NYC Masters

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  1. NickMur
    Are you moving or what? I've never been on the west coast, but it sounds like Florida and I don't like sunny places...
  2. eternia23
    cali's not like florida!!! but it is sunny. i'm just going for a long weekend.
  3. Brian Ozone
    Brian Ozone
    Im in the process of buying a house. So far so good. I can't wait to display all my motu stuff in the basement.
  4. NickMur
    Yes, I can understand you... I don't know yet, where and if I'll move my collection from my room....
  5. Patreek
    What area did you buy in Brian?
  6. Patreek
    So some lady gave me a free VIP pass to the new york short film fest. I've never been before. Anyone going? Anyone gone before? There is a film about Esperanto that I kinda want to see in it.
  7. NickMur
    Sorry Patreek, I don't want to interrupt you, but another bank has failed and the politicians look "a little" worry about the running of our economy, what do you think is happening? Will USA avoid another Great Depression? I'm quite afraid... I'll never forget a guy from texas last May, he was in the process of moving in Puerto Rico with his family. He was sure the whole country was going to collapse... I thought he was crazy, but now...
  8. Patreek
    My credit card was Washington Mutual... they went under...SOOOOOO does that mean I don't have that debt anymore ;-) (jk - i wish!)
  9. NickMur
    I've never thought to a similar evenience... that's a fortune in the tragedy :-)
  10. Patreek
    Its very odd walking by what used to be Lehman's in times square and have it be some other bank now.
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