NYC Masters

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  1. Patreek
    NYC Masters Group Open! *smashes a bottle of Champagne against his screen*
  2. Brian Ozone
    Brian Ozone
    don't waste alcohol!

    Nice finally a nyc group.
  3. J-Sun
  4. dago2727
    Hey Guys. Glad to be part of the group!
  5. Patreek
    WELCOME to the party guys. I really like this new group feature. I was hoping it may help us organize ourselves a little better for a get together. We can't let those Chicago peeps over shadow us can we? lol Anyway if nothing else I think it would be cool to get something organized for NYCC next year. By the way feel free to post pictures from this past years convention here... or any other pictures really lol
  6. Flint
    Thanks for the Invite. We really have to get a NY Masters Meetup to happen!
  7. galaxy warrior
    galaxy warrior
    Greetings and salutations to all.
  8. eternia23
    hey guys.. i have some old figs for sale (cheap!) if anyone needs any spare parts.

    if so, we can do the transaction in person to save the shipping cost! send me a msg if interested!!

    here's what i got:
    Mer Man
    Battle Sound He-Man
    Mer Man repaint
    Spin Blade Skeletor
    Smash Blade He-Man
    Clamp Champ staction (tube-less cuz i cut them off...)
    Tri-Klops microbust
    Colossus (X-Men)
    Hi, everyone!
    Thanks for the invite.
    It's nice to be part of the group.
  10. Patreek
    By the way everyone.... if you know other people from NYC on here please invite them. To do so go to the bottom of this page and click the invite link. If you have trouble feel free to pm me a list of names and i'll invite them.
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