Machile, The Grmony Chemist/Mechanic (More information and Details.)

  1. LavanderSpider
    (I posted the basic information about Machile on the Fan-Art section of this website, so I will leave a link to it. For now this is some information about them and the story I have them in called; The Venom)

    Link to main information:


    The type of spider Machile is inspired by is the Sadon which appears in one episode of He-Man named; The Remedy. Unlike the Sadon, Machile is unable to make spider webs but instead is able to make traps (obvious) when someone is near their home. Machile is also able to chirp as a distraction or for a call for help. On their back is also a birthmark resembling a dark purple line. Machile also dislikes the cold, though Sadon's live near the ice mountains.

    Machile is also considered 'Fuzzy' with some of their fuzz peeled off when they tried to escape the ice block when they were younger, as well as their back limbs removed since the Ice block froze them out of their back.

    Machile in the story 'The Venom' is stealing some of Eternia's metals. Most of the Eternians have no clue where the metal is disappearing from. Machile lives deep into Evergreen forest as well, as they cause problems with the Tree Folks, Cave Folks, and Widegts. Machile's nickname is Mac, or Macintosh.

    Machile has created a mini backpack that holds all of their tools and supplies, but also used for their robotic limbs. They often need repairing due to how many times they break and how Machile doesn't have the materials to fix it 100%.

    Machile dislikes water contact, they are able to drink the water but going into the water is not an option in Mac's book. Machiles hobbies are reading, running around, hanging out in trees, and working on new projects which are mechanical spy animals that Machile always tries to fix but fails at.

    (Any Questions or Comments about Machile would be awesome!)
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