NYC Masters

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  1. Patreek
    Anyone going to SDCC?
  2. Kane429
    I wish I could go, but no funds! I have someone getting me the Orko/Adam set, but I am passing on the Molarr/Skeletor set.
  3. MOTS
    I'm not technically nyc, but still in ny and I can see the skyline so thats gotta count for something. rediscovered my motu roots after 20 year absence, started collecting again and new to the .org. Seems the nyc group has been pretty dormant, but if a get together happens I'm probably down, or anybody wanders up the palisades or across the tz bridge hit me up. Be nice to grab a drink and b.s. w/ somebody who knows what the hell i'm talking about.
  4. Patreek
    I'd say it counts! :-) Do you get into the city much? Honestly I should rename the group just NY masters or Tri-State masters or something.
  5. KingKobraKhan
    Very happy to join the group!
  6. cobrakahn
    Reporting a good journey in Brooklyn ladies and fellows. Hope everyone is well.
  7. KingKobraKhan
    Motu addicts in ny!
  8. jackstatic
    Woah! I didn't know we had an NYC masters group!!! Hi! I'm technically more LI but work in NYC, shame i didnt know about this a few months back when the landmark sunrise theater showed a midnight screening of Masters of the Universe Movie! I went, was a balst
  9. Brian Ozone
    Brian Ozone
    Whats up old friend. I want in
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