The Stones of Kylu - RPG 3
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The Stones of Kylu - RPG 3

"The Stones of Kylu" was the third Masters of the Universe campaign played via email. This document compiles the email messages that made up the game, but for the first third of the campaign, messages from the evil characters are missing. The DM was Rod. Email addresses and player names have been removed.




Battle Cat




Ram Man



Beast Man




You sense that something is wrong. You turn to your magic mirror tosee

what the problem is. You soon find out what the problem is. The four

Stones of Kylu are being sought out by Skeletor's minions. If the

forces of evil get a hold of all four of these stones, then they could

easily have the power they need to conquer both Eternia and Etheria.

The four locations are the Hills of Eternos, the Plains of East Phen,

the Ice Troll's lair, and the Sands of Time. You must warn some of the

heroes of both Eternia and Etheria. You turn into Zoar and fly to

Randor's castle to warn the heroes. Afterwards, you wait in Greyskull

to inform the heroes of the news.

<DM> (Rokkon)


The Sorceress tells you the reason she has summoned you.

"The forces of evil are on the move again. Hordak and Skeletor have

created a truce to possess the four stones of Kylu. The four stones

have enough power to conquer Eternia and defeat the Rebellion on

Etheria. The four locations that these stones are located at are the

hills of Eternos, the Sands of Time, the Ice Troll's lair, and the

Jungle of Despair. You must go to each of these locations and retrieve

the stones.

I am afraid that I will not be able to accompany you initially, butI may

appear at any time along your journey. Hurry! There is little time."

I suggest you consult to see where you go, and whether or not you all

stay together or split up.

<DM> (DM)


I changed one of the locations to the Jungle of Despair, as that wasthe

initial location I had in mind.

<DM> (DM)


I think splitting up would be really bad. In the first campaign, wetried

that and 3 of the most powerful mages almost got killed. In the second

campaign, Sy clone and Man-E-Faces met death alone 3 miles from everyoneelse.

Let's look at this group.

Sorceress, Castaspella, Angella. No matter how strong of magicians weare,

we have no armour and very few hit points. Actually Angella has a little

more respectable number of hit points being a priest rather than a wizard,

but she is in the same category. We probably would not survive alone.

Orko. He is very weak in many aspects.

The rest of you non-mages would probably be in bad shape if you meta mage

like Evil-Lyn or Skeletor or Hordak. We really need to stay togetherto

allow the most advantageous combinations of our abilities.

My usually idea is for magicians to be in the center of a group of fighters

when possible.

Of course, if I am not starting with you yet, you should still stay

together. I can fly to you at a future time.

For now, I will be using Greyskull's vast store of information to learn

more about the stones of Kylu. The name does sound familiar... I will

relay any information I find to you. This would include physical

description, powers, history, anything at all I would find in my

resplendent collection.

I also suggest that you are all equipped with your proper gear.

I know I have my 18d6 staff of fireball ready for action.

Sorceress of Greyskull

>I am afraid that I will not be able to accompany you initially, butI may

>appear at any time along your journey. Hurry! There is little time."


>I suggest you consult to see where you go, and whether or not you all

>stay together or split up.




><DM> (DM)


I agree -- We need to stay together our strenght is greatest as a group.

I submit that we go to the nearset place first and work our way outward.

I ask the sorceress for a map or something that we can use to find outr

way to theses places -- for us outlanders.

I make sure i have all of my various stuff and propose that we sally

forth as soon as possible in order to beat Skeletor.



ram man speaks:"duh-where we going?"


To whomever asked me for a map of our destinations (I lost that pieceof

mail). If possible I provide the most accurate maps possible. In fact,I

will use my magic view screen to see live images of the appropriate

locations. When leaving I would suggest an intercept course to the region

in which the evil characters are closest or the region geographically

closest to us.

Sorceress of Greyskull

To the DM: will we worrying about food? If optional food rules willbe in

effect, The Sorceress will provide food to our heroic party before theyleave.

<Sorceress's Player>


Okay I remeber the map that the Sorceress shows us and I make reacdyto

intercept the evil types as soon as possible -- At this point my planis

to try and beat them to the first gem and hopefully intercept them anddo

a little damage along the way. to gain an advantage

I say we should get on our way!!



You research the Stones of Kylu, and find out that they each have

seperate names and abilities. Here are the names and their function.

