He is now

pointing his finger at you ordering you to kneel.

Tri-Klops: You miss hitting Hordak both times. First he dodges to the

left, then he dodges to the right. You miss cleanly the first time, but

the second time, you hear a ring as your sword bounces off your armor.

Two Bad: You punch Hordak twice. Your first punch is bounced back on you.

Hordak says oops. You next punch cleanly hits the right side of his jaw,

and he is hit. He loses 16 hit points. He has a horrified look on his face.

Battlecat: You attack Hordak and take off 20 Hit points with you claws.

You tear in to his abdomen, and he is bleeding 1 Con/rnd.

Sy-Klone: You have been waiting a long time for a successful one on one.

You pull out a pair of boxing gloves you had hidden in your clothing and

start up your cyclone. Hordak Cringes when he sees you coming. You say,

"It was your Shadow Weaver who has done much to harm me up until now. Now

you will pay for her actions."

You start off with a left jab to the jaw. It takes off 9 hit points, but

you crack the jaw and that gives 9 more. Next you pound twice in his

already bleeding abdomen ripping wider open and ripping off 27 more HP.

Your following three rapid fire punches land square in the chest. You

bruise him severly, and his heart might have given out if he were a normal

person. No special damage was done and you take off another 8, 9, and 7

hit points.

Man-E-Faces: You fire your lasers at Hordak. He has been pounded pretty

severly by other attacks, and your lasers cause him to be little shaky.

Stratos: Amazed by Man-E-Faces' skill, you too try your lasers. You aim

for his head, and you succeed. He manages to dodge a little, but

ultimately you render him unconscious at -8 HP.

PCs round is over

Two of the Skeletors are willing to do anything to win. They

simultaneously begin to chant instant death spells. They are looking at

Castaspella and Angella, but they also glance at Shadow Weaver and

Mermista. They have a look in their eye that says they are sure they will

succeed in eliminating all four regardless of anything. They begin

chanting, and suddenly they are frozen before they utter the last word.

General Skeletor raises his havok staff at them. They are able to move

their eyes, and they look intently at him.

"Death spells, how cowardly are you. It is no wonder you two have lost all

these years. It is not because of your minions, it is because of your own

cowardice. Without honor and values, we can never hope to win. I do not

quite understand it myself, but I understand that if we alter the timeline,

your consciousness base will be the basis of my world. I cannot allow

myself to act as a channel that will bring so much dishonor to all I stand

for. Ideals like yours could only serve to lessen the fear and respect

given to the Horde. I will not have the image of the Horde tainted with

these actions. In the name of the Horde, I will give up its existence and

even my own to save the name of the Horde in my own world even if it were

not to exist."

[He does not know of the bad reputation the Horde has in your timeline]

[He summons a legion of 40 type 1 Horde robots and unfreezes the two

Skeletors who have full opportunity to fight them. They fail and are killed.]

General Skeletor: "I have sworn that my beloved Horde whall not be tainted

by their consciousness. There is only one way I can be sure of that now."

[He yanks the wheel of infinity out of the hands of Castaspella]

[He begins chanting something in a strange language. He-Man thinks it

sounds similar to words The Sorceress has used when perfecting spells

before. It is ancient Zodiakian. Knowing full well that the destruction

of the wheel will mean the end of his own time, General Skeletor finishes

chanting, raises his Havok Staff above his head, and prepares to smash it.]

[Two Zodaks and two Skullgrins appear and take the wheel from Skeletor]

"We will not allow you to destroy yourself and your time."

[They chant something over the wheel and set it spinning]

"Watch carefully. We know how to control the wheel. We have used it to

create a split in the natural timeline. Go to own world. You have been

granted a conscious unto yourself. That consciousness will allow your

universe to exist alongside this one as long as you exist. If you continue

to act honorably, you may well cause others to develop the necessary

consciousness. This will not be a world of quantum probability, it will be

an actual substantial universe as long as there is consciousness in it. We

will seal off the connection between the two from this point on."

