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  1. Uki
    As my girlfriend and I were going through old pictures to put together some albums for Christmas presents, I was astonished at how often I was captured on film playing with my MOTU figures. So many fantasmo memories.
    Hey lofftap, is that your Savage Wonder Bread He-Man? Very nice!
  2. lofftap
    Dont you love that we can go back and see how awesome and exciting we were at a young age receiving as gifts or whatever all our MOTU toys! I can remember that feeling I had inside each time I opened a new MOTU toy! That feeling will stay with me forever! All my birthdays partys decorated and focus on a He-man party! LOve it! THose pics and videos are so awesome to see and watch! My first He-Man cake was by far the best thing ever for me! I had my forth He-Man cake today for my birthday! And I'm sure more to come!!!
  3. Uki
    My Mom made a Pin The Tail on the Battle Cat game for my 6th birthday party. She also helped me make a Snow Battle Cat one winter, as well as a castle and a MerMan-like creature. Good times!
  4. okydoky
    I wish I had those old pictures playing with my MOTU...
    What I do have is great refreshing memories...
  5. kelddorr
    hi im new, but i think i have a video of me as a little guy naming all my figures.i also still have those same figures
  6. kelddorr
    plus igot a commemorative battle armor heman today. i feel like that same kid in the video
  7. lofftap
    nice Kelddorr! You going to start up a collection or have you already been collecting MOTU?
  8. leo_skeletor
    Hello motu fans! I think I only have one vintage picture where I can see one man e faces near to one darth vader in my fatherīs home. Iīm still remember perfectly the day my father bought one he-man to me and one skeletor for my brother (4 years younger than me). Two days after, my father bought one battle cat for my he-man and one panthor for my brotherīs skeletor!!
  9. Ulisses31
    Thanks for the invitation lofftap
  10. Ulisses31
    Do you want the Estrela add? Was the one Iīve used for the group icon, if you want I will do a better one, let me know.
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