Hello Everyone. Welcome to the Lair. :)

  1. Ulisses31
    Hello Everyone. Welcome to the Lair.

    Im impressed that no one have ever started a group about Thundercats...

    So I had to start one. Hope we start good conversations here.
  2. hhhelmsley
    I like the name and love the logo. Nice job!!
  3. REX-203
    Thanks for inviting me to join the group! Of course I want to join in!!!

    Bring on the Thundercats!!!

    Great group, and hope to hear more great Thundercats news!
  4. boggs32
    very cool! Thanks for starting this group
  5. Rhanen
    Quite cool. Lets hope for this line to be revamped as well pretty soon with 4H designs as well.
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