General Skeletor: "I obey great Gods." [In his universe, Skullgrin and

Zodak are more neutral. They reward honor rather than good and evil].

With this he walks through a portal of his own creation, and the 40 robots

follow him. One set of Zodak and Skullgrin vanish as the two universes are

no longer joined. One dead Skeletor vanishes because his time in one of

the original histories is over. That Skeletor survives to make it to the

present, so the remaining dead Skeletor is the one that would exist in the

present of Eternia.

Skullgrin really did not care about the fate of the universe, and Zodak

explains that he was trying to prevent the bad temporal effects from

changing worlds other than those in your magical sector.

Skullgrin brings back the evil PCs, and Zodak revives the good PCs. Both

of them vanish. Skeletor is still dead; the gods have left his fate in

your hands. Two portals appear. One is before the good PCs, and one is

before the evil PCs.

What do you do now?



I look at Hordak and want to rip his face off. I let it go the fight is

over I walk away..



i bite hordak as many times as it takes and hit him with my bone. i want him

to go down



I'm heading for the portal in front of the Good Pcs. I wonder what else is

waiting for us?



My right head says, "I wonder where the portal leads."

"Probably back in our own time," my left head replies.

"So," Right says, "Now what?"

"If the other guys start jumping in the portal," Left says, "we do."

"What about Skeletor?" Right asks.

"We don't need him. We can pick a better master."

If people start going through the portal, so do I.

Rod (Two Bad)


I go through the portal in fromt of the good PC's after I thank the evil pc's

for their great help, especially Shadow Weaver, as (If I remember my She-Ra

rt she was once from MYsticor and a friend of mine and I thank her for her

great help especially. I hope that this will be rememberd by all as a

cooperativ e venture and that this could be a step toward peace on Etheria, but

if not I wish to remember. I thank everyone for their excellent work and

ideas. Then I proceed through the portal.



toward the the light (the good PC portal) and as he does so, he mutters to

those who have been injured by Urthquake "Aha! I told you so!" sticking out

his tongue. Now I think I'll take up Mermista on that offer. "Hey, Mermista,

you know my favorite movie IS the Little Mermaid!"



I will see if Angella has the strength to bring back Skeletor... For

that is the honorable thing to do... If she can't perhaps there is another

way... When I return to greyskull, I decide to go searching for another

suitable Human to marry... My kind is getting less and less(mermaid traits

are dominant, BTW...^_-) and I am getting concerned about it's fate... Now

who would be interested...(Mermista wonders off muttering to herself...)



Well, I'll try and get Skeletor back if enough people want me to. Otherwise, I'll just go through the portal, having enjoyed my first rpg (though I was a bit bemused at times)

Angella/<Angella's Player>


[To Orko's author]

OK, then this will be your last post from me.

The combined groups of good and evil PCs will somehow defeat my NPC Skeletors.

It will alter time in such a way that the episode "The Time Corridor" never happens. Good and Evil PCs will go their separate ways, and time is restored to the way it was meant to be. There will be a conclusion by The Sorceress and Zodak revealing things, and there may some congratulations.



Just before General Skeletor and Brigadier General Hordak are sent to their

own universe, Grizzlor runs to the collapsed Hordak and takes one big bite

out of his abdomen. Hordak disappears to his universe, and Grizzlor is

somewhat satisfied that he has had some symbolic revenge on Hordak after

his years of mistreatment.

Skeletor, the one you have always known is dead on the ground. Mermista

would like to resurrect him for honor. There is always a quandary; if

Skeletor were completely evil, then his death would be welcome. In this

case, you all were in some part at least indirectly responsible for his

death. The alternate Skeletor showed you that he has the capacity for

honor and perhaps goodness.

Mermista: The Star Stones had a half charge in them from your last vision

of The Sorceress. You use the Star Stones to resurrect everyone and bring

the good PCs to full hit points. Finally, you resurrect Skeletor, but you

only allow him 10 hit points. You are merciful, but not stupid. If he

wishes to attack, he need only do 7 points damage to someone to effectively

kill himself again due to the 3 times pay back of evil rule.

