The Evil Horde

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  1. Uki
    I loved the Horde stuff as a kid. I recall my Han Solo in Trench Coat being run over by Dad's lawn mower (this is going somewhere), and he took me to Children's Palace for a replacement. Sadly, no Han (or SW) was to be found at the time, and Dad bought me a Mantenna instead. I loved that guy. (Mantenna. Well, Dad, too!) I also had the Fright Zone, which was one of my favorite playsets of all time, and I have had quite a few...
    I'm hoping for some serious Horde Love in the MOTUC lineup.
  2. Evil Ed
    Evil Ed
    Nice story, Uki! I always loved the Horde, too. As a kid I slightly preferred the Snakemen over the Horde though - simply because I loved snakes actually - but ever since I'm an adult the Horde outran the Snakes by far! And Modulok became my number one favorite MotU-figure - which he still is (as a kid that had been Snake-Face, Modulok being closely behind). Skeletor's lackies never were a match for those two groups to me - let alone the "too normal-looking" heros...

    I very much hope for a lot of Hordesmen in the MotUC line-up!!

    Cheers to the Horde.
  4. Hordack
    It was an accident that I discovered Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power. I was in a video store with my parents and I wanted to rent the Secret of the Sword because of the Unicorn (Swiftwind) on the cover. I watched it, fell in love with it, and I started watching the series on the USA network. When I got older I started to see that the character of Hordak was interesting. In the episode Into the Dark Dimension he had an opportunity to capture the rebellion, but didn't because She-Ra saved his life and he didn't want to feel in depted to her. If he was a truely evil he wouldn't have those feelings. Also I believe that She-Ra had feelings for Hordak like a daughter father relationship.
  5. Evil Ed
    Evil Ed
    @Hordack: Nice story! And interesting what you pointed out!
    Welcome to The Evil Horde, by the way!
    You, too, Horde Trooper!
  6. Horde08
    The Horde is who i love the most in the MOTU world. Hordak always interested me. I wasnt around in the 80's, i grew up on the MYP cartoon and that got me into the 80's MOTU cartoon. When i saw Hordak in the MYP show i was in love...LoL...anyway, it was from that point on i wanted anything that had to do with the Horde or Hordak.
  7. skelehorde
    just added my Eternia Hordesmen & Horde Captain to the pic album!!
  8. Mr_Yuck
    The Horde was always my favorite faction in MOTU. I think I loved them so much because of the horror archetypes that many of the Horde members represented (Hordak=Vampire, Grizzlor=Woodman, etc.)
    This was also one of my favourite reasons: the fact of having terrorific beings to fight the heroes. I like the three different Hordak transformations in the toys, the technologic background and the horde troopers army. Specially I love Shadow Weaver.
  10. Mythew
    Hordak Rocks. Best villain ever. Megatron? Mum Ra? Cobra? Amateurs compared to Hordak!
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