The Stone of Wisdom can heal and raise the dead.

The Stone of Power boosts magic abilities.

The Stone of Fire can fire an energy beam stronger than a laser.

The Stone of Negation can create an anti-magic barrier.

<DM> (DM)


You research the Stones of Kylu, and find out that they each have

separate names and abilities. Here are the names and their function.

This is what I have researched about the stones.

The Stone of Wisdom can heal and raise the dead.

The Stone of Power boosts magic abilities.

The Stone of Fire can fire an energy beam stronger than a laser.

The Stone of Negation can create an anti-magic barrier.

Now that we know that even alone the stones are not mere symbols, itwould

be to our advantage to give up tactical advantages derived by choosingto

retrieve the one closest to us in favor of preventing the evil characters

from gaining additional power.

Keep in mind that we have no way of knowing who all of the evil Cs are.

Even though we think we know who the PCs are, there may be squadronsof

NPCs waiting for us. This leads me to think that the stones would probably

be used in specific ways if gained by the evil PCs. Let us assume Skeletor

is in on this.

He is not able to heal/raise dead, but someone like Shadow Weaver already

can. Skeletor already has many abilities, so he probably would not need

the healing stone. Of course evil Cs probably fight amongst themselvesand

would be unable to make truly logical decisions.

He would not need a boost of magical abilities since he can alreadyuse

even level 9 spells. One with no abilities would not need it eithersince

there is nothing to boost.

A laser blast would be useful for anyone, but someone like Skeletor

already has immensely powerful spells.

"Anti-magic shell" is already a level 6 wizard spell, so I doubt someone

like Skeletor would have too much interest in it.

These thoughts may help us reason which individuals to defeat firstwhen

the time comes. Of course, Skeletor might just try to get and hordethe

stones for their final cumulative effect.

We really should try to intercept the evil Cs before they get any/manystones.

Sorceress of Greyskull


I saw we locate and defeat the forces of evil before they can snap upany of

the stones.



I agree we should try to intercept the Evil pc but are they trying to

intercept us -- might they go tothe sands of time in an effort to

intercept us?

Ouch all of this circular thinking is giving me a headache!!



If it is allowable, I would like to use a bag and a canteen both ofwhich

would have incredible capacity. I assume that since this is Greyskull,I

have many "neat toys" here. It is also something I used in another adventure.

I would like an unlimited supply of food and water in the appropriate

containers. If others request them, I would like to provide the samefor


Normally, I would make sure I knew here very well, but since it is

Greyskull, and I have lived here for millennia, I think I know it well

enough to teleport here properly.

I think this is all I will be taking considering strength limitations.

I offer what might be desired by other good PCs in the way of provisions.

I make sure to have a copy of the best map I have available.

Unless there are objections, I would like to believe that it is timefor us

to leave as a group towards the region geographically closest to theevil


Sorceress of Greyskull


You head off to the Ice Troll's lair. The walk takes a few days. When

you get there, you see a pair of charred corpses of two ice trolls.You

decide to proceed into the cavern.

<DM> (DM)


ram man replies, "Duh, ill smash them all!"


I think it woul be best to split into 2 groups, each with an equal

number(ish) of fighters and mages, males and females. We could tackleone

area each, meet up and then tackle the other two areas.



i use magic to stop them.



I don't think we should split up0 -- we atre at the cave and whateveris

here made rather quick work of those trolls -- we need to stick

together!! I say we go into the cave in a double line with fightersin

front and mages in the middlefor backup!!



i say we just avalanche the cave then have She-Ra dig it out.



Capitol idea. Although, I think you also meant to say that there needsto

be fighters in the rear if mages are in the center.

Before we go farther, I would like to talk to the trolls to find outwhat

they can tell us. Before I talk to them, I will cast "Stoneskin" upon

myself. I agree with everything else you said.

Sorceress of Greyskull


What if there were good or neutral characters or animals inside. Wouldyou

like them to be killed as well?

Sorceress of Greyskull


Don't I have empathic/telepathic powers? Surely I could sniff out anyliving

creature in there...



What stone are we the closest to sorceress and if you can use a

detect evil spell, which stone is the greatest source of evil close




we'll make a nice little memorial for them.



ram man speaks, "Duh, which way do we go?"