Castaspella: You relate your feelings about the quest to Shadow Weaver.

When you are finished you know how you both feel, but you separate.

Evil PCs (and Skeletor) go through the evil portal. They arrive at Snake

Mountain. A second portal opens in Snake Mountain and out comes the real

Hordak. At first he is pointing his finger at Skeletor, but then he shoots

an energy beam at Grizzlor which causes him to hover through the portal to

the Fright Zone. He seems at least a little angry at the rest of you for

helping Skeletor. He knows that he would have a better life, but the

thought of being lower in rank than Skeletor enrages him. By the time he

gets Grizzlor back to the Fright Zone, he has forgotten about the rest of

you Eternian evil PCs who have followed him through the portal. He order

Grizzlor to stand on the trap door. For giving his counterpart such

beatings, Grizzlor falls through the trap door into the water below, makes

his way back to the main floor and repeats the process 78 times. He is

then forced to wash and wax every one of Hordaks batmechs. Grizzlor is

busy for the next month. At that time, your relationship with him goes

back to normal, and he just resents you as much as any of his other

bungling Hordsepersons.

The Good PCs take their portal to Greyskull, where you stand in the

presence of The Sorceress.

"Welcome back heroes. It is only a pity that the others did not wish to

come this way. I especially wanted to thank Shadow Weaver for her selfless

change to the good side where she made important contributions to the

saving of time. You have once again fulfilled your destiny. Watch my

viewscreen. This is what has been done. The residents of PreEternia have

never been xenophobes. It does not seem strange to them that powerful

beings came to their place, finished their trail, performed other actions,

and helped in their goals. The two main races of PreEternia united as they

were always meant to do. They explored the magic, learned in part how to

use it, but eventually endangered themselves 10000 years later. I was born

at that time, and the Zodiakians returned to Eternia to construct Greyskull

and concentrate Eternia's magic in a single location where it could not be

accidentally abused. Twenty years later, I became The Sorceress. 90000

after that time is the present, and you know that the time of 20 years ago

is the foundation of your generation--Teela, He-Man, She-Ra. Everything

else is intact as it was always destined to be. The alternate universe

still exists, in a real plane, and I am able to watch through my

viewscreen. General Skeletor eventually used his power in the Horde to set

up lawful governments on many worlds and provide them with technology to

give them a high quality of life. His universe has gained much from

General Skeletor's existence.

[Out steps a figure from a back room of Greyskull. It is Hordak]

"Meet Ambassador Hordak. At such time that peace reigns on Eternia, our

two universes will be able to begin diplomatic relations. Ambassador

Hordak will be watching our world through his own magic. He must now go and

continue his work in his own universe. The point in the timeline where all

of your action took place has been eternally sealed, and the weak points

have been repaired. No one will ever again be able to change the history

you have written in the past two days."

[Zodak appears]

"I am sorry, she would like to say more about each of your contributions

and the structure of time, but she is more weary than she shows. I was

busy trying to prevent an alternate timeline from taking over most of the

universe which left her here to prevent the center from collapsing. At the

point where you took the wheel from Skeletor, this universe nearly

crumbled, and We do not know what ramifications that would have on future

events. Please, go now."

[He opens a portal to Etheria]

Eternians stay on Eternia, and He-Man asks, "Hey, where is Fisto".

[On Eternia]

Etherian PCs get back to their normal lives. Castaspella wonders where

Mermista is.

[At the Crystal falls on Etheria]

Fisto and Mermista are met at the Crystal Falls before a sunset. They have

just eaten a grand feast from a magical picnic basket that Mermista owns.

You are both sure no one knows you are there. You have both been through

much together, and you think you may have a future. That is entirely up to


[Back at Greyskull]

The Sorceress has been working for two straight days on the most strenuous

task of her life, the attempted preservation of time which would have been

futile had you not been successful. She collapses upon her bed and sleeps

for 15 straight hours.




