King Randor

King Randor
Heroic Ruler of Eternia
Real Name: Randor of the House of Miro
Also Known As: Prince Randor, Captain Randor.

King Randor is a male Humanoid, who is known as the good and noble King of Eternia, and the husband of Queen Marlena. Randor is also the father of Prince Adam and Princess Adora. King Randor’s greatest power was his ability to govern the kingdom with wisdom, compassion and reason. That being said, Randor was also well trained in combat, and in battle situations could quickly rise to his own defense, as well as the defense of his people of Eternia.

The king’s relationships with his two children were very different. He was proud of Adora’s bravery and courage and her quest to drive the Horde away from the planet Etheria. The same could not be said of his son, though, who was forced to consistently down-play his abilities lest someone deduce that he was in fact the warrior known as He-Man. This led to a very strained relationship between the two men, despite their deep love for one another. He is often annoyed and disappointed by Adam's seeming laziness and reluctance to take any real responsibility. Sometimes he is shown trying to teach his son lessons, as presumably Adam will become King one day.


Filmation Continuity:

Randor is the good and noble King of Eternia, and the father of the series' hero He-Man, or rather his alter ego, Prince Adam, and (introduced later) Princess Adora, a.k.a. She-Ra. He is often annoyed and disappointed by Adam's seeming laziness and reluctance to take any real responsibility. Not realizing his son's dual identity, he is still very proud of his honest and kind-hearted son. Sometimes he is shown trying to teach his son lessons, as presumably Adam will become King one day. Unlike his children, who are both blondes, he has brown hair and a beard.

Randor appears regularly in the original series, but it is uncommon for him to be directly involved in the action. However, he features heavily in the storyline of the episode "Prince Adam No More", in which he displays both his love for his son and his prowess at battling Skeletor's robots. The rest of the 1980s incarnation of the franchise mostly sticks with Filmation's version of a bold, middle-aged, brown-haired king, but some of the franchise's other material presents him as a much older, white haired, almost wizened ruler.

New Adventures Continuity:

King Randor appears alongside Queen Marlena in the first episode of the New Adventures of He-Man series. Before Adam leaves to travel to the future, he visits his parents and tells them of his mission. Randor watches in amazement as Adam transforms into He-Man before his eyes, and tells his son he is very proud of him. Randor is one of the few characters to appear in both the original series and the New Adventures, and his costume and voice are very accurate to his original portrayal.

200X MYP Continuity:

King Randor came of age during the Great Unrest, a time when conflict returned to Eternia following the Count Marzo Uprisings and the subsequent. After the disappearance of his father, Randor was appointed captain of the guard and lead Miro’s troops in battle against Keldor’s growing rebellion.

King Randor (200X)

During the Great Unrest, Captain Randor met his future queen: an astronaut from the planet Earth named Marlena Glenn, who had crashed on Eternia.

Randor eventually ended the Great Unrest by fatally wounding Keldor and locking his evil warriors behind the mystic wall. For this act that ended the Great Unrest, he was appointed as "King of Eternia", by the Council of Elders. King Randor raises his staff exulting his rule over Eternia!

During fallowing years, King Randor ruled Eternia with a firm hand. Fallowing the threat of Skeletor, Prince Adam learned of his destiny and became He-Man. Fallowing the return of the Snake Men, King Randor tried to unite all the leading people of Eternia, by forming the Council Of Eternia.

King Randor’s right-hand-man was Duncan, the Royal Palace Man-At-Arms. Whenever the kingdom was in trouble, Randor turned to him for council and support. Randor and Duncan were both veterans from the Great Unrest. Additionally, when the Royal Family went on long journeys, where the number of possible dangers increased dramatically, the king wanted Man-At-Arms to be at his side.  Another important duty he often expected of his friend was that of summoning He-Man when the kingdom was threatened.


MOTU Vintage Mini-Comic Continuity:

Randor initially appeared in the minicomics as a much-older man with gray hair and a wizened face, but as the series progressed he became closer to his Filmation age.

MOTU DC Comic Continuity:



MOTU Golden Books Continuity:


MOTU Ladybird Books Continuity:


MOTU World I.P. Annuals Continuity:

Throughout this continuity, King Randor is portrayed as a much older and wiser character than other continuities. In early books, King Randor is actually called King Miro. He has a much smaller role in these books.

Masters Of The Universe Classics:

Shortly after his father was thrown into Despondos by Count Marzo, Randor’s older brother was banished from the Royal palace, leaving Eternia without a king. Randor continued to act as Captain of the Guard, leading the royal armies against their enemies, including Keldor, who had returned from exile with an army of outcasts and escaped convicts. Finally besting Keldor in single combat, Randor mortally wounded his half-brother and ordered a mystic wall erected to keep him and his warrior magically bound to the Dark Hemisphere. For ending the Great Unrest, the Council of Elders agreed to set aside Eternian laws of kingship and gave Randor the crown, despite not being the first born. King Randor heroically raises his staff, declaring his rule over all Eternia


  • Battle Armor Gear - King Randor's combat clothing, that he is seen wearing in the 200X Cartoons.
  • Eternos Palace Gear - King Randor's clothing that here wears throughout the Filmation Cartoons.
  • Heroic Warrior Gear - King Rndor's gear that he wears during the "Second Ultimate Battleground".


Filmation Cartoons:

  • King Miro - Father
  • King Stefan - Brother from Dyperia
  • Lady Edwina - Niece
  • Prince Dal - Nephew
  • Prince Jeremy - Nephew
  • King Eldon, the Wise - Ancestor
  • King Freenorn, the Strong - Ancestor
  • King Tamask - Ancestor
  • King Vulnar, the Bold - Ancestor
  • King Grayskull - Ancestor

Masters Of The Universe Classics:

  • Prince Keldor - Half Brother
  • Queen Mother - Mother

MOTU World I.P. Annuals:

MOTU German Audio Plays:

  • Prince Goras - Nephew


- King Randor was voiced by the legendary Lou Scheimer in the Filmation Cartoons and Michael Donovan in the 200X MYP Cartoons.


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SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Royal Palace Of Eternos
SESSO : Male
ARMI : - Clawed Mace (Filmation)
- Sword Of Randor
- Golden Spear
- Eteria Royal Scepter/Staff
CORRELAZIONI : The Cosmic Comet
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