You come up to the entrance of the cave. There are about six sets of

footprints leading in. Just as you think of entering, you see a vehicle

in the sky. Upon a closer view, you see that it is one of Skeletor's

transport ships. It lands near the entrance and two people step

out:Stinkor and Whiplash.

"What the-", Skinkor says as he steps out.

"Heroes!" Whiplash remarks.

"Gnolls!" Stinkor says, turning to the ship, "Come! You are needed to

destroy some Hu-Mans." On cue, six gnolls rush out of the ship.

<DM> (DM)


Here's the story of the RPG, or at least part of it.


Here's the "Stones of Kylu" story so far. The bad guys are

in the Ice Troll's lair, looking for the first stone. They

have killed the guards, and just killed six more ice trolls.

The good guys, anfer much decision-making, has decided to

follow the bad guys to the ice troll's caverns, and have

just discovered the dead guards in front of the cave.


we'll make a nice little memorial for them.



I am going to open the chests and examine each one of them

carefully. Whatever is good and light weight (anything that

won't inhibit my ninjitsu skills) I will take with me.



In the chests you find (going left to right):

500 gp and a dagger.

50 pp and 4000 cp.

ice troll clothes

1000 sp

sling, dagger, and 100 ep

Ninjor takes the 50 pp, 500 gp, 100 ep, 400 of the 1000 sp,

and both daggers. The rest is divided as follows: 1333cp, 200

sp, and if yopu want the sling or clothes, speak up.

Now, the exits are to the northwest, northeast, south (where

you came from), and a crawl space north.

<DM> (DM)


ok im just wondering if my late response are holding up the game

because if the are i don't want to ruin it 4 every body else

i will leave the game if it is getting in the way sorry

<Beastman's Player> <()>


You come up to the entrance of the cave. There are about six

sets of footprints leading in. Just as you think of entering,

you see a vehicle in the sky. Upon a closer view, you see that

it is one of Skeletor's transport ships. It lands near the

entrance and two people step out:Stinkor and Whiplash.

"What the-", Skinkor says as he steps out.

"Heroes!" Whiplash remarks.

"Gnolls!" Stinkor says, turning to the ship, "Come! You are

needed to destroy some Hu-Mans." On cue, six gnolls rush out

of the ship.

<DM> (DM)


I'm on the front line, ready to do some battle!



I stand ready to fight. I crouch down my tail whipping wildly

behind me and my claws beared. I let out a mighty roar.



I'll stay with you sorceress and check out the cave with you.



I, too, want to explore that cave.



I think we should wait. Any life be it good or evil is worth saving.

I think we should explore the cave first. Maybe I can sniff to see

what's inside, or sorceress could cast a detect evil spell.



I use chain lightening on the trolls. All of them. I also dive

for cover behind the neares ice formation.



I do not know exactly what canon you will be going by, but if

cartoon stuff counts, I remember that I should be able to tell

whether or not a person performing an evil act is really evil

or under some sort of control and even reverse the effect.

"Mystery of Man-E-Faces" I would like to try it on the gnolls.

If that is not easily done, I will start slowly with a nice fireball.

Of course, when I say "fireball" I mean one from my 18d6 staff

thereof. Shot at the densest group of gnolls. I will make sure

to be out of the way when Castaspella does her "Chain Lightning".

Remember, "Chain Lightning" can hit anyone, even rebound on the

original caster.

Finally, I still need to know how many layers of "Stoneskin I have.

Remember, everyone, I cannot be harmed by good or neutral creatures

of animal intelligence. What is the intelligence of gnolls anyways.

Are they animal or human?

Sorceress of Greyskull


without warning ram man jumps for the villians! "Duh, ill take care

of em! Theytre not so tough!"


I will be doing two rounds of battle, since three people declared two



Heroes win inititave.

Ram Man leaps at Stinkor, ramming him for 20 damage.

Sorceress casts Detect Evil. All of the gnolls, Stinkor, and Whiplash

register as inborn evil.

Castaspella casts Chain Lightning. It hits Whiplash for 43, Stinkor

for 41 (killing him), Ram Man for 33, the gnolls for 17, 24, 17, 24,

14, and 15(killing all but one), Battle Cat for 10, She-Ra for 4, and

Sorceress for 3.

Orko casts Light on the gnoll's eyes, blinding him.

She-Ra attacks Whiplash for 24. Whiplash blocks the second blow.