Hi All!

This was A greeat game I will admit!! It was a good time.

I had a lotoffun and was happy with how it turned out. I liked the plot and

<DM> was a GREAT DM!!!!

I would like to DM, but maybe not uintill I come back to school I have to work

all summer and will nothave acess to any RPG books except the Star Wars book

that won't help me much. I can borrow AD&D books from people bbut not till

like september, but I would like a chance to DM, with some help of course.

Great job everyone!!

Castaspella / Kathryn


I would like to thank the Sorceress for all her fine work in DMing this

campaign and for doing such a great job in learning so much in such a short

time. I definately enjoyed playing this game! And I do agree that the games

have to continue (just think, this way we can create a whole history of RPGs,

and its a good way of keeping He-Man alive!). And no need to worry,

Sorceress, a campaign doesn't have to be long, just because mine was long

doesn't mean yours had to be. My first campaign was only one day long and

only me and another player played!

I do plan on DMing again and I am looking forward to the Sorceress DMing

again. Right now I think we should appoint some new DMs for variety and to

let us who have done it rest. Personally, I think Castaspella, <Tri-Klops's Player>, or

Queen Marlena have the ability to be our next DM. Let's see shall we!?

<DM of "The Demon Gem"> (Fisto)


Thanx for a wonderful game folks! I hope to play again this summer! And

I'll try to be a more chaotic good character by flirting a tad more...

Since I know what's going to happen now... ^_^ Special thanx to the DM for

all the whispered jokes intwined in the story... And for Fisto's excellent

play of his character... And Casta Spella's leadership!

Happy Summer Everybuggy!



This campaign is coming to a close. I guarantee you at least one more

major post of battle before the conclusion. Since it is coming to an end,

and I will not be here to discuss the game after I leave A&M until summer,

I thought I would post some of my thoughts now.

I would like to thank <DM of "The Demon Gem"> for helping me understand the rules an

procedures of the game. I enjoyed DMing, and I hope you all enjoyed playing.

Having only a month to play, things were very rushed, but I attempted to

provide some of each type of element for everyone from logic to acting to

combat. The truth is I think that on its natural course and running

through all the scenarios I planned would have taken 5 months by my

calculations. This is why I was often forced to take different actions

with some of your characters than you might have wanted at times. I needed

to rush through the most important elements quickly.

I think it worked though, and I hope all of you enjoyed it. If I DM

another short game, there will be some changes. I learned a great deal

about DMing from this experience.

The most important thing is that the MOTU RPG has been perpetuated. We

need to start planning for the next one now. I will be leaving May 7 in

the morning, and I have some more finals to study for and take. I will be

back June 1,2, or so. I intend to play in the next one. There must be a

next one, it might die out if we pause until fall semester. It doesn't

matter how many or few people there are. It could even be done with 1

player and 1 DM.

I am sure you could guess which character I will play in the next game. If

necessary, I could DM again though. Let us begin preparations now.



Castaspella has said that she will be unable to DM over the summer. I personally hope that <Tri-Klops's Player>, author of Tri-Klops, would consider doing it. We need volunteers. In actuallity, the only necessities are your having played which you all have, and owning the Advanced Dungerons and Dragons Handbook, and having a copy of <DM of "The Demon Gem">'s compendium. These are the only things I had when I started along with help from <DM of "The Demon Gem">, a much more experienced DM. What really matters is that someone who wants to DM does so.

There must be another game. I will probably be leaving tomorrow, but I hope to be back around May 28. If there is room or time by then, I wish to play The Sorceress.

Finally, congratulations to you all. It is you who made this a good play experience. I especially wish to comend Fisto's knowledge and acting, Castaspella strategies especially in some of the magical techniques in the final battles, Shadow Weaver's unselfish techniques, and a great many other contributions that gave the game the atmosphere and flavor that makes it unique.

The compilation is almost complete. After I add any messages I might receive after this, I will convert the compilation to HTML and post it as I have done the others.



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