Tung Lashor

Tung Lashor
Evil Snake Men Creature With The Venomous Tongue
Real Name: Kasssher
Alias/Other Names: Tung, Tung Lash

Tung Lasher is an brute-like, evil tongue-lashing Snake-Man. A physical powerhouse, Tung Lashor can go toe-to-toe with almost any Master in a melee contest. However, Tung Lashor has a unique ability to use his whip-like tongue as an offensive weapon. His tongue can extend to several times his body length and, when wrapped around an object, has the strength to lift and snap an incredible amount of weight. On one occasion, Tung Lashor was able to ensnare Battle Cat and hurl the massive feline through the air. With his paralyzing whip-like tongue, Tung Lasher is one of King Hiss's fiercely loyal leaders who command his Snake Man legions. His mottled skin provides him with a unique and highly concealing camouflage in jungle environments. He is also able to regenerate his tongue, even if it is cut off.

Origin #1 (Vintage Mini-Comics):

Tung Lashor was introduced into the MOTU toyline in 1986. He first appears in the "King of the Snake Men" minicomic, in which he and Rattlor are called from another dimension by King Hiss. When they appear, Kobra Khan says they "are from the Evil Horde on Etheria!", but both Snake Men swear allegiance again to their former leader King Hiss, explaining that after his banishment they felt they had nowhere to go other than to serve the Horde. In the minicomic "Snake Attack!", Tung Lashor's tongue had a venom that hardens on the victim's skin, turning it into a statue, this could be reversed by just breaking the upper layer of the hardened venom. The "turning people into statues" idea was later transferred to another member of the Snake Men named Snake Face.

Origin #2 (Filmation):

Although the Snake Men as a group never appear on the toy-line's accompanying cartoon series Tung Lashor appears in She-Ra as a member of the Evil Horde. He is one of several newer characters from the toy line to be featured on She-Ra's series in order to promote the toy in the absence of the He-Man series, discontinued to make way for She-Ra. His cartoon appearance came prior to the release of his toy, and as such it is clear that he was in his prototype stage at the time of production, because his appearance in the show is completely different from that of his toy, unrecognizable aside from his extending tongue. He is portrayed in the show as an exuberant and excitable warrior always eager to help out his masters, with an almost teenage personality. His ability is often used for comic effect, particularly in "Micah of Bright Moon" in which he annoys Hordak by using his tongue to clean the computer consoles, and in "Book Burning" in which he is tied up with his own tongue. Despite his comic value he nevertheless comes across as a fairly responsible villain

Origin #3 (200X Series):

Tung Lashor also appears as a member of the Snake Men in the 2002 update of the series, where he looks more like the original toy. He is depicted here with a more powerful, dominant personality and is fiercely loyal to his King. There are occasions where his tongue is cut off, but it later grows back.

Origin #4 (MOTUC Bios):

Armed with a quick licking tongue that shoots out to reach enemies in battle, Tung Lashor infects his foes with a dose of vile venom. Although he is loyal to King Hssss he was brainwashed by Evil-Lyn you night into serving the Overlord of Evil for the time being. Tung Lashor is an extremely brutal creature, more openly vicious than the other Snake Men but still cowers before King Hssss like all the others. He likes to lash his tongue at just about anything - even his comrades to shake them up once in a while. Like Rattlor, Tung Lashor eventually became a member of the Evil Horde after he was passed over for promotion in favor of Kobra Khan. Flickering his forked tongue, Tung Lashor stuns his foes with his venomous lick.

Trivia (Clawful94): Tung Lashor was voiced by George DiCenzo in the Filmation Cartoons. In one episode of the 2002 series, his tongue is cut, but in a later episode, he has it back again, but the part that had been previously cut is in a lighter tone of green than the rest of the tongue.The series bible for Lou Scheimer's unmade sequel series "He-Ro, Son of He-Man" in the mid-90s features a character by the name of 'Tongue-Lasher' whose power is identical to Tung Lashor's, except he is not a Snake Man.The original toy-figure's packaging in 1986 described Tung Lashor as using his tongue to attack enemies with "venomous licks" or "venom licks". The 2002 revamped TV-series added him using his tongue like a whip and a tentacle, but dropped the poisonous venom detail.

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ALLEANZA : Snake Men
SPECIE : Snake Men
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Eternia
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Dragon Fly Crossbow
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