Battle Cat leaps at Whiplash for 15, and 14. Whiplash jams the butt

of the spear in Battle Cat's mouth, blocking the bite attack.

Angella hits the remaining gnoll for 3, killing it.

Whiplash whips his tail at Battle Cat, hammering him for 27 damage.



Heroes win inititave.

She-Ra leaps on battle cat, and the two of them head into the cave.

Sorceress shoots a Fireball at Whiplash. It hits him and Ram Man for

65, killing both of them.

dead-Whiplash, Ram Man

<DM> (DM)


I guess things are going to work a little differently in this game,

I have never hit a good character with a fireball before, I rather

thought I had better aim considering that I thought I requested to

fire at the gnolls. I guess we will need to do something about

Ram Man now. The only thing I can do is teleport/portal to the Star

Chamber of Greyskull, but I do not know what limitations we will have

on that option in this game. We do have a paladin and Cleric among

us, or option three is to leave him dead for now.

Please explain the specifics of how I missed.

Sorceress of Greyskull


Why would you want to provoke them? Let sleeping trolls lie...



::casts a memorial spell or ram-man::



Ditto for me the last time I used chain lightening it only went

after the people I said I was going after. . . IE the bad guys..

also I ducked for cover as my second action does that count or what?



I think Angella should help with injuries, and if I'm not too busy

fighting, I can help her. We need all the people we can get.



She-Ra lays on hands for Battle Cat, healing 34 of his 37 points of


Angella casts three cure light wounds spells; one on She-Ra, one on

Battle Cat, and one on the Sorceress.

That should heal all of your wounds.

You then enter the cave. I would like a marching order, if you don't

mind. BTW, the reason the Fireball and Chain Lightning hurt the

heroes is that they are both area-effect spells. Some of you just

happened to be in the way of the spell.

<DM> (DM)


I believe I should go first, providing I can change my sword to a




OK, I was familiar with the hazards of "Chain Lightning", but while

aware of the explosive power of the "Fireball", I guess that had just

never been a consideration before. Does anyone think it would be

feasible for mages to cast spells before fighters charge into a

combat situation in any given round?

My suggested marching order is

She-Ra, The Sorceress, Castaspella, Orko, Angella, and Battlecat

carrying Ram Man.

No one responded to my idea of teleport to Greyskull's Star Chamber,

so I guess we are deciding not to take the time to do so yet.

Angella is the only one among us who even has the ability to resurrect

or raise Ram Man.

I still need to know how many "Stoneskins" I have on.

I support the idea of going into the cave.

Sorceress of Greyskull


what i do? what i do?



go ahead i'll hang back here.



I agree on all counts with the marching order and stuff and I also

agree we must explore the cave.



You enter the cave. It is dark, so the Sorceress casts Light.

Several minutes later, you come to a room. There are six more slain

ice trolls in this room. There are five treasure chests that have

been opened and are empty except for a few cp. There is a passage

to the northwest that has been caved in, as well as a passage to

the northeast and a small crawl tunnel to the north.

<DM> (DM)


Okay. You go down the nothwest passage. After you all enter, there isa

big rumble as everything goes dark. The entrance has just collasped

behind you. Ninjor lights a torch and you continue down the passage.

You head on through the cave. After a fifteen minute walk, you come

across an altar with one of the stones of Kylu on it.

As Beast Man grabs it, there is a burst of energy as youare transported

back to your vehicle.

Now, where do you want to go? The Jungles of Despair, the Sands of Time,

or the Plains of East Phen?

<DM> (DM)


Lets go to the sands of time


I cast setedt evil on the room and the passageways, in an effort to

see if the evil pc's went through either one.



I'll sniff each passage to see if I can pick up their scents. TO DM:

What do I find?



Battle Cat sniffs the ground, and walks to the northwest. He stops

at the cave-in of snow. Castaspella casts detect evil, and detects

evil through the blocked tunnel for two rounds, then strangely enough,

detects them at where the entrance is, as if they teleported.

<DM> (DM)


Let us go to the last detected evil location together.

Sorceress of Greyskull


I think that they must have teleported out of here. I say we follow

them and try to ambush them and recover the jewel. we must haste and

try to stop them!!



In this game, how do I stand for healing spells and so on?

Maybe i could do something?






Rather than just going to the location where we expect the evil PCs

teleported to, I would like to consider teleporting out group there.

