Andreenids (Bee People)

Andreenids are a bee-like insect species closely related to both the Kex insect people and the Arachna Spider-Warriors, they evolved into fierce warriors, guarding their home and their Ambrosia Honeycombs with stubborn dignity, in the Ambrosia Fields. They live live deep within the honeycombed caverns of the City Of Andreenos, within the Mystic Mountains. Their bodies are roughly described as winged humanoids, with the ability to fly by means of his natural wings, which span fourteen feet from wingtip to wingtip. The wings have an extremely flexible skeletal structure, enabling him to maneuver exceptionally fast while in flight. The Andreenids' entire anatomy is naturally adapted to flying, which allows him to scout over large territories and report back to their friends. His exoskeleton is composed of an extremely light yet highly durable material. His eyes are specially adapted to be able to withstand high-speed winds, which would harm the normal human eye. Andreenids' multifaceted eyes give them visual capacity that far exceeds their human allies. Although individuals have their own personality, they follow a hive social structure. Distrustful and proud, they keep their contacts with other species, minimal. They are not known to use any advanced technology.


Andreenids are an insect species that was indigenous to the planet of Sectoria. They descended from insectoid slaves of the evil Arachna Empire, marooned on Preternia when the warship “Preditaur” crash-landed. They are distantly related to fellow ex-slaves of the Kex, Polti and Tycons, as well as their oppressors, the Archna Spider-Warriors. When the Snake Men arrived on Preternia, they conquered and defeated the Archna Empire, that inadvertently freed the Andreenids, Kex, Polti and Tycons, allowing them to form their own separate nations. The Andeenids fled to the Mystic Mountains, where they built the City Of Andreenos. The Andreenids evolved into fierce warriors themselves guarding their home and their secret magical Ambrosia food source. The first queen of the Andreenids was called Queen Bee. Later, Queen Andreeno was Queen at the time of Buzz-Off's lifetime. Buzz-Off was the queen's ambassador to the neighboring kingdoms, and leader of military defenses. Singrad was her general in all military affairs. Although the Andreenids initially preferred to keep their neutrality, a sky war was initiated by Skeletor and his allies, the Gargoyles. This gave Queen Andreeno enough reason to join the “Council Of Eternia” and Buzz-Off incentive to become a member of the Masters Of The Universe.

Famous Members: Buzz-Off, Stingrad, Queen Andreeno, Tyke, Bumblor 


LUOGO DI ORIGINE : City Of Andreenos
CORRELAZIONI : Buzz-Off, Stingrad
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