Double Trouble

Double Trouble
Glamorous Double Agent

Other Name(s):
Rebekkah Kettle, Double Mischief

1983 Mattel MOTU/POP Mini-Comics Canon:

Double Trouble was a spy and double agent for the Great Rebellion. She had the ability to transform her facial features, taking on an evil-looking countenance. She-Ra referred to this as Double Trouble’s “spy disguise.” As such, Double Trouble was a valuable ally to She-Ra and the heroes of Etheria. Double Trouble used her convincing villainous disguise to cultivate an alliance with Catra, who trusted her enough to confide in her. In this way, Double Trouble was able to learn of Catra’s evil plans and relayed information back to She-Ra. In addition to her skills as a double agent, Double Trouble was also an expert tracker and could pick up a trail even in snowy conditions.

1983 Golden MOTU/POP Books Canon:

The Golden books portrayal of Double Trouble was largely consistent with the minicomics. Here, however, Double Trouble primarily served Queen Angella, though she reported to She-Ra as well.

2008 Masters Of The Universe Classics Canon:

In the Classics canon, Double Trouble’s character was reimagined and renamed Double Mischief. Rebekkah Kettle of the Etherian kingdom of Green Glade was Glimmer's cousin and a master of disguise. Although she was not a talented combatant, she was incredibly agile and dexterous. After many years working as a double agent for the Great Rebellion, she followed She-Ra and the other Rebels to Eternia and fought in the Second Ultimate Battleground.


- Double Trouble is another character that never appeared in Filmations She-Ra cartoons.

- In the She-Ra, Princess Of Power: Series Bible, she was meant to be used in the Filmation Cartoon.

- In 2014, Double Trouble was released as a figure for the Masters Of The Universe Classics. Due to copy write, she was released under the name of "Double Mischief".


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SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Kingdom Of Green Glade
SESSO : Female
ARMI : Green Crossbow
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