I do not know how the DM will handle teleportation issues, so consider

this null if we risk teleporting into solid matter.

Sorceress of Greyskull


Okay. You teleport to the last known whereabouts of the evil

characters. You all get there to see one of Skeletor's ships in

the distance, leaving the area. The sorceress shoots a fireball at

the ship, but the ship proves to be out of range. It comes to you

that they may already have the first stone.

<DM> (DM)


You hop in your ship and move to the sands of time. As you fly into

the area, you see a set of ruins. The stone is supposed to be in a

set of ruins, so you land and check it out. In the ruins, you see

an underground passage. As you are about to enter, you a voice say,

"Not so fast, you guys!" You look behind you and see Teela and


<DM> (DM)


Then we saw which direction the ship was going. If feasible, I would

like to teleport us to the stone that lies in the direction they

appear to be going.

Sorceress of Greyskull


Maybe if I turned my sword to a lasso, or a line with a grappling

hook, I could haul it in.



I am going to viciously attack Teela! Die Teela! Die!



You can't simply teleport to the location. They are either headed for

the Jungle of Despair or the Sands of TIme; you don't know which one.

You could teleport to the Plains of East Phen, however.

<DM> (DM)


Okay. You engage the heroes.


PCs have inititave.

Trapjaw fires twice at Sy-Klone. The first shot misses, but the second

hits him for 34 points of damage.

Beast Man whips Teela, and hits for 10 points of damage.

Ninjor attacks Teela with his sword for 7, 5, and 6, then with nunckucku

for 6, 3, and 5, for a total of 32 points of damage.

Multi-Bot fires at Sy-Klone twice for 23 and 34 points of damage, then

punches for 13 and 13, for a grand total of 83 points, killing him.

Teela attacks Beast Man with her staff for 6, 8, and 7, for a totalof

21 points of damage.

<DM> (DM)


Alright I fire at Teela now (we need a hostage!)

-<Trapjaw's Player> Trapjaw


I think we should split up, but what would be the best way to do so.

I mean (Roar) to balance both groups should we need to fight?



I think we are going about this all wrong.

I think we need to try and get to the jewel first instead of chasing

after the evil npc's ll the time. We could go to a jewel we know they

don't have yeet. . and lay in wait ambush them and get whatever jewels

they have!!



I like the idea of claiming the stone that the evil PCs obviously

were not heading towards. Sounds good.

Sorceress of Greyskull


Should we split up--a group go for the stones, and the other group

fight the evil PCs for this one?



i want too look around what does the area look like

<Beastman's Player> <()>


I would like you to decide if you are going to stay together or split

up so you can fight the bad guys and collect one of the stones. I need

to know what the majority want to do, so please speak up.

<DM> (DM)


The ruins that you are in has a staircase leading down into a dark

tunnel. There are crumbling walls all around you.

Now, on to combat.


Both sides tie in inititave and strike simultaneously.

Ninjor attacks Teela with his weapons, hiiting for 3, 4, and a miss

with his sword, and 5, 7, and a miss with his nunchuku, doing a total

of 13 damage.

Beast Man whips Teela for 12 damage.

Teela strikes Trap Jaw with her staff for 5, 7, and 4, doing a total

of 16 damage.

Trap Jaw fires at Teela for 29 with his first shot, but misses with

his second.

Multi-Bot fires at Teela for 27 killing her.

<DM> (DM)


I turn on a light on the front of my blaster, and walk down the corridor

leading the group but Ninjor should go down and check for traps!

-<Trapjaw's Player> (Trapjaw)

PS oh yeah I have my freeze ray on!




<Beastman's Player> <()>


We need to get our mitts on those stones, people!



As always, I prefer staying together. I also know that action is

needed, so I am planning to go with Castaspella to the site of the

likely unclaimed stone. Of course, we can not know the outcome which

is why I believe that if someone wants to separate they should do so

and ask others to join at that time. DM, will we be using the

compendium rule that we can only use one special effect at a time ie

"Stoneskin or "Haste, but not both together? Whoever wants to go with

me to the probably unclaimed stone, I will teleport us as close as


Sorceress of Greyskull


I take the Stone of Kylu, and then turn to my group.

"What now?" and proceed to search about the room for anymore treasure.

I also ask the group if there's a way we can heal?

