NYC Masters

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  1. Patreek
    Most def Skelegreg! This group is intended for all in the metro region, even up staters if they get to NYC often :-)
  2. eternia23
    i want to get a "I <Heart> NJ" tshirt. cuz i do. i heart NJ.
  3. NickMur
    Hi, I'm Nic-kee, did you find where I was hyding these past days?
    If not, take another look!!


    Official Page

    I like this group, it's smaller and it's easier to communicate... how are you doing men?

    Eternia23, did you try in NJ? I honestly don't remember shops in Manhattan with I Heart NJ, I guess it would be counter-productive for the City, wouldn't it?
  4. eternia23
    haha yah nick, i might get beat up if i wear it.
  5. NickMur
    I wouldn't joke about that... :-)
    No, I'm kidding, I think that NJ is like the home of the newyorkers who can't afford NYC to live. I know (because I tested it) that sometimes it's more convnient to live in NJ than in somewhere else, for instance the south of Staten Island or Long Island, because it's nearer to Manhattan...
  6. Patreek
    Did anyone go to the anime festival?
  7. NickMur
    Not me, where was it? In NYC?
  8. Patreek
    oh I guess it hasn't happened yet. I thought it was last month. Its September 26 and 27... is anyone planning to go?
  9. NickMur
    Unfortunately I'm busy... :-(
  10. eternia23
    i'll be in california... yay! =]
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