Battle Cat

Battle Cat
Heroic Fighting Tiger
Real Name: Cringer

Battle Cat is the mighty beast companion of He-Man. He carries He-Man and other Heroic Warriors into battle. He is a large green tiger, with orange stripes.

Battle Cat's armor can withstand laser blasts and hand weapons. His feline counterparts are Panthor, Clawdeen, and Catra.


1983 Mattel MOTU/POP Minicomics Canon:

In the early minicomics, Battle Cat is simply a wild animal that answers when He-Man calls out to him in the woods At first there is little indication that Battle Cat is anything more than a trained beast, but he evntually is seen conversing with the other Heroic Warriors as if he were human. The early publications show, that Cringer must go to the Cave Of Power, in order to transform into Battle Cat.

1983 Filmation MOTU/POP Animated Series Canon:

Like He-Man, Battle Cat has a secret identity of Cringer who is Prince Adam's pet feline. Cringer is transformed into Battle Cat bestowed by He-Man and the Power Sword.

While on a few days exploring the jungle as a boy, Prince Adam found a green tiger cub being attacked by a vicious sabrecat. After scaring the sabrecat away, Adam took the kitten back to the palace where it was tended to by Man-At-Arms.

After it became well, Adam adopted the kitten as his pet. However the kitten was scared very easily, and Adam and the kitten were teased by Teela and the other children, with the kitten being called a cringer. Although Adam defended his pet, the name stuck.

The Sorceress appeared and told Adam that Cringer might bring him embarrassment now, but in the future he would be useful.

Years passed, and after Adam was given the ability to become He-Man he usually hid from Cringer. However, when an archeological dig was attacked by a recently released monster, Adam transformed into He-Man without knowing Cringer was watching. After spotting him, He-Man tried to reassure his pet that he was really Adam, but after pointing the Sword of Power towards Cringer it let out the usual energy beam, transforming Cringer into Battle Cat for the first time. He-Man was shocked to see the change in the usually timid cat, but remembered the Sorceress' words from when he was a child and he received another message, telling him Battle Cat was now his partner. Using Battle Cat, he was able to confine the beast and save the endangered team.

2002 Mike Young Productions MOTU Animated SeriesCanon:

he 2002 relaunch of Masters of the Universe, Battle Cat was redesigned with bulkier shoulders and sabre-like fangs, making him more distinct from his Cringer form. As Battle Cat, he is most often seen merely transporting He-Man and roaring loudly.

In the first season of the 2002 animated series he only has a few fight scenes, going one-on-one with Panthor, helping against Evilseed's vines, fighting giant mutated rats, taking out Clawful and fighting a powered up Tri-Klops.

In season 2 the writers gave him a more active role; he often fights against the Snake Men (he nearly kills Kobra Khan) and Skeletor's forces. Since he never speaks, there seems to be an effort to portray his relationship with Adam/He-Man as more than master/pet, most often through either Battle Cat or Cringer being badly injured and He-Man entering a rage, or by He-Man explaining things to him. During the Sorceress's vision of King Grayskull's past, it is revealed that he rode on a gigantic green lion, who wore the same helmet and armored claws as Battle Cat. This lion helped defend the castle and was the only one of Grayskull's companions not to become an Elder. What happened to him is uncertain, however it does mean that Cringer's presence at He-Man's creation may not have been coincidental. Assuming the lion followed its master into the Sword of Power, this would perhaps form the basis for Battle Cat's power.


Battle Cat is voiced by Alan Oppenheimer in the Filmation Cartoons.


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ALLEANZA : Heroic Warriors
SPECIE : Green Tigers
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Eternia
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Battle Armor
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