-<Trapjaw's Player>


I think it would be best if we split up to go after the stones that

way we could at least get our hands on one of them before skeltor

gets all of them even thought he dosen't need them. That will make

our quest all that much harder. What are waiting for lets get off our

butts and get these stones *Roar*



i will fly on ahead (perhaps disguised?) and see what I can see if you




I step forward, with a sidelong glance for permission from my

companins. . .

We are travelling in search of the stone {whatever [ooc I lost the

email with the names of the stones]} and we sek the stone for it's own

protecdtion. THere are others who seek these stones for evil purposes.

We wish to stay here and protect the stone.



i agree with this stone idea. so which way do we ant to go? shall i

fly on ahead and seek out the stone? If half of you want to fight,

that's fine - I want to go for the stone.



I'm drawing my sword just in case...



Wonderful, when drawn, your holy sword has several special abilities.

Sorceress of Greyskull


You enter down the stair case. At the bottom you see a giant room.

At the end of the room are two things of note:the stone of Kylu, anda

blue dragon. Bones litter the floor, and torches light this room.

"Foolish humanoids," the dragon says. "You will regret stumpling inon

my lair." The dragon then breathes lightning on the group, but all of

you save vs. dragon breath, taking cover to minimize damage.

Ninjor takes 14 damage.

Trapjaw takes 28 damage.

Beastman takes 42 damage.

Multi Bot takes 21 damage to his left arm, knocking it off.

The players retaliate.

Ninjor attacks the dragon with shurikens, hitting with 19 of them and

doing 66 damage.

Trap Jaw fires at the dragon, missing the first time and hitting for39

damage with the second.

Beast Man whips the dragon for 12 damage.

Multibot fires at the dragon for 30 damage, killing it.

<DM> (DM)


Okay. I have determined from those who spoke up that you will be

travelling together to the nearest place, which is the Plains of East

Phen. You teleport to a village there. After asking around if they

know about the stone of Kylu, an old man tells you that it is in what

the people call the Cave of Doom. He points you to the area, and you

teleport to the area. As you enter the cave, a steel gate falls down

behind you. You follow the cave in until you come to a room with a

giant statue. As the first person (who I'm assuming is She-Ra) enters,

the statue comes to life. This is no statue, but a juggernaut golem.

It says in a deep voice, "Who disturbs my rest?"

<DM> (DM)


Trapjaw takes the stone. In an instant, you are teleported outside.On

mention of the word "Heal", the stone glows and all of your wounds are

healed. Now, the only places left are the Plains of East Phen and the

Jungles of Despair. Where do you want to go?

<DM> (DM)


The golem replies, "My sole existance has been to defend the stone of

Kylu, yet I can not leave this room for the one the stone is in." He

looks at She-Ra. "You are one of honor, I can tell. If your friend is

right, then I may not have a choice but to allow you and your friends

passage into the room where the stone is. I must warn you, however.

A dragon is kept in the room. He is not as reasonable as I am. You

must slay him, for he will show you no mercy." The golem then movesto

reveal a passageway. "Go now, One of Honor."

You go through the passage. After a couple minutes, you enter a room

as large as the last one. There is the stone of Kylu on a dais. You

also see a large red dragon. He sees you and growls, "What do want,you

ingisnifigant things?"

<DM> (DM)


I reply, "We wish to take the stone so that it won't fall into evil




I do not know if dragon fire is a magical or not. In general, I would

like to use the spell most appropriate to protect me from such an attack.

If I can do so in the same round, I would like to tell him what I know

of our quest. In doing so, I will stay behind warriors to prevent

physical attack since my last move negates "Stoneskin. I would alsotry

to talk in the next round if battle has not started.

If battle begins, dragons' mode of operation includes fire against which

I should now be protected. He will get to taste a nice cone of cold.

Sorceress of Greyskull


I explain to the dragon about our quest and the evil ones tjhat are

seeking the stones for thjeir own ends and ask that he ally with usto

protect the stone as well as the other three that may now be in thehands

of the evil ones. I thin ask if we may devise some traps to help inthe

trapping of the evil pc's .



You fly off to the plains of East Phen. When, you get there, you seea

ship on the ground. Suddenly, there appears...

THE GOOD PC's Sorceress, Castaspella, She-Ra, Orko, Battle Cat and


<DM> (DM)


The dragon growls, "Very well, you may have the stone. I do not care

about your petty disputes anyway. It is just something that I have

taken in my conquests. I sense that your opponents involve a group

called the Horde. If it did not, I would roast you here. However,

because I know this Horde, and have lost much of my treasue to it, you

may use the stone to strike at them. The other, a Skeletor, I care

nothing about."

As soon as you take the stone, you all are suddenly transported to your

vehicle. Another vehicle, a Horde ship, lands next to you. Out come..

THE EVIL PC's Ninjor, Beast Man, Multi-Bot, and Trap Jaw.

<DM> (DM)


Roar, What stone should we go after next?



I laydown a row of laser fire to catch them off guard! I aim for the

sorceress and She-ra, with my freeze ray.


Im going to viciously attack She-Ra!



Both sides battle each other.

Evil PCs win inititave.

Ninjor attacks She-Ra. His first sword blow strikes her for 8, She

parries the second, and hits her the third time for 6. He switches to

his nunchucku and attacks She-Ra. She parries the first two strikesbut

Ninjor hits her for 4.

Trap Jaw fires one shot at She- Ra and one shot at the Sorceress. The

shot at She-Ra misses, and the shot at the Sorceress hits for 39.

Beast Man whips Battle Cat for 9 damage.

Multi-Bot fires at Castaspella, but misses. He then punches Orko for

15 and 13.

She-Ra attacks Ninjor. She hits for 22 and 25 damage.

Sorceress fires a Fireball from her staff. It hits Trap Jaw and

Multibot for 79 damage.

Castaspella casts Fireball at the same people. It does 56 to Trap Jaw

and Multi-Bot, killing them both.

Orko casts Magic Missile at Beast Man. It hits for a total of 7 damage.

Battle Cat attacks Beast Man, but he blocks all his attacks.

Angella casts Cure Serious Wounds on She-Ra. She is healed for 14.

There is another Horde craft comes and lands. It has Grizzlor, Mantenna,

and Mer Man in it. They won't join the battle until next round.

<DM> (DM) 

Who has the stone right now? Whoever it is, they better run or hideor

something while the rest of us deal with these guys.



I am teleporting myself, Ram Man, and any other good PC who wishes to

join me too Greyskull for healing. If there are no objections, the

stone will be placed inside Greyskull for protection, and injuries will

be healed, and people will be resurrected.

Sorceress of Greyksull


I look at the evil pc's and then at my allies. I blast them evil pc's

with a chain lightening spell.



if i have it, i will hide it in my wings and fly out of here.

Queen Angella


I am diving for cover, from cover I am casting power word, kill on

beast man.



I'm gonna use my smoke teleportation abilities to teleport myself out

of there.




Good PCs have inititave.

Sorceress teleports to Greyskull with the stone and Ram Man.

She-Ra attacks Ninjor. The first attack he blocks, but the second hits

for 21.

Castaspella casts power word, kill on Beast Man. Beast Man falls to

the ground and dies.

Orko casts Shield on himself.

Angella flies off.

Battle Cat claws Grizzlor, but misses. His bite misses as well.

Ninjor takes the two stones and teleports away.

Mantenna fires his crossbow at She-Ra. He misses with both shots.

Grizzlor attacks Castaspella, but she parries his bone and dodges his


Mer-Man swings at Battle Cat twice. He misses the first time and hits

the second time for 2.

<DM> (DM)


I yell, "Heros, hide your eyes!", and then I pause for 1 second.

Yet, we have not yet seen the likes of Skeletor. I think we need


I transform into Zoar, fly swiftly through the group of evil characters,

and cast "Prismatic Sphere". I continue to fly until I reach safetyout

prismatic sphere leaving many evil PCs vulnerable inside.

Sorceress of Greyskull


I turn to attack the other evil PC's before they can join their




I teleport any of the good pc's out of the sphere andf then turn to

she-ra and ask her to al to the ones inside. She is more powerful and

should have a better time of getting them to talk and deal with us.



Does anyone have any idea what has happened to the last RPG (the third)?I

have not gotten a response from the DM. I do not even remember a message

saying that there would be a pause. If the game is dead, we need to

prepare for a new one. Even He-Fans not on the list have told me theywant

to play in the fourth game.

Sorceress of Grayskull



At this point, the game ceased to exist. There was no conclusion, andthere does not seem to be any more to say about the Third RPG.


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